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  • Are teachers standing in the way of tech integration?

    SmartBrief Education
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:50 am
    It's important not to let technology integration stall out, asserts Kristina Peters, the e-learning specialist and school lib -More- 
  • Thoughts on #ISTE2015 Wednesday–Poster Sessions

    Computer Science Teacher
    Alfred Thompson
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:42 am
    I spent a lot of time in playgrounds and poster sessions. There is really not a lot of difference between a poster session and a playground session. The big difference is that a playground has a lot of posters on the same theme. Some of these are great and some are ok. I’ve come up with a few conclusions about how they should be done. My opinions and your mileage may vary as they say. QR codes are great as far as they go.They are a great way to take people to more information and resources online.  I’ve been taking pictures of many of them. I’ll look at them when I get home. But…
  • Thoughts on #ISTE2015 Tuesday

    Computer Science Teacher
    Alfred Thompson
    30 Jun 2015 | 5:20 pm
    Today was about the conversations. I was able to connect with a number of the people I respect and admire who I communicate with online most of the year.  One of the conversations was with Vinnie Vrotny who is one of the people whose work with MakerSpaces is an inspiration for me. Vinnie and I talked about creativity and how it seems that too often we school the creativity out of students. Makerspaces with their open ended projects are a way to encourage students to recover and hold on to their creativity. In my visits to the exhibit hall I have been looking at creative maker space sorts…
  • What Is Your Best Advice To A New Teacher?

    Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...
    Larry Ferlazzo
    1 Jul 2015 | 3:48 pm
    The new “question-of-the-week” at my Education Week Teacher column is: What is your best advice to a new teacher? Feel free to leave your responses in the comments section there or here…
  • NYU Stern Ranked Number One in Support of LGBTQ MBA Students

    Clear Admit Blog
    1 Jul 2015 | 3:22 pm
    Last week’s momentous Supreme Court ruling on marriage […] The post NYU Stern Ranked Number One in Support of LGBTQ MBA Students appeared first on Clear Admit Blog.
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    ED News

  • Fact Sheet: Obama Administration Increases Accountability for Low-Performing For-Profit Institutions

    1 Jul 2015 | 6:27 am
    Over the past six years, the Obama Administration has taken comprehensive action to tackle one of the biggest problems in higher education: abusive practices in the career college industry. Today marks a milestone in that fight, as the Administration’s signature effort to protect students and taxpayers – the gainful employment regulations – go into effect, strengthening oversight that will end the flow of federal student aid to career training programs that leave students buried in debt with few opportunities to repay it.
  • Asserting Your Right to a Great Education for Your Child

    29 Jun 2015 | 6:32 am
    Speaking from the perspective of a father of two young children, Secretary Arne Duncan described a set of educational rights that should belong to every family in America at the National PTA Convention in Charlotte, NC. These foundational family rights can unite everyone who works to ensure that students are prepared to thrive in school and in life. The set of rights follows the educational journey of a student—from access to quality preschool; to engagement in safe, well-resourced elementary and secondary schools that hold all students to high standards; to access to an affordable, quality…
  • 3 Options to Consider if You Can’t Afford Your Student Loan Payment

    26 Jun 2015 | 9:00 am
    The U.S. Department of Education offers a number of affordable repayment options for borrowers who are struggling to pay back their student loans. The important thing to remember about all the options below is that it’s completely free to apply!
  • U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan Announces a Set of Rights to Help Parents Seek High-Quality Education for Their Children

    26 Jun 2015 | 3:46 am
    U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today released a set of rights that outlines what families should be able to expect for their children's education.
  • Joseph A Smith, Jr. Appointed Special Master

    25 Jun 2015 | 4:15 pm
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    Angela Maiers

  • Resources shared at #TEPSA15

    Angela Maiers
    11 Jun 2015 | 8:40 am
    I had the honor of speaking at #TEPSA15 in Austin today. Below you will find the resources I shared and ways to keep abreast of developments from me and from Choose2Matter. I look forward to continuing the […] The post Resources shared at #TEPSA15 appeared first on Angela Maiers.
  • Resources From @AngelaMaiers at #TASSPSW2015

    Angela Maiers
    10 Jun 2015 | 2:44 am
    I had the honor of speaking at #TASSPSW2015 in Austin today. Below you will find the resources I shared and ways to keep abreast of our new product introductions and other developments from me and from Choose2Matter. […] The post Resources From @AngelaMaiers at #TASSPSW2015 appeared first on Angela Maiers.
  • #GeniusHour: "An intrinsic motivation to learn and grow"

    Angela Maiers
    5 Jun 2015 | 3:35 am
    This is a guest post from James Sapia, who teaches fifth grade ELA/Social Studies in Stamford, CT. His teaching philosophy: "I teach kids, not content. I believe in taking risks and working collaboratively to augment student achievement." Follow James on Twitter @mrsapia_teach The post #GeniusHour: "An intrinsic motivation to learn and grow" appeared first on Angela Maiers.
  • #YouMatter – A Sign Worth Spreading

    Angela Maiers
    13 May 2015 | 1:00 pm
    Guest post by Nili Bartley, Brooke McMullen, and Crew 202 from Hopkinton, MA I didn’t realize the power behind signing YOU MATTER until after we did it. The second I reviewed the video my students […] The post #YouMatter – A Sign Worth Spreading appeared first on Angela Maiers.
  • Transformation through Heartbreak – Guest Post by Silvia Zanatta

    Angela Maiers
    26 Apr 2015 | 3:13 pm
    Silvia Zanatta wrote how she incorporated the Classroom Habitudes into her 7th grade classroom in a wonderful post last year. Here, she updates us on her progress of using Heartbreak Mapping and the transformation she’s […] The post Transformation through Heartbreak – Guest Post by Silvia Zanatta appeared first on Angela Maiers.
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  • HigherEd Live - Design The Future: #PSUWEB

    1 Jul 2015 | 12:46 pm
    The web is a diverse and interdependent ecosystem, in which all elements–graphic design, code, content strategy, UX and UI development, accessibility, information architecture, instructional design, online marketing, and all other interactive techno...
  • HigherEd Live - 2015 E-Expectations Report First Look

    1 Jul 2015 | 7:22 am
    The annual Ruffalo Noel Levitz E-Expectations survey of college-bound seniors and parents will be released this week. The annual report examines expectations, attitudes, and behaviors about e-recruitment. Tune in during the live broadcast to join the conv...
  • College Web Editor - 2015 Students E-Expectations Ruffalo Noel-Levitz Report: Top insights for #highered & #hesm

    1 Jul 2015 | 4:35 am
    The results of the brand new Ruffalo Noel-Levitz report on the E-expectations of college bound seniors and juniors (n=3,052) will be officially released next Wednesday in Boston. But, I managed this year again to get a preview of these results – bef...
  • HigherEd Live - HighEdWeb Alabama Takeaways

    30 Jun 2015 | 5:44 am
    Did you miss out of the HighEdWeb regional conference in Alabama Higher education web professionals, from marketing, design, development, coding, social media, and management, gathered for an exciting HighEdWeb Association event. Feedback from the backch...
  • Meet Content - Meghan Casey?s Tips For Time-Stretched Content Managers

    29 Jun 2015 | 6:29 am
    Dont look now, but theres a great new content strategy guide for content professionals in higher ed. Meghan Casey, lead content strategist at Brain Traffic, authored a practical guide for getting on track with content strategy: The Content Strategy Too...
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    Cool Cat Teacher Blog

  • How to Actually Use Your 3D Printer: 17 Tips I learned my first year [Link] (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
    29 Jun 2015 | 4:05 pm
    How to Actually Use Your 3D Printer: 17 Tips I learned my first year Vicki Davis’ Edutopia Blog June 29, 2015 I named my 3D printer Bob Marley. He just jammed and smoked at first. But after persistence, we jammed in a good way. In this blog post, I share 17 tips for using a 3D printer. I learned these tips the hard way. If you read this post, you can save time. Read: Year One with a 3D Printer: 17 Tips 3d Printer The post How to Actually Use Your 3D Printer: 17 Tips I learned my first year [Link] appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog.
  • Many Education Games Are Worksheets with Points. 6 ways to find better learning games. (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
    29 Jun 2015 | 3:11 pm
    ECM 155: EdGaming expert Kae Novak tells us how to find good learning games for kids. Stop telling kids that every game is fun. They’re not. Some stink. Some rock. The word “game” doesn’t make learning great. Games shouldn’t be worksheets with points. There’s research behind good games. Learn to tell the difference. Your students will thank you. Listen to Kae Novak talk gaming on iTunes Listen to Kae Novak online Where are we going wrong with games in the classroom? As Kae Novak @kzenovka shares in the show, too many games have a “chocolate on…
  • Why I hired a brand manager (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
    27 Jun 2015 | 2:04 pm
    A Peek Into the Business Model of an Education Influencer with 100,000 Twitter Followers Teaching all day is exhausting. Could you imagine coming home and having hundreds of emails to handle? Well, that is what happened to me. My friends always ask me how I do it all! Teachers around the world have been kind to me. I want to be generous and helpful to them. But with such demands on my time, I have to get smart. So, I hired a brand manager. Here’s the press release, Vicki Davis and Angela Maiers Sign Brand Management Contracts with SyndicatEd. What is a brand manager? Why would I hire…
  • 4 Tips to Develop Great Teacher Leaders (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
    23 Jun 2015 | 1:46 pm
    The books and best practices that change everything in your classroom Teachers who are leaders change the world one student at a time. Leaders are readers. Leaders are learners.  But where do we start? What do we read? What do we learn? Be a multiplier. According to the book, Multipliers, there are two kinds of leaders: multipliers and diminishers. Some leaders help a person operate at more than they are capable of doing. Then there are those sad souls who diminish others. Poor teacher leaders have students wallowing the squalor of low performance. Teacher Leader Tip #1: Leadership is often…
  • A Behind-the-scenes look at what educators like (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
    23 Jun 2015 | 9:53 am
    What I found when I analyzed all of my tweets from the last 12 months Your clicks tell a story.  Your interests. Your problems. What you think is funny. I looked at your clickthroughs on my tweets for the last 12 months. With over 100,000 followers, your clicks tell a fascinating story with a few surprises. Click the tweet buttons and share helpful things on your Twitter feed. (It will ask your permission before it tweets.) I will give you the spreadsheet at the end. I will also explain how to calculate these statistics on your Twitter feed. These reflections and social media tips will…
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    Ideas and Thoughts

  • What Educators Should Tweet About

    Dean Shareski
    1 Jul 2015 | 10:27 am
    Gotcha. I have no idea what educators should tweet about. Consider the title pure link bait. (Was thinking about titling it “I tweeted this out and you’ll never guess what happened next”, but that’s more of an Upworthy thing) Actually there are many people who have created helpful guidelines and tools for educators delving into social media. I’m the last person you probably would look for to advise folks on how to use twitter. Having been using it for over 8 years and almost 100,000 tweets I’m still unsure and hesitate on sharing with people who to use it.
  • Anyone Want To Have a Real Conversation?

    Dean Shareski
    28 Jun 2015 | 8:23 pm
    The reason I was drawn to blogs 10 years ago was the raw and natural tone they afforded. No longer publishing was relegated to perfectly edited prose but favored conversational, authentic voices. My recent foray into snapchat is largely about exploring the same thing but perhaps to a greater degree. Arriving at ISTE for the 8th year in a row, it’s difficult at times not to become jaded. I’m not even talking about the overblown corporate presence but rather the way in which discussions and ideas are void of authenticity. What takes precedence at ISTE and most larger events are…
  • What About Snapchat?

    Dean Shareski
    24 Jun 2015 | 9:30 am
    Snapchat has been around for years. Educators were quick to file it under “bad social media” as people focused on the ephemeral nature of the tool and essentially thought of as a way for teenagers to share inappropriate images and videos. I had a conversation a while back with my then 15-year-old about her use of snapchat. She was drawn to it because it enabled private conversations with her friends. I find it ironic that we’ve been telling kids to guard their digital identity and be aware of their privacy and when a tool comes along that supports this, we tell them not to…
  • My Ongoing Struggle with Diffusing the Impact of Grades

    Dean Shareski
    11 Jun 2015 | 2:12 pm
    Assessment continues to occupy much of my thinking and experimentation both as a teacher and in broader conversations  with educators. If you search my blog categories you’ll see I’ve written specifically about assessment over 50 times. They represent some of the most challenging ideas and change since many practices and beliefs are both deeply ingrained in institutions and also because it’s a complex subject. I don’t claim to have the answers but I have thought about, explored and implemented many ideas, some that I like, others I’m still exploring. One area…
  • Those Goofy DENny Awards Videos

    Dean Shareski
    2 Jun 2015 | 9:44 pm
    I’ve been a longtime fan of this quote. It’s this premise that gives me permission to try new things. It’s with this quote that I took on the task of promoted the DENny Awards. The DENnys are Discovery Education’s way of recognizing and acknowledge a variety of community members and the great work they’re doing. It’s not an official award so and there’s no voting or lobbying for winners but just a fun way for our team to say thank you to great teachers and leaders in education. My teammates asked if I could make some videos to get folks attention…
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  • In Which I Resign From a Brief Stint as an Attribution Cop

    Alan Levine aka CogDog
    30 Jun 2015 | 12:46 am
    Promoting and building tools for attribution of media may be one of the longest hobby horses running around this blog. I never got linktribution nor thanktribution to catch on. To me much of the problem with the way media reuse, copyright is taught is based on fear-if you use a copyrighted image, you will get in TROUBLE. It’s AGAINST THE LAW. Like the video I spotted on the Creative Commons site That may get people to pay attention, but it seems like not the greatest motivation for behavior modification– to make choices that avoid getting into hot water. It is called negative…
  • Engorged Apps and Nonsensical iOS Math

    Alan Levine aka CogDog
    25 Jun 2015 | 1:17 am
    That’s not a photo of a hot dog eating dude; it’s the flickr iPhone app (and it’s friends) stuffing itself for no reason on your file storage space. Of course, it’s not really file storage space, since in iOS you are forever told by your Apple Nanny that there is no file system. The file system does not exist. You have no need to see the files on your device. What files? There are no files? Well, except there are. I went cheap in 2012 and got the skinny 16 Gb model. I keep no music on my iPhone, and I offload all but maybe 40 photos. And for the last year, I have been…
  • Futzopublicus is my Dackolupatoni

    Alan Levine aka CogDog
    21 Jun 2015 | 10:50 am
    Just try to say that any number of times fast. I have coined what Jon Udell described as a single grain of sand on the internet beach. Yes, anyone can invent make up a word. But the idea (I think) Jon was trying to illustrate in that 2012 class visit to Virginia Tech, is the notion of a URL being a living thing. The web is not a stack of index cards or dots on a graph; the URL at the time of the screenshot above was a google lost black sock. But, by the sheer act of stating its existence on the web (mine via a tweet), it is changed And in my act…
  • Seeing Fish Out of Water: Best Possible Outcome from Conference Talk

    Alan Levine aka CogDog
    21 Jun 2015 | 10:31 am
    I love this photo. I walked past it on the way to the final keynote of the CALI conference. I saw an interesting juxtaposition (one of the Big Secret storytelling techniques I spoke of in my own keynote) in the goldfish crackers on the sidewalk. My photo intuition said “take the photo”, but I made that mistake of hesitating This is not my photo. This was waken by David, a conference participant I met at CALI. He sent it to me via email; before the last keynote, he came up to show me the image on his camera, saying he was inspired to look for details like this, or as he wrote: Your…
  • Bringing the BS of Storytelling to CALIcon15

    Alan Levine aka CogDog
    19 Jun 2015 | 12:01 am
    “BS? How Can you say that? You’ve been promoting digital storytelling for 10 years!” Today’s keynote was a play on perception, I never explicitly defined what BS stood for, did I? Sometime in April, after the return from 5 months in British Columbia, I was catching up with Barbara Ganley vis Skype and said something about not getting any speaking invitations in a while. “I’m pretty sure I’ve ran out of interest,” I joked declared. A few hours later, an email dinged the inbox from John Mayer, the leader of the Computer Assisted Legal Instruction…
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  • The death of Athabasca University has been greatly exaggerated

    11 Jun 2015 | 5:19 am
    I keep hearing rumours about Athabasca University dying or at least being on its deathbed. I guess stories like this don’t help: AU taskforce releases sustainability report. This article was picked up by Tony Bates, who states: “So Athabasca University is now in the same position as the Greek government, except it doesn’t have the EU, the IMF, or the Germans to look to for help – just the Alberta government, which itself has been fiscally devastated by the collapse of oil prices.” I’m conflicted by Tony’s response. He has forgotten more about digital learning…
  • Digital Learning Research Network Conference

    21 May 2015 | 7:37 am
    I’ve been working with several colleagues on arranging the upcoming Digital Learning Research Network (dLRN) conference at Stanford, October 16-17, 2015. The call for papers is now open. We are looking for short abstracts – 250 words – on topics of digital learning. The deadline is May 31. Our interest is to raise the nuance and calibre of the discussion about education in a digital era; one where hype and over-promising the power of technology has replaced structured interrogation of the meaning of changes that we are experiencing. We have a great lineup of speakers…
  • The Linearity of Stephen Downes. Or a tale of two Stephens

    3 May 2015 | 11:22 am
    Stephen Downes responds to my previous post: “I said, “the absence of a background in the field is glaring and obvious.” In this I refer not only to specific arguments advanced in the study, which to me seem empty and obvious, but also the focus and methodology, which seem to me to be hopelessly naïve.” Stephen makes the following points: 1. George has recanted his previous work and is now playing the academic game 2. Research as is done in the academy today is poor 3. Our paper is bad. Firstly, before I respond to three points, I want to foreground an interesting aspect of…
  • On Research and Academic Diversity

    30 Apr 2015 | 1:15 pm
    In my previous post, I mentioned the release of our report Preparing for the Digital University. Stephen Downes responds by saying “this is a really bad study”. He may be right, but I don’t think it is for the reasons that he suggests: “What it succeeds in doing, mostly, is to offer a very narrow look at a small spectrum of academic literature far removed from actual practice”. This resulted in a Twitter exchange about missing citations and forgotten elearning history. Rolin Moe responded by saying that the history that we included in our citation analysis of…
  • Preparing for the Digital University

    30 Apr 2015 | 7:19 am
    We’ve released a new report: Preparing for the Digital University: a review of the history and current state of distance, blended, and online learning (.pdf). The report is an attempt to reposition the narrative of digital learning away from “look, my cool new technology does this” to something more like “here’s what we know from research and here’s what we can extrapolate”. Innovation is a bunnies and kittens type of concept – who could possibly oppose it? Sometimes new is not better, especially when it impacts the lives of people. Remember the…
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    Dangerously Irrelevant

  • 3 kinds of ISTE sessions (Scott McLeod)
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:27 am
    Not including the more informal networking events, there generally are 3 kinds of ISTE sessions: Tools, tools, tools! These sessions focus on software, apps, extensions, productivity and efficiency, how-to tips, etc. Little emphasis on learning, heavy emphasis on how to use the tools. Technology for school replication. These sessions focus on the use of digital technologies to replicate and perpetuate schools’ historical emphases on factual recall and procedural regurgitation, control and compliance, students as passive learners, etc. Behavior modification apps, teacher content transmission…
  • 3 minutes with the ISTE Board (Scott McLeod)
    30 Jun 2015 | 3:10 am
    Yesterday I gave a 3-minute video presentation to the ISTE Board on What’s the next big thing in educational technology? Happy viewing! Related Posts 5 thoughts from ISTE weekend Connected Educator Month launches today The one question I’m asking at ISTE 2013 Van Meter High and North High: Two Iowa schools that are rockin’ it The future of learning [VIDEO]
  • 5 thoughts from ISTE weekend (Scott McLeod)
    28 Jun 2015 | 7:43 pm
    Five thoughts from the first couple of days here at the 2015 ISTE Conference… If “it’s not about the technology, it’s about the learning,” then why are we centering so many of our sessions on the tools? Are there uses of technology with students that would offend the majority of us so much that we would stand up and shout, ‘No! We should never do that!’? I see things here and there that concern me but many others seem to be pretty blasé about them or simply accept them as inevitable parts of the landscape (for example, behavior modification software, draconian…
  • Summer of Code (Scott McLeod)
    22 Jun 2015 | 2:47 pm
    It’s Summer of Code at our house… Phase 1 (Group) Everyone works through Course 2, Course 3, and Course 4 at to ensure that we have basic conceptual understanding of key terms and ideas. I have a teacher account and can print certificates of completion! Phase 2 (Individualized) My youngest (5th grade) is diving back into Scratch, taking on more complex tasks and trying to create more challenging games (including, apparently, making Wack-A-Demon!). He likes to make his own board games so we may also try to figure out how to integrate our Makey Makey into his next one. If that…
  • Dreaming bigger for Iowa education (Scott McLeod)
    20 Jun 2015 | 7:21 pm
    Lately I’ve been trying to dream a little bigger about Iowa schools. Feel free to map this onto your own state or province… Background Students do too much routine cognitive work Students are bored and disengaged Despite school mission statements about preparing ‘life long learners,’ students rarely have any meaningful agency Students might not be getting the technology skills they need either The issues from our 2011 Iowa, Did You Know? video still persist. Many of us still retain the urgency (and the optimism)… Bottom line We need schools to be different Higher level…
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    Ewan McIntosh | Digital Media & Education

  • Links for 2015-06-30 []

    1 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    The Black Hole - YouTube when there is a correct answer Exercise in creative thinking - YouTube The Landfillharmonic BBC sets up list of news article links ‘forgotten’ by Google | Naked Security Going Dutch: 5 Reasons Holland Gets More Done in Less Time
  • Links for 2015-06-26 []

    27 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    Google's Guide To Designing With Empathy | Co.Design | business design
  • Links for 2015-06-25 []

    26 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    Rebecca School for Autism special Ed needs school New York | Rebecca School
  • Links for 2015-06-24 []

    25 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    A New Preschool in Japan Designed to Accumulate Large Puddles When it Rains | Spoon & Tamago Melbourne - Timelapse / Hyperlapse on Vimeo
  • Links for 2015-06-23 []

    24 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    Your Startup's Pitch Needs Only These 10 Slides | Teachers Using Trello: How To Foster Genius In The Classroom | Trello Blog Edinburgh Timelapse on Vimeo Das Gift - Dive Bars - Neukölln - Berlin, Germany - Reviews - Photos - Yelp RHA - High Quality Headphones & Earphones Barry Burns' gift to Berlin -
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  • The EHEA and ASEM: Creating Regions of Higher Education

    18 Jun 2015 | 8:34 pm
    Editor’s note: Que Anh Dang is a Marie Curie Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK. This guest entry is based on her direct observations at Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Education Process and European Higher Education Area (EHEA) ministerial meetings in April and May 2015. Her current research project ‘Shaping an ASEM Education Area: Regionalism and Higher Education Policy Travel between Europe and Asia’ is a part of the European joint project Universities in the Knowledge Economy – UNIKEContact: Note: this entry is also available at Inside…
  • Will Periscope, a Mobile App, Open Up Academic Conferences?

    17 May 2015 | 8:09 pm
    Link here for the Inside Higher Ed version of this entry which can more easily be shared & printed. Nearly 9,000 people, myself included, attended the annual conference of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) in late April 2015. The size of the conference has been growing over the last several decades and it has become a de facto international gathering despite the ‘American’ moniker; a trading space of sorts to present papers, share ideas, formulate collaborative research proposals, source prospective faculty, share gossip, have good times, etc. Of the 8,950 people…
  • Why no MOOCs on Gaza?

    30 Jul 2014 | 10:31 am
    Note: the Inside Higher Ed version of this entry is available here. I don’t know about you, but my sense is global politics seems to be on the up this summer regarding turmoil and debate. And, consequently, there is a lot of debate about conflicts in places like the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and so on. In this context I watched some fascinating, if depressing, documentaries last night on PBS’ Frontline. They focused on Syria and Iraq and were relatively well done, helping me to learn more about these complex countries and their associated conflicts. While I’m lucky enough…
  • How Open is Finnish Higher Education?

    14 Jul 2014 | 7:33 pm
    Editor’s note: While the globalization of higher education and research is a process associated with the enhanced mobility of faculty, staff, and students, the frictions shaping the process are many. They include not just regulations related to skilled migration, but also a myriad of less tangible frictions, including the unwritten taken-for-granted assumptions about how job search processes operate.  I remember applying for two jobs in Sweden in the late 1990s and was surprised to learn that the jobs would be offered with no expectation of a visit to give a talk, meet colleagues, or…
  • A MOOC on Globalizing Higher Education and Research

    8 Jul 2014 | 2:17 pm
    Editors’ note: today’s blog entry is also available on Inside Higher Ed at This entry is a slightly revised version of a new article in the International Association of Universities‘ Horizons‘ magazine (June 2014). The English version of Horizons is available at: and more specifically at: Horizons Vol.20.1 [EN_web].pdf . The French version is available at:…
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    The Jose Vilson

  • For Us, By Us: 5 Tips for An Authentic Educator Voice

    Jose Vilson
    30 Jun 2015 | 6:11 pm
    Someone on Twitter asked me what advice I have for blog writing as a teacher. I replied quickly: Read a ton of blogs first. Whittle down. Write when you want. Things work themselves out from there. — Jose Vilson (@TheJLV) June 28, 2015 But there’s more than that. In an age where education overlords explicitly tell corporate- and government-friendly educators to not speak about the conversations you often see here on this blog. Race, class, gender, intersectionality, and other uncomfortable topics sit in the corner while more profitable topics like 1-to-1…
  • Silence Is Violence [EduColor]

    Jose Vilson
    24 Jun 2015 | 4:49 am
    For those of you who’ve been following, EduColor has built up quite a bit of steam in the last few months. With hundreds of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and our newsletter, we’re providing a voice that’s been so necessary out there. As founder, I’m fortunate to lead our bi-weekly newsletters with a few words. Here’s an excerpt: Latoya Peterson of Fusion recently said that the silence of our friends is violence, and nowhere is that truer than the field of K-12 education. Educators can’t refuse the tide of the national zeitgeist. In this issue, we’ve chosen…
  • Despite All My Rage

    Jose Vilson
    17 Jun 2015 | 7:20 pm
    I normally talk to young adults about math and other academics, but recently, because we’re winding up the school year, subjects have expanded to Fetty Wap and flicking wrists. The currency for “young and cool” changes over time, almost as quickly as we age. Yet, on this day, the subject turned to teachers. They went on to gossip about their favorite and least favorite teachers in the building. For a moment, I told them, “Please don’t talk about me” because, despite what my readers believe, I really don’t like talking about myself in person. They…
  • Take Me To Church [On TFA, #BlackLivesMatter, and Education]

    Jose Vilson
    15 Jun 2015 | 4:00 pm
    Whenever conservative pundit Michelle Malkin’s name comes up, you know it’s going to be a bloodbath of lies and obfuscation. Her latest article, reposted by the diabolical folks at that news rag, poses Teach for America (TFA) as a once-well meaning do-gooder organization who’ve let the inmates run the asylum (yes, I know what I did there). She said: “Teach For America has transformed itself into a recruiting center for militants bent on occupying themselves with anything other than imparting knowledge and academic excellence to children in the classroom. When a…
  • The Karen Fitzgibbons In Us [Scenarios USA]

    Jose Vilson
    14 Jun 2015 | 8:48 am
    Rebecca Carroll invited me to speak on elementary school teacher Karen Fitzgibbons and her comments about the incidents in McKinney, TX. Here’s an excerpt: But, as a teacher who’s not only taught for 10 years, but who has done educational activism work for about seven of those years, I’ve observed the vitriolic responses of even using the word “race” except when I dissent on Race To The Top, President Obama’s educational mandate that included lifting charter school caps across states, increasing stakes for standardized testing, and using wayward data to evaluate and eliminate…
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    Moving at the Speed of Creativity

  • Podcast426: Civil War History at Harpers Ferry

    Wesley Fryer
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:26 pm
    This podcast features an audio recording of a presentation by U.S. Park Ranger Creighton Waters on July 1, 2015, at the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Creighton mainly tells the story of the brief capture of Harpers Ferry in 1862 by Confederate forces led by General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. 12,419 Federal troops surrendered to Jackson, which made this the largest surrender of US forces in history until the Battle of Bataan in World War II. Check out the podcast shownotes for links to photos of Harpers Ferry on July 1st as well as other historical links…
  • Reflections on ISTE 2015 by Shelly and Wesley Fryer

    Wesley Fryer
    1 Jul 2015 | 3:30 pm
    This is a 22 minute video reflection by Shelly Fryer (@sfryer) and Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) about the 2015 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Philadelphia. Check the shownotes below for links to resources, apps, and websites we mentioned during this conversation. This will be converted into an audio podcast later too! Shownotes; Lexia Reading Core5 (@lexialearning) MyOn Reader (@myonreader) Spelling City (@spellingcity) Osmo (@playosmo) PBS Learning Media (@pbslrnmedia) Shelly’s workshop: PBS Learning Media 101 FlipBoard (@flipboard) Wes’…
  • Traveling with Airbnb? Consider Checking Crime Maps First

    Wesley Fryer
    30 Jun 2015 | 7:56 pm
    Last week and this week several members of our family have been and are visiting Philadelphia and Washington D.C. We were in Philly to attend part of the 2015 ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference, and are visiting friends as well as sightseeing in D.C. for the 4th of July weekend. We’ve used Airbnb for several years on family vacation trips, and have had VERY good luck with the service and the lodging we’ve secured in different places. That hasn’t changed this summer: We still love Airbnb, and still highly recommend it to others. This…
  • Periscope Reflections from ISTE 2015 on the Soledad O’Brien Keynote

    Wesley Fryer
    29 Jun 2015 | 4:40 am
    This is an archived recording of a Periscope broadcast on June 28, 2015, from the 2015 ISTE Conference in Philadelphia. People interviewed in this broadcast included Shelly Fryer (@sfryer), Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne), Rodney Turner (@techyturner), Julie Lindsay (@julielindsay), and Wesley Fryer (@wfryer). We primarily reflected on the opening ISTE 2015 keynote by award winning journalist Soledad O’brien. The complete video runs 16.5 minutes. Referenced resources in the video included Google Cardboard, the AUtoAZ podcast Rodney does with Jenny Ashby (@jjash), and Julie…
  • Comparing TeachMeet and EdCamp PD Models

    Wesley Fryer
    28 Jun 2015 | 3:06 pm
    This afternoon at the 2015 ISTE Conference in Philadelphia, I interviewed Kyle Calderwood (@kcalderw) and Ben Hartman (@techcoachben) about the first “TeachMeet” event held this year at the conference. Check out the Twitter hashtag #TMISTE15 to see some of the shared learning from today’s event. Both Kyle and Ben discussed what is unique about the TeachMeet model and how it is different than EdCamp. Both models focus on teachers sharing ideas, but TeachMeets generally have a fixed schedule of shorter presentations, while EdCamps have longer discussion sessions and is more…
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    The Thinking Stick

  • If I were the teacher

    Jeff Utecht
    16 Jun 2015 | 1:02 pm
    As another school year finishes up here in the Northern Hemisphere I find myself, like many educators, reflecting on this past school year. As we reflect we start to think about what we would do different if we had to do it all over again and luckily for educators we get that opportunity. We get to continually improve our trade, continually test out new ideas, new ways of doing things and see how they work. Google created this little video of sound bites from students talking about how they would change the classroom if they were the teacher. As I watch this video and listen to these students…
  • Gamifying Classrooms

    Jeff Utecht
    8 Jun 2015 | 10:12 am
    The idea of using game based ideas in the learning environment or gamification continues to gain momentum with teachers…but more importantly with students. Let’s not mistake “using games in the learning environment” with “gamifying the learning”. They are two different approaches to using technology within the classroom. Gamification is using the ideas that are found in games to motivate students in a fun, competitive and engaging way that speaks to their inner kid. Gamification really seems to be taking off in the later elementary years like 4th and 5th…
  • COETAIL Registration Open

    Jeff Utecht
    4 Jun 2015 | 9:21 am
    Just a quick announcement to let you know that COETAIL Online5 Cohort is now open. Kim Cofino along with Robert Appino and Rebekah Madrid will be leading this cohort. COETAIL continues to amaze me. As we continue to evolve the program with the changes in technology we also continue to see amazing things happening in classrooms all over the world at the end of the 18 month program. Check out Reid Wilson’s Final Project video below and the rest of the details on his blog here along with more in-depth interviews with his students. Some amazing higher-order thinking coming from these…
  • Google and the Future of Learning

    Jeff Utecht
    2 Jun 2015 | 9:47 am
    What has becoming somewhat of a tradition….ok…it’s really just my geek side coming out (yes this would imply I have another side….not sure what that is though), I sat down on Thursday last week to watch the Google I/O conference. For years now I have watched the Google I/O conference as well as the Apple’s WWDC (coming June 8th) for no other reason (or so I tell myself) than to fill in teachers at my school what was announced and how it might impact them. When living and working in China and Thailand this meant staying up until 2am or so to watch it live and…
  • Where do we teach email?

    Jeff Utecht
    6 May 2015 | 4:10 pm
    You know how somedays you look through your PLN feeds and you can’t find anything really interesting? That was yesterday for me…but then there was today…. Here’s one…. Google Embeds Engineers as Professors A great article on how different tech companies are taking different approaches to get minority students at all levels more involved in tech related fields. Google’s approach is interesting….taking some of their engineers and using them as professors…is Google trying to tell us something about the professors that teach these courses? Is what…
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    Computer Science Teacher

  • Thoughts on #ISTE2015 Wednesday–Exhibit Hall

    Alfred Thompson
    2 Jul 2015 | 3:43 am
    There are all sorts of interesting people working the various exhibit hall booths at ISTE and other conference. There are as I see it several groups or types. Sales/Marketing People Some are all about closing the sale. Not necessarily for you to take something away and give them a check but they are all about convincing you to buy. They are not going to be easy to get away from. They are doing their job and are not bad people but you may get more marketing speak and less useful information than you will from some of the other people. Sometimes these people used to be in the classroom so…
  • Thoughts on #ISTE2015 Wednesday–Poster Sessions

    Alfred Thompson
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:42 am
    I spent a lot of time in playgrounds and poster sessions. There is really not a lot of difference between a poster session and a playground session. The big difference is that a playground has a lot of posters on the same theme. Some of these are great and some are ok. I’ve come up with a few conclusions about how they should be done. My opinions and your mileage may vary as they say. QR codes are great as far as they go.They are a great way to take people to more information and resources online.  I’ve been taking pictures of many of them. I’ll look at them when I get home. But…
  • Thoughts on #ISTE2015 Tuesday

    Alfred Thompson
    30 Jun 2015 | 5:20 pm
    Today was about the conversations. I was able to connect with a number of the people I respect and admire who I communicate with online most of the year.  One of the conversations was with Vinnie Vrotny who is one of the people whose work with MakerSpaces is an inspiration for me. Vinnie and I talked about creativity and how it seems that too often we school the creativity out of students. Makerspaces with their open ended projects are a way to encourage students to recover and hold on to their creativity. In my visits to the exhibit hall I have been looking at creative maker space sorts…
  • Thoughts on #ISTE2015 Monday

    Alfred Thompson
    29 Jun 2015 | 5:39 pm
    ISTE is huge. I mean really huge. There are something like 20,000 people here in Philadelphia. There are a lot people here I want to see and talk to. I was able to connect with a bunch of them on Monday. Very lucky in some cases and we happened to bump into each other. Others I sought out and still others tend to be interested in the same things I am. The exhibit hall is also huge. It is, depending on your point of view, the worst thing about ISTE or the best thing. There are a lot of people who get paid to speak about education and technology who will tell you the exhibit hall is too…
  • Interesting Links 29 June 2015

    Alfred Thompson
    29 Jun 2015 | 3:44 am
    I’m at ISTE in I’ve already connected with a few old friends and hope to connect with many more. If you are also at ISTE I hope you’ll track me down. I’m attending as many CS related sessions as I can. For links this week I have a mix. Some information about what looks like a great professional development opportunity and some humor for teaching about passwords among other things. Last week Microsoft hosted a teacher boot camp  for about 40 teachers to learn about teaching with the material that is used in Harvard’s famous CS50 course. They are hosting a second on at Harvard in…
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    The Center for Education Reform

  • NEWSWIRE: June 30, 2015

    30 Jun 2015 | 3:03 pm
    Vol. 17, No. 26 UNCONSTITUTIONAL. As battles for civil rights are going on all across the country, a group that should be leading the charge for civil rights is actually playing a role in blocking civil rights for parents and families in Colorado. In 2011, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) together with other organizations, filed a lawsuit against the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Pilot Program, rendering this vehicle intended to give parents the ability to choose the best education for their child inactive. The program has been embroiled in legal battles since, with the latest…
  • Nation’s Only District-Level Voucher Program Ruled Unconstitutional

    29 Jun 2015 | 12:06 pm
    CER Press Release Washington, D.C. June 29, 2015 The Colorado State Supreme Court in a 4-3 vote today ruled the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Pilot Program unconstitutional. “While the program was limited, only serving 500 students, it’s extremely disappointing that this option is no longer available to parents as a means for them to choose the best education for their child,” said Kara Kerwin, president of The Center for Education Reform. The program was set up to allow parents to choose where 75 percent, or approximately $6,000, of the district’s per-pupil funding should be sent…
  • Douglas County Colorado’s Choice Scholarship Program Ruled Unconstitutional

    29 Jun 2015 | 10:11 am
    The Colorado Supreme Court today ruled the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Pilot Program unconstitutional, meaning district families will no longer be able to use this program as a means to access education that best meets their child’s unique individual learning needs. For a full rundown, visit the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice here.
  • NEWSWIRE: June 23, 2015

    23 Jun 2015 | 11:46 am
    Vol. 17, No. 25 Special Charter Schools Conference Edition Team @edreform is on the ground at the National Charter Schools Conference in New Orleans, where school leaders, educators, parents, and activists are discussing how charter schools can provide a “Chance For Every Child,” the theme of this year’s gathering. A fitting one too, given the fact that New Orleans, post-Katrina, is now 100 percent public charter schools. Pass rates for minority and low-income students have doubled since charter schools became the norm in New Orleans, and graduation rates have gone from 55 to 75…
  • Charter schools provide choice, high standards

    23 Jun 2015 | 8:48 am
    by Jim Horne Sun Sentinel June 18, 2015 As someone who has spent more than three decades working in both public and private sectors to improve the lives of Florida’s families, it’s impossible for me to sit idly and let rhetoric trump reality in recent Sun Sentinel coverage of the Palm Beach School District’s war on charter schools. At the heart of the legal battle the district has mounted against one charter school applicant is this notion that charters must prove they are “innovative” and different from traditional district school programs. District officials…
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    Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch

  • A trio of reviews

    Kathy Schrock
    24 Jun 2015 | 8:59 am
    Three companies have sent me items to review and reviews of them follow.  It is always fun to try out new technology gear!MagBack for iPadI am always on the lookout for ways to mount my devices in the car and around the house. MagBack for iPad is one neat solution! MagBack for iPad bills itself as the "world's thinnest iPad mount". The MagBack kit consists of two magnetic MagSticks, that can be mounted anywhere, and two MagBack Pads that mount to the back of the iPad. The MagBack is available for all models of the iPad Mini, iPad 2/3/4 non-Retina, and iPad…
  • IMHO

    Kathy Schrock
    31 May 2015 | 6:21 am
    This post originally appeared on my Discovery Education Network blog, Kathy's Schrock Katch of the Month, on July 1, 2013 and is re-printed with permission from Discovery Education.IMHO or Why give constructive criticism?I recently had a brutally honest day. I was asked to review a new book coming out and write a blurb for the back cover. The title was something I was interested in, so I agreed. As I read along in a chapter about change, I came across the line. “Everyone knows that teachers, especially, are resistant to change.” Hold on! This book was written for educators– why dis'…
  • Using Windows with the Mac ecosystem

    Kathy Schrock
    21 Apr 2015 | 10:16 am
    Many educators have to use both Windows and Mac platforms. Sometimes they have Windows laptops at school and a Macbook at home. They sometimes have iPads in the classroom and sometimes have Chromebooks. I have recently found out that it is possible to use both major platforms and keep your life in balance!I received an HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Ultrabook laptop to review. I had just sold my 11" Macbook Air and did not have a personal laptop to use, so the EliteBook came at the right time!My desktop is an iMac and I use and iPad and iPhone, so I decided to see if I could still keep up-to-date…
  • Amazon Echo: a short review

    Kathy Schrock
    15 Mar 2015 | 11:40 am
    Many of you have asked me to write a review of the Amazon Echo once I received it. "Alexa" arrived a week ago and I have been putting it through its paces.Amazon Echo is a networked connected speaker, music player, note-taker, and information source. You can learn about its specifics here: use the Amazon Echo, you simply speak aloud and ask a question or give an instruction to "Alexa". The more you speak to it, the more it learns your speech patterns and preferences.First off, it is a great speaker for playing music. Since I am an amazon Prime member, I have…
  • Literacies for the digital age: Financial literacy

    Kathy Schrock
    18 Feb 2015 | 12:35 pm
    This post originally appeared in September of 2014 on my Discovery Educator Network blog, Kathy's Katch, where I pen a monthly blog post. Please take a look at the blog when you get a a chance. The new posts go up the first day of each month!_____________________________________________________________________________________ I have identified thirteen literacies important for students to master, which you can see below.  Lisa Nielsen, in her blog post “Should the new math be financial literacy?” states “we have lost focus on preparing young people for what will matter in their…
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    Inside Higher Ed

  • Details of a President's Expense Account

    Scott Jaschik
    2 Jul 2015 | 1:26 am
    The Chicago Tribune had to sue to get records of the expenses of Robert Breuder, who is currently on leave as president of the College of DuPage, a community college outside Chicago. The documents that were released show considerable spending that theoretically was about building relationships with donors, but frequently didn't involve donors so much as senior administrators, trustees and vendors. For example, for one outing to a private fish and game reserve with three others, including the college lawyer and a vendor, Breuder spent $1,292 in college foundation funds -- on two bottles of…
  • Like a Phoenix from the. ..oh, wait …

    Matt Reed
    2 Jul 2015 | 12:46 am
    Blog: Confessions of a Community College DeanThe University of Phoenix continues to shrink. It’s on the downside of the same dynamic that propelled it upwards so quickly. And it’s paying for a bad call made about ten years ago, that may take another ten years to undo. Phoenix grew by serving a niche that traditional higher education usually ignored. And its business model was based on three major factors: the availability of financial aid, charging more than the marginal cost of production, and feeding investor expectations. The last two are different enough from what…
  • New presidents or provosts: Andrew Appalachian Cowley El Camino Ferris Georgian Court Lone Star Macalester MICA Villanova

    Doug Lederman
    2 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    Paul Blake, interim provost and vice president of academic affairs at Ferris State University, in Michigan, has been named to the job on a permanent basis. David Bogen, vice president academic and provost at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, in British Columbia, has been selected as provost and vice president for academic affairs at Maryland Institute College of Art. Linda Buchanan, vice president and dean for student life at Iowa Wesleyan College, has been named president of Andrew College, in Georgia. Darrell P. Kruger, dean of the College of Education and Human Development at the…
  • Seminary Merges Into Milligan College

    Scott Jaschik
    2 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    Emmanuel Christian Seminary on Wednesday merged into Milligan College, a Christian institution located across a highway from its campus. Milligan has 1,200 students and the seminary has 162. Officials said that the college worked with the seminary on financial issues over the last few years, prior to the merger.  
  • Survey finds academics in Ireland believe their working conditions have deteriorated

    Jack Grove for Times Higher Education
    2 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    Nearly three-quarters of academics in the Republic of Ireland say that working conditions have deteriorated in the wake of mass job cuts and rising student numbers, a study has found. Higher education funding shrank by 29 percent between 2007 and 2014, but student numbers have risen by 16 percent over the same period, according to the report, Creating a Supportive Working Environment for Academics in Higher Education. Since 2007, staffing levels have been reduced by 17 percent, or 3,500 posts. Academics report growing levels of stress caused by excessive teaching loads, says the study,…
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    Graham Wegner - Open Educator

  • A Greater Appreciation

    18 Jun 2015 | 5:19 am
    I've been at Woodville Gardens School now for nearly four years in my role as Assistant Principal, and I have learnt a lot. The school, the community, my colleagues have all given me a greater appreciation of things on so many levels. Tonight I thought I would try and articulate a few of these. A DigiTech TeachMeet was held tonight at my school. A bunch of educators keen on educational technology from mainly the western suburbs here in Adelaide gathered to share, enjoying the comfortable surrounds of our resource centre. Two of my colleagues shared about their practice - for the first time in…
  • Virtual EduTech – 2015 Version

    8 Jun 2015 | 5:35 am
    Last year, I compiled a virtual version of EduTech for my staff, hunting videos that were close to the presentations that we saw live. It is over on our staff blog but seeing I've done the hunting and embedding, there may be readers who might like a look as well. 2015 This year, the WGS attendees included Kellie, Julie, Bianca, Vas, Jayne, Mel, Tamsin and Graham. This year we had our own Twitter hashtag #wgsET which helps to collate all of our resources, insights. #wgsET Tweets Here are some links and videos from some of the presenters: Eric Mazur,  Assessment - The Silent Killer of Learning…
  • The EduTech Learning Festival 2015

    8 Jun 2015 | 12:28 am
    This year was the third time that I have been to EduTech. In 2013, I went with Frank, my principal and we noticed that a number of South Australian schools were sending groups of teachers rather than just a couple of members of their leadership team. I must have been in a major blogging slump then because I didn't reflect on any of that conference although Dan Pink was there, so was Gary Stager, Stephen Heppell and Alan November, along with Skype-ins from Sir Ken and Salman Khan. So in 2014, we expanded the group going to include my fellow AP, Anna along with three teachers who represented…
  • Word Of The Night – AntiGroupThink

    7 Jun 2015 | 5:37 pm
    So, last night I decided to get with the times and check in on one of these #hashtagED Twitter chats that few of my online colleagues have been saying are the ultimate in online PD. The one that was being promoted a bit at EduTech was #AussieED and I took note of the 8.30 pm AEST start time, and dutifully watched for 8 pm my time with my trusty iPhone at the ready. I even saw the topic was around this idea of being a teacherpreneur which I thought could be interesting as it threw my mind back to a recent Stephen Downes post in which he wrote: Why do I dislike the idea of teaching…
  • In Defence Of EduTech

    20 May 2015 | 5:27 am
    I am looking forward to EduTech. I am lucky enough to be leading a group of seven of my staff off to Brisbane in under two weeks time. Several have been wanting an opportunity like this for a couple of years now, while others are nervous about participating in such a high profile event early in their teaching career. However, across my network connections, there is a growing trend towards bagging EduTech both as a concept and as an event. I am not saying that some of the criticisms aren't valid or that educators aren't entitled to hold views that are anti-EduTech. It's just that incessant…
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  • If Exponent Rules Are Aspirin, Then What Is The Headache?

    Dan Meyer
    1 Jul 2015 | 9:07 am
    This Week’s Skill Exponent Rules. Rules like these are too quickly abstracted, memorized, confused, and forgotten. We can attach to them meaning and purpose by asking ourselves, why did we come up with these shortcuts? If these shortcuts are aspirin, then how do we create the headache? What a Theory of Need Recommends Again, with Harel’s “need for computation,” students need to experience the “longcut” before they learn the shortcut. Otherwise it’s just another trick in the endless series of tricks students call “math class.” Several…
  • When Will My Cousin Graduate?

    Dan Meyer
    28 Jun 2015 | 8:06 pm
    Here are three minutes of a Harvard graduation ceremony and the relevant program. My cousin Adarsh is graduating and his name is quite a ways down. I’d like to take a nap but I’ll set a timer first so I won’t sleep through my cousin’s walk across the stage. What time should I set the timer for? Tell us the time and your method in the comments. The winner is whoever comes closest to the time my cousin walks across the stage, without going over.
  • If Factoring Trinomials is Aspirin Then How Do You Create The Headache?

    Dan Meyer
    24 Jun 2015 | 7:53 am
    This Week’s Skill Factoring quadratic trinomials. eg. We can express quadratic trinomials like x2 – 7x – 18 as the product of the two binomials: (x – 9)(x + 2). If you find that language disorienting, if it makes you wonder why anyone would even bother on a sunny day like today, you’re in good company with lots and lots of math students. At the secondary level, there are few skills that seem less necessary to students and few skills that seem harder to motivate for math teachers than factoring quadratic trinomials. (Sample their stress.) What You Recommended…
  • If Math Is The Aspirin, Then How Do You Create The Headache?

    Dan Meyer
    17 Jun 2015 | 12:58 pm
    Several months ago, I asked you, “You’re about to plan a lesson on concept [x] and you’d like students to find it interesting. What questions do you ask yourself as you plan?” There were nearly 100 responses and they said a great deal about the theories of learning and motivation that hum beneath everything we do, whether or not we’d call them “theories,” or call them anything at all. “How can [x] help them to see math in the world around them?” “How can I connect [x] to something they already know?” “How can I explain…
  • What’s Next For Me: Desmos

    Dan Meyer
    10 Jun 2015 | 8:43 am
    I’m signing on with Desmos as their Chief Academic Officer. Job one is producing the best digital math curriculum in the world. We’ve started that project already. This is an easy call. I need a question to carry me through my thirties and I can’t think of a better one than, “What does the math textbook of the future look like?” I’ve known for awhile I need a certain set of collaborators for that project. I have worked with Eli, Eric, and Jenny for the last three years. We need each other. They need what I do (the math teaching stuff) and I need what they…
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    NYC Educator

  • The Hypocrisy of Admin Demanding Constant Assessment

    NYC Educator
    2 Jul 2015 | 1:00 am
    There's a new thing in town. Apparently, though test scores are to count up to 50% of your rating, you aren't supposed to use them too much when rating your students. You need to constantly keep your eye on them, and constantly ask them whether they understand or not. You could, for example ask them to raise their right hands if they understand, or their left if they do not. Or you could give them red and green cards. Have them hold up green if they understand, and red if they don't.This is an odd system, if you ask me. I use the old-fashioned method of constantly asking questions and seeing…
  • UFT Presidential Race Heats Up

    NYC Educator
    1 Jul 2015 | 1:00 am
    In our continuing coverage of the UFT Presidential campaign, NYC Educator is pleased to keep you apprised of all the important candidates. In alphabetical order:Emmie--Emmie's campaign is managed by MORE member Lauren Cohen. As you can see, she is already wearing a MORE button. Emmie presumes herself to be the nominee, and organized a play date, attended by most candidates, in which she proposed a unified slate. However, after extensive questioning, both Julio and Peppi left believing that Emmi would only participate in a slate in which she were the presidential candidate. Neither Julio nor…
  • Julio 2016

    NYC Educator
    30 Jun 2015 | 1:00 am
    A lot of people are expressing doubt about the upcoming UFT election. Should I vote for Mulgrew? Should I vote for MORE? They haven't even proposed a candidate, and who can sit around waiting for something like that? It's always tough to make important decisions like those. That's why it's so important for us to have another alternative, someone who isn't sociopathic or megalomaniacal, somene who isn't making backdoor deals, someone who not only won't punch your face out for opposing Common Core, but also someone who wouldn't remotely consider opposing Opt-out.I can further assure you…
  • Living the Life of Riley: The Myth that Teachers Have It Easty

    Arwen E.
    29 Jun 2015 | 1:00 am
    There has been a myth circulating, probably as old as time itself, that teachers have it easy.  It is given credence by the fact teachers have their summers off and still get paid... Yet, if teachers truly had it easy, people would flock to the profession in droves.  The doors are not barred.  I don't see that happening anytime soon.  Teachers, although they do not typically work summers, receive an annual salary that fails to attract the great many. These days, given the current climate of ed. "reform," teachers cannot leave through the exits fast enough.  Witness…
  • Victory, NYSUT and UFT Style

    NYC Educator
    28 Jun 2015 | 6:39 am
    One of the great things about being a teacher union leader is you always win. You win when there are 22 components in Danielson and you fight back Bloomberg's call for only seven. You win again when there are 22 and you negotiate it down to 8 (almost exactly what Bloomberg wanted).You win when there's a transfer plan that allows teachers to go where they wish. You also win when you give up that plan and teachers can go nowhere without the OK of a principal. You not only win when you get a junk science evaluation system, but you also get to dump the sitting President of NYSUT because he helped…
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    The Fischbowl

  • Idea #3: Think Differently About Time

    Karl Fisch
    26 Jun 2015 | 12:48 pm
    At the end of the school year I met with the administrator who does my evaluation and he/she asked me to think over the summer about some "big ideas" that would be worth discussing that could improve our school. This is the third of an undetermined number of blog posts that will explore some of those ideas. (The first was Eliminate Letter Grades, GPA and Class Rank; the second was Eliminate Curriculum (As We Know It).) Warning - this will be extremely long, somewhat rambly, and very narrative/descriptive.Name of Administrator,In my previous two big ideas I suggested that there were three…
  • Idea #2: Eliminate Curriculum (As We Know It)

    Karl Fisch
    17 Jun 2015 | 12:04 pm
    At the end of the school year I met with the administrator who does my evaluation and he/she asked me to think over the summer about some "big ideas" that would be worth discussing that could improve our school. This is the second of hopefully several blog posts that will explore some of those ideas. (The first was Eliminate Letter Grades, GPA and Class Rank.) Warning - this will be extremely long, somewhat rambly, and very narrative/descriptive.Name of Administrator,In my previous big idea I suggested that there were three major areas that needed to be explored: our system/schedule, our…
  • Idea #1: Eliminate Letter Grades, GPA and Class Rank

    Karl Fisch
    15 Jun 2015 | 10:56 am
    At the end of the school year I met with the administrator who does my evaluation and he/she asked me to think over the summer about some "big ideas" that would be worth discussing that could improve our school. This is the first of hopefully several blog posts that will explore some of those ideas. Warning - this will be extremely long, somewhat rambly, and very narrative/descriptive.Name of Administrator,You asked me to think of some "big ideas" that could help Arapahoe improve and meet the needs of our students even more effectively than we currently do. A former administrator of ours used…
  • In The Real World

    Karl Fisch
    13 May 2015 | 5:07 pm
    "In the real world . . ." is a sentence starter you often hear in schools. In fact, I've said it many times myself. We need to stop.Our students spend the better part of 13 years of their lives in K-12 education. This is their real world. The time our students spend with us is real. The experiences - the joy, the sadness, the learning, the relationships - those are all real. No matter how well-meaning we might be when using that phrase, we trivialize our students' lives when we use it. Their life in school is no less real than adults' lives outside of school. (And, as someone who has devoted…
  • This Week

    Karl Fisch
    28 Apr 2015 | 4:00 pm
    This was my daughter's schedule at school this week.Monday: Regular bell schedule, but she had MAP testing for two hours (no Math or Social Studies class)Tuesday: School starts at 11:30 am due to mandated state ACT testing. Has each of her regular six Tuesday classes, each for 23 minutes. (Side note: Total passing period time is 25 minutes, or longer than any individual class.)Wednesday: School starts at 12:06 pm due to PLC day and PARCC EOY testing. Has three of her regular Thursday classes, each 40 minutes.Thursday: School starts at 11:05 am due to PARCC EOY testing. Has the other three of…
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    This Week In Education

  • Quotes: That Giant Sorting Sound

    Alexander Russo
    1 Jul 2015 | 11:03 am
    You can’t tell me that only kids in high-wealth, white neighborhoods have the ‘college DNA’ — that’s ridiculous... There’s something about how we’re structured that is sorting opportunity. - Illinois state schools chief Tony Smith in this WBEZ Chicago story Poverty's enduring hold on school success.
  • Thompson: We Need a Marshall Plan for Schools and Prisons

    john thompson
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:14 am
    I grew up in the post-World War II era known as "Pax Americana." We all knew that our ambitious New Deal/Fair Deal era policies, ranging from G.I. Bill to the rebuilding of Europe with the help of the Marshall Plan, were not perfect. But, we knew in our bones that tomorrow would be better than today. Government and social science would both play a role in the campaigns to expand the promise of America to all. The Marshall Project's Eli Hager, in What Prisons Can Learn from Schools, pulls two incredibly complicated social problems together in a concise and masterful…
  • Morning Video: Jonathan Kozol Reads From His 50 Year-Old Book

    Alexander Russo
    1 Jul 2015 | 7:00 am
    Jonathan Kozol was a 20-something substitute teacher when he dared read a Langston Hughes poem to his poor Boston students -- and got fired for it. Watch the short video above and then go read the story about it here via NPR. Note that Kozol himself is heard, not seen onscreen. 
  • AM News: Big Union Case Looms, PARCC Down To 11 States, Chicago Drama

    Alexander Russo
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:00 am
    Justices Take up Dispute Over Union Fees AP:  Supreme Court to consider power of public sector unions to collect fees from non-members. See also NYT, EdSource Today. Ohio dumps the PARCC Common Core tests after woeful first year Cleveland Plain Dealer: PARCC spokesman David Connerty-Marin said Ohio's decision is a "disappointment."But he said the Common Core standards and improved tests are "a huge advance and a big victory for students across the country." The 11 PARCC states now include Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts,…
  • #EDgif Of The Day: 50 Years Ago Jonathan Kozol Taught A Langston Hughes Poem

    Alexander Russo
    30 Jun 2015 | 12:22 pm
    Frozen in time, Jonathan Kozol remembers the students who changed his life #50GreatTeachers — NPR's Education Team (@npr_ed) June 30, 2015 Click here to read or listen to the story from NPR's Claudio Sanchez. It's pretty amazing whether you are new to education or if Kozol's book was something you read in school and motivated you to get involved.
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    Learning is Change

  • Bud Hunt’s Future Ready Schools Denver Summit Keynote (Audio Only)

    Ben Wilkoff
    27 Jun 2015 | 7:31 pm
    I love it when Bud Hunt speaks words out of his mouth. Occasionally I get to hear them in the same room. Very occasionally, I get to record those words and share them with others. I hope you listen to this and I hope you learn from his challenge: Stop waiting for tomorrow’s stuff to do what you can do now to create change. “My teacher thought I was smarter than I was… so I was.”
  • What I’m Using: Screensaver Ninja (for displaying a twitter hashtag as a screensaver)

    Ben Wilkoff
    17 Jun 2015 | 6:18 pm
    So, this is kind of impressive. I am in love with the idea of using your idle computer to continually update a hashtag you are following: Screensaver Ninja allows you to display websites through your screensaver in rotation, transforming your computer or a dedicated monitor into a powerful dashboard for you and your team. Also, this is literally the only good use of the .ninja domain I have seen thus far.
  • What I’m Playing With: Venngage (for creating Infographics)

    Ben Wilkoff
    15 Jun 2015 | 11:40 am
    Very Interesting Infographics builder. Make Beautiful Infographics For FreeEverything you need to create and publish infographics is right here. Source: Create Free Infographics Online | Venngage
  • What I’m Learning: How to automatically sort sheets in a Google Spreadsheet Alphabetically

    Ben Wilkoff
    7 Jun 2015 | 10:10 pm
    I love it when someone else figures these kinds of things out and then shares them. function sortSheets () {  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();  var sheetNameArray = [];  var sheets = ss.getSheets();     for (var i = 0; i < sheets.length; i++) {    sheetNameArray.push(sheets[i].getName());  }    sheetNameArray.sort();      for( var j = 0; j < sheets.length; j++ ) {    ss.setActiveSheet(ss.getSheetByName(sheetNameArray[j]));    ss.moveActiveSheet(j + 1);  }} Source: Re: Sorting (alphabetically or chronologically) “tabs” at the bottom of a…
  • What I’m Using: Zoommy (Free Stock Photos Mac app)

    Ben Wilkoff
    26 May 2015 | 5:58 pm
    I’m really impressed with this little mac app. Some beautiful photography is at your fingertips any time you need a little inspiration. I can’t wait to try making a few slide decks with this. Zoommy helps you find awesome free stock photos for your creative product or inspiration Source: Zoommy
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  • Old School Summer

    Clarence Fisher
    28 Jun 2015 | 3:27 pm
    Although I still have two days left to work until I am officially on summer holidays (yes, June 30th this year…) I’ve already started on my summer project: learning to work with Linux through the command line and working on my Python skills. When I was a kid, my dad and I used to constantly be tinkering under the hoods of cars. I don’t imagine I was a lot of help when I was little, but I could still hand him stuff and I managed to learn a few things along the way. By the time I was in high school and my old Honda Civic needed a new motor put in it, him and I did it…
  • Pew Report on Teens and Social Media 2015

    Clarence Fisher
    15 May 2015 | 4:47 am
    This was released about a month ago but apparently I was under a rock when it came out as the first time I saw it was this morning. A lot of data, but nothing really surprising: – Facebook still dominates with teens – Instagram and Snapchat are closing the gap with Facebook – Most teens use more than one social media platform – Girls dominate the more visual platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest) – Boys game more than girls – 24% of teens report being online “almost constantly” because of their phone Worth a read and even a discussion with…
  • An Eye Opening Discussion

    Clarence Fisher
    13 May 2015 | 7:45 pm
    I had my eyes opened the other day in my classroom. Occasionally my students and I chat about technology. These chats can cover everything from the latest developments someone has run into online, to the most useless apps they have seen, to staying safe online. But this chat was different. We are beginning to run deeper into learning some computer science and programming pieces in my classroom. While we’ve done different things throughout the year and some kids have delved quite deeply into this topic already, this is the beginning of about six weeks of every day work. So we were…
  • Would we be more concerned if…

    Clarence Fisher
    12 May 2015 | 7:00 pm
    Would people be more concerned and interested in their online privacy if they could receive an email that would show all of the information that their OS and software were sending out each day about their online activities? Imagine getting an email every day that showed all of the information your computer is generating and sending out about you. If you use a tool like Mozilla Lightbeam  you can see the information that websites are collecting about you. Combine the two and I think most people would be surprised to see this information sitting in their inbox every morning. UPDATE: The…
  • Education: Public Utility or Source of Inspiration?

    Clarence Fisher
    12 May 2015 | 5:05 am
    “Do the technologies we give to kids transfer agency and increase freedom on the part of the student learner or do they just transfer our curriculum in digital form?” From Will Richardson’s post The Lazy Language of Learning Will’s post is about the difficulty we have with defining learning. Even after 20 years in the classroom, I have a tough time placing my finger directly on top of what learning “is.” It is one of those concepts that most teachers can say they know it when they see it, but is tough to put into words. I think this quote that I’ve…
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    Drape's Takes

  • Maker: #ISTE15’s Session Title Keyword Du Jour

    D Draper
    30 Jun 2015 | 11:44 am
    Whereas flipped was the keyword of choice during last year’s ISTE conference, participants this year demanded that maker, making, or make – ahem – make it into session titles in order to best capture their attention. Here are photos I snapped of a few of the favorite “maker”-related poster sessions I perused. I love the poster and playground session formats, by the way, because of how engaged the audience gets to be! Lectures often mean that the audience gets preached AT. Why would anyone want to be preached AT, when speaking WITH the presenter is accepted and…
  • When Convenience Trumps Tradition

    D Draper
    18 Jun 2015 | 8:51 pm
    In the classic Seinfeld episode “The Comeback,” Elaine Benes feels stifled because her favorite video store undergoes change.1 During the episode, she grows to appreciate the perspective and services provided by Vincent, a video store employee with whom she shares the same taste in movies. When Elaine learns that Vincent has decided to “stop making picks,” she naturally struggles emotionally upon losing the connection once felt. I think Elaine’s relationship with Vincent and the video store is fascinating, and parallels the relationship many school…
  • I (still) feel bad for schools that celebrate “digital learning” only one day per year!

    D Draper
    13 Mar 2015 | 7:54 am
    I wrote this about Digital Learning Day last year, and still feel the same way today. Honestly, there’s no such thing as “digital learning.” Learning is just learning, whether the learner requires electricity or not. Digital tools can make learning easier, but they can also complicate the process at times, as well. Even so, learning with digital tools should be a constant presence, every day, in (nearly?) every classroom, in every school. And while we’re on the subject, what’s the deal with #futureready? Shouldn’t learning with digital tools be a…
  • The Present and Future of Pedagogical Breakthroughs

    D Draper
    20 Nov 2014 | 5:30 pm
    Robert Slavin, in 2012: While [computer-assisted instruction] will surely continue to play a role, I believe that real breakthroughs in teaching methods will come from classroom (as opposed to individualized) technologies that help teachers orchestrate diverse technological as well as non-technological resources. He continues: In theory, every lesson might contain some appropriate mix of all of these technology and non-technology resources, but an unaided teacher would have difficulty organizing all of this and adapting it in light of children’s responses on the fly. The future of…
  • Poster Session 101: Presentation Titles Matter

    D Draper
    30 Jun 2014 | 11:08 am
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    Blue Skunk Blog

  • The cost of awards

    Doug Johnson
    30 Jun 2015 | 3:46 am
    Over 20 years ago, I was given this plaque that still hangs on my office wall: The inscription reads: EMERGING LEADER AWARD 1991-1992 Presented to Douglas A Johnson FOR EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP INTHE LIBRARY MEDIA PROFESSION' FROM THECOMMERCIAL SPECIAL INTEREST DEVISION OF Minnesota Educational Media Organization My friend and colleague Jane Prestebak (who received the same award that same year) and I joke about how those plaques bought MEMO thousands of hours of free labor from us over the next two decades. Very clever, MEMO. Guilt-induced labor is still labor. So yesterday I received this at…
  • BFTP: Upstream costs, downstream savings

    Doug Johnson
    28 Jun 2015 | 3:41 am
    According to this blog post, I have now been using an iPad for about five years. Had you asked me, I would have said three. I remember being shocked at the 2010 ISTE (first year name changed from NECC) conference how many attendees were already using this new and different device. From 2010... Finding TimeEach time I pass the picture I take a few seconds to straighten it. On its single nail, heavy tread makes it tilt. I always have the extra seconds to make it straight, but I never have the precious minute needed to get the second nail to straighten it permanently. In 50 Words One argument…
  • Culture on my mind

    Doug Johnson
    27 Jun 2015 | 5:27 am
    Culture : the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time : a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc. : a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business) What is the difference between Iowa and yogurt? Yogurt has an active culture (old Minnesota joke) The term culture has been much on my mind recently. As a part of my district's administrative team, I participated in two more days of cultural proficiency training - practicing viewing the cultural diversity…
  • My 2014-15 Head for the Edge columns

    Doug Johnson
    24 Jun 2015 | 3:27 am
    Find below links to the full text of my 2014-15 Head for the Edge columns that appeared in Library Media Connection this year. I've added a little "teaser" to each link. I have really enjoyed writing these columns for the past 20 years and I hope that translates into others enjoying reading them. “It’s Personal” August/September 2014 The lesson I learned as a librarian was that it’s possible and useful to blend a student’s personal interests with academic standards. Making a subject relevant because it is personal, local, or topical was critical if I wanted…
  • Should your educational changes be a sprint or a marathon?

    Doug Johnson
    22 Jun 2015 | 3:13 am
    District policymakers, administrators, and activist parents–stakeholders–seeing themselves as “agents of change”– seldom ask: change toward what end? Change in and of itself becomes the desired outcome, not the district’s long-term direction (e.g., prepare students for an information-driven economy, build decent adults engaged in helping themselves and others). And that is why the short-winded are attracted to school reform. From charter schools to “disruptive innovations” to delivering computer devices en masse to students and teachers, rarely…
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    open thinking

  • Internet Friends

    18 Jun 2015 | 11:35 am
    It’s worth the six minutes necessary to watch the reflections from this young person as she discusses the biases and stigmas we often hear related to acquiring and maintaining Internet friendships. Much of her monologue relates well to the development of personal learning environments and Jurgenson’s notion of “digital dualism”. Notable quotes: “I really think that if I hadn’t joined some of these Internet communities at such a young age I would have a much more difficult time transitioning into adulthood.” “When my cat was diagnosed for…
  • Knowledge vs. Understanding

    26 Apr 2015 | 10:23 am
    “Once u have a rigid way of thinking in your head, sometimes you cannot change that, even if u want to.” This is relevant to so much of what we do with professional learning, change, policy, education, etc. This video is definitely worth a watch. More to come on this topic. Related posts: How Knowledge is Negotiated in Wikipedia “Compilation of Human Knowledge Experience” The Curse of Knowledge
  • Building Online/Blended Course Environments

    23 Apr 2015 | 3:08 pm
    I was recently invited to speak with the  #eLearnOnt “Game Changer” series where I discussed various options around building online and/or blended course environments via Google Hangout. I began with traditional LMS options and moved to the more nebulous concept of “Small Tools Loosely Joined” course/environment design. See the recorded presentation below. As well, here are the presentation slides and a collection of related resources. Thanks to the hosts for making this a fun experience. Related posts: Future of Online Learning – Stephen Downes Authentic…
  • Developing Upstanders in a Digital World

    3 Apr 2015 | 11:17 am
    This past Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to co-facilitate a Day of Pink event for local school division. We invited approximately 100+ elementary students (mostly 7th graders) to participate. The themes included (digital) citizenship, (digital) identity, anti-bullying, and becoming an upstander (someone who stands up to support the protection, safety, and wise decision-making of others). We shared a number of scenarios with the children to help them discuss the importance of empathy and responsibility for others. Some of the topics can be seen as controversial but are increasingly…
  • Developing Teacher Candidates in a Networked World

    25 Mar 2015 | 12:09 pm
    This post, co-authored with Katia Hildebrandt, originally appeared on the Canadian Education Association Blog. Recently, pre-service teachers in two of our classes at the Faculty of Education,University Regina, participated in #saskedchat, a weekly Twitter chat hosted by and for Saskatchewan educators. Although the chat typically runs on Thursday nights, organizers scheduled a “special edition” of the chat on the topic of supporting new teachers. Almost instantly, our students were immersed in a global discussion about education – and what’s more, they were instantly connected to a…
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    Bud the Teacher

  • “A Way of Caring” (Bud Hunt
    1 Jul 2015 | 7:13 pm
    Two things from today that intersected in a useful way: #  Early this morning, a teammate noticed another group at the library had a big pile of work on their hands.  She asked my permission to help them.  Because the person who used to sit in my seat at the library valued keeping teams separate.  Their work is their work.  Ours is different.  That was the old message. My teammate’s desire, when she saw a need, was to help fill it.  She wanted to make sure I was okay with that. # Boy, was I. # I encouraged her to always help someone on our big team, the entire library team, when…
  • A Library Is Somewhere You Can Take Things Home to Explore (Bud Hunt
    25 Jun 2015 | 5:13 pm
    Earlier today, I enjoyed reading Barry Joseph’s piece at DML about a digital pen that’s changing the experience at one metro museum.  But what really struck me was how he framed the difference between a museum and a library, and what that framing said about what a library is.  In talking about his experience, he wrote: # As I walked through the exhibit, I found that I was experiencing a museum in a totally new way. When I visit a museum, I am often collecting information or inspiration. I know I won’t remember the details, but the feeling will linger in my bones. But now, with the…
  • “Let’s Find Out,” Writes Cogdog (Bud Hunt
    25 Jun 2015 | 7:26 am
    I’d never really thought about it, but I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago, when Alan Levine said that he’d be in the area and we should meet up, that he and I had never been in the same place at the same time. # We know plenty of the same people, we play on intersecting online spaces.  He’s been a teacher and occasional collaborator of mine for nearly ten years. But we’d never been in the same physical space in a similar time window. # So yesterday we got to spend a few short minutes together.  Overdue. # He reminded me while we were talking…
  • Nerd vs. Geek (Bud Hunt
    24 Jun 2015 | 8:52 am
    We’re starting to revamp some of our technology help here at the library.  And we are expanding our maker-y programming, too.  To move us forward in both areas, we’re going to launch a nightly “Ask a _____” booth, where our technical team will be on the floor to demo things they’re experimenting with, as well as help people with drop in computer, ereader, and other technical assistance.  We’ll be leaning into and demonstrating our learning in a public way at the library. # But we’re having trouble with the name.  We want to own our passion for learning and exploring…
  • Be Less Hesitant (Bud Hunt
    16 Jun 2015 | 12:01 pm
    This post is a bit dated – found it in the drafts folder, dusted it off, and am sharing it now.. The request hasn’t left my mind since offered a couple of months ago. # I ended up have an unexpected visit with a mentor of mine yesterday.  It’d been a while since we’d talked and the visit was unexpected. At the end of our visit, I asked him if he had any words of wisdom to share. # No, that’s not right.  What I actually said was, “Is there anything I can do for you?” His answer wasn’t expected, but has been on my mind ever since. # What’d he say?
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    A Millennial Professor's View of Higher Education

  • Periscope as a New Technology to Integrate in Higher Education Classrooms?

    J. Edwards
    17 Jun 2015 | 6:34 am
    Since I joined the faculty ranks back in 2006, my preferred (and the students' preferred communication methods) have continued to evolve. For example...2006-2010 - The preferred communication method in my classroom was Yahoo Instant Messenger.*I linked Yahoo IM to my Blackboard courses as an embedded widget.2010-2012 - The preferred communication methods in my classroom were Twitter and Google Voice for text messages.2012 - 2015 - The preferred communication methods in my classroom were Twitter, Google Plus Groups, Google Voice for text messages, and Facebook groups (graduate students and…
  • Free Webinar Opportunity from Inside Higher Ed - "Diversity in the Student Body"

    J. Edwards
    8 Jun 2015 | 6:22 am
    If you are looking for a webinar focused on student diversity in higher education, look no further than one of the most important news resources in higher education, Inside Higher Ed. I've been reading this resource since receiving my word magnet from Inside Higher Ed at my first ACPA conference back in 2008!Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman will lead this webinar (sponsored by Pearson). Register for the webinar here…
  • Call for Speakers - University of North Texas Law Conference (March 21-22, 2016 in Denton, TX)

    J. Edwards
    21 May 2015 | 7:30 am
    Neat Opportunity from the University of North Texas Save the Date!The 20th annual UNT Texas Higher Education Law Conference will be held March 21-22 in Denton, Texas, on the campus of the University of North Texas. Easter is the Sunday after conference week, and most Spring Breaks are concluded.We are reading and in many cases acting upon your feedback from the recent 2015 conference. Some announcements about that are forthcoming.We will begin this summer and fall to focus intensively on the 2016 program, but don't let that stop you from suggesting topics and speakers NOW.  Send to…
  • 55 Higher Education and Social Media Ideas! #55HigherEd from the SxSWEdu Conference!

    J. Edwards
    14 May 2015 | 8:30 am
    In March, I was very fortunate to attend the SxSWEdu conference in Austin, TX. I attended sessions hosted by the TAMU system, the Gates Foundation, and several university colleagues from other institutions. This year marks my second year of attendance and I have to tout that this is the best year so far!This year, we presented a session titled, "#55HigherEd Ideas and Resources" and we had participants from high schools, community colleges, universities, foundations, and associations. The ideas presented in the session were recorded via Twitter and via a Google Document!Here's our tagboard…
  • A List of Faculty Issues in Higher Education: A Great Resource for University Administrators and Faculty

    J. Edwards
    7 May 2015 | 3:07 pm
    As a tenured-faculty member, I am always excited about mentoring new faculty (especially women and new faculty of color). This mentoring relationship is always great for me because I had such wonderful mentors (both faculty and staff) when persisting through the tenure-track process.This mentoring relationship is very important for tenure-track and tenured faculty who are seeking to become a full-professor. (This is another journey through which I am persisting right now.) Tenure-track and tenured-faculty (especially women and faculty of color) encounter along the journey towards their…
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    OUPblog » Education

  • The baby is all grown up

    2 Jul 2015 | 1:30 am
    This year, the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education is celebrating its 20th birthday, and I’m celebrating my 20th year as Editor. After bringing JDSDE into this world, watching it grow up, attending to its bumps, bruises, and milestones, it’s time for me to let it go and let it find its own way in the world. It started at a professional meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a number of researchers interested in deaf children, deaf education, and the Deaf world lamenting that the field was lacking a high-quality, scholarly journal. As a result, rather than having a critical mass…
  • College education for emerging adults [infographic]

    Elizabeth Gorney
    28 May 2015 | 1:30 am
    College education trends have been changing a lot over the past few decades — from tuition fees to enrollment rates to reasons for attending. While it may seem as though today’s emerging adults aren’t satisfied with today’s education trends, 9 out of 10 high schoolers expect to continue their education in some way after graduation, and 84% of college graduates believe their education was a good investment. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett examines the college process of those in their late teens and early twenties in the second edition of Emerging Adulthood, uncovering what…
  • How to write a great graduation speech

    Carolyn Napolitano
    10 May 2015 | 5:30 am
    It’s graduation time at many of the nation’s schools and colleges. The commencement ceremony is a great exhalation for all involved and an annual rite of passage celebrating academic achievements. Commencement ceremonies typically feature a visiting dignitary who offers a few thousand inspirational words. Over the years, I’ve heard more of these speeches than I care to admit and have made my own checklist of suggestions for speakers. For those of you giving commencement speeches or listening to them, here’s my advice: 1. Be just funny enough The best speakers are knowingly wry and…
  • Advocacy and pedagogy in secondary school singing

    23 Apr 2015 | 3:30 am
    Music as a school subject, it so often seems, retains its apparently perilous position in the school largely as a result of the unstinting pressure of advocacy groups. The 2004 Music Manifesto that underpins much of the current drive to keep school music alive was unashamedly “a voluntary, apolitical 13-strong Partnership and Advocacy Group”. Personally, I find this slightly challenging because I was fortunate enough to attend a school during the 1960s where advocacy was quite unnecessary. The important position of music was never doubted within a curriculum organized along classical,…
  • What is Positive Education? Lessons from a Year 3 classroom

    Meredith Sneddon
    23 Apr 2015 | 1:30 am
    What is Positive Education? This is a question I am asked on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. Whenever I am asked this question, what immediately comes to mind is a visit to Bostock House, one of Geelong Grammar School’s junior campuses. At the time of my visit, the Year 3 students were preparing to go on a camp. At 8 and 9 years old, the students were quite young to be away from home for three days and two nights. The Bostock staff had decided to focus on teaching the children some skills and mindsets for well-being — and specifically skills of resilience — to help them to…
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  • Teachers Teaching Teachers Playlist

    9 Jun 2015 | 9:13 pm
    While things have gotten a bit quiet on the the EdTechTalk site, Teachers Teaching Teachers continues to have great conversations Wednesday nights at 9pm EST (global times). Below is a playlist of recent episodes.  Tune in at: read more
  • Educational Technology and Education Conferences: June~December 2015

    12 May 2015 | 8:59 pm
    Educational Technology and Education Conferencesfor June to December 2015, Edition #33Prepared by Clayton R. Wright, crwr77 at, May 12, 2015read more
  • 21st Century Learning - 12-18-2014

    18 Dec 2014 | 12:03 pm
    Tweet 13:10 minutes (15.07 MB)Alex, Vinnie, and arvind bring in the close of 2014 with the year's final episode. We discuss some of our goals and aspirations for the break and for the next year. Tune in one last time in 2014. read more
  • 21st Century Learning - 12-4-14

    18 Dec 2014 | 12:01 pm
    Tweet 19:55 minutes (22.8 MB)Vinnie and arvind talk about the People of Color Conference, Student Diversity Leadership Conference, and the current state of protests in New York, the show of force by the NYPD outside of arvind's school, and the impact on students and faculty. read more
  • 21st Century Learning - 11-20-14

    18 Dec 2014 | 11:59 am
    Tweet 17:01 minutes (19.48 MB)read more
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    Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...

  • What Is Your Best Advice To A New Teacher?

    Larry Ferlazzo
    1 Jul 2015 | 3:48 pm
    The new “question-of-the-week” at my Education Week Teacher column is: What is your best advice to a new teacher? Feel free to leave your responses in the comments section there or here…
  • Quote Of The Day: “the relationship between class size and effective teaching”

    Larry Ferlazzo
    1 Jul 2015 | 12:21 pm
    The Atlantic published a great article on class sizes today. It’s headlined Too Many Kids. Here’s how it ends: I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About How Class Size Does Matter.
  • Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL

    Larry Ferlazzo
    1 Jul 2015 | 10:53 am
    © 2010 Enokson, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio Two years ago I began this regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention. You might also be interested in The Best Resources, Articles & Blog Posts For Teachers Of ELLs In 2015 – So Far and The Best Websites For English Language Learner Students In 2015 – So Far. Here are this week’s choices: English Worksheets Land has a lot of free decent worksheets suitable for English reinforcement. You don’t have to register before…
  • Here Are The Movie Scenes That Readers Have Said Demonstrate A Growth Mindset – & I’m Still Looking For More

    Larry Ferlazzo
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:25 am
    Last night, I asked readers to recommend movie scenes that demonstrated a growth mindset. Here is what they’ve come up with so far: Mrs. Waters suggests these first two: Judith Dubois recommends this one:
  • The Best TV/Movie Scenes Demonstrating A “Growth Mindset” – Help Me Find More

    Larry Ferlazzo
    30 Jun 2015 | 9:43 pm
    This post originally was a request for help to find clips, and now I’ve turned it into a “Best” list sharing the ones readers have recommended. Last week, readers were very responsive to my request for help in finding TV and movie scenes that demonstrated metacognition, and you can see them all at The Best Movie/TV Scenes Demonstrating Metacognition – Help Me Find More. Now, I’m looking for clips showing characters demonstrating a growth mindset. I’ve got plenty of great clips and animations that explicitly explain what a growth mindset it, and you can see them…
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    Millard Fillmore's Bathtub

  • How could John Adams be so wrong about the Fourth of July?

    Ed Darrell
    2 Jul 2015 | 12:53 am
    “The Second Day of July 1776 will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. . . . It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires, and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.” — John […]
  • Madison, Clay and Huxley: June 29 is a day of passings

    Ed Darrell
    29 Jun 2015 | 3:43 pm
    Three great historical figures passed on June 29 — and I’ll wager there are others, but I stumbled on these three in the past day. James Madison, Father of the Constitution, and our fourth president Henry Clay, who many including himself thought should have been president Thomas Huxley, the scientist perhaps best known for his […]
  • Wind power ready for its closeup?

    Ed Darrell
    27 Jun 2015 | 9:10 am
    Climate Progress used this photo in a Tweet touting Denmark’s wind power progress: Awesome photograph, a 21st century version of those photos of men, machines, bridges and other industrial objects admired for their symmetry and sharp shadows from the 1920s and 1930s. I would guess it was captured by an airplane passenger passing over the […]
  • Key part of Burwell decision: “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets”

    Ed Darrell
    25 Jun 2015 | 1:53 pm
    In all the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth about the Supreme Court’s decision in the Burwell case today, you’d be lucky to learn what the Court actually said. Here are the key paragraphs of the majority’s decision (links added here), as written by Chief Justice John Roberts: Reliance on context and structure in […]
  • June 25: Virginians fly flags to commemorate statehood, and Col. Van T. Barfoot

    Ed Darrell
    24 Jun 2015 | 2:57 pm
    June 25 is Virginia Statehood Day.  The U.S. Flag Code urges Americans to fly the U.S. flag on the statehood date of their states. Virginia is counted as the 10th state, by virtue of the Virginia ratifying convention’s having voted to ratify the U.S. Constitution on June 25, 1788 — over the strong objections of […]
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    Around the

  • Send Encrypted Email - Easier with Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition

    30 Jun 2015 | 7:15 pm
    Find out moreLooking for an easy way to encrypt your emails to family and friends? Then look no further than Whiteout Mailbox Personal edition, which was recently released at no-cost for personal use:So today we are happy to announce that we are offering Whiteout Mailbox Personal Edition with 2GB storage for free, starting today. The product is still in beta, but you can sign up today, no invite code needed. And tell your friends!...The Whiteout Mail client for use with your existing mailbox is of course also available for free.You can find my previous blog entries recommending Whiteout here…
  • My Favorite Summer #Fiction Tales #ebook #reading

    30 Jun 2015 | 6:28 pm
    The Frozen Sky series by Jeff CarlsonAre you reading non-fiction via Twitter, Flipboard, and a million other social media outlets? Every day, a new app pops up and demands your attention (e.g. Voxer with audio, Periscope with video) do you decide what will win the competition for your attention?  There are so many "leadership" and "self-help" books out there, not to mention blogs, podcasts, videos, that if you're an educator, you can be assured you'll never be bored. That said, for me, it's pretty easy--I began my love affair with reading when I was a youngster, andFiction Book…
  • MyNotes: How and Why Educators Use Twitter

    29 Jun 2015 | 5:29 pm
    The following are my notes from Jeffrey P. Carpenter's (@doccarpenter) and Daniel G. Krutka's (@dankrutka) study, How and Why Educators Use Twitter: A Survey of the Field, published in JRTE Vol. 46, No. 4.MyNotesAs of July 2013, there were approximately 200 million users of Twitter, including approximately 18% of online adults in the United States (Duggan & Smith, 2013).Various scholars have noted that Web 2.0 sites such as Twitter afford users numerous benefits, and Jenkins and colleagues (2009) went as far as to say that the “new participatory cultures” afforded by such sites…
  • Growing a Digital Data Archive @evernote @googledrive #eportfolios #iplza15 #edtech

    25 Jun 2015 | 11:52 am
    Hard to believe, but last summer, a colleague asked me to craft a proposal for a "digital data archive," exploring the various options. I did but then promptly forgot about it when the school decided to not pursue it. In chatting with a friend at iPadpalooza 15, I remembered that I had done this and had not shared it.Image Source: such, I hope someone will find this helpful!OverviewProvide 4 teachers with the opportunity to track quantifiable data, notes (e.g. Student Data Profile), as well as student evidence of learning in digital format (e.g.
  • MyNotes: PinIt - Transforming Social Media Networks into ProfLearning Tools #iplza15 #teachertips @jspille

    25 Jun 2015 | 10:09 am
    This session, Pin It: Transforming Social Media Networks into Professional Learning Tools, with Jesse Thompson and Lee Valenti (@hi5teaching) at iPadpalooza. Special thanks to Jennifer Spille (@jspille) for dragging me along to this session...with my broken GPS, I never would have found it! :-)Listen to AudioMyNotesRight to Left: Jesse Thompson, Lee Valenti, ASL interpreterOur Problem: How to improve collaboration between team members? Could social media help our team share and collect ideas more effectively?Solution included Twitter, Pinterest and Evernote...these represent the 3…
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    Sue Waters Blog

  • Ways To Use Crowd Sourcing In The Classroom

    Sue Waters
    12 Jun 2015 | 9:27 am
    Can you help? I’m facilitating a session with Tzvi Pittinsky on using Crowd sourcing in the Classroom at ISTE 2015 and Tzvi decided that the best way to demonstrate the power of crowd sourcing is to crowd source our presentation. Here is how you can help: Add a slide to the Google presentation, put up some text, perhaps add a picture, include your name and/or your Twitter handle or blog URL to share your ideas on how crowd sourcing can be used in the classroom. Share a link to our Google Presentation with your social networks.   The more ideas we receive, the better we demonstrate…
  • Learning by blogging: My Gardening Adventures

    Sue Waters
    30 Mar 2015 | 7:19 pm
    Blogging is an important part of how I learn.   The process of sharing information in posts helps me reflect deeper, document information I want to refer back to and provide a mechanism for others to provide input into aspects I hadn’t considered. It’s also important to blog about what you’re passionate about , and what interests you. The purpose of this post is to reflect on my veggie patch progress.  While the topic mightn’t necessarily be of interest — you might find it helpful to observe how someone like me uses blogging for learning and why it is important…
  • Digital Curation: Putting the Pieces Together

    Sue Waters
    13 Oct 2013 | 4:42 am
    Through digital curation we collect, manage and collate the best, most relevant content, on a specific topic or theme,  for ourselves and share with others. Using tools like, Pinterest, Diigo and Livebinders educators collect the best resources to put them into context with organisation, annotation and presentation. This post is a summary of the ideas. tips and resources shared during my presentation for the 2013 Reform Symposium e-Conference on digital curation. Digital curation in education It’s no longer just about creating content.  We are living in an era of content…
  • Getting More Out of Student Blogging

    Sue Waters
    11 Feb 2013 | 4:26 am
    Through ETMOOC participants like Lorraine Boulos are realizing “I am not just learning HOW to connect but WHY connect” and are now trying to transfer the skills they’re learning into their classrooms. So I’ve put together tips for getting the most out of blogging with your student (you can watch the recorded ETMOOC student blogging session here). For more information I recommend you work through our step by step guide to blogging with students. About my work But first to help you appreciate why I was asked to facilitate blogging session — I’ve been…
  • Commenting Counts (or does it?)

    Sue Waters
    4 Feb 2013 | 4:33 pm
    We’ve worked hard emphasizing that reading other people’s posts and commenting on posts are both a very important part of the learning process as a blogger. Maybe we’re wrong?  Or maybe we haven’t helped you experience it in action? But what I do know is some have reflected they feel that commenting feels like a burden or that once you’ve made a comment it often goes no further. I’m hoping this is where you’ll help out? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment: Has commenting helped your learning?  Yes or No?  Why? What advice would you give…
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    Assorted Stuff

  • Images From China

    10 Jun 2015 | 6:08 am
    With almost 1400 shots taken over two weeks in five Chinese cities, it’s hard to select a much smaller collection that people will actually watch. Here is my first attempt at finding that balance. As I review all the photos and read through my notes, I’ll have more to say about what we saw and experienced during a relatively short time in a very fascinating country.
  • Out On The Streets

    5 Jun 2015 | 4:08 pm
    On the last day of this tour, having had little time for shopping over the past two weeks, some of us (meaning my wife and her friends) decided to skip the scheduled tour and hit the streets. We wound up at the Ladies Market, two blocks of stalls full of interesting items, most of somewhat questionable origin and prices that are only a starting point for haggling. I just wish they offered free wifi. Later in the day I made my way to the tram that takes passengers to the top of Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island and a trip all the guide books say every visitor to the area…
  • Not Exactly China

    4 Jun 2015 | 4:16 pm
    Our tour today took us from Guangzhou to Hong Kong by bus, a trip that should have taken about 2 -1/2 hours except for a roadblock thrown up by the Chinese government. I was under the impression that in 1997, when the British lease expired, Hong Kong became part of China again. However, they seem to be treating the area as a different country, complete with this border crossing facility where we had to take our luggage off the bus and go through an immigration and customs control process. Most of which consisted of standing in line, stern looking people comparing our documents to a computer…
  • The Traditional and The Modern

    3 Jun 2015 | 3:53 pm
    Today was another where we got to see multiple sides of China and I’ve had a hard time picking two shots to represent the day. I’m on my third 64gb memory card so it will take a while after we get back to sort through all the images and post some sets. Anyway, during one of our walks this morning we passed through a market with stalls offering the raw ingredients for traditional medical treatments, like these dried sea horses. Probably no coincidence the market was right next to a hospital. Our guide said that most people in the country still depend on home brew remedies since the…
  • Travel Day

    2 Jun 2015 | 3:56 pm
    Not much interesting today. We flew from Shanghai to Guangzhou, the third largest city in China (4th largest in the world with about 24 million people), a major trading center, and a place I knew almost nothing about before doing research for this trip. But the flight was delayed three hours for weather so instead of Guangzhou we got to experience a waiting room in the Shanghai airport for a while. Not much different from many U.S. terminals. After finally arriving we did have a little time to walk through the area around our hotel and came across this dance exercise group in a large downtown…
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    iterating toward openness

  • Reclaim Hosting

    11 Jun 2015 | 4:16 pm
    The following endorsement was neither requested nor compensated… I run dozens of websites – everything from to to to the veritable Several of the websites I run are 15 or 20 years old. For over a decade now I’m been hosting all my websites at BlueHost. But a few weeks ago I decided to throw in with the awesomeness Tim and Jim are making over at Reclaim Hosting and move all my web hosting there. I could not possibly be happier with my choice. The people, support, and tools at Reclaim Hosting are…
  • Agency and Opportunities for Future Educational Technologies

    10 Jun 2015 | 12:20 pm
    With all the excitement in the air about big data, analytics, and adaptive instruction, it is easy to imagine a future of complete automation. In this future, algorithms will choose what we will learn next, which specific resources we will interact with in order to learn it, and the order in which we will experience these resources. All the guesswork will be taken out of the process – instruction will be “optimized” for each learner. There are many reasons to be deeply concerned about this fully automated future. One of the things that concerns me most about this vision of…
  • On the Relationship Between OER Adoption Initiatives and Libraries

    20 May 2015 | 7:48 am
    The Object of Study As we work to move entire degree programs from commercial textbooks to open educational resources, we must answer this critical question – can all commercial materials be replaced with open educational resources? The answer to this question is no, but perhaps not for the reason you suspect. The primary object of study in a college course is often a model, principle, theory, equation, causal relationship, or other idea. While one particular way of explaining an idea can be copyrighted, an idea itself cannot be copyrighted. This feature of copyright law means that,…
  • Forgetting Our History: From the Reusability Paradox to the Remix Hypothesis

    15 Apr 2015 | 11:21 am
    Wow, there’s been some great writing lately. I’ve been particularly reinvigorated by Brian Lamb, Mike Caulfield, and Bracken Mosbacker. And Audrey Watters’ ongoing work on the history of educational technology is vastly more important than anyone seems to realize. It should be absolutely mandatory reading for every student in a graduate program on educational technology or learning sciences, period. Audrey’s constant refrain that “no one seems to remember our history” was made for her again this week when McGraw-Hill and Microsoft announced a new…
  • Being Clear on “High Quality”

    3 Apr 2015 | 1:59 pm
    Some readers are misinterpreting my critique of the phrase “high quality” as it’s used with regard to textbooks and other educational resources. Let me reiterate my points and then provide a new example that hopefully sheds more light on what I’m criticizing and what I’m not. My problems with the phrase “high quality” are two-fold: (1) how the phrase gets equated with a single authoring process to the exclusion of all other authoring processes, and (2) how that usage distracts us from the efficacy conversation. I do not have any issues with the…
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    Graham Wegner - Open Educator

  • A Greater Appreciation

    18 Jun 2015 | 5:19 am
    I've been at Woodville Gardens School now for nearly four years in my role as Assistant Principal, and I have learnt a lot. The school, the community, my colleagues have all given me a greater appreciation of things on so many levels. Tonight I thought I would try and articulate a few of these. A DigiTech TeachMeet was held tonight at my school. A bunch of educators keen on educational technology from mainly the western suburbs here in Adelaide gathered to share, enjoying the comfortable surrounds of our resource centre. Two of my colleagues shared about their practice - for the first time in…
  • Virtual EduTech – 2015 Version

    8 Jun 2015 | 5:35 am
    Last year, I compiled a virtual version of EduTech for my staff, hunting videos that were close to the presentations that we saw live. It is over on our staff blog but seeing I've done the hunting and embedding, there may be readers who might like a look as well. 2015 This year, the WGS attendees included Kellie, Julie, Bianca, Vas, Jayne, Mel, Tamsin and Graham. This year we had our own Twitter hashtag #wgsET which helps to collate all of our resources, insights. #wgsET Tweets Here are some links and videos from some of the presenters: Eric Mazur,  Assessment - The Silent Killer of Learning…
  • The EduTech Learning Festival 2015

    8 Jun 2015 | 12:28 am
    This year was the third time that I have been to EduTech. In 2013, I went with Frank, my principal and we noticed that a number of South Australian schools were sending groups of teachers rather than just a couple of members of their leadership team. I must have been in a major blogging slump then because I didn't reflect on any of that conference although Dan Pink was there, so was Gary Stager, Stephen Heppell and Alan November, along with Skype-ins from Sir Ken and Salman Khan. So in 2014, we expanded the group going to include my fellow AP, Anna along with three teachers who represented…
  • Word Of The Night – AntiGroupThink

    7 Jun 2015 | 5:37 pm
    So, last night I decided to get with the times and check in on one of these #hashtagED Twitter chats that few of my online colleagues have been saying are the ultimate in online PD. The one that was being promoted a bit at EduTech was #AussieED and I took note of the 8.30 pm AEST start time, and dutifully watched for 8 pm my time with my trusty iPhone at the ready. I even saw the topic was around this idea of being a teacherpreneur which I thought could be interesting as it threw my mind back to a recent Stephen Downes post in which he wrote: Why do I dislike the idea of teaching…
  • In Defence Of EduTech

    20 May 2015 | 5:27 am
    I am looking forward to EduTech. I am lucky enough to be leading a group of seven of my staff off to Brisbane in under two weeks time. Several have been wanting an opportunity like this for a couple of years now, while others are nervous about participating in such a high profile event early in their teaching career. However, across my network connections, there is a growing trend towards bagging EduTech both as a concept and as an event. I am not saying that some of the criticisms aren't valid or that educators aren't entitled to hold views that are anti-EduTech. It's just that incessant…
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    Special Education Law Blog

  • Achievement Gaps For Special Ed Kids: Report by the National Center For Education Outcomes #achievement gap

    Jim Gerl
    1 Jul 2015 | 3:04 pm
    As most of you would assume, there continues to be an achievement gap between children with IEPs and others. The National Center for Educational Outcomes recently issued a report on the achievement gaps for kids on IEPs as compared to others and for  ELL kids as compared to others. Although there are problems with the way that the data is collected by the various states, the report is an important read.Among the conclusions for the 2012-2013 school year is the following:The achievement gaps between students with and without IEPs in reading and mathematics continue. This report presented…
  • Weekly Question!

    Jim Gerl
    29 Jun 2015 | 6:00 am
    As we run our: an Introduction To Special Education Law, what do you think are the easiest ways for a school district or its staff to get into special ed legal trouble? ------- Thanks for subscribing! Jim Gerl
  • Special Education Law 101 - Part XI #Compensatory Education

    Jim Gerl
    26 Jun 2015 | 12:48 pm
     This is another in our continuing series on the basics of special education law.    If the parents (or adult student) win a due process hearing, the two most common types of relief are compensatory education and reimbursement for a unilateral placement.  Today we will take a hard look at the former remedy.Compensatory EducationReid ex rel Reid v. District of Columbia 401 F.3d 516, 43 IDELR 32 (D.C. Cir. 3/25/05).  The D.C Circuit developed a qualitative standard for awards of compensatory education in order to place disabled students in the…
  • New Weekly Question!

    Jim Gerl
    22 Jun 2015 | 6:00 am
    As we run our: an Introduction To Special Education Law, what do you think are the easiest ways for a school district or its staff to get into special ed legal trouble? ------- Thanks for subscribing! Jim Gerl
  • Special Education Law 101 - Part X #UnilateralPlacement

    Jim Gerl
    19 Jun 2015 | 8:16 am
    This is another installment in our continuing series on the basics of special education law.  Today we enter the mysterious world of unilateral placements.  If the parents (or adult student) win a due process hearing, the two most common types of relief are compensatory education and reimbursement for a unilateral placement.  Today we will take a hard look at the latter remedy.Unilateral PlacementsIn the case of Burlington Sch. Comm. v. Dept. of Educ., et. al. 471 U.S. 359, 105 S.Ct. 1996, 556 IDELR 389 (1985), the Supreme Court was faced with the issue of…
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  • Degree on Their Own Time

    29 Jun 2015 | 6:43 pm
    One women’s college is making sure that all students who want a degree can earn one. Inside Higher Ed
  • Exclusive Interview

    28 Jun 2015 | 7:35 pm
    Dr. Andrew Peterson   Dr. Saba: What attracted you to the field of technology in education? Dr. Peterson: I was working as a psychologist and director of a family and child guidance in Pennsylvania. The clinic was part of the community mental health center in a rural area in the Allegheny mountains. One typical client would be a family with a child who was failing in the public school. The tendency in a medical model was to blame the problem on a physical dysfunction with the label, “dyslexia.” The research literature was very unclear, but it was easy to name and medicate. To me it…
  • Central practitioners’ developing legitimate peripheral participation in a community of practice for changing schools

    28 Jun 2015 | 12:44 pm
    As new technologies continue to shape society, there has been a greater need for communities of practice to facilitate changing teaching and learning practices through technology in schools. Legitimate peripheral participation through these communities of practice has become an essential means to spread and support this technology integration movement, but understanding this participation in communities has been limited. This paper reports on a study of how central practitioners developed legitimate peripheral participation episodes in an inter-organisational, international community of…
  • Social capital from online discussion forums: Differences between online and blended modes of delivery

    28 Jun 2015 | 12:39 pm
    This study explored the concept of social capital in higher education contexts by investigating student discussion forum activity and academic performance. To address these aims online discussion forum logs, student marks and teaching delivery method (blended or fully online) data were extracted from the universities learning management system (LMS). Student social network centrality measures were then calculated from the course discussion activity and correlated against student academic performance for each delivery mode. Drawing on social capital and social network theories the analyses…
  • Can SPOC (Self- Paced Online Course) Live Long and Prosper? A Comparison Study of a New Species of Online Course Delivery

    28 Jun 2015 | 11:54 am
    Numerous formats exist for online course delivery: pure online, blended or hybrid, flipped and web-enhanced. The literature is replete with comparison studies on the efficacy of online, hybrid and traditional format courses. However, the self-paced online course, a relatively new and rare variation, has received very little coverage in the body of research on this topic. This study examines the components of a self-paced online course specifically designed to incorporate web-based pedagogy to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment. It compares student performance in a self-paced…
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  • At OxBow Brewery

    Ted Nellen
    16 Jun 2015 | 6:05 am
    Newcastle Maine.
  • Potvin Sucks

    Ted Nellen
    27 Apr 2015 | 10:10 am
    I think the chant sucks. I’m a lifelong Rangers fan. I began this love affair at the Garden on 50th Street when I was a little boy. I know why the chant was started but don’t understand why we still hear it.  First of all, Potvin doesn’t play any more. How can this chant be encouraging to the current Rangers, when they can only revere a player like Potvin. He was a Captain. He was on a team that won four Stanley Cups in a row. He was a good defensemen. I’m wondering how the chant can serve as inspiration to Rangers players when they are on the ice, especially if they happened to…
  • Inherit the Dead edited by Jonathan Santlofer

    Ted Nellen
    20 Apr 2015 | 5:00 am
    Inherit the Deadedited by Jonathan Santlofer is the introduction of Pericles Alexandros Christo, Perry to everyone but his mom. To know Perry, you must read what twenty mystery authors, that’s right, twenty, two zero, mystery authors have to say about a character they collectively created in one mystery. I do not know all twenty, but I do know some. Each of the authors uses Perry to tell us their philosophy of mystery writing. It was an interesting thread I chose to follow. “Perry let the quiet expand between them. Something he’d learned as a cop: let the suspect fill the uncomfortable…
  • Sites on a bike ride

    Ted Nellen
    14 Apr 2015 | 5:00 am
  • Cries of the Lost by Chris Knopf

    Ted Nellen
    8 Apr 2015 | 5:00 am
    Cries of the Lostby Chris Knopf returns me to Knopf and to Arthur Cathcart, a Renaissance Man who can do anything anytime. I first met Arthur in Dead Anyway. He is a computer geek-genius who lost half his brain to a bullet and is still twice as smart and capable as any body. “I keep putting your life in danger.”“It’s a funny way to impress a girl.”“It’s not on purpose.”“All you have to do is tell me you love me,” she said.“I love you.”“See how much easier that is?”This dialogue establishes the working relationship here on. Arthur Cathcart and Natsumi Fitzgerald…
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    MBA Crystal Ball

  • Why I rejected a full scholarship for Masters and PhD from Princeton University

    MG (Manish Gupta)
    28 Jun 2015 | 6:38 pm
    Some of you may be aware of my background, some not. A quick bio can be found on our MBA consultants profile page. This post is […] The post Why I rejected a full scholarship for Masters and PhD from Princeton University appeared first on MBA Crystal Ball.
  • Order of Operations | PEMDAS, BODMAS

    MBA Crystal Ball
    25 Jun 2015 | 6:19 pm
    Ever wondered about those irritating ‘Solve it if you are a genius‘ or ‘90% will get it wrong‘ puzzles that flood your Facebook and LinkedIn pages? […] The post Order of Operations | PEMDAS, BODMAS appeared first on MBA Crystal Ball.
  • MBA application fee waiver from top business schools

    Sameer Kamat
    24 Jun 2015 | 6:56 pm
    Who doesn’t like to save some money? More so when you are applying to the best bschools and are aware that there’s a huge avalanche of […] The post MBA application fee waiver from top business schools appeared first on MBA Crystal Ball.
  • GMAT Math Formulas List | Cheat Sheet

    Sameer Kamat
    21 Jun 2015 | 6:16 pm
    You can crack the scary looking GMAT Math section with a help of some friendly little companions. Little – because many of them will take you […] The post GMAT Math Formulas List | Cheat Sheet appeared first on MBA Crystal Ball.
  • Average GRE scores for top MBA programs at business schools

    Sameer Kamat
    18 Jun 2015 | 6:40 pm
    Q. What’s a good GRE score for MBA? A. Any score that can get you into your dream school is a great score. Q. Hah! Spoken […] The post Average GRE scores for top MBA programs at business schools appeared first on MBA Crystal Ball.
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    Science teacher

  • Teaching in June

    14 Jun 2015 | 7:49 am
    From a June half a decade ago.She wrote, simply, "hi mike."I assumed I was the Michael she meant, but it does not matter, berries are for all of us, so I am using the photo. The hand belongs to Jessica Pierce, the berries to whichever mouth gets them first.***Along my walk to school are several cherry trees--the cherries are ripe now. I get to school with a tongue stained purple.I found two blueberry bushes three blocks away yesterday. The mulberry trees are about to give up ripe fruit in the next week or two. It's a great time to be a mammal (or a bird).The cherries are small and dark, full…
  • Technically we've lost our minds

    8 Jun 2015 | 7:08 pm
    These will be part of the state-mandated curriculum starting September here in New Jersey. 8.1.2.A.5 Enter information into a spreadsheet and sort the information. 8.1.2.A.6 Identify the structure and components of a database. 8.1.2.A.7 Enter information into a database or spreadsheet and filter the information. For children in 2nd grade--children 7 to 8 years old. Oh, it's doable, and even maybe a little cute, watching the young'uns enter data like their mommies and daddies working at their desks under the fluorescent hum of lights making enough money to pay the bills. But it's not something…
  • Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    6 Jun 2015 | 11:33 am
    Amidst the chaos and the entropy, sunlight streams in and helps us put things back together.We're pretty good at this as populations, much better than as individuals, all of whom share the same fate. Life goes on, but we do not.The sparrows and the squirrels do their squirrel and sparrow business just as they did when I watched them so any decades ago, but they are not the same sparrows, not the same squirrels.If I teach a child about squirrels, should she be interested in them, and I fill her up with all kinds of squirrel trivia, she knows some facts about a common rodent, but she has not…
  • Death of the drones

    3 Jun 2015 | 6:35 pm
    (This one's for me.)Leslie and I are proud (but very temporary) guardians of a young honey bee hive. It sits in a cardboard box in our backyard. The last couple of days were dreary, but June finally awoke today. So did the bees. I sat a few feet away watching honey bees go, honey bees come, the colony streaming with life.It's easy to romanticize life in the June sun. But then I saw something I had never seen before.Drone in flight (photo by Waugsberg CC BY-SA 3.0) At first I saw just the one--an extraordinarily large honeybee with anime eyes, pulling itself up a clover flower, then…
  • May you find peas

    30 May 2015 | 7:51 am
    "For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life." William BlakeHandful of grace, picked this morning....About 10 weeks ago I poked a finger into the ground a few dozen times, dropped a pea (and an occasional stray buddy) into each hole, smoothed over the dirt, then let them be, hoping (but not truly believing) today's harvest would come.Today soft leaves stroked the same finger as it reached in through the mess of pea vines to pick a good part of tonight's dinner, just over two months past my Saint Paddy's Day planting.Despite my six decades breathing, eating, and drinking the…
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    Teacher Lingo

  • 2416. A Worksheet

    Fernando Díez Gallego
    2 Jul 2015 | 3:20 am
    Following is a placement test we’re going to apply at the English language camp, near Marbella, at Costa del Sol, south of Spain, in order to find out the students' level of English. Of course you can use it as you like. I hope there won’t be many bugs,...(read more)
  • Wild About The Alphabet Giveaway!

    Fern Smith
    2 Jul 2015 | 3:00 am
    Wild About The Alphabet Activity Packet My friend Diane has opened her new TPT Store and she's been busy, busy, busy filling it with all sorts of new resources for your classroom! An InLinkz Link-up To celebrate we're giving away TWO of her newest resource,...(read more)
  • Safe Student-tested Tools to Use in Your Class

    EdTech Guy
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:32 pm
    July 1, 2015 Looking for some good resources for students? Here are some notable picks from teachers. All are safe, student-tested, and easy to use. Seesaw A student-driven digital portfolio that... more Read More......(read more)
  • Two Powerful Timeline Creation Apps for Android Users

    EdTech Guy
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:21 pm
    July 1, 2015 Timelines are a great way to teach students about relevant topics in discrete bits. While they are mainly used in History and Social Studies classes, anyone can easily create a content... more Read More......(read more)
  • 7 iPad Accessories Every Teacher Should Know about

    EdTech Guy
    1 Jul 2015 | 5:05 pm
    July 1, 2015 iPad is becoming a ubiquitous device in today’s classrooms. More and more teachers are using them in their everyday instruction. From helping students with their math problems to... more Read More......(read more)
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    The Core Knowledge Blog

  • Tapas-Style Curriculum

    Lisa Hansel
    29 Jun 2015 | 6:34 am
    Education Week noted recently that there’s an increasing demand for bites of curriculum, as opposed to coherent programs: Instead of selecting one comprehensive program, “districts are asking to … mix and match with selections from other content providers, material that teachers and students have created, and open educational resources.” That’s awesome—and a disaster. It’s awesome […]
  • DC: Embarking on a Knowledge Revolution

    Lisa Hansel
    25 Jun 2015 | 6:59 am
    Over the past few years, an increasing number of DC schools have been revamping their curricula to teach dramatically more knowledge. Frustrated by low reading scores and nudged by the Common Core standards’ explicit call for building knowledge across subjects, they’re now convinced that broad knowledge—not hour after hour of practicing comprehension strategies—is the key […]
  • Districts Could Do More for the Most Vulnerable Students

    Lisa Hansel
    23 Jun 2015 | 6:35 am
    In my last post I highlighted two districts that are equalizing opportunity to learn and increasing teacher collaboration through districtwide curriculum and assessments. Across schools, the same knowledge and skills are being taught, and the same expectations are being met. Imagine what it would be like to have to transfer schools mid-year in one of […]
  • Collaborating on Curriculum and Assessment: Two Districts Lead the Way

    Lisa Hansel
    18 Jun 2015 | 1:24 pm
    “Educators and policymakers must avoid the trap of limiting their discussions to questions which the existing data can readily answer, a practice reminiscent of the old joke about looking for lost car keys under the streetlight because that is where the searcher can see, not where the keys were lost.” Chrys Dougherty, a principal research […]
  • Knowledge Equalizer: Jeff Litt

    Lisa Hansel
    15 Jun 2015 | 7:18 am
    In my last post, I called for knowledge equality. My hope is all educators and concerned citizens—and policymakers with counter-productive, curriculum-narrowing mandates—will see that broad, shared knowledge is essential to equality of opportunity. Today I have the great pleasure of highlighting an educator who truly is a knowledge equalizer: Jeff Litt. Litt spent over 30 […]
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    Clear Admit Blog

  • Top #MBA Tweets of the Week: Love Wins

    2 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    Welcome to this week’s Top #MBA Tweets of the Week, our […] The post Top #MBA Tweets of the Week: Love Wins appeared first on Clear Admit Blog.
  • Stanford MBA Recommendation Questions 2015-2016

    1 Jul 2015 | 3:28 pm
    The Stanford GSB online application for 2016 is live, w […] The post Stanford MBA Recommendation Questions 2015-2016 appeared first on Clear Admit Blog.
  • NYU Stern Ranked Number One in Support of LGBTQ MBA Students

    1 Jul 2015 | 3:22 pm
    Last week’s momentous Supreme Court ruling on marriage […] The post NYU Stern Ranked Number One in Support of LGBTQ MBA Students appeared first on Clear Admit Blog.
  • IESE Deadlines 2015-2016

    1 Jul 2015 | 6:31 am
    The 2015-2016 IESE MBA deadlines have been released for […] The post IESE Deadlines 2015-2016 appeared first on Clear Admit Blog.
  • How Will You Spend July 4th?

    1 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    This coming Saturday is a national holiday in the U.S., […] The post How Will You Spend July 4th? appeared first on Clear Admit Blog.
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    Teaching College English

  • Vocab: Armamentarium

    Dr Davis
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:36 am
    Even English professors keep learning new vocabulary. Saw this on Twitter: Here’s the definition:
  • Metaphors

    Dr Davis
    30 Jun 2015 | 10:24 am
    Metaphors are not just for literature anymore. The Guardian has an article on the Glasgow University research work on 13 centuries of metaphors. The map is cool, though the description is limited. However, you can read the @MappingMetaphor blog and find details. The newest post on fear is interesting. Indonesian Metaphorical Conceptualizations of Anger: Does Anger Taste Delicious or Disgusting? By Tessa Yuditha Indonesian also has its own metaphorical expressions. Some of conventional Indonesian metaphors include Dia menjadi kambing hitam dalam kasus itu ‘He became the scapegoat in that…
  • Judging Poetry and Prose

    Dr Davis
    19 Jun 2015 | 2:20 pm
    This year I’ve been a judge in four different contests for both poetry and prose. The experiences have given me a new appreciation for the work that judges do. Every year Sigma Tau Delta, the English International Honor Society, chapter here has done a poetry or short story contest. I’ve asked members of the local Writer’s Guild to judge it, as well as creative writing professors at my university. I didn’t realize how much I was asking those guild folks to do with the first poetry contest. I think they had to read 60 poems each. I have revised how I will do that next…
  • Reflections on My Bright Abyss by Christian Wiman

    Dr Davis
    4 Jun 2015 | 6:42 pm
    Note: The book My Bright Abyss is by Christian Wiman. This was a session with a host, four speakers, and Christian Wiman as the respondent. Matt Byers teaches creative writing at Lubbock Christian University Nancy Durham is a senior VP at Lipscomb University and a psych prof. Susan Pigham teaches at Hardin-Simmons University in the theology school Jeremy Elliott teaches at Abilene Christian University Darryl Tippens (host) is administration and the Distinguished Scholar of Faith and Learning at Abilene Christian University Preliminary reflections: Christian Wiman said of art that “if…
  • Plenary Address: Christian Wiman

    Dr Davis
    4 Jun 2015 | 5:58 pm
    teaches at Yale Divinity School–has taught at Stamford and Northwestern Began his speech with a poem by A. R. Ammons, “The City Limits.” Encouraged everyone to memorize poems. will discuss art and faith Herschel said faith = faithfulness to when we experienced faith Most poets and artists do not distinguish between human and divine inspiration. Kafka said that writing is a “sweet and wonderful reward… for serving the devil.” Great paradox of art for the artist is that the most experiential art can require the most detachment from the artist. You have to…
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    EurekAlert! - Education

  • People with epilepsy can benefit from smartphone apps to manage their condition

    30 Jun 2015 | 9:00 pm
    (Elsevier) While many people with epilepsy can control their seizures with medication, those unpredictable and involuntary changes in behavior and consciousness can be limiting for others. Neurologists writing in the International Journal of Epilepsy evaluated the application of smartphones in epilepsy care.
  • Charcoaling manure and greening neighborhoods in the Chesapeake Bay watershed

    30 Jun 2015 | 9:00 pm
    (Ecological Society of America) Chesapeake Bay bears a heavy pollution burden from the growing metropolitan centers and vibrant agricultural activity in the watershed. When ecologists gather in Baltimore, Md., this August for the 100th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, special attention will fall on the local Chesapeake Bay watershed, with field trips and research presentations exploring its rich wildlife and social history.
  • Simple classroom measures may reduce the impact of ADHD

    30 Jun 2015 | 9:00 pm
    (University of Exeter) A systematic review has concluded that non-drug interventions in schools may be effective in improving outcomes such as performance in standardized tests for children with ADHD. However, the research also found so many different types of strategies, often combined in different ways and so many different ways of measuring whether they worked, that it was that it was impossible to clearly identify what works best.
  • Helping students stick with MOOCs

    30 Jun 2015 | 9:00 pm
    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) At the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, MIT researchers showed that a dropout-prediction model trained on data from one offering of a course can help predict which students will stop out of the next offering.
  • 70 percent of college students stressed about finances

    30 Jun 2015 | 9:00 pm
    (Ohio State University) Seven out of 10 college students feel stressed about their personal finances, according to a new national survey.Nearly 60 percent said they worry about having enough money to pay for school, while half are concerned about paying their monthly expenses.
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    Kate Foy

  • Stirring

    Kate Foy
    6 Jun 2015 | 3:20 pm
    About time I got back to some writing here … have started to miss it lately … tidying, editing, and archving happening
  • Flying Solo

    Kate Foy
    6 Jun 2015 | 12:20 am
    One of the more satisfying creative projects I devised when training actors was an extended exercise which I called Flying Solo. This was designed to give student actors the opportunity to devise, author and perform a one-person showcase for their talents. The experience of creating a piece of theatre from the ground up has a few advantages for those learning how to make their way as a professional performer: they learn how to devise their own material, they work on an extended creative project … this one covered about 8 months across two semesters of work … enabling sustained…
  • Alone again … naturally

    Kate Foy
    24 Jan 2015 | 11:41 am
    Just realised … it’s the first time in a month I’ve been on my own. Feeling just a little discombobulated. Travel can do that to you.
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    doug --- off the record

  • Becoming A Better Writer

    2 Jul 2015 | 2:00 am
    You know, I always thought that I was a fairly good writer.  After all, I have Sheila and Lisa to correct the mistakes that slip through my writing cracks. But, in all of us, there’s room for improvement. In my quest for summer improvement, I installed the ProWritingAid into my instance of Google Docs.  It comes with a basic collection of tools for free and then premium features if you want to go that extra step.   Those of you who have been interviewed here on the blog know that it’s done through a collaborative document in Google Drive.  All of them, except for my Microsoft…
  • OTR Links 07/02/2015

    1 Jul 2015 | 10:30 pm
    How Canada is perceived around the world – Canada – CBC News How Canada is perceived around the world – Canada – CBC News — Doug Peterson (dougpete) July 1, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter The best of ontario-educators2 daily is out! The best of ontario-educators2 daily is out! is out! Stories via @MarkZochowski @DurhamDSB @ZeliaMCT — Doug Peterson (dougpete) July 1, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter The Doug Peterson Community News The Doug Peterson Community News is out! — Doug Peterson…
  • Happy Canada Day

    1 Jul 2015 | 2:00 am
    This never gets old.  On this day, check out your knowledge of Canadian Trivia with this quiz from the Toronto Star.  Even if you don’t get them all (confession, I need to do some more history reading), there’s some humour built into some of the responses. I found the Jeopardy questions posted on the Huffington Post considerably more in my strike zone.  I got them all. How about a little trivia of your own?  I remember this stumper from Jeopardy – “How many US States are south of Canada?”  The one stumper that I amuse my US friends with all the time is that…
  • OTR Links 07/01/2015

    30 Jun 2015 | 10:30 pm
    Three R’s that universities care about | The Ed Techie Three R’s that universities care about via @Firefox — Doug Peterson (dougpete) June 30, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter HuffPost Canada on Twitter: “This is one “Jeopardy!” question Americans just couldn’t nail. Can you?″ This is one “Jeopardy!” question Americans just couldn’t nail. Can you? — HuffPost Canada (@HuffPostCanada) June 30, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter RT…
  • Do I Need More Music?

    30 Jun 2015 | 2:00 am
    The post call to action is given up front.  Your job – convince me that I need to get Apple Music. I grew up with cars that had AM radio.  There were a couple of standard radio stations – CKLW The Big 8 in Windsor and CFTR in Toronto.  Between the two of them, they gave us the all the music we needed.  (over and over and over … the play list wasn’t terribly long with a Top 40s format!) It was at university that I first experienced the joys of FM radio.  The concept of no-static just blew me away.  With the appropriate radio, you could get a number of great…
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    Veritas Prep Blog

  • SAT Tip of the Week: 4 Ways to Rock that Reading Passage

    1 Jul 2015 | 11:39 am
    The Reading Passage is difficult for two reasons: the passages are often complex and you aren’t given much time to read and answer all of the questions. As I tell my students, one of the most effective ways to deal with this conflict between absorbing the main ideas in the passage and finishing the questions in the allotted time is reading strategically. Reading strategically involves reading parts of the passage that contain the author’s main ideas, such as the introductory paragraphs, and reading parts of the passage that are specifically cited by the questions, all while…
  • Updates to The Common Application For The 2015-2016 School Year

    30 Jun 2015 | 7:01 pm
    As a high school student, you may have heard about this thing called the “Common Application.” The Common Application is just that; it’s a single undergraduate college application that you can use to apply to over 550 colleges (if you should so choose, however we don’t recommend that you apply to that many!). The Common Application was created over 40 years ago as a tool for students to access college applications. In the 2014-2015 application season, over 857,000 different students from over 26,000 high schools submitted more than 3.7 million applications to the 500+ member colleges.
  • 99th Percentile GMAT Score or Bust! Lesson 5: Procrastinate to Calculate

    Veritas Prep
    30 Jun 2015 | 9:09 am
    Veritas Prep’s Ravi Sreerama is the #1-ranked GMAT instructor in the world (by GMATClub) and a fixture in the new Veritas Prep Live Online format as well as in Los Angeles-area classrooms.  He’s beloved by his students for the philosophy “99th percentile or bust!”, a signal that all students can score in the elusive 99th percentile with the proper techniques and preparation.   In this “9 for 99th” video series, Ravi shares some of his favorite strategies to efficiently conquer the GMAT and enter that 99th percentile. First, take a look at Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, and…
  • Why a Top 10 MBA Program Might Not Be Your Best Match

    Veritas Prep
    29 Jun 2015 | 3:33 pm
    “I want to go to HBS…” I want to go to Stanford…” “I want to go to Wharton…” These are the cries of MBA candidates around the world when contemplating what business schools they want to attend. But these venerable institutions and others like them can’t possibly accept all interested students for a variety of reasons that include space, qualifications, and fit. Every year many students are forced to reevaluate their target school list. Applicants should approach the school selection process with an open mind and use this as the basis to conduct research on the programs that…
  • When to Make Assumptions on GMAT Problem Solving Questions

    29 Jun 2015 | 11:26 am
    Today we will discuss the flip side of “do not assume anything in Data Sufficiency” i.e. we will discuss “go ahead and assume in Problem Solving!” Problem solving questions have five definite options, that is, “cannot be determined” and “data not sufficient” are not given as options. So this means that in all cases, data is sufficient for us to answer the question. So as long as the data we assume conforms to all the data given in the question, we are free to assume and make the problem simpler for ourselves. The concept is not new – you have been already doing it all…
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    Certification Map

  • End of the Year Celebrations: 6 Ideas For You and Your Students

    Certification Map
    17 Jun 2015 | 12:57 pm
    As the end of the year rapidly approaches, it’s party time for students–and teachers–everywhere. The end of the year can be a both exciting and stressful time, and what better way to celebrate the achievements of your students and destress a bit than with a celebration. While it’s easy enough to say, “We’re having a party,” it’s far more difficult to come up with ideas for a memorable shindig. Here are a few that can help you get the ball rolling for a celebration of your own. As students have learned so much throughout the year in whichever course of study you may be…
  • Why You Should Incorporate Movement Into Your Classroom

    Cathryn Vandewater
    27 Apr 2015 | 9:20 am
    Getting students to sit still during class time can be a tall order. But what if having them move around could actually serve your lesson plans better? That’s the theory behind movement-based education. Active lessons, like the “planet dances” Anne Green Gilbert writes about for Johns Hopkins, or experimental activities like the butter churning activity Aleta Margolis describes in The Washington Post, aren’t just a break from sitting still — they can be powerful tools to help students gain a deeper understanding about a topic and retain more information. Just as music makes it easy…
  • 6 Ways to Get Your Classroom’s Attention

    Cathy Vandewater
    6 Apr 2015 | 2:09 pm
    Few things can feel as defeating as not being able to get your students’ attention, especially for a new teacher. It should be easy, right? But give your class an absorbing or exciting project, and even the most vocally gifted teacher can struggling to recapture a full their attention when it’s time to shift gears. Luckily, classroom management is often less about volume and more a matter of technique; choosing the right approach can easily get your students to sit up, quiet down, and give you their full attention as quickly as possible. The result: less stress, more class time, and…
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    Boarding School Blog

  • 2015 World Cup Soccer: Prep School Alumnae on the US Women’s National Team

    Marisa Peacock
    22 Jun 2015 | 9:36 am
    The Women’s World Cup is in full swing and we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize the notable alumnae from the US Women’s National Soccer Team. Go Team USA!!!       Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women Forward, Abby Wambach, attended Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women, a private all-girls Catholic school in Rochester, NY.         Santa Margarita Catholic High School Forward, Amy Rodriguez attended Santa Margarita Catholic High School, a coeducational college preparatory Roman Catholic high school in Santa Margarita, CA.
  • WWE Star John Cena Gives a Knockout Graduation Speech

    Brian Fisher
    30 May 2015 | 8:17 am
    I bet you didn’t know that John Cena is a boarding school alumnus…some of you might not even know who John Cena is. (I’ll let you Google him.) Suffice to say, he’s a Cushing Academy alumnus, accomplished star and, by my book, great philanthropist via his Make-A-Wish Foundation work. I recommend John’s commencement address. Why? Because twenty years after his graduation, in a roughly ten-minute talk that’s warm, personal (and very nicely directed to the graduating class), he touches on the great, lasting lessons of boarding school. I’ll forgive his admission, “Twenty…
  • A Satirical Lens on the Never Ending Train of Standardized Testing

    Brian Fisher
    26 May 2015 | 10:15 am
      The never ending train of standardized tests that has become the norm in public schools — versus real learning and personal growth —has become a topic that I’ve latched onto, and been hammering away at, for few months now. After reading Ben Carey’s “Real Learning,” Frances Jensen’s “The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults,” and The Big Problem With the New SAT, I’m just about convinced that the future of boarding schools lay in understanding how kids’ brains develop,…
  • Personal Interactions with Families: Still the Most Effective Marketing Tools

    Brian Fisher
    14 May 2015 | 4:32 am
    This one makes me say wow. The six most effective private school tools – identified by families – are personal; they could have come from decades ago. Over the weekend, I went back through SSATB’s report The Ride to Independent Schools: 2,300 Families Tell Us About Their Journey looking at some things that struck me on first reading and seeing if they still made me think. The top four all come directly from campus and the top three occur during a families interview and tour and the top six are all personal interactions. The school’s website ranks seventh in marketing…
  • Peter Gow Thinks About Education Reform

    Brian Fisher
    13 May 2015 | 4:25 am
    I’ve been mulling and chewing on Peter Gow’s post from back in January 11 Things That I Wish “21st-Century Education” Evangelists Weren’t Doing So Much Of because I think it effectively and quickly, makes readers think – especially independent school folks – about much of the education noise and language that we hear bandied about daily. If you were to believe the educational noise, the sky is falling; all schools are poor; the current teachers and educators of the world are poor at their work, ineffective, and the whole K-12 process in America needs to be torn down and…
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    Free Education Magazines and Downloads from

  • The Essentials of Education Technology Summer 2015 Exclusive Kit

    28 Jun 2015 | 9:20 pm
    The Essentials of Education Technology – Summer 2015 Exclusive Kit, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Education Technology related decisions.The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your Education Technology research:3 Greatest Challenges for Data Management in EducationIT Admins in the Edu Space: FERPA Compliance for Google Drive & GmailTen Reasons to Choose Centerprise Over SSISEmpower Your Workforce with Adaptable, Customizable, WorkstationsRequest Free!
  • How to Grow Your K12 School District's Community with Better Communication Tools

    8 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    From email to social media, event registration and online surveys, there are a number of online tools you can use to grow your school's community and improve communication throughout your district. Find out how these tools can be used for your district, and learn simple strategies for using these tools to your advantage.Request Free!
  • 5 Steps to Improve Your K12 School District's Communication Headaches

    8 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    How would you grade your school district on its ability to communicate effectively? If you're still relying on “old school” methods of communication, there's a good chance you have some room for improvement. From finding a reliable way to keep parents and your community informed, to creating a system that keeps things running smoothly throughout your different schools and departments — there's a lot you need to consider. Luckily, there are steps you can take to improve communication.Find out how to:Keep up and go digital with online communication toolsDevelop a plan to manage the online…
  • How to Manage Communications Effectively within Your K12 School District

    8 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    With 9 schools and 6,200 students in the district, communicating with the Lakeland community was no small task. The district was able to reach more parents with Constant Contact's partner program. Read this case study and find out how!Request Free!
  • UTM Buyers Guide

    7 Jan 2015 | 2:20 pm
    Follow this guide to know how to choose the right network protection:Understand what a modern UTM can do for you Compare product features, and know what you need to keep your network secure Ask the right questions to vendors as you consider your options It's easy to make the right choice when you have the best information. Get your copy of the 2012 UTM Buyers Guide today.Request Free!
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    Smart Classroom Management

  • The Worst Mistake A Teacher Can Make

    Michael Linsin
    27 Jun 2015 | 8:25 am
    The parents don’t care. You work in a tough neighborhood. You get no support from administration. Your students have no accountability at home. You have Chase or Karla or Anthony in your class this year. You had a sub yesterday. Your class size is too big. Your room is too small. You have too many […] Smart Classroom Management - Copyright 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved
  • Are You Focusing On The Wrong Students?

    Michael Linsin
    20 Jun 2015 | 8:38 am
    Ask a struggling teacher how their class is going and they’ll inevitably bring up one or two students who take up much of their time. They’ll lament the disruptions and the battles. They’ll tell horror stories of incidents past. They’ll share how they’ve tried everything under the sun and yet nothing works. Undoubtedly, if you […] Smart Classroom Management - Copyright 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved
  • Do You Need “Proof” To Hold Students Accountable?

    Michael Linsin
    13 Jun 2015 | 8:08 am
    It’s not often I’m surprised by an email. But a couple years ago I received one from a teacher who wouldn’t hold students accountable unless he had what he described as “proof.” Unless he had witnesses to back him up, or an outright admission from the offender, then he felt he had to let the […] Smart Classroom Management - Copyright 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved
  • A Trendy Classroom Management Strategy You Should Never Use

    Michael Linsin
    6 Jun 2015 | 8:42 am
    There is a lot of bad classroom management information out there. Now more than ever. Not a month goes by that we don’t hear of another irresponsible method being promoted. We hope to list our top ten worst strategies in a future article, but today we’d like to cover one in particular that is gaining […] Smart Classroom Management - Copyright 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved
  • Are You Blaming Difficult Students For Poor Classroom Management?

    Michael Linsin
    30 May 2015 | 8:18 am
    When I began this blog more than six years ago, I made a commitment to telling the whole truth about classroom management. The good and bad. The harmful and transformational. What really works and what doesn’t. Along the way we’ve dispelled myths, exposed misconceptions, and perhaps even ruffled some feathers. We continue to pursue this […] Smart Classroom Management - Copyright 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved
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    Imagination Soup

  • Happy Birthday, Cupcake! Review and Activities

    Melissa Taylor
    1 Jul 2015 | 9:53 am
    Happy Birthday, Cupcake! Review and Activities The latest picture book from Terry Border, creator of the photography site Bent Objects is HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CUPCAKE! and it’s a mouth-watering adventure using everyday-object photography. (Also, don’t miss his previous book, Peanut Butter & Cupcake!) Never Before Seen Photograph from Happy Birthday, Cupcake! Cupcake wants to celebrate her birthday with all her friends but she worries that her party ideas […] The post Happy Birthday, Cupcake! Review and Activities appeared first on Imagination Soup.
  • Positive Affirmations for Kids

    Melissa Taylor
    30 Jun 2015 | 10:58 am
    Let’s build on mindfulness by showing kids how positive affirmations can help improve their lives. First, help your kids be aware (mindful) of their self-talk. I didn’t figure this out for myself until my thirties (in therapy) so I want my kids to start with this as a core foundation. I shared previously that we’ve started […] The post Positive Affirmations for Kids appeared first on Imagination Soup.
  • Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

    Melissa Taylor
    29 Jun 2015 | 2:29 pm
    I believe in the power of mindfulness and that’s why I’m teaching mindfulness to my kids. What Is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is being aware of what’s going on in the present moment. For kids, it helps focus attention, improve self-regulation (impulsivity and decision making,) build resiliency to stress and develop a positive mindset. “With mindfulness, we can preserve […] The post Teaching Mindfulness to Kids appeared first on Imagination Soup.
  • UMIGO Free Math Website

    Melissa Taylor
    25 Jun 2015 | 8:11 am
    UMiGO, short for “You Make It Go,” is a free math website for first and second graders, kids ages 6 and 7. It’s an inventive combination of video stories with games embedded within the narrative. UMiGO calls this “appisodes.” The website provides lessons and practice in problem solving and early math skills such as: measurement, addition, […] The post UMIGO Free Math Website appeared first on Imagination Soup.
  • Wild Picture Books Summer 2015

    Melissa Taylor
    24 Jun 2015 | 11:33 am
    So many new picture books, so little time . . . Here are the newly published books I’m recommending this summer, 2015. P.S. These aren’t just for your littlest readers, they’re great for older readers as well. Remember how much your kids enjoy reading with you. They need to hear the vocabulary, see the illustrations, visualize the […] The post Wild Picture Books Summer 2015 appeared first on Imagination Soup.
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    Clif Mims | Education and Technology

  • Boogie Boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL

    Clif Mims
    18 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Google Photos generated this highlight video showcasing some of our family’s experiences during Spring Break 2015. We wrapped-up the trip by spending two days boogie boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL. There was a huge storm headed inland on the first day, so the waves were huge. I highly recommend using Google Photos. It makes taking, storing, editing, and sharing videos a cinch. You can use Google Photos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Related PostsSnorkeling in the Florida Keys Class Activity: Take a Virtual Trip through Google’s Servers School-Wide Implementation of…
  • Talking with Children’s Author S.A. Bodeen

    Clif Mims
    14 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Talking Ed. with S.A. Boodeen Episode 006 (View entire series) “S.A. Bodeen is the author of the acclaimed [young adult] novels The Compound, The Gardener, The Raft, and The Fallout. She is also the author of the Shipwreck Island series for middle grade readers” and she has books scheduled for publication in the next few months. “Raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania, an experience which inspired her to write Elizabeti’s Doll, her first award-winning picture book” (Source). I enjoyed visiting with Stephanie (She said…
  • Teaching What Really Matters

    Clif Mims
    12 Jun 2015 | 11:10 am
    Related PostsBill Cosby Addresses Graduates Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0
  • Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

    Clif Mims
    11 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Google Photos generated this highlight video showcasing some of our family’s experiences during Spring Break 2015. We spent a week in the Florida Keys enjoying snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing, parasailing, sea kayaking, sunsets, and lots of smiles. I highly recommend using Google Photos. It makes taking, storing, editing, and sharing videos a cinch. You can use Google Photos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Related PostsBoogie Boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL Class Activity: Take a Virtual Trip through Google’s Servers Blubbr: Play & Create Video Trivia ESPN Video:…
  • Making Thinking Visible: An Introducton

    Clif Mims
    10 Jun 2015 | 7:30 am
    Harvard’s Project Zero: Part 3 “Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach to integrating the development of students’ thinking with content learning across subject matters. An extensive and adaptable collection of practices, Visible Thinking has a double goal: on the one hand, to cultivate students’ thinking skills and dispositions, and, on the other, to deepen content learning. By thinking dispositions, we mean curiosity, concern for truth and understanding, a creative mindset, not just being skilled but also alert to thinking and learning…
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  • get kids to play outside: 4 tips for summertime playground fun

    amy mascott
    30 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
      Sometimes, getting kids to play outside is no easy feat, especially in the summer. Because here in the DC Metro area, it’s hot. It’s hot. Hot. It’s muggy. It’s oppressive. When the sun’s beating down, the heat’s suffocating, and the last thing my kids want to do is go and play outside. But last week, two friends and I got our big kids and little kids outside, playing, and having fun. Old-school style. Free-bird, playing outdoors in the summertime. We had some serious playground fun thanks to our friends at Clif Kids, and you can too. Get your kids to…
  • fun summertime learning for kids: tabletop surprises

    amy mascott
    27 Jun 2015 | 3:00 am
    Week two of tabletop surprises is in the books, and it was a blast! Because my crew was busy fighting off some pretty awful summertime colds, we did a bit of re-arranging with our tabletop surprises calendar this week. But you know what? That’s the awesome thing about it: you can do what you want. When you want. And the freebie 10 week resource guide includes a whole bunch of awesome extra ideas to use if one day doesn’t work for you.  This week, we drew, built, wrote, and more. Here’s the skinny. . . Fun Summertime Learning for Kids–Tabletop Surprises: Monday:…
  • matchstick math: patterns, puzzles and critical thinking

    amy mascott
    25 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
        The matchstick math activity we did last week for tabletop surprises was a real hit. I had an inkling that the activity would be a favorite of Owen’s but really all of the kids were into it. And when we didn’t bump the table, making the matchsticks fall all out of place and go everywhere, it was all good. It was super-simple, and I thank the good folks who write Matchstick Puzzles blog for their ideas. Here’s the skinny. . . Matchstick Math:  Really, I had heard about matchstick math years and years ago but never really tried it with my kids. And the idea is…
  • kids make their own commercials: creative, techy fun

    amy mascott
    23 Jun 2015 | 3:00 am
      As part of our tabletop surprises last week, my kids became movie-makers. Though it really didn’t start out that way at all. The little tabletop surprise note challenged them to create commercials for a product. That was it. But what they did with it was a whole other ballgame. It was a good reminder for me that kids really, truly need free time to explore and play on their own, no matter the platform. I didn’t step-by-step teach them how to use these movie-making platforms; rather, I gave them the tools and let them figure it out. Seriously. And really, the tools they used…
  • 10 cool ways to read the Percy Jackson series

    amy mascott
    22 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
        Friends! I’m always so thrilled to share with you fun literacy-related events and celebrations, and this summer, we’ve got a big one: it’s the 10th Anniversary of the publication of The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan. WOOT! And, as part of the team of bloggers who will be celebrating all summer long the awesome that is Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I’ll be writing a bit each month about why this series rocks and why you—and your kids!—should get on board. I’m also giving away an entire boxed set of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. For real. And…
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    Pearson's Critical Thinking Blog

  • The Status of Critical Thinking in the Workplace

    Breanne Harris
    25 Jun 2015 | 7:46 am
    If you read enough blog posts or journal articles in the talent management industry, you may have the overwhelming feeling that the sky is falling. Post after post details the impending leadership crisis, the unruliness and lack of loyalty among Millenials, and that’s before we even cross into issues like declining employee engagement and digital disruptions. And yet, in many ways, the sky is actually falling. // Study after study has confirmed that the skills gap is real, and the sky is falling for both the current leadership pipeline within organizations…
  • May 26th Webcast: Beyond Critical Thinking- Making Smart Decisions in a VUCA World

    Breanne Harris
    22 May 2015 | 6:47 am
    Register now for our next webcast: Beyond Critical Thinking- Making Smart Decisions in a VUCA World The latest business surveys  show that critical thinking now ranks as the most desired leadership attribute for businesses (see the EDA Trends in Executive Development Report). While critical thinking works well for complicated environments where answers can be found by concertedly applying good processes, additional skills are needed to survive under volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) conditions. For VUCA environments, where causes and effects are unclear and creative…
  • Selling the Critical Thinking Way

    26 Mar 2015 | 9:13 am
    A successful sales representative is someone who leverages critical thinking in every aspect of the sales cycle in order to win business.  Here are some tips on how to leverage components of the RED model of critical thinking to help you to improve your critical thinking skills and improve your sales.   Qualify the leads: The first step in effective sales is to identify the prospective clients that you want to pursue. Identify your assumptions about the leads that you call (and those you don’t call). Have you ever decided to not call a prospect because you heard that they were struggling…
  • Cutting off the Ends of the Ham

    Breanne Harris
    23 Jan 2015 | 6:42 am
    A young girl was watching her mother bake a ham for a family gathering and noticed her mom cutting off the ends before placing it in the oven. “Mom, why do you cut the ends off before baking the ham?” she asked. “Hmmm…I think it helps soak up the juices while it’s baking.  I’m actually not sure, though. That’s just the way your grandma always did it, so I’ve just always cut them off. Why don’t you call grandma and ask her?” So, the little girl phoned her grandma and asked “Grandma, mom is making a ham and cut off the ends…
  • The Critical Thinking Buddy System

    Breanne Harris
    20 Jan 2015 | 7:32 am
    Do you remember the Buddy System in grade school?  When you went  on field trips, you were likely assigned someone to be your “buddy” for the duration of the trip.  You were accountable to one another to ensure you both arrived safely to your destination.  The buddy system is also frequently used in combat scenarios and risky adventures for hikers or climbers.  The two buddies act as one in order to protect and complement one another for a successful outcome.  One key benefit of having a buddy in these kinds of scenarios is you have two people with unique perspectives…
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    Socrato Learning Analytics

  • It’s Time to Sign Up for Fall SAT and ACT Test Dates

    26 Jun 2015 | 12:13 pm
    High school students who will be seniors in 2015-16, and who are planning to apply to colleges this fall, should register this summer for the first round of SAT or ACT testing, which begins in the fall. Students can sign up for this round of tests if they haven’t taken the exam(s) yet, or if they want to try again to improve their score. In the case of Class of 2016 seniors who have yet to take a college entrance exam, signing up for a test in the fall is important for timely college admissions applications. The first ACT test date is September 12, with registration due by August 7 (or by…
  • Can Tablet Initiatives Improve Education?

    25 Jun 2015 | 11:26 am
    Do you have a computer in your classroom? If you are a high school student or teacher – or you graduated in the last decade – chances are the answer is yes. Computer use in classrooms has been a growing trend for many years, and is now the norm. Recently this trend has taken an interesting turn. Grade schools and high schools are now beginning to explore tablet initiatives – programs where every student is provided their own tablet to work from in class. Working digitally, students can complete assignments, conduct research for projects, submit their answers electronically…
  • Tablet Initiatives News and Results

    22 Jun 2015 | 11:25 am
    5 Questions to Ask About High School Laptop, Tablet Initiatives Ask if your teen’s school has detailed plans for its one-to-one program and if teachers are prepared to use devices in the classroom . . .           Three local high schools end first year of using tablets for the first time Aside from the many new things that come along with starting high school, ninth-grade students also entered a new and digital classroom this year. . . .           These third graders spend 75% of their day on iPads, and their teacher doesn’t mind a bit…
  • PARCC Assessment: News and Resources

    18 Jun 2015 | 11:47 am
    What is PARCC? PARCC raises the bar for students by finding innovative new ways to measure progress through critical thinking and problem-solving. Watch a short video about the PARCC difference . . .   Untangling PARCC’s new testing schedule   Score one for public activism and another for common sense. This week, the governing board of PARCC, which delivers standardized tests aligned with the Common Core, announced some sensible changes to next year’s K-12 testing schedule . . .     Arkansas Poised to Drop PARCC’s Common-Core Test in Favor of ACT Arkansas Gov.
  • Understanding the PARCC Assessment

    16 Jun 2015 | 4:31 am
    This article provides information on the content and current status of the standardized assessment test created by PARCC (The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). PARCC is a consortium of states that develop Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy assessments for grades K – 12. Their goal is to ensure that graduating high school students are sufficiently prepared for college and the workforce. The PARCC assessment is split into two required summative portions taken at separate dates in the school year. PARCC implementation in schools has been an…
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    Naturally Educational

  • Will Your Kids Always Come Home? Our Influence on Our Kids’ Values #Responsibility

    17 Jun 2015 | 8:51 am
    Mini-Me My daughter and I shared a laugh when I realized we both put on the same t-shirt, a fan shirt for one of our favorite books. With her bright orange fan-girl shirt, curly brown hair, and green eyes, she looked just like a mini-me. Some days it is like looking in the mirror. My kids will use one of my phrases, with the exact same inflection. Depending on what they’re mimicking, I either swell with pride or cringe and make a mental note to watch what I say in the future. I don’t need a study to tell me that I have a strong influence on my kids. Pin It Pre-Teen Rebellion Of…
  • Keep The Lines of Communication Open #Responsibility

    13 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    With my pre-teen, I find a lot of parenting is prep-work, laying down the foundation for the teenage years.She already has the basics of childhood. Everything she really needed to know in Kindergarten has been learned and reinforced. Looking both ways before crossing the street, doing unto others, avoiding stranger danger, wearing a helmet while bicycling…we got this. At this point, we are having a lot of discussions about teenage and adult-type situations I hope do not happen for a very long time (and some I hope never happen). These dilemmas not the easy, clear cut situations of her…
  • Life at the Limits and Nature’s Fury, Special Exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History #AMNH

    13 Apr 2015 | 8:42 am
    My kids’ favorite museum in Manhattan is the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Beyond the permanent exhibits of fossils, nature dioramas, rocks and minerals, the Planetarium and Space Shows, and the Butterfly Conservatory, there are always a few well-designed, interactive, engaging special exhibits. If you are in Manhattan this spring and summer, make sure to check out Life at the Limits and Nature’s Fury. Pin It Life at the Limits just launched at the beginning of April and will continue through the rest of the year until January 3, 2016. The astounding and inspiring…
  • #WhatIf Arne Duncan Listened to Teachers, Parents, Students, and Education Professionals?

    2 Jan 2015 | 9:53 am
    Arne Duncan asked on Twitter, “What if every district committed both to identifying what made their 5 best schools successful & providing those opps to all their students?” Pin It I always say that you shouldn’t ask a question if you do not want to hear the answer–and that goes triple on social media. Arne Duncan asked and people answered with over 42,000 tweets and counting, including over 15,000 tweets on New Year’s Day. What the politicians fail to grasp is that there is substantial literature on best practices but: (A) what the DOE is pushing is not it.
  • Pasta Angel Christmas Ornaments

    19 Dec 2014 | 12:06 pm
    Pin It We saw these adorable Angel Ornaments made out of pasta on a Christmas tree at our local community center and wanted to make them at home. This is a craft for older children primarily because you are better off using a glue gun. My eight and six year old kids were very excited to have (supervised) use of the hot glue gun. If you want to try with another fast-drying glue or pre-glue the bodies for the children to paint, you could do it with younger kids. Pin It The ones at the community center were entirely painted white, had tiny pasta for hair, gold-tipped robes and wings, and some…
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  • Growth in 'glocal' students in transnational education programs for England

    13 Jun 2015 | 12:46 pm
    Transnational education is an increasingly important pathway for international students coming to the UK. They typically transfer from an overseas partner institution and then continue to stay to earn postgraduate program. This is the core finding of a recent research entitled "Transnational pathways to higher education in England" from HEFCE. It notes that a third of the international (non EU) entrants to first degree programs (17,140 entrants) in England were transnational students, who transferred directly from overseas partner institutions. While this is a…
  • NAFSA 2015: Hot Trends for SIOs and The Innovation Imperative

    17 May 2015 | 10:43 am
    Boston will be hosting 10,000 international education professionals from May 24-29 for NAFSA Annual Conference. With 200 + concurrent sessions and 500+ posters on a wide range of topics, the conference has something for everyone. Programming and networking opportunities are divided into five Knowledge Communities-- Education Abroad, International Education Leadership, International Enrollment Management, International Student and Scholar Services, and Teaching, Learning and Scholarship.   This year, I've the honor of serving as the Chair…
  • Top-30 world universities with largest number of international students

    15 May 2015 | 2:03 pm
    Australian and British universities are highly successful in attracting international students from around the world. Especially, given the relatively small size of the overall Australian higher education system, the large numbers of foreign show high maturity and dependency of Australian institutions on foreign students. [I will be discussing on this at the upcoming webinar entitled Global Student Mobility: Insights and Implications for Your Recruitment Strategy hosted by International Education Association of Australia (IEAA).]Here is the list I compiled by taking top-20…
  • 4 reasons why LinkedIn may be a gamechanger in global university rankings

    9 May 2015 | 4:51 pm
    Much has been debated and researched about the uses and abuses of university rankings. Now, the arena of global university rankings has a new contender, LinkedIn, which has the potential to change the future of the rankings game. Here are the four reasons in support of LinkedIn’s potential.1. Sharper focus on career outcomesLinkedIn is focused on career outcomes. One of the biggest limitations of the rankings is that they focus on students as consumers of information, while their methodologies focus on proxies like research citations. An alternative approach is to use metrics that directly…
  • International student mobility trends and implications for enrollment strategies (Webinars)

    7 May 2015 | 10:44 am
    International student recruitment is increasingly among the top priorities for many institutions in the US, Australia and the UK. Given the pressure to expand enrollment with limited budgets, some institutions adopted quick-fix solutions, which in turn has compromised the diversity and quality of international student body and their experiences. Developing sustainable strategies that are aligned with the changing needs and profile of international students, requires a deep understanding of student decision-making processes and mobility trends.I am presenting two webinars that will provide an…
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    Declaration of Interdependence

  • Student Affairs as Corporate Trainers

    Mallory Bower
    30 Jun 2015 | 6:35 am
    “This is how employment is supposed to work. Companies hire broadly educated workers, invest in appropriate training, and reap the profits of a specialized work force. Increasingly, however, employers have discovered a way to offload the nettlesome cost of worker training. The trick is to relabel it as education, then complain that your prospective employees aren’t getting the right kind.” [read full article] Right now, however,  career services professionals (and others) are scrambling to prepare students to meet seemingly impossible workplace expectations. Higher education…
  • Let’s Just Write –>

    Mallory Bower
    18 Jun 2015 | 5:28 am
    [ image credit: M. Bloomingdale ] […More and more, we seek to understand by looking within our communities, rather than looking outside of them. We define the world in ever smaller terms in an effort to feel larger. We hold to our beliefs as truth, rather than challenging ourselves to continue to seek understanding…] Launched an exciting new project over here with Matt, Stacy, and Tim. Hang with us for the next 365 364 days?
  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    Mallory Bower
    22 Apr 2015 | 10:44 am
    I’m on the pursuit of happiness. I know everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold. Someone, Abraham Lincoln, I think said that you need to “make your own happiness.” And I agree with Honest Abe, but I think some of us have an idea about what it should look like. Happiness is not a given, it’s not constant. But she’s a loyal friend who always returns after a cold and lonely winter. We love and appreciate her, because her presence is always fleeting. But we’re on pilgrimage to a Mecca that doesn’t exist – at least not in the way we…
  • How to win friends and introvert people

    Mallory Bower
    20 Apr 2015 | 1:23 pm
    Recruitment season is upon us in higher-ed-land, for both full-time and student hires. No matter the level, each year I become frustrated and hyper-empathetic to the following post-interview feedback: I didn’t get a feel for his personality She was quiet and I didn’t really get to know her He didn’t tell us a lot about his interests I don’t know if she’d fit well – she was just so reserved Last year around this time, I caught myself making these same observations, ya know, after meeting with a stranger for just one hour. As I began filling out the…
  • A toast

    Mallory Bower
    17 Apr 2015 | 5:54 am
    Raise your coffee mugs, water bottles, or Diet Cokes for a toast — To the rogue seeds, who are blazing trails on their own. To the first generation college students, who are navigating challenging waters their parents haven’t charted To the distracted student, who is struggling to adjust to her new medication To the student of color who was asked to give the “African American Perspective” in his history class To the student who intervened when his friend was being sexually harassed at a party To the student who declared a major in theater in her junior year, because…
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    Intelligent Mag

  • B-Daman Crossfire Vertigo Spin Arena Set

    26 Jun 2015 | 3:43 pm
    Fire at the center piece and knock 3 marbles out before your opponent does Vertigo Spin Arena set includes a center piece with 6 marble slots Set includes 6 B-DA marbles Comes with collector card Includes unassembled arena, 6 B-DA Marbles, collector card, label sheet and instructions
  • Littlest Pet Shop Chocolatey Delight Set

    25 Jun 2015 | 8:03 am
    Littlest Pet Shop toys feature trendy little pets with big personalities. They’re sassy, silly and all-around adorable pets that girls love to collect. With so many quirky cute pets to choose from, girls can build fun collections that are just as unique as they are. Whether you love to collect and display or create your own stories, there’s a pet for every girl. Add lots of pets to your collection with a collection pack, or play and display with LPS playsets. Love to stylize your pets? Many pets come with trendy accessories and other fun additions for you to customize your pet…
  • DohVinci Play Doh & Littlest Pet Shop

    22 Jun 2015 | 8:57 am
    Pop, Twist, and Press It’s easy to create your own amazing color mixes! Just load the mixer with the included empty tube and up to 6 full Deco Pop tubes (not included) to start creating all kinds of colorful combinations. There are 3 full Deco Pop tubes included to get you started. To start mixing, just pop the plug out of the empty tube using the plunger. Next, twist the wheel to choose a color, and press the plunger into the full Deco Pop tubes to add compound to the empty tube. Experiment and find different ways to customize your blend! Finally, pop the plug back into the end of the…
  • Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker DIY Easy Make Your Own Ice Cream

    22 Jun 2015 | 7:48 am
    With the amazing Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker you can make ice cream treats at home in minutes – no mess, no fuss! Simply freeze the Ice Cream Maker, add your ingredients, give it a little shake then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! You can also make yummy and healthy frozen yoghurt treats as well as refreshing sorbets! There are so many delicious flavours to create – use the recipe guide included for flavour inspiration. You can also make yummy and healthy frozen yoghurt treats as well as refreshing sorbets! Includes: 1 x Chill Factor Ice cream maker, spoon, recipe guide and…
  • DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio Easel & Storage Case Set

    20 Jun 2015 | 6:07 pm
      Design in 3D on the go with the Anywhere Art Studio set! This complete art set has an easel, 4 Deco Pop tubes and a DohVinci Styler you can use to decorate the 3 art boards and the 2 blank design boards. With the Styler, adding dots, zigzag lines and other beautiful details is a snap – just aim, squeeze, and design to your heart’s content! The storage case holds all your supplies, allowing you to decorate wherever you find yourself! You’ll experience your imagination in 3D everywhere you go with the Anywhere Art Studio set! Play-Doh, DohVinci and all related…
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    STUDY Magazine

  • How to Become a Teaching Assistant

    Vivian Kosy
    18 Jun 2015 | 6:38 am
    Help shape young minds by choosing a rewarding career as a teaching assistant! In order to do the best job of educating our children, today’s teachers require the help of a teaching assistant. With the guidance of the teacher, you will help deliver the lectures and evaluate the student’s advancement, and more. It is a responsible position that at times can be challenging, but you will be rewarded many times over, knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life. You’ll be well on your way to a career in education with many opportunities! What Does A Teaching…
  • A Little Less Stress for Alberta Students Writing Final Exams

    Editorial Staff
    27 Nov 2014 | 8:20 am
    School boards in Alberta voted to reduce the weight of diploma exams to 30%. If you crack under pressure, you might appreciate the reasons why teachers in Alberta are trying to lift some weight off students when it comes to one of the most stressful times of the year, known as final exams. Support has mounted for years to relieve some of the anxiety and stress that Grade 12 students face as they attempt to exit secondary school with their grades intact. Think of sleepless nights spent cramming, loss of appetite, and even panic attacks. This is commonplace for many students, especially in…
  • Studying Abroad is a Worthwhile Investment

    Editorial Staff
    25 Nov 2014 | 11:54 am
    Canadian students have one of the lowest numbers for studying abroad or student exchanges. The global perspective and broadened viewpoint of students who study abroad could be an invaluable addition to the country’s economy, if only more businesses realized this fact. At least that’s the conclusion of a recent report from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), as well as those who’ve capitalized on an international education and have subsequently climbed the corporate ladder. One such proponent of studying abroad is Dr. Myers, the president and chief executive officer…
  • St. Lawrence College Recognized for Contributions to Financial Literacy

    Editorial Staff
    21 Nov 2014 | 1:51 pm
    St. Lawrence College believes that helping students live financially stable lives is a goal worthy of their time and effort. Literacy may bring to mind proficiency in reading and writing, but an education that equips you for life goes further than that. Financial literacy is an important part of preparing young people for a successful future, and St. Lawrence College recently had this form of literacy on their mind. Before an audience of heavyweights in financial thinking, the St. Lawrence College Enactus team was applauded for their contributions at the 2014 National Conference on Financial…
  • Open House At Centennial College

    Editorial Staff
    21 Nov 2014 | 6:44 am
    Attending Centennial’s ‘doors open’ event can be a perfect opportunity to learn about the many degree, diploma and certificate programs they offer. Learning is a journey that leads to success, and Centennial College wants to help prospective students start a learning journey of their own by hosting an Open House event to showcase the exciting education opportunities available. Not only can individuals learn about the many degree, diploma and certificate programs that Centennial College offers, they can also tour the grounds, explore campus life, including clubs, services, and…
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    Socrato Learning Analytics Blog

  • It’s Time to Sign Up for Fall SAT and ACT Test Dates

    26 Jun 2015 | 12:13 pm
    High school students who will be seniors in 2015-16, and who are planning to apply to colleges this fall, should register this summer for the first round of SAT or ACT testing, which begins in the fall. Students can sign up for this round of tests if they haven’t taken the exam(s) yet, or if they want to try again to improve their score. In the case of Class of 2016 seniors who have yet to take a college entrance exam, signing up for a test in the fall is important for timely college admissions applications. The first ACT test date is September 12, with registration due by August 7 (or by…
  • Can Tablet Initiatives Improve Education?

    25 Jun 2015 | 11:26 am
    Do you have a computer in your classroom? If you are a high school student or teacher – or you graduated in the last decade – chances are the answer is yes. Computer use in classrooms has been a growing trend for many years, and is now the norm. Recently this trend has taken an interesting turn. Grade schools and high schools are now beginning to explore tablet initiatives – programs where every student is provided their own tablet to work from in class. Working digitally, students can complete assignments, conduct research for projects, submit their answers electronically…
  • Tablet Initiatives News and Results

    22 Jun 2015 | 11:25 am
    5 Questions to Ask About High School Laptop, Tablet Initiatives Ask if your teen’s school has detailed plans for its one-to-one program and if teachers are prepared to use devices in the classroom . . .           Three local high schools end first year of using tablets for the first time Aside from the many new things that come along with starting high school, ninth-grade students also entered a new and digital classroom this year. . . .           These third graders spend 75% of their day on iPads, and their teacher doesn’t mind a bit…
  • PARCC Assessment: News and Resources

    18 Jun 2015 | 11:47 am
    What is PARCC? PARCC raises the bar for students by finding innovative new ways to measure progress through critical thinking and problem-solving. Watch a short video about the PARCC difference . . .   Untangling PARCC’s new testing schedule   Score one for public activism and another for common sense. This week, the governing board of PARCC, which delivers standardized tests aligned with the Common Core, announced some sensible changes to next year’s K-12 testing schedule . . .     Arkansas Poised to Drop PARCC’s Common-Core Test in Favor of ACT Arkansas Gov.
  • Understanding the PARCC Assessment

    16 Jun 2015 | 4:31 am
    This article provides information on the content and current status of the standardized assessment test created by PARCC (The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). PARCC is a consortium of states that develop Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy assessments for grades K – 12. Their goal is to ensure that graduating high school students are sufficiently prepared for college and the workforce. The PARCC assessment is split into two required summative portions taken at separate dates in the school year. PARCC implementation in schools has been an…
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    WBEZ - Education

  • CPS, Emanuel warn of deep cuts, layoffs to school district

    1 Jul 2015 | 11:53 am
    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing “a grand bargain” to fix the financial woes of Chicago Public Schools.The proposal cuts $200 million from schools, raises property taxes, asks teachers to pay more into their pensions, and pushes Springfield to increase overall school funding.“Everybody would have to give up something, and nobody would have to give up everything,” Emanuel said.The mayor’s proposal came as state lawmakers were entertaining a bill from Illinois Senate President John Cullerton that would freeze property taxes and eliminate grants currently…
  • At eleventh hour, CPS makes huge pension payment

    30 Jun 2015 | 3:46 pm
    UPDATED July 1, 7:53 a.m. The head of the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund says Chicago Public Schools deposited the full $634 million into the pension fund Tuesday evening.“The need for long-term solutions is not erased with this payment,” CTPF’s executive director Charles Burbridge said in a statement.But with that payment, according to CPS officials, comes more borrowing and 1,400 layoffs of school district employees.Illinois’ powerful House Speaker Michael Madigan said Tuesday the cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools would pay the hundreds of millions of dollars…
  • Rauner proposal would advance $450M to help Chicago schools

    29 Jun 2015 | 7:18 am
    A document obtained by The Associated Press shows Gov. Bruce Rauner is offering to accelerate state grant payments to help Chicago Public Schools make a $634 million pension contribution.A summary of the proposal prepared by the Rauner administration states the Illinois State Board of Education has identified $450 million in grants that could be provided to CPS this week. The money normally would be distributed over the course of the fiscal year and for other purposes.CPS faces a Tuesday deadline to make the pension payment.The Illinois House voted down a plan last week to give the…
  • Contract talks break down between Chicago teachers and city

    25 Jun 2015 | 3:48 pm
    Contract talks between the Chicago Teachers Union and the Board of Education ended Thursday with no agreement in sight, union officials say.CTU President Karen Lewis said the union’s latest proposal was cost neutral—no annual raises, no cost-of-living increases—but did ask the Board to continue picking up 7 percent of the 9 percent employee pension contribution.“We’re very clear that they have a serious fiscal issue,” Lewis told reporters. “We’re willing to work within that.”Lewis said the proposal would’ve been a one-year deal that…
  • Poverty's enduring hold on school success

    22 Jun 2015 | 3:30 am
    In the rhetoric of the American Dream, an individual’s success is earned through hard work and determination. In the rhetoric of recent school reforms, a school’s success depends on quality teaching and high standards. Poverty shouldn’t matter when it comes to either. The reality of Illinois’ education system tells a different story. A new analysis of a decade of state test score data by WBEZ and the Daily Herald underlines the immense role poverty plays in how well a school performs. Our analysis shows a vast expansion of poverty—2,244 schools…
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    Knewton » The Knewton Company Blog

  • It’s Not the Kids; It’s the System

    Jose Ferreira
    29 Jun 2015 | 12:35 pm
    This post was written by Jose Ferreira, Knewton founder and CEO, and Meghan Daniels, senior editor  Winston Churchill famously said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Until recently, the same could be said for the factory model of education. Imported from Europe and implemented at the urging of education reformer Horace Mann, the factory model puts kids into age-based classrooms and uses seat time to determine when they’re ready to move on to the next level. In many ways, it’s an awful system, rigid, arbitrary, and impersonal. But it’s also…
  • Introducing the Interns

    Jessie Dann
    17 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
    Welcome to 10 new summer interns! Ben Plaut:  Ben, a Carnegie Mellon University computer science major and Pittsburgh native, joins the adaptive learning team. He loves eating sushi and his favorite book is Harry Potter. If deserted on an island, Ben would bring a bunch of rocks. Meet Somers, NY local, Jemmin Chang, who joins the platform team this summer. Jemmin studies computer science and linguistics at Carnegie Mellon University. He loves eating homemade ice cream, listening to Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor, and traveling to new places. Daniel Chen joins the consumer…
  • Chipping Away at the Digital Divide

    Jose Ferreira
    3 Jun 2015 | 2:22 pm
    It’s been almost 20 years since the New York Times helped coin the phrase “digital divide” with a true tale of two elementary schools in San Jose located within a stone’s throw of Apple’s headquarters. The Harker School, an elite private academy, had state-of-the-art Power Macs and access to what was then known as the World Wide Web. Just a mile down the road, Anderson Elementary, one of California’s poorest schools, had outdated PCs that were barely a step up from typewriters. When that article was written in 1996, only nine percent of US classrooms were wired to the internet.
  • Introducing Four New Knerds

    Rachel Kuntz
    15 May 2015 | 8:26 am
    Welcome four new Knerds! Originally from Israel, Zohar Yardeni joins Knewton as chief product officer. Previously, Zohar ran the product team at ZocDoc. Zohar received an MBA from Columbia Business School and a B.A. from Cornell University. His favorite movie is the Big Lebowski and he loves snowboarding. If he could witness any event past, present, or future, it would be the creation of the universe. Dylan Kolleeny joins the learning team. She is a New York City native and attended the University of Vermont, before becoming a middle school and high school science teacher. Her hobbies include…
  • Knewton Hack Day: Spring 2015

    Sarah Haskins
    8 May 2015 | 6:00 am
    It’s Sunday evening and I’m having my weekly catch-up call with my parents.  They ask how the previous week was.  “Great!” I tell them. “It was Hack Day at work!” “What is Hack Day?” is their response. How do you explain Hack Day to to your parents? I start with the logistics. Hack Day is a two day event at Knewton where we all set aside our normal obligations and our normal teams. We can work on any project we want, ideally with a group of people we don’t ordinarily work with. Knewton sponsors Hack Days three times per year. Each lasts two days, typically a Thursday and…
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    Robertson Reader

  • Administrative Professional Information Session - Calgary

    25 Jun 2015 | 8:30 am
    Administrative Professionals or Administrative Assistants are the backbone to any office.  They provide clerical duties for business executives and office departments that are essential to an organization's operation.  If you are interested in becoming a key member within a business setting, the Administrative Professional diploma program at Robertson College will provide you with the training you need to jump start your career.Our program will familiarize you with standard office procedures, help you develop essential computer and keyboarding skills, train you on common office…
  • Health Care Aide Info Session - Calgary

    22 Jun 2015 | 2:55 pm
    We have another great opportunity coming to learn more about becoming a certified Health Care Aide in Alberta.  Join us at the next Health Care Aide program information session on Tuesday, June 30th where we will talk about our Government of Alberta Health Care Aide curriculum, the type of hands-on training you will receive, practicum training and much more!Hosted by Ruth Rosvold, our Health Care Aide  Partnership Training Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the program.Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2015Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pmLocation: 417 - 14th…
  • Medical Office Assistant Info Session - Calgary

    16 Jun 2015 | 12:49 pm
    As a Medical Office Assistant, you act as the hub of the medical office.  Whether you are working in a medical clinic, chiropractor's office, dental clinic or hospital setting, you are essential to the operation of the front office and manage all administrative, basic clinical and medical records maintenance duties.If you have a passion for helping other, consider yourself organized and details-oriented, a career as  a Medical Office Assistant can be a great way for you to work in the health care sector.Join us for our next Medical Office Assistant program information session on…
  • Your Job Hunting Social Media Check List

    11 Jun 2015 | 11:54 am
    Let's face it - social media has become a major part of our social lives. It has become more of a social norm to be on Facebook than not! While these sites are great for keeping up with friends and family, did you know they can help you professionally as well?FACEBOOKFacebook has evolved significantly since it was first founded in 2004 (can you believe it has been more than 10 years since Facebook entered our vocabularies?). In the beginning, the social network was used primarily for personal interactions with friends and family. Now, it has become a platform for businesses to showcase their…
  • Health Care Aide Info Session - Calgary

    9 Jun 2015 | 10:24 am
    Want to know what it takes to become a certified Health Care Aide in Alberta? Join us at our next Health Care Aide program information session on Wednesday, June 17th where we will talk about entrance requirements, the Government of Alberta Health Care Aide curriculum, practical training and much more!Date:Wednesday, June 17th, 2015Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pmLocation:  417 - 14th Street NW (2nd Floor)Registration: Seating is limited - RSVP on our website or call 587.331.8233The session will be hosted by Ruth Rosvold, our HCA Partnership Training Coordinator and is free to attend.  Just…
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    Udemy Blog

  • Here’s How Udemy Gives

    1 Jul 2015 | 2:16 pm
    On June 26, all Udemy offices (San Francisco, Ankara, and Dublin) spent a day volunteering locally. At Udemy, part of our culture is to give back to our community, particularly around education and youth empowerment. We love interacting with our neighbors and helping them reach their goals, so volunteering isn’t a one-time thing for us. We plan volunteer projects regularly and encourage everyone to step away from their desks to get involved. Here’s a recap of how each Udemy office recently donated its time and energy. San Francisco We partnered with HandsOn Bay Area, a group that…
  • June 26, 2015: Friday News Roundup

    26 Jun 2015 | 2:17 pm
    Happy Friday and welcome to the latest batch of news that caught our eye this week. Have a great weekend! The Rise of the Developer Great data and insights in these survey results from InfoWorld, suggesting life and work are pretty good for most developers these days. Their influence is growing beyond the engineering pit, and they enjoy the fast pace of their chosen career. Biggest challenge? “Keeping up with new technologies/changing skill requirements.” JavaScript was the language developers were most interested in learning, while the top four skills developers felt they needed to…
  • Udemy Summer Interns Are Here!

    26 Jun 2015 | 9:42 am
    Ah, summer… time to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun, right? Well, for the current batch of Udemy interns, this is a season for learning about the workplace and soaking up knowledge. We are so excited to have these bright, hungry minds in our office for the next ten weeks and look forward to their contributions. Let’s give them a big welcome! Meet the Udemy interns: Alice Yan, Nadia Camacho, Brandon Dang, Tamara Zagorovskaya, Srishti Jain, Ese Uwhuba, and Aigerim Khafizova. Nadia Camacho, Finance San Francisco State University, Business Finance Nadia expects to spend her internship…
  • Red, White and BlUdemy

    24 Jun 2015 | 3:02 pm
    Introducing our 4th of July Twitter contest: If you had the freedom to learn anything you wanted, what would it be? Put it in a Tweet and add the hashtag #starsandskills to your submission for the chance to win $100 Udemy course credit! We will be picking winners on July 2, 2015. Terms and Conditions: This contest runs from midnight PDT on 6/25/15 through 11:59 p.m. PDT on 7/1/15. The winner will be announced on 7/2/15 on our Twitter page ( Contest is open to anyone age 18 or older, no purchase necessary, however, the winner will need to create a Udemy account in order to…
  • Don’t Let WiFi Dead Zones Stop Your Learning

    23 Jun 2015 | 9:01 am
    How are people using Udemy on mobile? It’s a good question — and one we need to answer if we’re going to deliver the best possible mobile learning experience. We recently got survey responses from more than 2,000 Udemy customers (students as well as some instructors) and were happy to discover most (81%) know about the Udemy mobile app. But that doesn’t mean they’re all using it. Indeed, a whopping 69% of customers who haven’t used the app expressed a desire to download courses for offline viewing — a key feature of the very mobile app they’re not using! We want…
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    Minglebox Education News

  • JEE Main 2015: top three ranks acquired by Maharashtra students

    2 Jul 2015 | 4:27 am
    The top three ranks in the Joint Entrance Examination Main 2015 (JEE Main 2015) have been acquired by students from the Maharashtra state. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) , which conducts the JEE Main, issued the JEE Main Paper I and Paper II ranks to the Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) at 10 pm on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 . The topper is from Pune, who has scored 345 marks out of 360 in the Mains. He had acquired 97.80% in his CBSE Class XII boards. The second position holder is from Mumbai, who obtained 335 in the Mains and 95.85% in the HSC examination. The..
  • Centralized admissions start in Maharashtra engineering colleges

    2 Jul 2015 | 3:54 am
    The Centralized Admission Process (CAP) of engineering colleges in Maharashtra has started, with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) , which conducts the Joint Entrance Examination Main (JEE Main) , issuing the JEE Main 2015 Paper I ranks to the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 . The first round of seat allocation had candidates from the all-India quota. Earlier, DTE had planned to allot seats to such candidates from round II of CAP. Once the seat allotment is over, students need to report to respective institutes. Since the DTE has..
  • Core engineering remains top choice among aspirants in Tamil Nadu

    2 Jul 2015 | 2:46 am
    Core Engineering courses remain the top preference for candidates in the state of Tamil Nadu (TN), with a majority of the aspirants opting for Mechanical Engineering (ME) as well as Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECE) during counseling sessions for engineering admissions in the state, which kicked off on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 . Out of the total 1,256 seats that were allotted on Day One, 355 students picked ECE. Next in line was ME, with 313 opting for the same, followed by 245 selecting Computer Science. Altogether 41,815 seats are available in ME, while ECE has 38,421 seats..
  • Acharya Nagarjuna University Invites Applications for M.Phil/Ph.D Programs 2015

    2 Jul 2015 | 2:37 am
    Applications are invited by  Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU), Guntur for admission to full time, part-time and extra mural research master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in various specializations for the commencing session 2015. Click here   to know more about the various specializations. Eligibility Criteria for  ANU, Guntur: For admission into research under full-time/part-time program, a candidate has to satisfy the following conditions: Rank in the entrance test Candidates must have passed master’s degree of..
  • University of Mysore Invites Applications for PG Programs 2015

    2 Jul 2015 | 2:10 am
    Applications are invited by University of Mysore (UoM), Mysore   for admission to Master of Arts (M.A), Master of Social Work (MSW), Master of Music (M. Music), Master of Dance (M. Dance), Master of Education (M.Ed), Master of Commerce (M.Com), Master of financial Management (M.F.M), Master of Technology (M.Tech), Master of Law (LL.M), Master of Science (M.Sc), Master of Computer Applications (MCA), Master of Library and Information Science (M.LISc.), Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed) programs for the session 2015. Eligibility Criteria for  University of Mysore: ..
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    Robertson Reader

  • Administrative Professional Information Session - Calgary

    Robertson College
    25 Jun 2015 | 8:30 am
    Administrative Professionals or Administrative Assistants are the backbone to any office.  They provide clerical duties for business executives and office departments that are essential to an organization's operation.  If you are interested in becoming a key member within a business setting, the Administrative Professional diploma program at Robertson College will provide you with the training you need to jump start your career.Our program will familiarize you with standard office procedures, help you develop essential computer and keyboarding skills, train you on common office…
  • Health Care Aide Info Session - Calgary

    Robertson College
    22 Jun 2015 | 2:55 pm
    We have another great opportunity coming to learn more about becoming a certified Health Care Aide in Alberta.  Join us at the next Health Care Aide program information session on Tuesday, June 30th where we will talk about our Government of Alberta Health Care Aide curriculum, the type of hands-on training you will receive, practicum training and much more!Hosted by Ruth Rosvold, our Health Care Aide  Partnership Training Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the program.Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2015Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pmLocation: 417 - 14th…
  • Medical Office Assistant Info Session - Calgary

    Robertson College
    16 Jun 2015 | 12:49 pm
    As a Medical Office Assistant, you act as the hub of the medical office.  Whether you are working in a medical clinic, chiropractor's office, dental clinic or hospital setting, you are essential to the operation of the front office and manage all administrative, basic clinical and medical records maintenance duties.If you have a passion for helping other, consider yourself organized and details-oriented, a career as  a Medical Office Assistant can be a great way for you to work in the health care sector.Join us for our next Medical Office Assistant program information session on…
  • Your Job Hunting Social Media Check List

    Robertson College
    11 Jun 2015 | 11:54 am
    Let's face it - social media has become a major part of our social lives. It has become more of a social norm to be on Facebook than not! While these sites are great for keeping up with friends and family, did you know they can help you professionally as well?FACEBOOKFacebook has evolved significantly since it was first founded in 2004 (can you believe it has been more than 10 years since Facebook entered our vocabularies?). In the beginning, the social network was used primarily for personal interactions with friends and family. Now, it has become a platform for businesses to showcase their…
  • Health Care Aide Info Session - Calgary

    Robertson College
    9 Jun 2015 | 10:24 am
    Want to know what it takes to become a certified Health Care Aide in Alberta? Join us at our next Health Care Aide program information session on Wednesday, June 17th where we will talk about entrance requirements, the Government of Alberta Health Care Aide curriculum, practical training and much more!Date:Wednesday, June 17th, 2015Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pmLocation:  417 - 14th Street NW (2nd Floor)Registration: Seating is limited - RSVP on our website or call 587.331.8233The session will be hosted by Ruth Rosvold, our HCA Partnership Training Coordinator and is free to attend.  Just…
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    Listen & Learn Music

  • Music Therapy Connections is Moving…Again!

    1 Jul 2015 | 4:37 am
    I’m experiencing a bit of deja vu as I write this, because I wrote a post by the same name almost exactly one year ago. Last summer, I joined forces with my business partner, Katey Kamerad, to form an LLC and move from my home studio into Capital City Music. There we had 3 dedicated studio rooms and the use of a large room for our groups and classes. And it was a great stepping stone. But as the year went on, we realized we were outgrowing the space — especially once we hired a new instructor, music therapist, and accepted a music therapy intern. So the search began for a new…
  • {Guitars & Granola Bars} Episode 23

    26 Jun 2015 | 2:31 am
    I’m changing things up BIG TIME for the month of June on the podcast. In celebration of Father’s Day, I’m featuring four DADS who are sharing their perspective on parenting and life as a music therapist. Andrew Knight is the fourth and final guest in this special series, and I have to say, he gives a darn good interview. Not only does he have a lot of valuable insight to share, but he has the perfect “radio voice” — I’m sure you’ll agree as you listen to the episode! Andrew talks about making the shift from clinical work to academia, the active role he…
  • Pass the Tambourine

    25 Jun 2015 | 7:18 am
    It’s been a month since I picked up my guitar, but the time has come to reacquaint myself (and build up those callouses again!). Next week I’ll be ditching my yoga pants and tank tops for real clothes when I start the summer session of Listen & Learn for Little Ones, our early childhood music class. I’m a little bit nervous about dipping my toe back in the water, but a LOT excited. Baby Mia is still a little young to appreciate my singing — I don’t get quite the response from her that I do from my little ones in class. Plus, she can’t shake and drum…
  • {Guitars & Granola Bars} Episode 22

    19 Jun 2015 | 4:32 am
    I’m changing things up BIG TIME for the month of June on the podcast. In celebration of Father’s Day, I’m featuring four DADS who are sharing their perspective on parenting and life as a music therapist. William Murray is a music therapist from Canada who I met through LinkedIn, of all places. He sent me a message asking about my music therapy songs a couple of years ago, and I knew from that first email conversation that we would get along well. Since then, we’ve had several Skype chats and stayed in touch via Facebook. He’s been a big inspiration to me in expanding my…
  • Dipping My Toe Back In

    16 Jun 2015 | 4:54 pm
    I’ve been on maternity leave for almost a month now, and it’s been pretty great. All the newborn snuggles, quality time with my two-year-old, and if I’m being completely honest, Netflix binges (OITNB, anyone?) have been a nice change of pace. But just as I predicted earlier this spring, I’m getting a tiny bit antsy. I need just a little something to fill my professional cup, and I’ll have that opportunity in a couple of weeks when I head back to work to teach the summer session of our early childhood music classes. It’s just one morning and one evening per…
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  • Use Summer for Some College Planning

    30 Jun 2015 | 5:46 am
    Summer is an important time for middle and upper school students to think ahead to what they want for themselves after high school. If the plan involves going to college, then taking action now can improve the chance of getting into the college of choice. Our college counselor meets with middle and high school students and their parents. She advises Read more...
  • Combine Traveling With Learning for the Summer

    25 Jun 2015 | 6:27 am
    Wherever your summer travels take you, there will be many learning opportunities for your young child. Places you visit can lead to fun exercises in both reading and math.For reading:Make a point to see any attractions that might involve books. For example, maybe there is an author’s home open for visiting, or a location that was a backdrop for a favorite story Read more...
  • Internet Safety Tips for Teens and Parents

    23 Jun 2015 | 5:40 am
    Many experts warn children about the dangers of the Internet. We teach our children to never give their name, address, or phone number to anyone online. We watch them while online to make sure they do not visit inappropriate websites. As children become teens, we tend to back off and trust them to be careful while online. There are great risks for teens, however, and parents Read more...
  • Build True Reading Comprehension Skills This Summer

    18 Jun 2015 | 5:28 am
    The faster a child can decode a word, the stronger a reader he will become. Recognizing words, using clues from the pictures and reading with fluency can make him a successful, comprehensive reader.Here are ways to help develop these skills this summer.Reinforce “starter” words: Below are 12 words that are considered the Read more...
  • Try Quizlet for Summertime Math Vocabulary Review

    16 Jun 2015 | 5:23 am
    Every subject students take in school has specific facts and vocabulary associated with it. In history, students must learn people’s names, events that happened, and important dates. In literature, there are character names to learn, symbols, and literary terms. We tend to think that math is different, but it is not. If the math terminology is automatic, then understanding the Read more...
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    PTO Today

  • PTO Experiences Become Lifelong Skills

    1 Jul 2015 | 7:28 am
    Spending nearly 10 years on a PTO provided me with many wonderful experiences and taught many me valuable life lessons. So if you’re in the PTO trenches right now, consider this: You’re honing some great skills that will come in handy long after you’ve retired as a school volunteer.  Here are just a few that come to mind:  1. Putting difficult people in their place. If you’ve ever had an unreasonable parent on your hands—you know the one who blasts you for serving bagels instead of doughnuts at a breakfast event—you are actually lucky. Seriously. Learning to control your…
  • Small Events: An Important Part of Parent Involvement

    29 Jun 2015 | 7:42 am
    When it comes to planning events, the advice I give most often is to think big. Planning and executing a big, successful family event is a surefire way to get everyone talking. And in my experience, parents who have attended an event like that are more likely to eventually volunteer or support a fundraiser. But as we’re getting into July and leaders are starting to think more about the fall, I’m going to give the opposite advice, at the same time: Think small. You hear a lot about events like doughnuts with dad and muffins with mom, but have you ever actually held one? And what about…
  • Market Day Acquired by World’s Finest Chocolate

    26 Jun 2015 | 9:34 am
    Market Day, the groceries fundraiser company that’s been around since the 1970s, was bought by World’s Finest Chocolate this week.  While it’s unclear what the future is for the Market Day program, World's Finest Chocolate, a Chicago-based chocolate manufacturing and fundraising company, noted in a press release today that it is committed to serving the fundraising needs of Market Day customers. In addition, “World’s Finest will be evaluating which Market Day products and programs they will continue to offer.” The news release, posted this morning on the World’s Finest…
  • Go Easy on Volunteer Recruitment in Summer Months

    25 Jun 2015 | 8:05 am
    Summer is a great time to work on parent involvement, but it’s important to avoid the hard sell or specific requests for volunteers. Instead, let parents know about your group and its fun activities, as well as the resources you can offer them. Here are a few soft-sell tips:  1. Playground play dates. Host a get-together at a local playground. Send email invites to parents you know and ask them to forward the invite to their friends. Keep it casual. While the kids have fun, introduce yourself to new parents and check in with those you know. Share information about what your group did…
  • 3 Tips for New Board Members

    23 Jun 2015 | 7:04 am
    Gearing up for your first full year as a PTO or PTA leader (or planning a return to your position in the fall)? Good luck—you’re taking on a really worthwhile endeavor. Here’s what we know from those who have come before you: 1. Be considerate of the previous board’s feelings. You can and should make change, but it’s best to be tactful in your comments about how your group worked previously. No one intended to make mistakes—and remember, like you, they were unpaid volunteers giving their time (and some of their friends are likely still around...). Check out my article called “A…
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    DPESP Mission Statement: To create an atmosphere of mistrust and tension.

  • Difference Between a Boss and Leader

    4 Jun 2015 | 11:32 pm
  • Redbird logo debacle of 2005

    27 Jan 2015 | 12:02 pm
    Alright so we all know the Director of Technology screwed up.But does anyone remember the 2005 debacle with the Redbird mascot logo?De Pere received a cease-and-desist order on the grounds that its mascot was copyrighted material of Illinois State University.  The school eventually redesigned the logo so as to not violate the copyright.Shortly after the De Pere athletic director started in the late 90's he modernized the Redbird.  When really he should have know the ramifications of that action.
  • State spending on outside service contracts still rises

    19 Jan 2015 | 11:07 pm
    Somewhat interesting commentary in the January 19 2015 Press Gazette column by Bill Lueders.Each year state law requires the Wisconsin Department of Administration to track outsourced tasks spending by state funded agencies.   Municipal workers have long argued that they could be doing many of these jobs for less.The latest report shows spending on outside services is up for the fourth straight year. This has happened despite the Act 10 benefit changes under Gov. Scott Walker that arguably make state workers more cost-effective, compared to the private sector. Bill Franks points out…
  • Teachers union boss loses 40,000 members, gets a raise

    2 Dec 2014 | 12:17 pm
    Partial excerpt from: National Education Association president Dennis Van Roekel received a huge pay raise this year while the teachers union lost more than 40,000 members.Van Roekel, who retired this summer, was paid $541,632 during NEA’s fiscal year ending Aug. 31 — a $130,000 increase from last year, driven by a gross salary hike from $306,286 to $429,509. NEA membership dropped from 3,003,885 last August to 2,963,121 this August.NEA, the…
  • Support staff the inferior class of people?

    1 Sep 2014 | 3:12 pm
    It's bad enough that our raises do not compound with years of service.  Rather they are applied to the start/base wage.But never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that we consistently do not receive the same percentage increase, despite it being applied differently.Step one; Goto the DPI website and download the Administrative Salary reports for a number of years back.Step two: Open each file and look for your school district.  Calculate the percent increase from the last years salary.Step three: Go through your old contracts and notes to compare what was awarded to support…
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    Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

  • Safe Student-tested Tools to Use in Your Class

    EdTech Guy
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:32 pm
    July 1, 2015 Looking for some good resources for students? Here are some notable picks from teachers. All are safe, student-tested, and easy to use. Seesaw A student-driven digital portfolio that... more
  • Two Powerful Timeline Creation Apps for Android Users

    EdTech Guy
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:21 pm
    July 1, 2015 Timelines are a great way to teach students about relevant topics in discrete bits. While they are mainly used in History and Social Studies classes, anyone can easily create a content... more
  • 7 iPad Accessories Every Teacher Should Know about

    EdTech Guy
    1 Jul 2015 | 5:05 pm
    July 1, 2015 iPad is becoming a ubiquitous device in today’s classrooms. More and more teachers are using them in their everyday instruction. From helping students with their math problems to... more
  • The Best 10 Android Apps for Project-based Learning

    EdTech Guy
    30 Jun 2015 | 5:44 pm
    June 30, 2015 Project-based learning is one of the best teaching strategies that enhances students learning and increases their engagement with the learning tasks at hand. Technology and particularly... more
  • 8 Must Read Books on Game-based Learning

    EdTech Guy
    30 Jun 2015 | 3:15 pm
    June 30, 2015 Game-based learning is a learning trend with an increasing attraction in today’s classrooms. At its core, game-based learning deploys learning principles incorporated in the gaming... more
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    Clif Mims | Education and Technology

  • Boogie Boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL

    Clif Mims
    18 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Google Photos generated this highlight video showcasing some of our family’s experiences during Spring Break 2015. We wrapped-up the trip by spending two days boogie boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL. There was a huge storm headed inland on the first day, so the waves were huge. I highly recommend using Google Photos. It makes taking, storing, editing, and sharing videos a cinch. You can use Google Photos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Related PostsSnorkeling in the Florida Keys Class Activity: Take a Virtual Trip through Google’s Servers School-Wide Implementation of…
  • Talking with Children’s Author S.A. Bodeen

    Clif Mims
    14 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Talking Ed. with S.A. Boodeen Episode 006 (View entire series) “S.A. Bodeen is the author of the acclaimed [young adult] novels The Compound, The Gardener, The Raft, and The Fallout. She is also the author of the Shipwreck Island series for middle grade readers” and she has books scheduled for publication in the next few months. “Raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania, an experience which inspired her to write Elizabeti’s Doll, her first award-winning picture book” (Source). I enjoyed visiting with Stephanie (She said…
  • Teaching What Really Matters

    Clif Mims
    12 Jun 2015 | 11:10 am
    Related PostsBill Cosby Addresses Graduates Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0
  • Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

    Clif Mims
    11 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Google Photos generated this highlight video showcasing some of our family’s experiences during Spring Break 2015. We spent a week in the Florida Keys enjoying snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing, parasailing, sea kayaking, sunsets, and lots of smiles. I highly recommend using Google Photos. It makes taking, storing, editing, and sharing videos a cinch. You can use Google Photos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Related PostsBoogie Boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL Class Activity: Take a Virtual Trip through Google’s Servers Blubbr: Play & Create Video Trivia ESPN Video:…
  • Making Thinking Visible: An Introducton

    Clif Mims
    10 Jun 2015 | 7:30 am
    Harvard’s Project Zero: Part 3 “Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach to integrating the development of students’ thinking with content learning across subject matters. An extensive and adaptable collection of practices, Visible Thinking has a double goal: on the one hand, to cultivate students’ thinking skills and dispositions, and, on the other, to deepen content learning. By thinking dispositions, we mean curiosity, concern for truth and understanding, a creative mindset, not just being skilled but also alert to thinking and learning…
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    Difference Between

  • Difference between Anaesthesiologist and CRNA

    Maitreyi Naigaonkar
    23 Jun 2015 | 1:23 am
    In the United States it is common for anesthesiologists and CRNA personals to work together as a team in patient care management during and after surgery. So the question does arise whether they are... [[This is a summary only. Please visit for detailed view]]
  • The Difference Between a Wound and an Ulcer

    Jade Sison
    21 Jun 2015 | 10:23 pm
    You may hear someone say, “I have an ulcer,” or “I got wounded.”  It is quite confusing to distinguish the difference, most especially if you are not medically inclined.  The topic of wounds and... [[This is a summary only. Please visit for detailed view]]
  • The Difference between Meringue and Pavlova

    Jade Sison
    21 Jun 2015 | 5:23 am
    Sweets! Sweets! Sweets! Don’t you get excited what dessert you’ll be having after a hearty meal? I always do, especially when I am in my grandmother’s house. My granny always creates the best... [[This is a summary only. Please visit for detailed view]]
  • The Difference between Pneumonia and Upper Respiratory Infection

    Jade Sison
    20 Jun 2015 | 12:35 pm
    Runny nose… Cough… Fever… Headache – These symptoms are very common, not only during the winter months, but the whole year round. One minute you have an Upper Respiratory Infection, the next thing... [[This is a summary only. Please visit for detailed view]]
  • The Difference between Shy and Social Anxiety

    Jade Sison
    19 Jun 2015 | 5:35 am
    Maybe you are or someone you know is extremely shy and you might be asking yourself whether this behavior is comparable to social anxiety. It is difficult for most people to understand these... [[This is a summary only. Please visit for detailed view]]
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    Canadian Education Association (CEA) / Association canadienne d’éducation (ACE)

  • Leaving School

    Stephen Hurley
    26 Jun 2015 | 5:26 am
    A Multi-faceted perspective Reading through the blog contributions that accompany the CEA’s latest theme issue, Towards Fewer Dropouts, is a little like holding a diamond up to the light. The diverse perspectives presented here over the past few weeks have helped us to see that the challenges and opportunities that exist, as we pay closer attention to the students who choose to leave our public schools prior to graduation, are quite complex. read more
  • “Homeschool It Is”

    Stephanie Dodge
    19 Jun 2015 | 11:42 am
    The sun is low in Calgary and winter has set in. Despite frigid temperatures and snow-piled streets, the school buses are running. My eight-year-old daughter is rushing around trying to find the “right” pair of pants to wear. She needs to get dressed quickly and to be out at the bus stop before 8:35 a.m. Web exclusive? read more
  • Book Review: The Inclusion Toolbox

    Stephanie Dodge
    18 Jun 2015 | 12:53 pm
    Subtitle:  Strategies and techniques for all teachers Book review of THE INCLUSION TOOLBOX: Strategies and techniques for all teachers, by Jennifer A. Kurth and Megan Gross, Corwin, 2015 ISBN: 9781483344157 Authors:  Barb Brown Web exclusive? read more
  • The Singapore Method

    Stephanie Dodge
    17 Jun 2015 | 9:56 am
    Subtitle:  A new approach to teaching math and science What is the best way to teach math and science? It’s a question that Canadian educators and parents have been asking a lot in recent years, prompted by domestic and international tests that indicate a decline in the math and science test scores of Canadian students. Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) shared results in 2014 showing that more than half of the high school students in Grade 9 Applied Math are not meeting the provincial standard. Authors:  Adam de Pencier Web exclusive? read more
  • L’importance de commencer tôt

    Stephanie Dodge
    16 Jun 2015 | 8:30 am
    Subtitle:  Les maternelles 4 ans temps plein en milieu défavorisé Un décrochage scolaire prévisible Authors:  Monique Brodeur Yolande Brunelle Web exclusive? read more
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    OpenSesame blogs

  • The Long Boom in Health IT
    28 Jun 2015 | 5:00 pm
    Rapid adoption of health IT has transformed healthcare over the last five years. Hospitals have long relied on digital technology, but for many ambulatory providers working in smaller practices, the switch to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has been recent and rapid. It was driven by the government’s Meaningful Use Program, which helped to pay for the new systems. In fact, by April 2015, the government had spent about $30 billion on the effort, transforming the use of technology in medical practices. Smaller practices typically lack their own IT staff, so the opportunities for service…
  • Going Global: 5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Working Abroad
    24 Jun 2015 | 3:25 pm
    As the world economy continues to expand, individuals in the workplace will see many more opportunities to work abroad. You might be thinking: Oh great, a relocation that will take me from the comforts of my stable life and people I love. However, as an ex-expat’s daughter, I can tell you this is not the case. Sure, the transition is hard, but the cultural experience you gain from it is priceless. Moving to a foreign country expands your boundaries, and creates a strong international network of people you can turn to for advice. Companies also benefit from these repatriates who gain a…
  • Sexual Harassment Training Requirements By State
    24 Jun 2015 | 3:03 am
    Sexual harassment hurts everyone. It has obvious effects on the victim: physical and emotional distress, isolation from coworkers, and decreased performance. However, it also poses a threat to businesses. Sexual harassment lawsuits are stressful and expensive. It is essential that employers protect themselves by creating safe work environments. By training their employees, managers, and supervisors, employees can improve productivity by boosting employee morale and significantly reduce the chances of being sued for sexual harassment. In addition to making the right business decision, many…
  • The Surprising Truth About Stress
    22 Jun 2015 | 3:30 pm
    Stress is a universal feeling. Whether you have a project due in the coming hours or  your assignments are piling up, stress sends a burst of cortisol and adrenaline throughout your body. Not only do your glucose levels rise, but your heart beats faster and your blood pressure increases. Everyone experiences stress with different intensity and frequency. The most common reaction to stress is called a fight-or-flight response. This allows us to either conquer the tasks ahead of us or run away from our responsibilities. Contrary to the belief that stress is unhealthy, a certain dose of stress…
  • Forging Perfect Employees With eLearning
    20 Jun 2015 | 7:25 am
    Instructor led training is costly and time consuming in today’s day and age. Not only are subject matter experts a financial burden to training departments, they take too much time to teach new employees the skills, rules and habits they need to develop in order to succeed in their roles. “Showing the ropes” is now a term of the past. With the advancement of technology, the demands for speed, efficiency and quick results become even more important for training departments. By eliminating instructor-led training and other solutions, you can use eLearning to develop, train and grow your…
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    Spanish Playground

  • Vegetables in Spanish: Video and Picture Cards

    1 Jul 2015 | 6:47 pm
    It’s summer, and the vegetables are delicious! It is an excellent time to talk to kids about vegetables in Spanish. The video, Las verduras, is a great place to start. The video was filmed in Mexico, so in addition to vocabulary for vegetables in Spanish, children see elements of Mexican culture. Las verduras teaches the verb form hay and vegetables in Spanish. Below the video you will find vocabulary, notes on culture, activity suggestions and printable picture cards for games. Spanish Words in the Video el mercado – market (See culture and language notes below.) hay –…
  • Poster of Spanish Phrases for Independence Day

    28 Jun 2015 | 10:15 pm
    Independence Day in the United States is just a few days away, and lots of families and friends are gathering to celebrate. If you have children learning Spanish, you can include 4th of July language games and activities. Kids can learn Spanish phrases associated with the holiday from this pretty printable poster. It is always good to learn and practice recognizing cognates and there are lots of those! Download the poster of Spanish phrases for Independence Day. The Spanish phrases in the poster are translations of English words and quotes we commonly associate with Independence Day. You can…
  • Los Cinco Sentidos

    27 Jun 2015 | 9:35 pm
    This online game teaches children about los cinco sentidos, the five senses. La máquina de los sentidos is an activity from Discovery Kids. It is designed to teach native Spanish speakers about taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. La máquina de los cinco sentidos has: – limited, focused vocabulary that is supported by images. – two question structures that are repeated over and over. – excellent audio, so that children are hearing natural Spanish and absorbing the sounds of the language. Play La máquina de los sentidos from Discovery Kids La máquina de los cinco…
  • Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish

    26 Jun 2015 | 5:49 am
    The 4th of July is an opportunity to talk to children about the history of the United States. The celebration inevitably has flags, so you can include language learning by teaching them the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish. Many children recite the pledge from memory and can easily relate the two languages. Below you will find two printables of the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish. One is a color PDF and the other is black and white, so kids can color and decorate it as they please. The black and white printable is a JPG. You can print it as is or resize it. To download and print the image,…
  • Talking to Animals in Spanish

    20 Jun 2015 | 10:54 pm
    Talking to animals in Spanish can help children learn language. You can enlist the help of animal friends in several different ways.  First, animals provide an audience for you to hold a one-sided conversation and describe what you are doing when kids are present. In addition, talking to animals in Spanish as you normally would in English, with all the normal dog or cat phrases, lets kids hear repeated language in specific situations. Finally, pets can provide a receptive, non-judgmental audience for kids to read or sing to. Talking to Pets Pets can serve as a conversation partner so we can…
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    Discover Share Inspire

  • Road Trip with 6 Kids, 4 Countries, 1 Day — France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany

    Rachel Denning
    26 Jun 2015 | 6:11 am
    I know why people don't travel with children. It's annoying. Seriously annoying. Are we there yet?" She's touching me!" I'm thirsty! I'm hungry!" I want to go home." I'm tired." I'm bored." Can we go home now?" Can you believe I'm saying this? Nomadic since 2007, when our oldest was only four (now she's nearly 13), you'd think by now that our kids would be... well, better than that. But they're not. They're still just kids. And truthfully, they're out of practice. We slow travel. That means we do a lot of living abroad, with some traveling mixed in. I realized just how out of practice they…
  • Okay So We’re Not Really Moving to Germany… (And Other Clarifications)

    Rachel Denning
    16 Jun 2015 | 6:00 am
    When I sent out my last post about our upcoming move to Germany, I received quite a response. Most of it was positive. I LOVE LOVE Germany. Thanks for sharing and inspiring other families to be nomadic! Wow, what a leap! Best wishes for things to go as smoothly as possible now that the countdown to the move is ticking by. I'm really excited to see your posts once you're over there. Europe is so amazing and talk about a rich learning environment for everybody. Wow! I love how you chose Germany - so much cooler than what I assumed . . . a great job opportunity, or something like that. That…
  • So… We’re Moving to Germany (+ How We Decided Where to Live in the World)

    Rachel Denning
    8 Jun 2015 | 11:14 am
    SAY WHAT?! Germany? Why Germany?? Isn't homeschooling illegal there? Isn't it the OPPOSITE of your free-living, rule-less, barefoot, beach lifestyle in Costa Rica? What about Alaska to Argentina?  Believe me when I tell you, that even though I did want to see Germany at some point in my life (I am part German after all), it wasn't high on my list of 'next places'. It practically wasn't on the radar. In fact my 'preconceived notions' of what Germany is like placed it on the 'countries to avoid' list, at least for now, with our homeschooling, 'free-loving hippie' brood. Too many rules. Too…
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  • Flipped Classroom: Engaging Students with EdPuzzle

    Catlin Tucker
    29 Jun 2015 | 3:32 pm
    The flipped classroom model is a blended learning strategy I use to present my vocabulary, writing, and grammar instruction online. Students watch videos at home where they can control the pace of their learning, then they come to class prepared to apply that information in collaborative student-centered activities. One thing I emphasize when I lead professional development for teachers is the importance of flipping and engaging. Instead of simply consuming information, I want students to think critically about that information. This requires that I design flipped lessons that encourage…
  • 3 Ways to Support Teachers as the Educational Landscape Evolves

    Catlin Tucker
    18 Jun 2015 | 1:44 am
    In 1964, Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a changin’.” This is as true today as it was then. Technology is playing a major role in the changes happening now. This can be exciting or scary depending on your perspective. When I work with teachers, it’s clear that many are resistant to the changes happening in education. I believe this resistance has more to do with fear than a reluctance to continue learning and evolving in their practice. Most teachers enter this profession because they genuinely love to learn; however, many of us get into the classroom and feel…
  • 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom

    Catlin Tucker
    10 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
    My school is FINALLY a Google Apps for Education (GAfE) School! I’m beyond thrilled. Last year, I could not use Google Classroom because only GAfE schools had access to Google’s new online platform. Now, I get to experience how Google Classroom makes it easier to communicate with students, manage student work and provide meaningful feedback. Although I was initially very excited about the prospect of using Google Classroom with students come fall, I also felt really behind. I had no idea how Google Classroom worked. Lucky for me Alice Keeler and Libbi Miller wrote 50 Things You…
  • 5 Outside of the Box Assessments Ideas

    Catlin Tucker
    3 Jun 2015 | 1:14 pm
    As another school year comes to a close, many of us are designing our end of the year assessments or knee deep grading them. For those still in the planning stages of their end of the year assessments, I want to encourage you to think outside of the box. The final assessment does not have to be a pen and paper or scantron exam. We have one last opportunity to engage students and ask them to demonstrate higher-order thinking and creativity in their final assessment. However, this requires that we demonstrate the same level of creativity in the design of that assessment. Not all students do…
  • Free Range Teaching

    Catlin Tucker
    18 May 2015 | 1:34 pm
    I was listening to NPR last month when they did a story on free range parenting. The story covered the debate about the pros and cons of this approach, which values self-reliance and independence. The free range movement is a response to “helicopter” parents who are overly involved in their children’s lives, thus stifling their ability to cultivate the qualities valued by free range parents. As I listened to this debate, I immediately thought of it in the context of the classroom. There is an interesting shift happening in education right now that touches on a similar…
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    Punya Mishra's Web

  • TPACK in Science: New book & chapter

    Punya Mishra
    22 Jun 2015 | 7:41 am
    I was invited to write an epilogue for a new book on the development of science teachers TPACK (with a specific focus on East Asia), and I “volunteered” my colleague Danah Henriksen to help with it (thanks Danah). The book was recently published. Here is the citation of our chapter (a pdf link to the chapter and a link to the book on the publishers website) as well as a description (below the break). Mishra, P., Henriksen, D. (2015). The end of the beginning: An epilogue. In Ying Shao Hsu. Development of Science Teachers’ TPACK. East Asian Practices. Springer. p.
  • New Computational Thinking article published

    Punya Mishra
    18 Jun 2015 | 11:58 pm
    Voogt, J., Fisser., P. Good, J., Mishra, P., & Yadav, A. (2015). Computational thinking in compulsory education: Towards an agenda for research and practice. Education & Information Technologies. Available at Abstract Computational Thinking is considered a universal competence, which should be added to every child’s analytical ability as a vital ingredient of their school learning. In this article we further elaborate on what Computational Thinking is and present examples of what needs to be taught and how. First we…
  • Creative teachers study cited by neaToday

    Punya Mishra
    12 Jun 2015 | 10:55 am
    Danah Henriksen and I recently published a paper in TCRecord titled:We teach who we are: Creativity in the lives and practices of accomplished teachers. More details of the paper and link to download it can be found on this page: Creativity & Teaching, new article in TCRecord. We found out today that this research was covered by the National Education Association’s online presence neaToday in an article titled:  How Teachers Stay Creative In the High-Stakes Testing Era. Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. (in press). We teach who we are: Creativity in the lives and practices of…
  • TPACK in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Ed Tech

    Punya Mishra
    4 Jun 2015 | 7:39 am
    The SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational Technology, edited by Dr. Michael Spector just got published. We have one article in it on (no surprise there) TPACK! Koehler, M., & Mishra, P. (2015). TPACK (technological pedagogical content knowledge). In J. Spector (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of educational technology. (pp. 783-786). Thousand Oaks,, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. doi: The encyclopedia has many other articles that cite the TPACK framework. Two that have TPACK in the title are: Herring, M., & Smaldino, S. (2015). TPACK (technological…
  • TPACK Newsletter #23: May 2015

    Punya Mishra
    2 Jun 2015 | 10:51 pm
    TPACK Newsletter, Issue #23: May 2015 Welcome to the twenty-third edition of the (approximately bimonthly) TPACK Newsletter! TPACK work is continuing worldwide. This document contains recent updates to that work that we hope will be interesting and useful to you, our subscribers. If you are not sure what TPACK is, please surf over to to find out more. Gratuitous Quote About Knowledge: “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” – Peter Drucker In This Issue -1. Gratuitous Quote About Knowledge 0. In This Issue (You…
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    Education Best Practice

  • replica ray bans | replica ray ban sunglasses 1091

    23 Jun 2015 | 10:43 am
    Fifty Years Of Movie Parts by Neil Ebsworth in Entertainment at Isnare Non Technical Characteristics of a Great Drum TeacherBy Sarah Lee Tan last 3 days agoMore Than Just Beginners TM Flute LessonsBy Jess C. Tan last 3 days agoAdvantages of Taking Saxophone Lessons at SchoolBy Melissa C. Tan last 1 week agoTips For Beginners Before Starting Keyboard LessonsBy Jazz Tan last 1 week agoFunny Slogans For T shirtsBy Cicci Yu last 2 weeks ago8 Qualities to Look For in Your Ukulele TeacherBy Audrey C. Tan last 2 weeks agoMore Than Just Beginners’ Cello LessonsBy Stacy C. Tan last 2 weeks…
  • fake ray bans | cheap ray bans 2070

    23 Jun 2015 | 10:42 am
    Tracking the 2014 election Results: Curt Clawson Candidates: Republican Curt Clawson, for the third time in eight months, won the District 19 congressional seat by defeating Democrat April Freeman and Libertarian Ray discount ray bans Netherwood. Clawson is a former CEO of automotive supply company Hayes Lemmerz. He made millions of dollars while running the company. He has cheap ray bans aligned himself with "constitutional conservatives" in his three months in Congress. Freeman was a longtime Republican before switching and eventually working on the 2012 campaign of President…
  • cheap ray bans | fake ray bans 6003

    23 Jun 2015 | 10:39 am
    salmon eggs as bait south of I An expanded ruling by the Ohio Department of Agriculture has put the legal kibosh on the use of trout and salmon eggs as bait anywhere south of Interstate 90. That means it is illegal for anglers stripping trout eggs from steelhead caught from the Vermilion, Rocky, Grand and Chagrin rivers, discount ray bans as well as Conneaut Creek, to make up spawn sacks utilizing the roe. Also applicable is a prohibition on the use of eggs obtained elsewhere, such as from brown trout and king salmon caught from the waters of the Niagara River or Lake Ontario. The effort on…
  • Michael Kors discounts | Michael Kors handbags outlet 2013

    23 Jun 2015 | 6:08 am
    Setting Up A Successful Affiliate Program Setting up an Affiliate Program for your web hosting company is a great way to jumpstart sales and expose your brand to a new set of visitors you normally wouldn’t have access to. I usually like to advise taking a two pronged approach to ensure a successful Affiliate Program initiative for your web hosting business. Utilize Your Customers Easily the best weapon in your sales arsenal is your current customer base. Not only could a majority of them already be publishers on high traffic cheap Michael Kors websites, they’re also loyal, they…
  • replica Michael Kors handbags | cheap Michael kors handbags outlet 6676

    23 Jun 2015 | 6:07 am
    Train fares rise nearly three times faster than wages in six years Train fares have risen nearly three times faster than wages in the past six years, a study reveals today. Thousands of furious campaigners are set to protest today against the increases as it emerged there will be another inflation busting price hike, of up to 9%, in January. TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: "Every year hard pressed rail commuters have to hand over an ever greater share of their earnings just to get to and from work. "Fare rises aren’t going on much needed service Michael Kors…
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  • Why Students Should Connect with their Professors

    Marcia Cantarella, Ph.D.
    2 Jul 2015 | 3:00 am
    If you want to know why students should connect with  their professors think of this sad image:  There she is sitting in her office surrounded […]
  • Clubs Help Prevent Summer Slide With STEM Activities

    Wilma Stone
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:00 am
    As part of a new redesign of its summer programs, the Boys and Girls Clubs help prevent summer slide with STEM activities.  Summer slide is […]
  • Music and Math

    Janet Hill
    1 Jul 2015 | 5:00 am
    A new study suggests that the connection between music and math occurs for various reasons. Many of them may not be what most musicians or […]
  • Learning the History and Culture of Art

    Patrick Tegge
    1 Jul 2015 | 3:00 am
    A summer camp offered by an artist helped young students learn the history and culture of art. They also had a lot of fun! Roseville […]
  • Finding Common Core Resources in Spanish is Challenging

    Lawrence Daniel
    30 Jun 2015 | 8:00 am
    Teachers in bilingual programs have discovered that finding Common Core resources in Spanish is challenging. At Freedom Elementary School, students in the bilingual program just […]
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    Education News » Daily

  • Simple classroom measures may reduce the impact of ADHD

    American Association for the Advancement of Science
    2 Jul 2015 | 4:31 am
    But more robust research is needed to identify best approach Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be successfully supported in classrooms through strategies that do not involve drugs, new research has indicated. These children are typically restless, act without thinking and struggle to concentrate, which causes particular problems for them and for others in school. A systematic review was led by the University of Exeter Medical School funded by NIHR’s Health Research Technology Assessment programme and supported by the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in…
  • At Majority-Minority Schools, Confederate Names Remain

    Texas Tribune
    2 Jul 2015 | 4:24 am
    The Tribune identified 28 schools in Texas named after Confederate leaders Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and Albert Sidney Johnston. Of those, four have a majority of white students. At Midland’s Robert E. Lee High School — where 31 percent of the student body is white — the football team is nicknamed the Rebels and fans sometimes fly Confederate flags to show their support. But a civil rights group has called for change. Across the state at Houston’s Lee High School, which is 4 percent white, district leaders dropped the “Robert E.” from the school’s…
  • Library slams book on Christian meetings

    2 Jul 2015 | 3:28 am
      ‘Shall not be allowed use for the sake of proselytizing’ Christians have been charged with discrimination for exercising their religion in the running of flower shops, photography studios and bakeries, and now they’re allegedly the victims of discrimination themselves through the policy of a Massachusetts library. A non-profit evangelical legal group has sued Lawrence, Massachusetts, over the public library’s refusal to allow Christian groups to use its meeting rooms to discuss their faith. The facility allows a wide range of interest groups to use the rooms but refused…
  • The gradation rates from every school district* in one map

    The Hechinger Report
    2 Jul 2015 | 3:24 am
    A one-of-a-kind analysis of how each district fares by Sarah Butrymowicz Until now, if you wanted to know how a school district’s high school graduation rate fared against other states or regions, you’d have to rely on state averages from the federal government. We decided that’s not good enough. Since we’re becoming a little obsessed with high school reform over here, I gathered the district-level statistics nationwide and compiled them for anyone else as curious as we are. The government mandated a uniform way of calculating high school graduation rates beginning with the class of…
  • Local Control Is Overrated

    Education Reform Now
    2 Jul 2015 | 3:10 am
    By Marianne Lombardo From marriage equality, affordable health insurance, and hopefully the coming removal of the Confederate flag to national school desegregation and interracial marriage . . . none of these things would have come about had they been left to local control. Nobody likes being told what to do. But when local control seeks to maintain the status quo at the expense of the rights and fairness to others, it’s time for the state or nation to step in and do the right thing. Let’s use this teachable moment in history to ramp up the fight for greater equity in education. Let’s…
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    LFA: Join The Conversation - Public School Insights

  • Improving Schools From Within: Resources to Help You Make Change

    1 Jul 2015 | 1:59 pm
    By Marge Scherer, Editor in Chief, Educational Leadership “If you believe that all children can have equal opportunity, get out of your seat and start doing something about it.” These words, spoken by P.S. 55 principal Luis Torres at a recent ASCD symposium on poverty and learning, could be the mantra of all the authors in our summer digital-only edition of Educational Leadership(EL) Like Torres, many of the authors in this special bonus issue speak from personal experience about how they and their colleagues, no matter the obstacles, are making progress in improving schools from within.
  • Reflections on 30 Years of Working in Education Technology

    Cheryl S. Williams
    30 Jun 2015 | 11:35 am
    In 1987 I attended my first ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference in Philadelphia.  At that time the meeting was called NECC, short for the National Education Computing Conference.  Saturday, I arrived in Philadelphia for my 28th visit to this event that attracts K-12 educators and university researchers from around the world.  As I reflect on both the topics discussed and the nature of the meeting, much has changed and still much has remained the same.  In sessions, innovative education leaders continue to emphasize that the technology should…
  • Summer Is the Perfect Time to Take Stock of Your Communication Weaknesses

    National School Public Relations Association
    29 Jun 2015 | 9:59 am
    By Rich Bagin, APR, Executive Director, National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) Most people outside of our profession do not fully grasp how busy school leaders are during the summer. Whether it is preparing your facilities for the new year, juggling last-minute staffing changes, upgrading tech applications, getting instructional materials and furniture where they belong, or planning professional development of all sorts for your instructional staff, you’ve got your hands full. But for many school leaders, early summer is a good time for a bit of retrospection. And, take it…
  • Wyo. Superintendent Helps Staff, Community Understand Data

    Joetta Sack-Min
    25 Jun 2015 | 9:00 pm
    Dr. Summer Stephens believes that educators are only beginning to understand the power of assessments and data to improve teaching and learning. And, as superintendent of Westin County School District #7 in Upton, Wyo., she sees that the Common Core State Standards are beginning to transform not only what is being taught but also the way her students are learning. She recently spoke with the Learning First Alliance for its “Get It Right: Common Sense on the Common Core” national campaign. As part of the campaign, LFA is profiling educators across the country to learn about their…
  • Repetitive Reading to Toddlers Reaps Big Rewards

    Joetta Sack-Min
    25 Jun 2015 | 9:32 am
    “One more time.” These are the most dreaded words when you’re trying to get a rambunctious two year old to go to sleep—and it’s already 10:30 p.m. The big stack of board books had toppled. The Dreamland CD was finishing its last lullaby. Mom needed to do some work before bed. But my son wouldn’t give it up—he just wanted to read the same books over and over: “Good Night Little Pookie” and the whole series of Sandra Boynton’s board books, “Trains” by Byron Barton, the classic “Big Joe’s Trailer Truck,” and anything about trucks, trains, or transportation.
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    My College Guide

  • College Scholarships Ending in July 2015

    30 Jun 2015 | 5:35 am
    Apply for College Scholarships Get ready to write! Most of the scholarships with deadlines in July require you to write an essay. As you write your essay, be creative and be sure to explain your thoughts and ideas thoroughly. Also, remember to check each scholarship’s criteria for essay word limits so you don’t write a too long or too short essay. Here are few highlights of college scholarships with deadlines in July: Spokeo Connections Scholarship: Win a $1,000 scholarship by writing an essay on one of three topics related to social networking or “Big Data.” Applicants may be high…
  • 9 Tools to Help You Budget for College and Save Money

    16 Jun 2015 | 5:19 am
    Tools to Budget and Save Money for College Getting a college education is a big investment, and it’s never too early to start earning money for money to help pay for college. The following websites and apps can help you plan your budget, save money on things you buy and better manage your money while you’re in high school, in college and beyond. Money Management – This site has money management info and advice, as well as a toolkit with budget worksheets and a debt payoff calculator (handy for helping you figure out how long it will take you to pay back your student loans).
  • The Summer After High School Junior Year: 10 Ways to Make the Most of Summer Break

    2 Jun 2015 | 4:28 am
    Ways to Prepare for College During Summer Summer is not only a time for relaxing. It’s also a great time to get a head start earning money to pay for college, spending quality time with friends and upping your game by learning new skills. Check out these 10 ways to make the most of the summer break between your junior and senior years. Get a job. Start earning money for college by working part-time at a local store. Or, start your own lawn mowing service and ask neighbors if they’ll pay you to mow their lawns. Another option: take a Red Cross babysitting course and then offer your…
  • College Scholarships Ending in June 2015

    19 May 2015 | 5:37 am
    Apply for College Scholarships Many college scholarships with deadlines in June have deadlines coming up very quickly—like June 1. Check out these eight college scholarship opportunities available for future business leaders, writers, student-athletes and students who want to make a difference in the world. Blaze Wifi Rural Students Scholarship: To apply for this $500 scholarship, you’ll need to write a blog post about whether you prefer living in the city or country more. High school seniors and current college students can apply. Deadline: June 1 CEO of Tomorrow Scholarship: This annual…
  • Should You Accept an Unpaid Internship?

    5 May 2015 | 5:11 am
    Questions to Ask Before Accepting an Internship Internships for high school and college students come in many forms, and not all internships pay students for their work. In fact, unpaid internships have been in the news in recent years due to former unpaid interns suing the companies they interned for. As a result, some companies now offer at least minimum wage to interns, but others still offer unpaid opportunities. So is it a good idea to accept an unpaid internship? Here’s a look at the questions you should ask the employer and yourself before accepting an unpaid internship experience.
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    Extension on the Go

  • Keeping Brown Patch at Bay (Debbie Johnson)
    19 Jun 2015 | 7:43 am
    Brown patch spreading on a tall fescue lawn (Photo by Brad Fresenburg, turf specialist for University of Missouri Extension) Conditions are perfect for brown patch to ravage your lawn. Control isn’t easy and it may be better to give up and wait for the fall to reseed areas where the fungus damaged your grass. Today’s guest is Lee Miller, a plant pathologist for University of Missouri Extension. He has tips for controlling brown patch and lawn maintenance practices that can curb the spread of the disease.     Identification and Management of Turfgrass Diseases
  • Brown Patch Lawn Disease Could Erupt in Home Landscapes This Summer (Debbie Johnson)
    11 Jun 2015 | 12:49 pm
    Brown spot in a tall fescue lawn (Photo by Brad Fresenburg, turf specialist for University of Missouri Extension) Nitrogen fertilizer, heat and water is like ringing the dinner bell for fungi hoping to snack on your nice green lawn. If you have tall fescue, the culprit is Rhizoctonia solani, which causes brown patch. As the name implies, brown patches show up in your lawn. Many homeowners, when they see their grass turn brown, add fertilizer and water to help it green up. Big mistake, your giving the fungus exactly what it needs. Today’s guest is Brad Fresenburg, turf specialist for…
  • Forget April — May Had All the Showers (Debbie Johnson)
    8 Jun 2015 | 1:16 pm
    Bad weather always looks worse through a window. ~ Tom Lehrer, singer-songwriter May was very wet in Missouri with some parts of the state getting more than 10 inches of rain. But, all that precipitation could be good news for the summer forecast. Today’s guest is Pat Guinan, climatologist for University of Missouri Extension’s Commercial Agriculture Program.  
  • Got Calcium? Your Tomatoes Need It (Debbie Johnson)
    5 Jun 2015 | 10:04 am
    Blossom-end rot is first seen when tomatoes are one-third to one-half full size. (Photo by Patrick Byers, University of Missouri Extension) When tomatoes, peppers, melons, and eggplant develop a sunken, rotten spot on the end of the fruit it’s not caused by a disease or insect pest. It happens when the plant doesn’t get enough calcium. It’s a fairly common garden problem. Turns out there are lots of things that can happen that can deny calcium to your plants. Today’s guest is David Trinklein, horticulture specialist for University of Missouri Extension. He discuss the…
  • The Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise – Periodical Cicadas Arriving in Missouri (Debbie Johnson)
    2 Jun 2015 | 12:35 pm
    “Do you know the legend about cicadas? They say they are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet because, when they were alive, they never wrote the poems they wanted to.” ~ John Berger, author (Photo by Roger Meissen) It’s an amazing event that only occurs in North America. Periodical cicadas live underground for 13 and 17 years, and then in one mass reproduction cession the crawl out of the ground and take to the trees. They will come out in the thousands, and it can be very overwhelming because these insects will make a lot of noise for several weeks. This year the periodical…
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    Melanie's Corner

  • Learning ZoneXpress Celebrates 18 Years in Business!

    LZX Team
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:32 am
    In June Learning ZoneXpress turned 18 years old and we are extremely grateful for all of our customers and relationships built over the years. Learning ZoneXpress was established in 1997 in Owatonna, MN to satisfy consumer demand for consistent quality in affordable nutrition and life skills education resources. Our success of being in business for 18 years is a combination of factors, but it is foundational to the creativity and tenacity of its founder Melanie Nelson and her unyielding commitment to the improvement of educational resources. Melanie’s passion and energetic personality are…
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs Supported

    LZX Team
    30 Jun 2015 | 6:23 pm
    From our friends at GrantStation… Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs Supported Children’s Obesity Fund The Children’s Obesity Fund seeks to educate parents, teachers, and other caregivers about the rising obesity rates in America, reverse the statistics and dangerous trends, and help prevent the next generation from continuing down this alarmingly unhealthy road. Support is provided to nonprofit organizations throughout the United States that share the Fund’s goal of eliminating the epidemic of childhood obesity. The focus is on increasing awareness and understanding of…
  • Economic Literacy Initiatives Funded

    LZX Team
    29 Jun 2015 | 7:23 pm
    From our friends at GrantStation… Economic Literacy Initiatives Funded Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation is dedicated to the goal of increasing economic literacy throughout the United States. The Foundation provides grants to programs with national impact that address the following issues: raising the public’s participation in economic education and creating a demand for greater economic literacy; encouraging measurement of economic understanding; developing the application of new strategies for teaching economics, including online…
  • Brand New Nutrition Education Cards Have Arrived!

    LZX Team
    24 Jun 2015 | 2:20 pm
    We are excited to let you know that we have added many more titles to our brand new product line of nutrition Education Cards! This exciting new way to educate your clients now offers 12 different titles to choose from. Educational topics include: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby feeding, child nutrition, family nutrition and general nutrition. Why Use Education Cards to Educate Your Clients?: • They are simple, easy-to-read, and economical. • They were specifically designed for WIC, SNAP-Ed, and EFNEP clients. • These cards offer useful, practical nutrition tips for parents and…
  • Youth Service Day Planning Funds Available

    LZX Team
    19 Jun 2015 | 5:31 pm
    From our friends at GrantStation… Youth Service Day Planning Funds Available Youth Service America: Global Youth Service Day Lead Agency Program Youth Service America (YSA) is a resource center that partners with organizations committed to increasing the quality and quantity of volunteer opportunities for young people to serve locally, nationally, and globally. YSA’s Global Youth Service Day Lead Agency Program offers organizations support to lead high-impact, high-visibility youth service activities and celebration events during Global Youth Service Day, April 15-17, 2016. Lead…
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    Live to Learn! blogs

  • அகில உலக யோகத் திருநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

    20 Jun 2015 | 3:30 pm
    அனைவருக்கும் அகில உலக யோகத் திருநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்! நாம் அனைவரும் காண விரும்பும் ஒரு புதிய உலகத்தை நோக்கிய பயணத்தின் முதல் படியாக இந்நாள் அமையட்டும். நமது உள்நிலை பயணத்தின் தொடக்கமாக அமையட்டும். அனைவரும்…
  • International Yoga Day Wishes

    20 Jun 2015 | 3:30 pm
    International Yoga Day Wishes to All! Let it be the beginning of new world we want to see.  Let it be the beginning of inner engineering of us. Let it be the way to get happiness & peace. Category: GeneralTags: YogaYoga Dayதமிழ் Read more at
  • Inbox by Gmail - New App To Do with E-mail

    13 Nov 2014 | 7:25 am
    Interface revamp is happening everywhere.  Recent mobile operating system Google Android L (Lollipop) has revamped its interface and every Google App receiving update with material design.  By the way Google has released 'Inbox by Gmail' mobile app & web app. Now you can interact with your e-mails more efficiently and never miss any important tasks. This "Inbox by Gmail" app neatly organize and bundle your e-mail messages by it's type.  Advantages - You can... Read more at
  • Free Courses & Video Lectures Online - Most useful Websites

    22 Jun 2014 | 1:24 am
    Do you wish to do a course online or learn a subject that you are interested? Here we listing some most useful websites that provides online courses for free.  Video Lectures Notes Evaluations   1. Coursera You can join and do any courses, there are proffessional teachers to help you. Video lectures, Assignments, Project and Evaluaitons available. 2. NPTEL National Programme on Technology Enchanced Learning - A Goverment of India funded Online Education System by IITs... Read more at
  • Convert Currency in Number to Words (Indian Rupees)

    17 May 2014 | 7:27 am
    Cheques, invoices, bills, receipts are needs to have the currency format both in Numerical and words. The below script can be used in Microsoft Excel / Word / Access or any VBA program supported applications to convert the currency in number format to worlds (English).  Function ConvertCurrencyToEnglish(ByVal MyNumber)' Edited by Karthikeyan Dim Temp Dim Rupees, Paise Dim DecimalPlace, Count  ReDim Place(9) As... Read more at
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  • Our annual “Bubble??” post

    2 Jul 2015 | 3:00 am
    People seem to always be talking about bubbles. This is an especially popular worry to be intellectualizing about – practically a national pastime – ever since the 2008 financial crisis. Since every adult alive today experienced the very real drama and even scariness of that era, it’s still fresh in the minds. And, humans like to worry. It’s just what we do. So it’s not surprising to see the worry about possible bubbles migrate from asset class to asset class, and even to other elements of the economic ecosystem. Like the MBA. On a fairly regular basis we get…
  • ($) Are you too old to get into business school?

    1 Jul 2015 | 2:26 am
    Short answer: No, definitely not. Nuanced and more accurate answer: It depends on what you mean by “business school.” If you’re asking, “Am I too old to get into a hypercompetitive full-time American MBA program?” Then it all depends on who you are and why you want to go and what’s happening with your profile… While much of the blahg is available completely for free, the content here is for full blahg access members only. Please visit the site and log in/purchase a membership to read the rest of this article.
  • Remember: Your first drafts are going to suck.

    30 Jun 2015 | 2:04 am
    Whenever anybody sends in material for review by EssaySnark, we know that they think that it’s good. Err well waitaminit… Sometimes people just phone it in. No idea why anyone would do that. After all if you’re paying for our help on your apps, we’d think that you’d put in the most effort possible to do as well as you can on everything before asking for feedback. You send in sloppy illogical typo-ridden crap to us, we’re going to get stuck on critiquing that. (Plus it may prove a little irksome, given all the resources available to you to do a better job…
  • ($) Talking about transcripts

    29 Jun 2015 | 2:27 am
    If you’re planning on applying to business school this Fall then there’s at least one important area you should get moving on now: Ordering your college transcripts. This is particularly important for international applicants who may be subject to unwieldy bureacracies in simply getting the transcripts in hand, AND – very important – if your… While much of the blahg is available completely for free, the content here is for full blahg access members only. Please visit the site and log in/purchase a membership to read the rest of this article.
  • The secret of MOMENTUM

    26 Jun 2015 | 2:01 am
    Today EssaySnark is going to let you in on a little life secret. This can truly change things for you on a daily basis and on to forevermore. This trick is especially relevant and helpful for those of you currently studying for the GMAT. (If you’ll recall from our post awhile ago, if you have yet to take the GMAT, then NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!) Here’s the secret: When you work towards a goal, and you build up the momentum of actively trying to accomplish it … and then one day comes along that you ACTUALLY DO accomplish it … do NOT treat that as “Goal…
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    Math Tutoring Online - One-on-one Math Tutor - Rebecca Zook

  • Want to meet at the NCGS conference?

    Rebecca Zook
    9 Jun 2015 | 8:48 pm
    Hey there! If you’re planning to be at the National Coalition of Girls Schools Conference this June in Richmond… I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be giving a talk at the conference: “Secrets of the Math Mastery Mindset: How to help girls who are failing, freaking out, or secretly crying themselves to sleep about math to rise to the top of the class and transform their relationship with math forever” Wed, June 24 11.15 am or 11.45 am (2 back-to-back 25-minute sessions, you can attend either one) St Catherine’s School Dining Hall (look for the table…
  • “Now I feel connected to math” [video interview with my student Jessica]

    Rebecca Zook
    12 May 2015 | 6:05 pm
    I don’t normally post testimonials here on my blog – they have their own beautiful area over on my testimonials page – but I am just so excited to share this new video interview with my student, Jessica! In the video, Jessica talks with me about what math was like before we started working together on Algebra 2 and pre-calculus – how she was really upset, didn’t like learning math, and how it was really, really bad. And she also spoke from the heart about how now she feels inspired, connected, and genuinely LIKES math!! Jessica is one of my favorite students of…
  • How to check if your kid actually understands what you just said

    Rebecca Zook
    5 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    Wait. Does your kid REALLY understand what you just said? Here is a super simple way to check if your kid understands what you’re explaining to them. After you demonstrate a math problem, just ask them to teach it back to you like they’re the teacher and you’re the student. This gives the student a chance to be an even more active learner. They have to take more initiative than they would if you were just explaining it to them, or even if you were doing it interactively together. It reinforces what you just explained at a deeper level! And it helps you get clear on whether or not they…
  • The secret ingredients of true math mastery

    Rebecca Zook
    22 Jan 2015 | 5:00 am
    That’s me – playing my cello in Central Park! When I tell people that I have two parallel, seemingly unrelated careers – one as a math mastery mentor/joyful learning expert, and the other as a bad-ass cello diva and pioneering performer – it’s not uncommon for their eyes to light up and for them to exclaim, “OF COURSE! Math and music are SO connected! That makes so much sense. It’s normal if you’re good at one to be good at the other!” But… to be totally honest… the ways I experience math and music, they’re so, so different from each other. And I spent…
  • What to do when your kid’s math terrifies you

    Rebecca Zook
    8 Jan 2015 | 5:00 am
    “This is terrifying,” my student’s mom confided in me as we discussed my student’s taking one of the most advanced math classes you can take in high school. “What my daughter is doing is way beyond any math I’ve ever attempted.” Does this sound familiar? Your kid is doing math that, if you needed to explain it to them, you would have a panic attack? mental meltdown? total and complete incomprehension? This is a situation that I face all the time. Sometimes a kid’s math will cross the “parental capability threshold” in elementary school. Sometimes it’s middle school.
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    MindShare Learning

  • MindShare Moment: Dr. Tony Bates on his new book, Teaching in the Digital Age

    17 Jun 2015 | 12:10 pm
    Tony Bates is President and CEO of Tony Bates Associates Ltd, a private company specializing in consultancy and training in the planning and management of e-learning and distance education. The company was started in 2003, and since then has served over 50 clients in 30 countries. Recent contracts include work for the U.K. Open University, the Council of Ontario Universities, and for many Canadian colleges and universities, advising on their e-learning strategies. He has been a Research Associate with Contact North since 2007. His latest book, Teaching in a Digital Age, is in production…
  • Exclusive Podcast with Joe Wilson, Senior Strategist in Education Technology

    17 Jun 2015 | 12:04 pm
    Joseph is currently working as an Education Advisor at  MaRS Discovery District, working with education technology entrepreneurs. He developed the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshop Series, and consults on a wide range of educational programming. He writes on topics of science, culture and city issues for NOW Magazine, the Globe and Mail, Spacing and Yonge Street. He has edited two books and written many academic papers in astronomy, education, entrepreneurship and innovation strategies. He has also appeared on CityTV, the Space Network, CBC, CTV and Talk TV.      
  • C21 Shifting Minds 3.0 Review

    3 Jun 2015 | 5:08 am
    by Timothy Gard, TDSB Educator & MSL Report Contributing Writer As the title of C21’s newest paper suggests – Shifting Minds 3.0: Redefining the Learning Landscape in Canada- there is a need to change the current mindset that currently exists in Canada’s ‘Learning Landscape’. Of course this necessitates some definitions and qualifications about what needs to be changed in public education and how this ‘systematic transformation’ will occur and so the author(s) sets out on a rather succinct excursus showing how this out to be accomplished. The clarion call is to ensure…
  • MindShare Musings – The Connectors, Leaders, and People on the Move

    2 Jun 2015 | 6:06 pm
    MindShare recently hosted its 8th annual advisory board meeting at MaRsDD recently to reflect and peer into the future of EdTech trends. Special thanks to are much valued board members who help us keep a pulse for what’s happening in EdTech in Canada. Meeting of the Minds! Mindshare’s  board members (L-R) David Marsi, Ron Sedran, Cheryl Paige, Marty Keast, Robert Martellacci, (On Skype screen: Dr. Camille Rutherford, Ian Fogarty), Michael Furdyk Thank you! Marty Keast, former Pearson K12 president and  founder, Forever Learning Corporation was honoured at the recent  MindShare Learning…
  • Exlusive Podcast with Mistene Clapp, MindShare Digital Learning Video Challenge Winner

    1 Jun 2015 | 2:12 pm
    Mistene Clapp is this years MindShare Digital Learning Video Challenge winner for Central Canada with her video from Southview Public School in Ontario.
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    Clif Mims | Education and Technology

  • Boogie Boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL

    Clif Mims
    18 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Google Photos generated this highlight video showcasing some of our family’s experiences during Spring Break 2015. We wrapped-up the trip by spending two days boogie boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL. There was a huge storm headed inland on the first day, so the waves were huge. I highly recommend using Google Photos. It makes taking, storing, editing, and sharing videos a cinch. You can use Google Photos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Related PostsSnorkeling in the Florida Keys Class Activity: Take a Virtual Trip through Google’s Servers School-Wide Implementation of…
  • Talking with Children’s Author S.A. Bodeen

    Clif Mims
    14 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Talking Ed. with S.A. Boodeen Episode 006 (View entire series) “S.A. Bodeen is the author of the acclaimed [young adult] novels The Compound, The Gardener, The Raft, and The Fallout. She is also the author of the Shipwreck Island series for middle grade readers” and she has books scheduled for publication in the next few months. “Raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania, an experience which inspired her to write Elizabeti’s Doll, her first award-winning picture book” (Source). I enjoyed visiting with Stephanie (She said…
  • Teaching What Really Matters

    Clif Mims
    12 Jun 2015 | 11:10 am
    Related PostsBill Cosby Addresses Graduates Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0
  • Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

    Clif Mims
    11 Jun 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Google Photos generated this highlight video showcasing some of our family’s experiences during Spring Break 2015. We spent a week in the Florida Keys enjoying snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing, parasailing, sea kayaking, sunsets, and lots of smiles. I highly recommend using Google Photos. It makes taking, storing, editing, and sharing videos a cinch. You can use Google Photos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Related PostsBoogie Boarding at Cocoa Beach, FL Class Activity: Take a Virtual Trip through Google’s Servers Blubbr: Play & Create Video Trivia ESPN Video:…
  • Making Thinking Visible: An Introducton

    Clif Mims
    10 Jun 2015 | 7:30 am
    Harvard’s Project Zero: Part 3 “Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach to integrating the development of students’ thinking with content learning across subject matters. An extensive and adaptable collection of practices, Visible Thinking has a double goal: on the one hand, to cultivate students’ thinking skills and dispositions, and, on the other, to deepen content learning. By thinking dispositions, we mean curiosity, concern for truth and understanding, a creative mindset, not just being skilled but also alert to thinking and learning…
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    EduTek n Social Media Advisor

  • Geofeedia: Location Based Social Media Monitoring Tool

    EduTek_SocialMedia Consultant
    19 Jun 2015 | 3:39 am
    We are familiar with social media monitoring tools based on keywords / hashtags. Now let me introduce Geofeedia that monitors based on location first and then using other parameters. According to Geofeedia’s website, it is a  ‘location based social media monitoring platform that lets you search, engage, and analyze real-time social media content from anywhere in the world — with a single click’ Image Source: Unlike usual social media listening tools, Geofeedia runs the search first by location rather than by keywords or hashtags. Thus you get more hidden data…
  • My Recent Updates in Educational Technology & SMM

    EduTek_SocialMedia Consultant
    15 Jun 2015 | 11:29 pm
    My recent updates in Educational Technology and Social Media Marketing can be accessed by visiting the following links: Educational Technology Social Media Marketing
  • Innovative Digital Marketing Conference

    EduTek_SocialMedia Consultant
    20 May 2015 | 11:44 pm
    Don't forget to attend the 'Innovative Digital Marketing Conference' on 17th June at Colombo Organized by  Asha Jayamanne Managing Director / CEO at Integrated Learning Solutions, Colombo, Sri Lanka The above event was to be followed up in Male' (Maldives). The events at both the places are postponed to July. Will provide the updates after the events are over.
  • Create Interactive Learning Experiences from Online Videos

    EduTek_SocialMedia Consultant
    13 May 2015 | 4:43 am
    As the title suggests you can create interactive learning experiences from online videos using Zaption. These interactive learning experiences engage the students thus making learning an active experience rather than a passive one. Zaption lets you customize the online video by adding images, text and questions to meet your learner’s needs share the interactive videos with a simple link or embed on your blog posts, website or LMS get instant analytics of students’ responses that helps you measure student’s understanding and redesign instruction You can watch a quick demo by visiting the…
  • Marketing Technology Virtual Conference

    EduTek_SocialMedia Consultant
    4 May 2015 | 3:09 am
    You can join the Marketing Technology Virtual Conference on 8th May at 11am ET. According to Marketing Technology Virtual Conference 3 experts will talk big picture about how the new technologies are changing marketing along with real tips and strategies for getting at the data you need so that you can convert leads to revenue, and drive conversion with content. ‘Your FREE pass includes access to: Three actionable sessions with live, interactive Q&A Networking lounge for discussion with your peers and speakers Expert advice and tips from our sponsors Special attendee-only resources’…
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    Dr Robert Muller - Tutoring to Excellence in Education

  • Do You Wear LaTeX or Write With It? A Call for Writing-Related Technology Contributions

    Dr Robert Muller
    1 Jul 2015 | 9:28 pm
    by Claire Aitchison, Doctoral Writing: Do you wear LaTeX or write with it? This, and other curly questions are the focus of this post as we send out a call for technology-related contributions.  I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to keep up with all the new digital technologies. In fact, I feel I’m constantly behind the eight ball - I hear students talk about this or that new writing app, new ways for finding, managing and sharing…
  • Higher Education: No Guarantees of Social Status or Wealth

    Dr Robert Muller
    1 Jul 2015 | 8:26 pm
      Graduation and earnings? (Source: News Corp Australia) by Simon Marginson, The Australian: mistake we often make is to assume education policy alone can drive social openness to upward mobility.It is difficult for us to give up the idea of the omni­potence of higher education.Human capital theory assumes that education determines marginal productivity, and marginal productivity determines earnings. With some caveats, the value of investment in education is a function of lifetime…
  • The PhD: Managing the Sluff

    Dr Robert Muller
    30 Jun 2015 | 6:40 pm
    Write note compose icon symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)by Thesis Whisperer: Family Thesis Whisperer recently signed up to Netflix. Or as we call it in our house - ‘Netcrack’.  Work is, as usual, insanely busy, and the Canberra winters can be bitterly cold, so I find myself on the couch with the remote in my hand most weeknights. The problem great thing about endless, on demand film and TV is you find yourself watching things you would never, ever choose to watch on TV, borrow from a video store (remember those?) or…
  • It Shouldn't Take Legal Action for Schools to Act on Bullying

    Dr Robert Muller
    30 Jun 2015 | 6:26 pm
    Schools could be held liable ( by Sally Varnham, University of Technology, Sydney, The Conversation: former pupil is suing her Victorian school for the psychiatric harm she allegedly suffered from bullying.There is now a strong body of evidence that demonstrates the severe psychiatric and emotional damage bullying can cause, and the significant impact it can have on life’s expectations. And its harm is widespread - the sufferers, the bullies and society as a…
  • Listen to John Rawls’ Course on “Modern Political Philosophy” (Recorded at Harvard, 1984)

    Dr Robert Muller
    29 Jun 2015 | 7:18 pm
    by Josh Jones, Open Culture: of the most-referenced Western political thinkers - like Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Thomas Jefferson - have taken hierarchies of class, race, or both, for granted.Not so some of their more radical contemporaries, like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Paine, who made forceful arguments against inequality.A strain of utopianism runs through more egalitarian positions, and a calculating pragmatism through more libertarian.
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  • What Wearable Tech Could Mean for the Classroom

    Aiden Wolfe
    30 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
    Not too long ago, tablets and smartphones were largely viewed as educational scourges — mere distractions responsible for dulling minds and derailing productivity. Now, instead of being shunned completely, these devices are embraced as invaluable tools for meeting the complex, often hard to define needs of digital natives. Undoubtedly, wearable technology is destined to follow […] The post What Wearable Tech Could Mean for the Classroom appeared first on Edudemic.
  • Spicing Up Student Learning With History and STEM Podcasts

    Leah Levy
    27 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
    Podcasts have been around for a long time now, but they have only just begun to surge into mainstream popularity. That’s all thanks to a little podcast called Serial, a true crime program that reopened investigation into the murder of a high school student committed in 1999. With tens of millions of downloads, this podcast […] The post Spicing Up Student Learning With History and STEM Podcasts appeared first on Edudemic.
  • Why Self-Publishing May Be the Best Writing Lesson Ever

    Amanda Ronan
    25 Jun 2015 | 6:00 am
    Brian South is an English teacher in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb 30 miles west of Chicago. He is also the faculty advisor of the literary magazine at Naperville North. When Brian began taking steps to self-publish his own novel, he did something few teachers feel totally comfortable doing—he invited his students to be part of […] The post Why Self-Publishing May Be the Best Writing Lesson Ever appeared first on Edudemic.
  • What Time Management Can Do for You

    Leigh Ann Whittle
    23 Jun 2015 | 3:00 am
    There never seems to be enough hours in the day. We’re constantly caught in the daily rat race of trying to balance work, home, personal interests, and other commitments. What’s a poor teacher to do? We’ll look at some strategies here to help you better manage your time.   What Time Management Can Do for […] The post What Time Management Can Do for You appeared first on Edudemic.
  • How to Build Stronger Bonds with Fellow Teachers

    Laura Roberts
    20 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
    According to a recent study by the Conference Board, less than half of American workers are happy in their jobs. Of the satisfied minority, an overwhelming 67 percent cite office friendships as a major factor of job contentment, explains Eileen Habelow in her 2010 Forbes article analyzing workplace happiness. From boosting camaraderie to spurring creativity, […] The post How to Build Stronger Bonds with Fellow Teachers appeared first on Edudemic.
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    Planet Princeton

  • Public Transit Information for the Holiday Weekend

    Krystal Knapp
    2 Jul 2015 | 2:15 am
    For more great original content go to the source at Planet Princeton. Are you taking public transit to get away for the July 4th weekend? If so, here are links to schedules and some tips. NJ Transit will offer extra “early getaway” service on Thursday, July 2, for the benefit of customers leaving work early for the Independence Day holiday weekend. In addition, there are changes to […] The post Public Transit Information for the Holiday Weekend appeared first on Planet Princeton.
  • Amtrak Train Hits `Trespasser’ in New Brunswick

    Krystal Knapp
    2 Jul 2015 | 1:28 am
    For more great original content go to the source at Planet Princeton. NJ Transit Northeast Corridor trains and Amtrak trains were halted Wednesday night after an Amtrak train fatally struck someone on the tracks. The incident took place just after 6 p.m. near the Jersey Avenue station. The Amtrak train, was No. 653 on the Keystone route. This was the second suicide along the Northeast Corridor line in less […] The post Amtrak Train Hits `Trespasser’ in New Brunswick appeared first on Planet Princeton.
  • State Preserves 4.6-Acre Addition to Princeton Battlefield State Park

    Krystal Knapp
    1 Jul 2015 | 2:12 pm
    For more great original content go to the source at Planet Princeton. State officials today announced a 4.6-acre addition for Princeton Battlefield State Park. The park area was a key location for tactical maneuvers during the Battle of Princeton, a turning point in the Revolutionary War. Partners who worked toward the preservation of the parcel included the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Acres Program, the […] The post State Preserves 4.6-Acre Addition to Princeton Battlefield State Park appeared first on Planet Princeton.
  • Princeton School Board Approves New Pact with Teachers’ Union

    Krystal Knapp
    30 Jun 2015 | 5:28 pm
    For more great original content go to the source at Planet Princeton. The school board for the Princeton Public Schools unanimously voted tonight to approve a new four-year contract with teachers. The teachers’ union ratified the agreement last week. The contract is retroactive to July 1 of last year. The contract expires on June 30 of 2018. Teachers will receive the following salary increases as part of […] The post Princeton School Board Approves New Pact with Teachers’ Union appeared first on Planet Princeton.
  • Princeton Police Blotter: Bunn Drive Car Accident, Check Scam, Bike Thefts

    Krystal Knapp
    30 Jun 2015 | 2:53 pm
    For more great original content go to the source at Planet Princeton. On June 29 at about 6:30 p.m., a 2015 Audi Q5 operated by Princeton resident Guatomi Chakrabarty was traveling east on Bunn Drive and crossed over the center line, strikinga 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer head on. The Lancer was operated by New Mexico resident Cynthia Veitch, who was traveling west on Bunn Drive near North Harrison […] The post Princeton Police Blotter: Bunn Drive Car Accident, Check Scam, Bike Thefts appeared first on Planet Princeton.
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  • Hack Your Dorm: Technology & Tight Spaces

    Lauren E. Mach
    30 Jun 2015 | 3:16 pm
    For college students, the end of summer means packing up and moving one’s life into a box-sized dorm room or a shared, cheap apartment. Here at HackCollege, we’d like to make your move smoother and your living space less cramped. One way to do this is to pare down something students own and use a lot of: digital devices. Televisions The television is the largest technological item that most young adults own. If yours takes up a lot of space or you’re thinking of buying one for school, consider the following solutions. Skip It If you don’t watch a lot of television or you plan on…
  • Effective Electives

    Robbie Williford
    30 Jun 2015 | 1:21 pm
    Throughout your college career, you’ll have the chance to take elective classes to supplement your core studies. Here at HackCollege, we think you should seize this opportunity while you can. Who knows, you may take a class that changes the way you look at the world. One elective may even sway you to switch majors. We’ve compiled some tips for how to choose the best electives to maximize your college education. Take a Chance The easy choice would be to pick a subject that you’re comfortable with, one that you’re used to studying. Remember, one of the main purposes of…
  • College Lies TV Tells You

    Amira Selimovic
    21 Jun 2015 | 10:47 pm
    Felicity, Blue Mountain State, Gilmore Girls, Boy Meets World – all super entertaining shows that have done the unthinkable – lied to you! How many of us here have binged watched a ton of TV shows centered around young adults doing young adult things like going to college? I see all hands raised. Now, how many of us have thought, “ugh, cannot wait for that to be me one day!” then, when we actually got to college our face turned sour so quick even a Warhead was put to shame? YEP. TV lies. It’s All a Big Party HA, that’s a fun one. In true Blue Mountain State fashion, you couldn’t…
  • 80 Jobs That Don’t Require a 4-Year Degree

    Emina Dedic
    30 Apr 2015 | 2:31 pm
    I’m just going to come out and say it: you don’t have to go to college. I know everyone in your life probably told you the opposite of what I just said, but not everyone is meant for the same path, and you know what? That is okay. Not going to college doesn’t make someone less smart, less accomplished, less respected, or lower in any capacity. Some people might say otherwise, but what matters is what you think and feel about yourself. There are so many respectable jobs that don’t require a college degree, and below I’ve listed 80 of them. Some of them might require a short…
  • 45 College Classes You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

    Emina Dedic
    29 Apr 2015 | 2:44 pm
    Just a few weeks ago, I entertained and baffled minds with a list of 29 College Majors You Didn’t Know Existed. It was a pretty popular post, and I obtained several likes and comments, so I decided it might be a good idea to continue the trend. This week, I’ve done a lot of research on what colleges are teaching students these days and the variety of classes available to degree-seekers all over the nation. I found some cool, interesting, stimulating, and sometimes weird classes. This post is devoted to the weird classes, because -let’s face it- that is what you really want to read…
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    Education - A World Bank blog on the power of investing in people

  • ASET can be a great asset to Africa

    Sajitha Bashir
    1 Jul 2015 | 7:19 am
    The African continent is on the cusp of a major transformation. Many economies are growing, with growth driven by investments in infrastructure and energy, trade, and by a stable macro-economic environment. I think that this growth will lead to socio-economic transformation (with higher-income jobs and a better quality of life) if it is also accompanied by building skills and research capacity in applied sciences, engineering, and technology (ASET).
  • The hypocrisy of developed-world educational technology proponents

    Kentaro Toyama
    25 Jun 2015 | 6:46 am
    Increasingly, there is a curious trend in America in which the country’s wealthiest, best-educated, most tech-savvy parents work hard and pay good money to keep their children away from digital technology. For example, executives at companies like Google and eBay send their children to a Waldorf school where electronic gadgets are banned until the eighth grade. And, Steve Jobs famously told a reporter that he didn’t let his children use iPads: “We limit how much technology our kids use at home”. What is it that these parents know? And, how should it affect technology policy in…
  • Timor-Leste: Starting an education revolution

    Harry A. Patrinos
    18 Jun 2015 | 9:13 am
    Photo by: Cornelio Quintao De Carvalho / World Bank In a blog, World Bank Senior Director for Education Claudia Costin praised Fernando La Sama de Araujo, the recently deceased Minister of Education of Timor-Leste, for his visionary leadership.    Indeed, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste should be praised for the progress it has made since gaining independence in 2002.  This is despite the fact that the country is still suffering the after-effects of a decade-long struggle for independence.
  • In early childhood programs, when is a papaya better than an apple?

    Aliza Marcus
    16 Jun 2015 | 7:36 am
    More photos in a slideshow about early childhood development in Malawi  here.  Today, on the Day of the African Child, we interview our World Bank colleague, Christin McConnell, about early childhood programs and her work in Malawi.
  • Celebrating a fighter for freedom and education

    Claudia Costin
    10 Jun 2015 | 7:06 am
    Fernando La Sama de Araujo, the recently deceased Minister of Education of Timor Leste, was a freedom fighter and a visionary leader. “La Sama”, which means unbreakable, dedicated his life to the service of his country, Timor-Leste and was recently engaged in a plan to improve the quality of education. I received this news with great sadness, especially due to the engaging meetings we had in Dili, where I was on mission just a few days before he passed away.    Minister La Sama was a leader of Timorese students’ resistance movement in Indonesia and spent six years in prison in…
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    Classroom Aid

  • Beacons, #IoT and #xAPI for Contextualized Learning

    15 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
    Technically, beacons are devices that transmit signals that enable other devices like smartphones(can recognize the signals) to determine their relative proximity. The smartphones run apps that deliver content(trigger an action such as opening a website, playing a video or sound and more) to the users based on that proximity. Beacons go by various names including... Read More ›
  • Leveraging #xAPI to Transform Your Learning Content and Solution

    11 Jun 2015 | 8:11 am
    IEEE Actionable Data Book is an open standard for ebook. It’s based on ePub3 standard and the latest learning standard Experience API, xAPI, for data-driven learning design. The IEEE ADB project grew out of a paper presented at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference in 2011 that discussed a broadly applicable framework for building educational... Read More ›
  • Crowd-Sourced Learning in MOOCs

    4 Jun 2015 | 8:11 am
    Do you know what it takes to learn effectively in a crowded but possibly lonely MOOC space? Are the required skills to learn in MOOC learnable? Findings from detailed studies of two MOOCs from the University of Melbourne: The Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills (ATC21S) MOOC, which registered over 18,000 participants, mostly experienced practising teachers; and Introduction to Macro-Economics... Read More ›
  • 21st Century Learning Starts With IT Planning (Infographic)

    29 May 2015 | 7:45 am
    21st Century Learning Starts With IT Planning Infographic By now, 21st-century skills such as communication, creativity, and collaboration are on everyone’s radar. Your school may even have an ambitious plan for instilling 21st-century skills in your students. But the reality is these plans don’t get too far if your computers don’t work and you can’t... Read More ›
  • CodersTrust Helps the Next Generation to Realize Their Potential

    28 May 2015 | 10:53 am
    When Skype founder Morten Lund was seeking support for his internet phone service in 2004, many businesses turned him away. Now he is back to launch a new business venture, and this time the business officials are listening. Coders Trust is a micro-financing company that is aimed at freelancers and students in emerging markets who... Read More ›
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  • How to Shop For an Internal Hard Drive

    2 Jul 2015 | 1:45 am
    When you start using your new PC by installing new programs, saving backups, and storing music, photos and videos, the space available in the internal hard disk drive (HDD) gradually decreases, and before you know it the drive is full. This calls for a new additional internal HDD. While to many, purchasing a new hard…
  • How to Maximize Retweets by Offering Exclusive Content

    25 Jun 2015 | 3:39 am
    Twitter is well-known for its ability to broadcast content to a wide audience. As a result, many companies are using this popular social media site to their advantage by employing strategic methods aimed at garnering as many retweets as possible. One innovative method involves offering exclusive video content for a specified number of retweets, which…
  • Five Things Your Shopping Cart Doesn’t Do That Shipping Software Does

    24 Jun 2015 | 3:16 am
    While your shopping cart service may be doing a lot, there are still some things that it might not be delivering on in full. Ask any other busy e-retailer, and one of the biggest grievances you will typically hear involves the sorting and processing of orders for fulfillment and the lack of a good system…
  • Tiny Tech: MICA Freeform vs. Direct Laser Sintering

    22 Jun 2015 | 12:32 am
    To layman’s eyes, the mention of micromachining could pose a bit of confusion at first sight.  Just to make sure we all start out on the same page, here is a quick description of our two subjects of comparison.   MICA Freeform and direct laser sintering are two different methods of cutting, melding, and shaping…
  • How to Reap the Benefits of Learning Piano through Interactive Software

    29 May 2015 | 6:01 am
    Learning to play piano is a helpful skill that can improve people’s overall lives and abilities.  People are smarter and in better control of themselves after learning piano.  Using piano software like Playground Sessions makes the choice to learn to play the piano a game and improves performance. Why is Learning to Play Piano Helpful?…
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    College Financial Aid Advisors

  • Is College Still Worth The Cost?

    25 Jun 2015 | 10:47 am
    Last week I discussed some of the surprising results uncovered in the Discover Student Loans Annual Survey. Now Discover has taken that information one step further and developed a new interactive resource that proves college is still worth it, despite the rising costs. The idea for the tool evolved from the survey’s finding that 95% of the parents surveyed felt college was either very important or somewhat important. This finding has been backed up by independent data which shows that a college education leads to higher income and lower unemployment. But is it possible to put more of an…
  • Search Marketing for Small Business Entrepreneurs

    23 Jun 2015 | 10:50 am
    You may have heard about search marketing, but you’re still not exactly sure how you can use it to help your small business grow. You have definitely witnessed its capabilities if you have ever searched for anything online through Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Search marketing is what goes on behind the scenes to make entries appear on your results pages. Search marketing technically encompasses two areas: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which generates traffic through free or unpaid listings, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which involves buying strategically placed search listings to…
  • Discover the Differences in Private Student Loans

    16 Jun 2015 | 9:29 am
    Now that most high school seniors have decided which college they will attend in the fall, the final pieces of the puzzle can fall into place. Families should know what the expected tuition and related costs will be; they will probably have a financial aid offer in place, and should know if their student will receive any outside scholarships. If there is any gap between expenses and financial aid/scholarships, the remaining amount of money must come from savings or other resources. Most likely, the family will turn to student loans. After determining how much is available through the federal…
  • Get More Mileage From Your Content Marketing

    11 Jun 2015 | 9:17 am
    Previous blog posts have focused on the importance of engaging in a content marketing strategy. This is the art of providing information that your target audience finds informative or useful in an attempt to attract attention to your website and your business. Some small business owners may now be thinking, “Okay, I buy into the concept and have put up a whole stream of useful insights on my website. There has been some increase, but it seems like there could be more. What’s next?” That’s a very good question. If you go through all the work of researching and writing blog posts, or…
  • Surprising Results from the 2015 Discover Survey

    9 Jun 2015 | 1:45 pm
    For the past four years Discover Student Loans has conducted a survey of 1000 adults with college-bound children. This year’s survey was conducted in April, and the results were just released. Here are a few surprising points that should help parents and students begin the college financial aid discussion: • College is Important to Their Child’s Future: 95% felt that college was either very important or somewhat important. Only 3% felt it was not very important. Parents realize the value of a college education in assuring a bright future for their children. • They’re Just Not Sure…
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    The Student LoanDown

  • If I Knew Then: Tarren Villaverde

    Dana Fulton
    5 Jun 2015 | 5:30 am
    Getting into college takes a lot of work and support, but plenty of students have done it before. We asked five current students to share their experiences throughout the application process as well as information they wish they knew before starting it. The perfect path doesn’t always unfold right in front of you. Sometimes you have to work for it, or cut your own way through the brush. Tarren did just that. As a former world-class fencer, he knew that the key to victory was making the most of every opportunity. In high school, Tarren Villaverde worked hard to succeed in whatever area he…
  • If I Knew Then: Ginger Sprong

    Dana Fulton
    5 Jun 2015 | 4:00 am
    Getting into college takes a lot of work and support, but plenty of students have done it before. We asked five current students to share their experiences throughout the application process as well as information they wish they knew before starting it. Sometimes what makes you different makes you stronger. After being homeschooled her entire life, Ginger used her unique experiences to start a new adventure: college. Meet Ginger Sprong, a freshman majoring in environmental studies at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas. She went from homeschool for high school to a private…
  • If I Knew Then: Gabriella Gamez

    Dana Fulton
    5 Jun 2015 | 2:30 am
    Getting into college takes a lot of work and support, but plenty of students have done it before. We asked five current students to share their experiences throughout the application process as well as information they wish they knew before starting it. The digital age makes a lot of things easier, especially applying for college, right? Maybe not, if your parents went to school before the Internet made submissions a snap. Gabriella found out that, even as a second-generation college student, she would have to figure a lot of the college application process out on her own. But that didn’t…
  • If I Knew Then: Alec Lee

    Dana Fulton
    5 Jun 2015 | 1:00 am
    Getting into college takes a lot of work and support, but plenty of students have done it before. We asked five current students to share their experiences throughout the application process as well as information they wish they knew before starting it. College is a great time for students to learn more about themselves and grow into the people they want to be. For most, that change is subconscious. But for Alec, it was a conscious decision. Alec Lee Meet Alec Lee, a finance and Spanish double major at Loyola Marymount University with an interest in engineering and pre-med. After attending a…
  • Selecting and applying to colleges in four easy steps

    Dana Fulton
    4 Jun 2015 | 1:00 am
    Did you know there are more than 4,000 colleges and universities to choose from? Choice is always a good thing, but if you need a little help narrowing things down, keeping things simple and organized, then you’ll appreciate these four simple steps: Step 1: Make a wish list Keep an open mind while you’re putting it together and consider things that may become important to you in the future. Consider: Type of school: There are several types of schools to consider including: Public Colleges, Private Colleges, Two-Year Colleges, Vocational-technical and Career Schools Areas of study: Most…
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  • What You Should Know Before Refinancing Your Student Loans

    Brianna McGurran
    26 Jun 2015 | 11:33 am
    This article is part of a series on student loan repayment options. Student loan refinancing was a game-changer for Zac Lawhon, 26, an art teacher at the Baltimore Lab School in Baltimore, Maryland. Lawhon graduated in 2012 with a master’s in education from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he also got a bachelor’s in fine art in 2011. He entered the real world with about $200,000 in student loan debt: $110,000 in private loans and $90,000 in federal loans, an amount that felt overwhelming when he graduated, he says. “I got decent financial assistance from [my school], but I…
  • Volunteer Scholarships Reward Doing Good

    Brianna McGurran
    4 Jun 2015 | 5:00 am
    Volunteering in high school and college is fun, fulfilling and an easy way to make new friends with similar interests. Plus, there can be a major bonus to giving back to your community: scholarship money that helps you pay for college. Some scholarships reward you for community service you’ve already done, while others require you to participate in specific activities. Depending on your college, you might qualify for work-study funds that reward you for community service, too. In  2013-14, students received nearly $123 billion in scholarships and grants, according to the College Board.
  • How English Majors Can Leverage Their Skill Set

    Anna Helhoski
    20 May 2015 | 10:22 am
    Having a degree in English can make you feel like a post-grad employment pariah. Your major is the butt of jokes and scorned in media as the poster child for the low payoff of college degrees. You’re getting a little sick of the dreaded question: “What can you even do with a degree in English?” “It’s unfortunate that people stereotype it,” says Lisa Fraustino, professor and chair of the English Department at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, Connecticut. “Being able to analyze things, research a situation, solve a problem, communicate clearly with written and…
  • Students, Parents Bet That College Will Pay Off With a Job, Study Finds

    Brianna McGurran
    19 May 2015 | 12:38 pm
    Both students and parents have high expectations for students’ first jobs after college graduation, which reflects higher levels of employment overall and a desire to maximize the investment of a college education, according to a new survey. Five hundred college-bound high school students and 500 parents of high school-age children across the country responded to a Google Consumer Survey distributed on behalf of Upromise by Sallie Mae, a cash-back membership program that lets parents save for college through online shopping. Overall, 64% of parents and 68% of students said they expected…
  • How to Negotiate Salary and Evaluate a Job Offer

    Anna Helhoski
    7 Apr 2015 | 5:24 pm
    You have your first job offer out of college — congratulations! Now it’s time to negotiate salary. If you think that sounds uncomfortable, think again. To keep you from missing out on a potential base salary bump, we’ll walk you through how to evaluate job offers and work out a package that benefits everyone. About 45% of employers are willing to negotiate on salary, according to a 2013 survey by CareerBuilder. But nearly half of all U.S. workers accept the first salary offer they’re given, especially those ages 18 to 34. Here are some negotiating tips: Step 1: Research your own…
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    Curriki's Blog

  • How to Improve Essay Writing Skills with 10 EdTech Online Tools

    1 Jul 2015 | 8:46 am
    By Curriki Guest Blogger Julie Petersen Who thought that your education wouldn’t be based solely upon studying and exams? When you decided to pursue a degree, you didn’t expect to spend much of your time on essays, research papers, case studies, and other types of academic papers. Nevertheless, every student is expected to improve his writing skills throughout the educational journey. Why do professors consider these projects to be so important? Believe it or not, they don’t assign several tasks with the mere intention to torture you. The academic writing practice develops your ability…
  • Have you checked out the new Curriki? Ch

    30 Jun 2015 | 2:55 pm
    Have you checked out the new Curriki? Check out this short webinar to get a sneak preview! under: Open Source Education
  • Math People

    27 Jun 2015 | 8:38 am
    By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki What makes a “math person”? What is it that causes people to pursue majors and careers in math and other STEM disciplines where mathematics is crucial to success? The National Science Foundation has recently supported a study by Professor Zahra Hazari at Florida International University’s STEM Transformation Institute. Professor Hazari worked with colleagues at Harvard University and Western Kentucky University to interview over 9000 college students taking calculus. What they found was that it’s not simply about math…
  • Creative Teaching

    21 Jun 2015 | 8:15 am
    By Kim Jones, CEO, Curriki A recent blog at the National Education Association website reported on a study concerning how K12 teachers can be creative in the classroom, in the face of standardized curricula and testing. The authors of the study assert that the current high-stakes testing model in American education can impede the development of creativity in students. Yet as they point out, “creativity has always been and will continue to be a driving force in moving society forward”. Drs. Danaah Henriksen and Punya Mishra co-authored the study. They are both professors of educational…
  • Top 10 Non-STEM Resources

    11 Jun 2015 | 11:20 am
    By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki  With all the emphasis on STEM education many people have begun to wonder if there are any major or minor repercussions in focusing on STEM education. Thankfully that’s not as serious a problem for us here at Curriki because we provide tons of resources that are STEM related AND non-STEM related. If you didn’t know that, take a look at this list of our Top 10 Non-STEM resources. As always, these high quality resources are free to use, share and customize, so you definitely should take a look at them! 10) Unit 10: Turbulent Decades…
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    Used Books in Class

  • On a Perfect New England Evening, the Nebraska Poet Speaks

    29 Jun 2015 | 5:44 am
    Visitors to the annual summer Sunken Garden Poetry Festival at Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, Connecticut can picnic in the criss-crossed paths that separate tidy flower beds. Those familiar with the festival know to bring collapsible chairs that sit just little higher up so as to see the small stage over the tall stalks of bee-balm, phlox, roses or delphinium. On June 24th, that small stage was bathed in warm setting-sunlight as Ted Kooser, United States Poet Laureate (2004-2006), stepped up to read several of his poems. The tail of his light jacket was rumpled  into his right…
  • 71% Say “I’m a Better Reader Because of SSR” in West Haven, CT

    19 Jun 2015 | 4:16 am
    Forgive the boasting, but the survey results for our a silent sustained reading program for 7th and 8th grade students in our school district are in..,and the teachers are feeling very proud. 573 students answered a 12 question survey about their experience this year for SSR, but let’s start with the most important response: 71.4% responded that SSR “made me a better reader this year.” A better reader! That admission from students ages 11-14 is an achievement that can leave the faculty smiling proudly over the summer. And speaking about summer, the same students answered…
  • Magna Carta: The Scribe’s Pen is Mightier Still 800 Years Later

    14 Jun 2015 | 6:57 pm
    There are a number of people who are fundamental to our judicial system: Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence; John Jay, first Supreme Court Justice; William of Wilton, canon and scribe at Salisbury Cathedral…..wait, William of Wilton? Yes, William of Wilton has recently been identified as one the scribes who is responsible for one of four original copies of the Magna Carta. As a scribe, William of Wilton would have been educated in the arts of writing and copying manuscripts, an important job to have before the invention of printing. He may not have…
  • Celebrating the Genres of Anne Frank’s Diary

    11 Jun 2015 | 3:53 pm
     Anne Frank: The Diary of  Young Girl transcends the labels of genre.  Yes, as the title suggests, it is a diary, but it is also a memoir, a narrative, an argument, an expository journal, an informational text, and much more. Yet, these genres listed are treated as separate and distinct in the reading and writing standards of the Common Core (CCSS). The standards emphasize the differences between the literary and informational genres. The standards also prescribe what percentages much students should read (by grade 12 30% literary texts/ 70% informational texts), what…
  • Good Grief! The Five Stages of Writing Curriculum

    7 Jun 2015 | 1:57 pm
    Who wants to rewrite curriculum this summer? (Anyone? Anyone?…..) Let’s be honest. Writing  or rewriting curriculum is a ongoing process that, while necessary, is not always seen as the most positive experience. Moreover, the suggestion of spending summer days writing curriculum (paid or unpaid) may trigger range of emotions, some strangely akin to the model offered by Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying. That model is commonly referred to as the “five stages of grief”, and those five stages have been applied to…
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    Postgrad Blog

  • Student Renting: Dealing with Disasters

    29 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
       by  luxuryluke  Had a little damage in your rented accommodation? Had a big disaster and are worried you will lose your rental deposit/bond? Believe it or not, you are not in as much trouble as you may think you are. … more... The post Student Renting: Dealing with Disasters appeared first on Postgrad Blog.
  • Earn Money From Student Exams (Sort Of)

    22 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
       by  Jeff Pioquinto, SJ  Did you know that you can earn money from invigilating and mark-checking undergraduate exams? Are you a quiet unobtrusive type that owns a squeak-free pair of shoes – a silent pair of ‘sneakers’ or trainers, or … more... The post Earn Money From Student Exams (Sort Of) appeared first on Postgrad Blog.
  • 5 Reasons for Postgrads to Go Home for Father’s Day

    15 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
       by  ChrisGoldNY  While you are studying away for your postgraduate qualification, it is always important to keep your family close to your heart. Your parents will always care for you, so when you need a £20 sub or someone to … more... The post 5 Reasons for Postgrads to Go Home for Father’s Day appeared first on Postgrad Blog.
  • Spotlight on: Postgrad Study in Veterinary Sciences

    8 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
       by  Austin Community College  A career as a veterinarian doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be working day-to-day with animals or even be confined to the clinic as a consultant. In fact, there are a multitude of specialist areas within the profession … more... The post Spotlight on: Postgrad Study in Veterinary Sciences appeared first on Postgrad Blog.
  • Revise Like A Genius: Top Tips For Postgrads

    29 May 2015 | 6:03 am
      Exam time is upon us so here we have some essential advice for postgraduates on how to revise like a genius… Enjoy! Useful Links: Exams and Examiners Revision Strategies PhD Vivas Revitalising Student Social Life After Exams     The post Revise Like A Genius: Top Tips For Postgrads appeared first on Postgrad Blog.
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    Bookshare Blog

  • Cooking Up Some Good Reads in the Summer Reading Challenge

    Bookshare Communications
    26 Jun 2015 | 3:00 am
    The Bookshare Summer Reading Challenge is off and running! You are welcome to join the fun any time. Just find a book (or three), read, and share your favorites with the Bookshare community. Here is some of the buzz on Twitter using the challenge hashtag, #TurnUp4Books: From @MSPruske in Los Angeles: How to choose btwn 2 Jacks (Kerouac/London) for Wk 1 of @Bookshare Summer Reading Challenge (Travel & Outdoors)?? Pick both. #TurnUp4Books From @silly_singer in Pelham, NH: With a little motivation from @Bookshare I have finally gotten around to reading “My Path Leads to Tibet”…
  • Celebrating Fathers in Life and Literature

    Bookshare Communications
    19 Jun 2015 | 4:14 pm
    Did you know that Father’s Day started in 1910 in Spokane, Washington, but didn’t become an official holiday until 1972? Whatever the reason, let’s give Dad his due, whether we are talking about biological dads, stepdads, granddads, foster dads, honorary dads, or any special dad in your life. Fabulous fathers can be found throughout literature including Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird; Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter series; Hans Hubermann in The Book Thief; Jean Valjean in Les Miserables; Charles Ingalls in the Little House series; Otto Frank in Anne Frank: The Diary of a…
  • Bookshare Summer Reading Challenge Starts June 22 – Are You Ready?

    Bookshare Communications
    16 Jun 2015 | 12:47 pm
    Summer is knocking on the door, and excitement is building for the Bookshare Summer Reading Challenge starting next Monday, June 22. Are you ready to turn it up and tell the world? It’s fun and easy to participate – just search for books, read them, and share your favorites with the Bookshare community.  You’ll help members like you discover new books and get lots of praise and kudos from other readers. If you don’t already have a list of books to brighten your summer, check out the staff picks. Each week of the challenge features a theme and suggested titles by age group to help you…
  • Bookshare is an Eye-Opener for New Canadian Members

    Bookshare Communications
    10 Jun 2015 | 1:55 pm
    Canadians with print disabilities are reading like never before through a partnership between the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) and Bookshare, the world’s largest accessible online library. Canadians with visual, physical and learning disabilities can sign up for free Bookshare memberships and access over 345,000 titles! So how do Canadian members like Bookshare? Let’s check in with three new members. Vashti Persaud became a Bookshare member in March and is already amazed. “I’ve just started to download, but it’s been amazing! Ocular fatigue is a big issue for me.
  • Congratulations to Bookshare’s Graduating Members

    Bookshare Communications
    5 Jun 2015 | 8:30 am
    You’ve graduated. You are now ready to take the next step in life, and Bookshare can continue to be just as useful after school. Just ask Amber. Keeping her Bookshare membership after she graduates from the University of Texas at San Antonio will allow her to continue accessing a collection that has over 345,000 titles and counting. It grows literally every day with new titles, including conspiracy stories and books on the paranormal that Amber loves. Bookshare will also help her pursue her career as a teacher. Whether you want to grab a book that will help you in your job or read stories…
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    Applied Educational Systems

  • Review of PJ Nicholson Microsoft Word Content

    Sarah Layton
    30 Jun 2015 | 6:40 am
    Looking for free computer applications lessons and resources? If you teach computer applications, I’m sure you’re always on the lookout for some great resources that you can use with your students related to Microsoft Office applications. If you haven’t already stumbled upon PJ Nicholson, this is your lucky day! I had some time to take a look at some of these lessons. Here’s what I found… Who is PJ Nicholson? PJ Nicholson is Patricia Jannan Nicholson. Nicholson is an Education Specialist with a BA and MA in Elementary Education, all from the University of…
  • Anatomy and Physiology Practice for Student Mastery

    Sarah Layton
    23 Jun 2015 | 6:30 am
    Are your students struggling to master anatomy and physiology content? Maybe all they need is a little anatomy and physiology practice! My niece, a nursing student, recently told me that she needs to take her anatomy and physiology course again. Why? She just didn’t quite make it through the first time. She really struggled with the unfamiliar terms and just the pure volume of content that must be mastered in your typical A&P course. She’s concerned about moving forward until she masters A&P. The struggle to master anatomy and physiology curriculum It turns out my niece…
  • Career Exploration Lesson Plans You’ll Love

    Sarah Layton
    16 Jun 2015 | 6:30 am
    Are you looking for ideas for career exploration lesson plans? As a parent of two school age children, I hope you and all your colleagues are indeed looking! Career exploration seems to have a renewed sense of purpose recently, and I hope that trend continues. Why? I’m of a mind that you can do no better service to your students than to help them explore options — options that haven’t occurred to them or that they’ve yet to be exposed to. How many missed opportunities have there been for so many people simply out of ignorance? Career exploration isn’t merely…
  • Smart Strategies for Teaching CNA in High School

    Sarah Layton
    9 Jun 2015 | 6:30 am
    We’ve been asked several times by instructors and administrators, “Do you help prepare students in secondary CTE Health Science programs for CNA certification?” Our answer is: “It depends!” It depends on what you consider “preparing students for CNA certification.” Depending on your goals in regards to strictly test prep versus overall, well-rounded CNA education and training, you may have a difference in opinion about how we prepare students for CNA in high school. Certification for CNA For health science teachers and CTE directors and…
  • Tips for Teaching the Importance of Soft Skills

    Sarah Layton
    2 Jun 2015 | 6:30 am
    Have you been giving fair and deliberate attention to the importance of soft skills in your courses? Do you buy in to the importance of soft skills? The Importance of Soft Skills It seems that teaching soft skills has never been so important as it is right now. And there is good reason for that. Childhood and young adulthood isn’t the same experience it was in the not too distant past. The lifestyle and environment that children and students are experiencing today is not properly preparing them for working with others and performing well in the workplace outside of their actual job…
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    Fractus Learning

  • 3 Terrific Tech Tools Every Teacher MUST Try

    Emily Schmidt
    1 Jul 2015 | 5:31 am
    There’s nothing better than a great app or website that makes my life as a teacher easier! Below are three apps that I think teachers will love! 1. Bloomz  One of the most important things as a classroom teacher, especially on the elementary level, is parent communication. I can remember my first few years of teaching using carbon paper notepads to write notes home to parents, so that I could have a copy for my records. Technology has made it so much easier to communicate with parents. Currently, teachers use Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Remind, Smores flyers, SignUp Genius and many…
  • 10 of the Most Fun 3D Puzzles for Kids

    Gillian Pemberton
    29 Jun 2015 | 12:35 pm
    Tablets, phones, and computers offer a seemingly endless amount of entertaining puzzle games to keep children entertained but nothing can replace the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing actual, tactile puzzles. Fun 3D puzzles for kids offer not only mental stimulation but also give children the opportunity to work with something hands-on, in the real world rather than the tiny virtual world that exists in their devices. The puzzles they complete on their tablet will disappear with the swipe of a finger, but a 3D puzzle remains. A reminder for kids that with a little time,…
  • Blending the Traditional Book Study with Digital Tools

    Amy Heavin
    25 Jun 2015 | 5:32 am
    Summer is a busy time for many. Vacations. Family time. Housework. Yardwork. Painting. Hobbies. Reading. School book studies??? Summer is an opportunity when many educators dedicate time to read, find new ideas to implement in their classrooms, and brainstorm strategies to use the in fall. Teachers want to read, share, and learn together. There is actually now time to collaborate and share! Traditionally, book studies are done in face-to-face meetings. Teachers choose a book to read together, plan which chapters to read, and then decide on meeting times to discuss those chapters. However,…
  • What Are You Doing With the Last 5?

    Matt Bergman
    22 Jun 2015 | 9:05 am
    What are you doing with the last five? What I mean is – what are you doing with the last five minutes of class? Have you ever thought about the consequences of wasting five minutes a day? You lose 25 minutes of instruction per week, two class periods a month, and eighteen class periods a year. This is the perfect time to utilize formative assessment tools to gauge student understanding and help make decisions about tomorrow’s instruction. Here are three ways you can better utilize the last five minutes of class: #1: Correcting: Where am I? In other words, this is the perfect time to…
  • “Dear Teacher, This Machine is Stealing Your Job”

    17 Jun 2015 | 7:13 am
    A few weeks ago there was an article by Michael Godsey that was originally published on the Atlantic and was heavily circulated among the Education/EdTech circles. My take away from that essay was; here is a well-respected teacher who felt his job was now threatened because of various tech startups taking over the list of daily tasks that he performs as a teacher. The essay ends on a rather sad note where he is expressing confusion on what advice to give a set of high school students who want to be teachers and are looking to him for guidance. Honestly, I don’t understand how we got…
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    The Organized Classroom Blog

  • Brain Break: Out Exploring the World

    10 Jun 2015 | 12:32 pm
    Hey teacher friends!   I wanted to pop by quickly and let you know that for the next few weeks, the blog will be a little quieter than normal as I am taking care of some important family business.  :) My oldest graduated from high school 2 weeks ago (sad/happy face) and while I am beyond proud of the young lady she has grown into, I am still struggling with the fact she will be headed off to live somewhere else when she leaves for college in a couple short months.  She was able to attend our local college her entire senior year of high school and will enter college in the fall as a…
  • Teacher Twinkle Toes!

    10 Jun 2015 | 10:51 am
    Hey teacher friends!  I have something kind of unique for you to try out today and the early bird gets the worm since I only have a handful of prizes and a limited amount of time since I will be leaving for a 3-week trip to Europe on Sunday.  :) I know many of you have heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps - and if you haven't, they are super fun vinyl wraps that "shrink wrap" to your nail creating a water tight seal, which will last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 4 weeks on toes!  PS - since they are not made of polish, there is no chipping, no polish fumes, and no waiting for it to dry!  And…
  • Teacher Lesson Planners for Everyone {and a Giveaway}!

    8 Jun 2015 | 6:27 am
    Hey teaching friends!  I have been super busy the last few weeks putting together some new teacher lesson planning/calendars that I know will come in handy for many of you who already have some of my other themed items from the Organized Classroom Store! There are 14 different themes total, and most of them match other items in the store, like my Common Core Lesson Planning Packs, Classroom Parent Handbooks, Classroom Essentials Teacher Binder Sets, CCSS Complete Vocabulary Programs, and the Sterlite Container Templates! The best part about these new Lesson Planners is that they are blank,…
  • Early Finishers Idea Giveway!

    27 May 2015 | 7:48 pm
    Hey teaching friends!  I know so many of you are just wrapping up the school year, while there are still several who have over a month to go.  How about a fun giveaway to celebrate the end of the year?  OH YEAH!  My good friends at Educational Insights have hooked us up with an awesome prize pack of TWO fabulous games!  One lucky person will win this bundle set.  Sweet. First up is Blurt! I adore this game because it builds vocabulary - and we all know vocabulary is where it is at!   I can even see students playing the first half of the year, and then perhaps making your own science,…
  • Serving Up Place Value with Straws

    13 May 2015 | 8:16 am
    Hey teaching friends!   I know it is getting to be the end of the year and don't you love when you pull out a box of manipulatives, only to find half of them missing?  They were lost under desks, cabinets, and bookshelves along the way most likely.  They got great use and lots of learning occurred, but that doesn't help you get through the end of the year when you need them now.  :) Here is a fun and super inexpensive way to use the same idea to get you to the last day of school without breaking the bank:  all you need are a box of straws and some scissors! Snip off pieces of the straws…
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    Tutorhub Blog

  • Can curriculum damage children’s use of language?

    Ross Mountney
    2 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    A group of children’s authors have expressed concern that the English curriculum and its implementation in the classroom is more damaging to children’s learning than useful. So much so that they have clubbed together to write to the education secretary of their worry, with particular regard to the way in which children are taught to write and use language. (See article here) The assessment criteria used to measure children’s skill in writing, and indirectly the teachers who teach it, has become so narrow yet still so incredibly demanding and target focussed, that teachers feel pressured…
  • Please don’t criticise; home schoolers think hard about education!

    Ross Mountney
    1 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    I’ve had the chance to meet some really inspirational parents recently at various events to celebrate the launch of my latest book; ‘Who’s Not In School?’ (Details on my site) These are such brave, bold people who screw up the courage to home educate rather than sticking with a system they have complaints about, as most others do. Once you come away from the mainstream way of schooling you are forced to think really hard about education, about learning, about approaches to learning and about your own philosophies regarding it. Judging by the conversations I had with…
  • Online tutoring: the benefits of one-to-one online support

    Mike James Hansford
    30 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    As part of our series on online tutoring and some of the best practices involved, I’ve been reading Best Practices in Online Tutoring by Cherie Mazer as a source of guidance and inspiration. It’s proving an utterly fascinating read, and the purpose of this blog post is to share the insights that I have gleaned from it. In this blog post, I am going to look at some of the unique benefits that one-to-one online tutoring offers, according to Mazer.  From my experiences of online tutoring, I’ll also be able to take a look at each one and let you know what I think… So,…
  • Online tutoring: DBS checks and child safety

    Meg Evans
    29 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    Tutoring is a personal service, providing students – often children, with face to face support from tutors, either at home or online. The purpose of this blog post is to take a quick look at the role of DBS checking and explain the position of Tutorhub, as regards child safety – a leading provider of online tutoring in the United Kingdom. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) began life in December 2012, replacing the former Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checking service after much debate and politicians huffing and puffing. Anyone working in education will recognise the…
  • Considering if, and how, to integrate children with special educational needs into mainstream education

    Meg Evans
    26 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    There is a wide variety of physical and mental conditions which have an effect upon the educational performance of different students. Some of these special educational needs (SEN – a legal term) pupils are very capable of achieving good grades, provided they are given the appropriate support. Others are unable to make the same intellectual progress as their peers. For the purposes of this article I will concentrate purely on mental, or neurological, disabilities. My sister has Down’s Syndrome and although, perhaps ironically, she is 10 years my senior, I have always been aware of her…
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  • Parents Want a Bigger Say in Education. Why Not Give it to Them?

    Corey Murray
    16 Jun 2015 | 3:55 pm
    Your school district puts a lot of effort into parent engagement. Town hall meetings and parent-teacher conferences have historically been among the most popular ways to make moms and dads and guardians feel heard. A couple of years ago, most parents would have been fine connecting with school leaders at monthly in-person meetings. If their child broke the rules, or struggled to make the grade, perhaps they got a call from the teacher or the principal or came in after school for a chat. The goal was different back then. Parents just wanted to be kept in the loop. Larger policy concerns were…
  • Time for Schools to Get Serious About Beating the Competition

    Corey Murray
    16 Jun 2015 | 10:47 am
    The debate over school choice barrels on. Proponents view the movement as a hard-nosed tactic to spur improvement in under-performing schools. Critics say stiffer competition threatens to make bad institutions worse. No matter on which side you stand, one consequence has become increasingly difficult to ignore: Fewer enrollments often mean leaner budgets for schools. That’s what happening in Los Angeles, where education leaders recently green-lit an aggressive marketing campaign to keep students and families from defecting to newer, seemingly more attractive charter schools and other…
  • Your Opinion Matters More Than You Know

    Corey Murray
    3 Jun 2015 | 11:58 am
    I was on the phone with my cable provider for an hour last week. I hung up, took a deep breath, and went about my business—or tried to. A few minutes later, I received another call. It was, you guessed it, my cable provider: Did I have five minutes for a phone call about…my phone call? I’m standing in my kitchen, keys in my hand, about to head out the door, thinking, “Really? I don’t have five minutes. I don’t have one minute. Wasn’t the hour enough?” “I’m sorry,” I said out loud, to a recording no less, and disconnected the call. I was agitated with my cable provider…
  • Finding a Cure for Initiative Fatigue

    Corey Murray
    26 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    A teacher walks into the doctor’s office. “Doc, I don’t know what’s wrong, but I feel tired all the time. Just totally drained.” The doctor performs a thorough physical exam and asks a series of questions. “How many more weeks of classes?” “Two.” “Bet you can’t wait for summer.” The teacher nods. “Especially this year. With the Common Core and these new teacher performance metrics, it’s hard.” “So they’ve got you doing a lot of new things at school then?” “Seems like there’s a new requirement every day.” “I see.” The…
  • Master Community Engagement With These 3 Steps

    Corey Murray
    26 May 2015 | 4:56 am
    Better communication is a top priority for school district leaders. It’s a common refrain among administrators, “If only we could get parents and teachers and students on the same page, committed to the same goals—oh, the work we could do together.” School leaders have spent countless hours and much money developing strategies and programs intended to reach out to and connect with disparate stakeholder groups. An open and honest pipeline of community feedback is fundamental to a school or district’s ability to build trust and drive positive change in classrooms. But simply…
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    Free Homework Help

  • English Review: Spelling

    1 Jul 2015 | 10:25 pm
    Overview Spelling errors are some of the most common types of errors to find when editing an essay. Some words are often misspelled, while other words are commonly confused. Strategies to fix spelling errors include looking up the correct spelling, using mnemonics to remember usage, and underlining words to check later. Although the spell-check feature in the computer program can catch many misspellings, it does not always catch the error if the misspelling results in a word. Look Up the Word It is often helpful to have a dictionary handy, especially if a word looks incorrect. Students often…
  • Biology Review of the Ozone Hole and Global Warming

    28 Jun 2015 | 10:12 am
    Overview Human activity has affected the biosphere on Earth as the population has grown to over 7 billion. Some of the most troubling effects include changes to the ozone layer and global warming. The Stratosphere The stratosphere in Earth’s atmosphere is between 10 and 50 km above the surface. It has an inverted temperature, so that the warmer layers are higher up and the cooler layers are closer to the troposphere. The temperature inversion is caused by chemical reactions as ozone (O3) absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the Sun, releasing energy and oxygen molecules. At the higher levels…
  • English Review: Modifiers

    27 Jun 2015 | 6:32 pm
    Overview Modifiers are words, such as adjectives or adverbs, or phrases, such as prepositional phrases, that add description to other words in a sentence.  Check to see if they are used in the correct form and location when editing an essay. Adverb or Adjective? Adverbs and adjectives are similar modifying words that take different forms and endings. Usually, the adverb form ends with the suffix –ly and the adjective does not (although there are exceptions). In order to choose the correct form for each sentence, draw a line between the modifier and the word it modifies. Adverbs Modify…
  • English Review: Verbs

    27 Jun 2015 | 12:03 am
    Overview Verbs carry the action in sentences. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to choose the correct form of the verb to use when number, order, and tense are in question. Some strategies for correcting verb forms include editing phrases temporarily, rewriting questions, checking indefinite pronouns, and noting verb tenses. Cross out Prepositional Phrases Prepositions are parts of speech such as of, about, before, behind, after, above, with, between, on, and under that show locations in time and space. They do not contain the subject of a sentence, but may modify the subject. When they…
  • Math Review of Compound Inequalities

    24 Jun 2015 | 9:19 pm
    Overview Compound inequalities are similar to compound statements, as they are two simple inequalities joined by conjunctions. Suppose it were true that a variable x was between 2 and 9. A sentence would be written combining the statements “x is greater than 2” AND “x is less than 9.” Compound Statements Compound statements are common in everyday life, and they are often joined by the conjunctions and and or. For example, “The choir will be singing in the competition, and the band will play.” For the compound statement to be true when it is joined by the conjunction and both parts…
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    The API Abroad Blog

  • API Scholarship Winners – Fall/Year 2015/2016

    Jeramy Johnson
    30 Jun 2015 | 5:00 am
    We are very excited to announce the API scholarship winners for the fall/year 2015/2016 terms! Each year API awards over $450,000 in scholarship funds to deserving participants like the ones listed below, including specialty scholarships for underrepresented student populations (such as first-time travelers, students from diverse backgrounds, veterans, and STEM students). Artwork designed by TheFreeIntellectual. Made by Zazzle Art in San Jose, CA. Sold by Zazzle. Caitlin Allely, Salamanca, Regional Scholarship Catherine Carducci, Buenos Aires, Regional Scholarship Norma Cervantes,…
  • Study Abroad this fall in Croatia!

    Jeramy Johnson
    29 Jun 2015 | 6:28 am
    Good news procrastinators! It’s not too late for you to study abroad this fall in Croatia with API! We’ve extended our fall deadline to July 15, so now is your chance to live and study in one of the most beautiful locations in Europe. A UNESCO World Heritage site and home to scenes from HBO’s Game of Thrones (among other productions), Dubrovnik is most certainly a bucket list destination. Let’s get started making memories – apply today! The post Study Abroad this fall in Croatia! appeared first on The API Abroad Blog.
  • API Safety Update – Paris Strikes and Lyon Attack

    Jeramy Johnson
    26 Jun 2015 | 11:07 am
    On the Lyon attack: API was deeply saddened to learn of the terror attack on a U.S. chemical factory near Lyon, France. French officials report that the suspect has been identified and apprehended. API Grenoble students are all safe and accounted for, and Resident Directors have reviewed API’s emergency protocol in depth with all students. API Resident Directors and stateside staff monitor the news closely, and are in communication with U.S. embassies and consulates so they can inform students of any relevant updates or warnings. We will keep you apprised of further developments as…
  • The Perks of Making Connections with People Around the World

    25 Jun 2015 | 1:37 pm
    This is a bit of a late post, but I really wanted to share with you my trip to Finland because it was one of my favorite trips during my time here in Europe. People may wonder why I chose to go to Finland because it’s not a very popular destination, kind of like Krakow! I had actually been planning on going to Finland before I even got to Poland. When I was a senior in high school, we had three foreign exchange students that year, and one of them was from Finland. Ever since that year (2012) I said I would make it to Finland one day to visit my friend, Lina. Only three years later dreams…
  • Rollercoaster

    24 Jun 2015 | 2:06 pm
    Flight one is complete, now I’m currently sitting in the Detroit airport. I found a quiet space, pulled out my laptop, and prepared to camp out during this 6 hour layover. Then it hit me. At this time tomorrow, I’ll be in Taormina. All of my planning, hard work, and stress has now come to this moment. To be honest, my emotions have been all over the place the past few days, and I experienced feelings I’ve never felt before. About a month before my departure, I felt excited. Italy was still a distant dream, and as far into the future as I could see, was what I wanted for dinner tomorrow.
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  • Premed Case Study: David (Part One)

    Anton Cebalo
    30 Jun 2015 | 3:00 pm
    Overview of the Series In this series of articles, I will be sharing excerpts of case studies on several of my former students (with their permission, of course). Names and other identifying information have been changed, but the material facts — MCAT score, GPA, etc. — are unchanged. The full
  • Premed Case Study: Janet (Part Three)

    Don Osborne
    25 Jun 2015 | 3:12 pm
    Overview of the Series In this series of articles, I will be sharing excerpts of case studies on several of my former students (with their permission, of course). Names and other identifying information have been changed, but the material facts — MCAT score, GPA, etc. — are unchanged. The full
  • Premed Case Study: Janet (Part Two)

    Don Osborne
    23 Jun 2015 | 2:59 pm
    Overview of the Series In this series of articles, I will be sharing excerpts of case studies on several of my former students (with their permission, of course). Names and other identifying information have been changed, but the material facts — MCAT score, GPA, etc. — are unchanged. The full
  • Premed Case Study: Janet (Part One)

    Don Osborne
    18 Jun 2015 | 3:00 pm
    Overview of the Series In this series of articles, I will be sharing excerpts of case studies on several of my former students (with their permission, of course). Names and other identifying information have been changed, but the material facts — MCAT score, GPA, etc. — are unchanged. The full
  • Premed Case Study: Jeremy (Part Three)

    Don Osborne
    16 Jun 2015 | 3:36 pm
    In this series of articles, I will be sharing excerpts of case studies on several of my former students (with their permission, of course). Names and other identifying information have been changed, but the material facts — MCAT score, GPA, etc. — are unchanged. The full case studies are published
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    Online Cultus

  • The importance of technology at a workplace

    Aleksandra Arsik
    30 Jun 2015 | 3:00 am
    At times, we do come across bosses, managers and leaders who do not wish to change and adapt when it comes to technology and modern world. They like their own style of working, their own thinking and their own operations. Many times, if it is not the leaders or the bosses, but also employees themselves... The post The importance of technology at a workplace appeared first on Online Cultus. Read further: The future of workplace learning In the infographic below, you will see how the increasing sales of mobile devices, the whooping growth in the mobile share of web traffic, the growing adoption…
  • Your classroom needs to go ‘virtual’ – today!

    Aleksandra Arsik
    27 Jun 2015 | 6:10 am
    Do you want to equip your students with the skills they need to survive? Today the virtual world is upon us and virtual skills are essential to survival. To provide your students with the skills they will need to navigate today’s world. Their learning experiences in the classroom should mirror what they will encounter outside... The post Your classroom needs to go ‘virtual’ – today! appeared first on Online Cultus. Read further: The benefits of learning in a global classroom  Studying in a global classroom – The plus points The global classroom is an idea that is…
  • Quote: Self-education

    Aleksandra Arsik
    26 Jun 2015 | 4:01 am
    The post Quote: Self-education appeared first on Online Cultus. Read further: Quote: What is education? Quote: How does education taste? Quote: Education transmission Quote: Education and life SXSWedu: top education projections and developments in education In 2010 SXSW Interactive has introduced a new event covering education and technology called SXSWedu. In its third year of hosting the SXSWedu Conference and Festival, the event has quickly emerged as a catalyst for the change in education. During its activities and numerous presentations from the education stakeholders and practitioners…
  • The power of eLearning as a social and collaborative tool

    Aleksandra Arsik
    24 Jun 2015 | 6:53 am
        Much of the reason why eLearning is so effective at enhancing the learning process for so many users is the collaborative aspect of this powerful learning device. In this post I’ll: Prescribe how to get the most out of your eLearning program by using it as a social and collaborative tool. Explain why... The post The power of eLearning as a social and collaborative tool appeared first on Online Cultus. Read further: 9 Tips for collaborative learning Collaboration facilitates students in project based learning. Collaboration helps students engage in various learning activities.
  • Quote: Idea

    Aleksandra Arsik
    21 Jun 2015 | 2:02 am
    The post Quote: Idea appeared first on Online Cultus. Read further: Quote: Look and see “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~Henry David Thoreau... Quote: Let go Quote: Get what you want Quote: What do you want? Quote: Each day provides
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    Nigeria Schools Blog

  • FG Investigates Beef Between Ekiti Poly Rector, workers

    2 Jul 2015 | 12:42 am
    A fact-finding/reconciliation committee has been set up by the Federal Government to investigate the crisis between staff and management of the Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti. The workers unions; the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP), Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Polytechnics (SSANIP) and Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU), had in January accused the Rector, Dr Mrs Theresa Akande, of embezzling N350 […] FG Investigates Beef Between Ekiti Poly Rector, workers is a post from: Nigeria Schools Blog The post FG Investigates Beef Between Ekiti Poly Rector, workers appeared…
  • NDA: LGA Attestation & Parent/Guardian Consent Forms

    2 Jul 2015 | 12:37 am
     The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) mandates all the candidates that are successful at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Examination held on Saturday 25 April 2015 to login to it portal and download their Parent/Guardian Consent Form and State of Origin/Local Government Area Attestation Form.To login, simply go to Candidates are advised to do so on or before 3rd […] NDA: LGA Attestation & Parent/Guardian Consent Forms is a post from: Nigeria Schools Blog The post NDA: LGA Attestation & Parent/Guardian Consent Forms appeared…
  • Al-hikmah University Gets New VC

    2 Jul 2015 | 12:31 am
    Professor Muhammad Taofeek Olalekan Ibrahim has been appointed the new Vice Chancellor of the Al-Hikmah University Ilorin, Kwara State. This was made known by the institution’s acting Director of Information, Dr Lateef Oladimeji, and was confirmed at the 17th meeting of the council. The 52-year old new vice-chancellor is a Professor of Community Medicine. Until his appointment, he was a […] Al-hikmah University Gets New VC is a post from: Nigeria Schools Blog The post Al-hikmah University Gets New VC appeared first on Nigeria Schools Blog.
  • UNIBEN Admission Into One-Year Foundation Programme 2015/2016

    2 Jul 2015 | 12:28 am
    In collaboration with the JOINT UNIVERSITIES PRELIMINARY EXAMINATIONS BOARD (JUPEB), the University of Benin invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Foundation Programmes for the 2015/2016 Session. The Programme leads to the award of the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) Certificate which enables candidates to gain Direct Entry Admission into 200 level of the degrees offered […] UNIBEN Admission Into One-Year Foundation Programme 2015/2016 is a post from: Nigeria Schools Blog The post UNIBEN Admission Into One-Year…
  • NDA Post-UTME 2015 Past Questions,

    2 Jul 2015 | 12:24 am
    You can now download the Post-UTME past questions and answers, that helps you prepare and have an insight as to what to expect during the post-utme examinations in your school of choice. Statistics have it that 80% of Post-UTME Questions usually come from Past Ones and so are repeated year in, year out. This makes our post-UTME past questions and […] NDA Post-UTME 2015 Past Questions, is a post from: Nigeria Schools Blog The post NDA Post-UTME 2015 Past Questions, appeared first on Nigeria Schools Blog.
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    PortPrep Blog

  • Student Life: 8 Benefits of Joining a College Organization

    Karen Kesteloot
    24 Jun 2015 | 12:53 am
    Students often worry about their grades and peer relationships. Another point they should think about is how to enjoy and take full advantage of their stay in college which is to join extra-curricular activities. To know more about the importance of participating in organizations, here are some benefits that may work out for you for your own development. 1. Build connections Joining an organization is useless if you don’t engage yourself with people. To build connections is even one of the top reasons of why students join clubs or organizations because it allows them to create friendship…
  • Top 10 Myths about College Life

    Karen Kesteloot
    16 Jun 2015 | 2:00 am
      Most college myths are set by the TV or movies. Some of them are dispelled by a visit to your new college, and others by people you know that are already in company. Yet, there are plenty find out college myths that will simply not die despite the fact they are very untrue. Here are ten of the most common myths about college life.  Myth # 1: You can get lots of sex in college Sorry fellas, but if you were crummy at attracting women in High School, then you are going to suck at it in college. The only difference is statistical probability. When women are in college, they are more…
  • Is Home Decorating the Right Career Choice for You?

    Karen Kesteloot
    15 Jun 2015 | 2:00 am
      Here are a few things that will make you re think your current profession, especially if you love decorating your home. Do you absolutely love decorating the house? Does it give you the kind of feeling, a pleasure that an average person gets when they fall in love? Those butterflies as you think of that snazzy little couch in your room? Well, well. Looks like You are in love with decorating, and what better and more rewarding than decorating your living space. There is no better, fast and sophisticated way than to add cheap handmade rugs to your room, as you decorate. Rugs add both…
  • Six Twitter Tips for Students Seeking a Career

    Karen Kesteloot
    10 Jun 2015 | 2:00 am
    Twitter is ranked the top-most popular social network after Facebook, and this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Twitter has an estimate of 310,000,000 monthly visitors, which beats LinkedIn, having an estimate of 225,000,000 per month (as per eBizMba). So, can we use this popular website for career building and job search? Considering the amount of users and the current online resume and job-applications trend, I believe we certainly can. Many job seekers as well as employers are using popular social networking tools for employment. Even if an application was sent by mail (or…
  • This is How You Write a Winning Personal Statement to Get into an Arts College

    Karen Kesteloot
    8 Jun 2015 | 11:07 pm
    Time flies, doesn’t it? Just yesterday you were learning to cope with the pressures of junior high and now it is time to create one of the most important pieces of writing that will play a part in deciding your future. Still guessing? I am talking about writing a personal statement for college applications. A personal statement is your small window of opportunity to shine and convince the admissions people to give you a chance. The Anatomy of a Personal Statement Remember how people tell you that not everything is about you and to not focus too much on yourself? They are generally right but…
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    Management Study HQ

  • 3 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Hiring a Lawyer

    26 Jun 2015 | 1:48 am
    3 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Hiring a Lawyer Hiring a lawyer provides numerous benefits for small businesses, but you want to make sure that you select the right one, so don’t commit these common mistakes. 1. Hiring a Friend or Family Member It might be tempting to hire a relative or an old friend, but you’re better off finding a local lawyer with the exact expertise you’re after. It’s unlikely that your acquaintance will be exactly suited to meet your individual needs, but even if they are it is wise to look for an outsider. Lawyers should be able to provide you with…
  • Cyber Law

    12 Jun 2014 | 1:37 am
    Cyber Law Cyber law refers to the law that governs the use of communication technology, mainly the Internet. It is a mix of all laws concerning intellectual property, freedom of expression, privacy and jurisdiction. When it comes to the Internet, the lack of clarity with regard to geographical boundaries and jurisdictions can pose a problem. For example , in just a single deal three different states/jurisdictions could be involved – (a)  The laws of the state or country which the user belongs to (b)  The laws of the state or country applicable to the individual or organization with…
  • Intellectual Property Rights

    12 Jun 2014 | 1:35 am
    Intellectual Property Rights In the language of law, intellectual property is a term used to refer to certain legal claims, rights or dues in relation to certain inventions, names or titles, written and recorded media. The people who own these legal entitlements may exercise rights that are specific to the subject or content of the intellectual property. As is clear from the use of the word ‘intellectual’, IP is concerned with the mind or something that is the result of a mental process. By using the term ‘property’, we imply that the ideas generated through such…
  • Debt Crisis Management

    3 Jun 2014 | 11:15 am
    Debt Crisis Management After World War II country risk became an issue of prime concern for the international financial community. Various methods have been used by the risk rating agencies to determine the extent of country risk, integrating a range of qualitative and quantitative information on alternative measures of political, economic and financial risk to evolve composite risk indices. Country risk analysis is a complex task and demands a holistic vision, expert skills and consistency in measurements. The analyst must follow standard procedures to assure coherency in its studies, using…
  • Foreign Exchange Rate

    3 Jun 2014 | 11:03 am
    Foreign Exchange Rate Exchange rates are volatile and open short or long currency positions can lead to sizable losses. The foreign exchange rate measures the price of one currency in terms of another. A convertible currency can legally be exchanged for another convertible currency at a given rate of exchange. A currency could be partially convertible when it can be legally used to purchase foreign exchange to finance only certain transactions. An increase in the exchange rate of a country may be expressed as a depreciation of the US dollars to buy one unit of the other currency. Conversely,…
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  • The Role of Inventory planning on product availability in the oil industry

    emmanuel obasi
    8 Jun 2015 | 9:46 am
    It is a fact in materials management that continuity in production or provision of services on constant flow of required inventory. However, the question confronting the materials management remain, how much shall be ordered when the quality available is less than required to meet production demand or the quantity is less than order point and how best to plan and control the quantity of inventory needed at a given time. The focus of the materials manager is to reduce the two  ends of the spectrum, that is excessive (surplus) stock and adequate stock (stockout). The level of stock or…

    emmanuel obasi
    21 Apr 2015 | 8:08 am
    Nigeria economy far back before the advent of oil exploration in the early 70’s was an agrarian economy. Nigeria was not considered a rich country at the time, but the nation was able to fed itself adequately and the economy was very buoyant. At this time, 85% of the country’s export earning was from agricultural product. During this period also, Nigeria has been making concerted effort toward the economic development of the sovereign nation.  Most enterprises propelling the activities of the nation were mainly on large scale being set up by the federal government which were capital…

    emmanuel obasi
    4 Apr 2015 | 7:46 pm
    Menopause is the end of menstruation. The work comes from the Greek mens, meaning monthly and pausis, meaning cessation. Menopause is part of a woman’s natural ageing process when her natural aging process when her ovaries  produce lower levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone and when she is no longer able to become pregnant. (Blumel et al, 200) Unlike a woman’s first menstruation, which starts on a single day, the changes leading up to menopause happen over several years. The average age for menopause is 52. But menopause commonly happens anytime between the ages of 42 and 56.

    emmanuel obasi
    1 Apr 2015 | 10:45 pm
    Background to the Study An organization may be profit oriented or non-profit oriented. The fact remains that every organization is made up of four basic resources (i.e. man, material, money and machinery) and its environment. According to Weirich and Koontz (1987) management is a process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims. The term ‘environment’ in this definition refers to both internal and external environment. All organization have a two point agenda to improve qualitative (the management of…

    emmanuel obasi
    30 Mar 2015 | 11:37 am
    One of the recurrent problems of the three-tier system in Nigeria is dwindling revenue generation as characterized by annual budget deficits and insufficient funds for meaningful growth and viable projects development. Local governments are the nearest government to the people at the grassroots in Nigeria; they are strategically located to play a pivotal role in national development. Since they are responsible for the governance of about 70 percent of the population of Nigeria, they are in vantage position to articulate the needs of the majority of Nigerians and formulate strategies for their…
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    GED Certificate Classes Online

  • Using your GED for a Job

    24 Jun 2015 | 12:11 pm
    The GED is a powerful tool for career advancement. No matter what age or stage of life in which you find yourself, putting time into your education will pay dividends for many years to come. It’s not just about making more money. The opportunities you will be able to pursue with a GED are more fulfilling and suited to your individual interests. If you’re tired of feeling stuck, get your high school credential and find your calling. Job Numbers As soon as you’ve got a basic education, you already have a better shot at a good job. In the United States, approximately 40% of all jobs have a…
  • GED Classes in Houston, TX

    13 Apr 2015 | 11:14 am
    Passing the GED test is much easier with test-preparation classes. In Houston, there are many free adult education programs that help test-takers get the experience they need to pass the exam on their first try. With a high school credential, it’s easier to find jobs, apply to vocational training programs in advanced careers, and enroll in college classes. Investing in your education is the best way to get ahead in your career, so take the time to prepare for the GED and it will pay off greatly in the future. Accelerate Texas – Houston Community College 555 Community College Dr.
  • GED Classes in Chicago, IL

    13 Apr 2015 | 11:11 am
    Getting your GED can lead to a lot more opportunities to find better jobs in Chicago. With your high school credential, you can start at a better entry-level job or enroll in career training and college classes. Approximately 97% of employers and educators consider the GED to be a satisfactory replacement for a traditional high school diploma. There are dozens of free classes to help test-takers do better on the exam, so take advantage of all the resources available to help you pass. Literacy Volunteers of Illinois 30 E. Adams St. Suite 1130 Chicago, IL 60603 312-857-1582…
  • GED Classes in Downtown Los Angeles

    19 Feb 2015 | 7:06 am
    Taking GED classes is the best way to get prepared to pass the GED exam with less stress. Expert instructors will guide you through the lessons you need to master the test subjects and most of these services are offered for free. The GED is the most widely-recognized substitute for a high school diploma. Getting a high school education can prepare you for a brighter future with a new job, a change in careers, or even college. Los Angeles Trade Technical College 400 Washington Blvd. Ground Level Mariposa: Assessment Center Los Angeles, CA 90015 213-763-5576 The Los…
  • GED Classes in Bronx, NY

    27 Jan 2015 | 8:19 am
    The GED diploma is recognized by 97% of employers and educators as the most acceptable alternative to a traditional high school credential. Getting a GED can be a lot easier after you take an adult education class or GED test-prep course. There are tons of resources out there for test-takers to use, and most classes can be completed for free. Here are some of the most popular GED classes in the Bronx. Mercy Center 377 East 145th St. Bronx, NY 10454 718-993-2789 The Mercy Center is based in the South Bronx and offers comprehensive adult education services. For English…
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    Bank Exams Today

  • 10 Fast Maths Tricks and Shortcuts

    Ramandeep Singh
    2 Jul 2015 | 1:00 am
    Today I am going to summarize all the maths tricks that will speed up your calculation speed. I used them in CAT and IBPS exam. I am sure that these tricks will help you increase your score. I have wrote many articles in detail on these topics. Click on respective links to to get details.List of Cool Maths TricksSquaringIn this simple trick we need to modify the equation and make the units digit... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • HCF & LCM Practice Set - Part 1

    BankExamsToday Editorial
    2 Jul 2015 | 12:12 am
    Q1. 122,124,1210,126 Find the L.C.M. a) 12 b) 122 c)126 d)1210 Q2. 6-1,6-3,6-10,6-12 Find the H.C.F.  a) 6-1 b) 1 c)6-12 d)6-11 Q3. The L.C.M of the fraction of 2/3,4/9,5/6,7/12 is:a) 35/9 b) 1/36 c) 1/18 d)140/3 Q4. The ratio of two number is 5:6, if their H,C.F. is 9 and L.C.M. is 270. Find the numbers. a) 72,63 b) 81,108 c) 45,54 d) 225,108 Q5. The multiplication of two... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Current Affairs Updates for 2 July 2015

    Gagandeep Broot
    1 Jul 2015 | 11:17 pm
    Current Affairs Updates for today :- Greece declared defaulter on loanGreece became 1st developed country to default on loan as declared by International Monetary Fund (IMF) on 30th June 2015.Jagmohan Yadav appointed as DGP of U.P.Jagmohan Yadav appointed as Director General of Police (DGP) of Uttar Pradesh on 30th June 2015 succeeded by A.K. Jain. NSSO recorded the surveyAccording to the survey... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 65

    Ramandeep Singh
    1 Jul 2015 | 5:44 am
    English Vocabulary Quiz for today :- 1. Pugnacious a) lazy b) defensive c) combative d) popular 2. Besiege a) harass b) praise c) slander d) evolve 3. Arcane a) critical b) understood by few c) obvious d) very old 4. Magnanimous a) likely to forgive b) numerous c) shameful d) lively 5. Unstinting a) everlasting b) hostile c) very generous d) not giving up 6. Proselytize a) alert b)... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Upcoming Bank Exams Notifications in 2015

    Gagandeep Broot
    1 Jul 2015 | 5:10 am
    List of Upcoming recruitment exams :- Exam Qualification Age Required Vacancies Last Date to apply Details United India Insurance Co. Ltd. Graduation pass or 10+2 with 60% marks ... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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    MSB Blog

  • Congratulations Spring 2015 Graduates!

    Julie Kresh
    29 Jun 2015 | 11:23 pm
    Congratulations to the MSB-Blaine Spring 2015 Graduating Class! Staff and faculty at Minnesota School of Business-Blaine were proud and honored on June 12 to welcome family and friends of our spring 2015 graduating class to celebrate the dedication of the graduates. Both during the graduation ceremony and reception afterward, we saw a great many smiles, heard some loud shouts of jubilation, and witnessed graduates surrounded with grins and hugs, and happy tears. Todd Bierl was one of our graduate speakers who had just finished his master’s in business management degree. Todd is well-known…
  • Campus Director and Staff Participate in Active Threat Simulation

    5 Jun 2015 | 12:54 am
    Recently Jim Beck, campus director at Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud, along with Jessica Ostendorf, veterinary technology program chair, Barb Meemken, academic assistant, and Lisa Smith, medical assisting program chair, attended the 2nd Annual Inter-Professional Simulation conference here in St. Cloud. Police during Active Threat Simulation The day’s theme was Active Threat Training and included a full simulation involving the St. Cloud Police, fire department, and emergency first responders. Organized by former Minnesota School of Business instructor and graduate, Jennifer…
  • GU/MSB Program Chair Serves State Organization as Vice President

    Julie Kresh
    3 Jun 2015 | 11:51 am
    Sarah Lemm B.S. CVT is one busy woman. Not only is she the veterinary technology program chair for Globe University & Minnesota School of Business-Blaine campus (and executive program chair overseeing the Minnesota-North region of GU/MSB veterinary technology programs), she also serves as Vice-President for the Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians (MAVT). Sarah Lemm, veterinary technology program chair at GU/MSB-Blaine Sarah has been a member of MAVT since 2000, and desired to take a more active role in supporting the state veterinary technician organization at the February…
  • Vet Tech Students Help Local Humane Society at Walk for Animals

    Julie Kresh
    28 May 2015 | 5:43 am
    Minnesota School of Business-Blaine sent four veterinary technology program students to Northwoods Humane Society to help out at the Walk for Animals. The Walk for Animals is an annual fundraiser for the local Humane Society. The students, Danielle Young, Ann Kitchell, Ashley Kerr and Brittney Rivera, assisted at the event as part of their applied learning project for the introduction to veterinary technology class, required for their program. Veterinary technology program students excited to help out Northwoods Humane Society at the Walk for Animals. Students were able to perform nail trims,…
  • How to Effectively Add Volunteerism to Your LinkedIn Profile

    Julie Kresh
    27 May 2015 | 11:42 am
    Whether it’s tutoring a friends or classmates in school, or spending your spare time helping out with a local organization, we’ve all volunteered at some point in time. Volunteering regularly in an area related to your academic program or with a professional organization can show you are involved in your career field and your community. Many employers see volunteerism as a positive addition to a resume, which can be important if you are looking for a job. How LinkedIn and volunteering helped Jessica Ayub, career services coordinator at Globe University/Minnesota School of…
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    Classroom Caboodle

  • Summertime Classroom Cleanout: Three (almost) Pain-Free Steps

    23 Jun 2015 | 10:13 pm
    It’s the groan heard around the teaching world: “Classroom cleanup time… ugh!” Now that your students have headed home for the summer – stripping your classroom walls of artwork and assignments – there’s nothing left to hide the fact that you have… Too much stuff Crammed into too many places That you’ll probably never use And have been avoiding getting rid of for years! Except for the rare OCD teacher, most of us are suffering under the burden of too much clutter. So what are we supposed to do? Well, my best advice is this: Get started! “A project begun is a…
  • 3 Powerful Motivators to Keep Elementary Students Writing

    9 Jun 2015 | 8:12 pm
    Writing is very difficult for children because it’s very difficult for humans. This means that teachers need to employ constant innovation in their approach to elementary writing activities. Here are several ideas that you can use after the writing is done that will make kids excited about the finished product… and ready to do it again! Motivator 1: Powerful Presentations Think about different ways the children can present their writing rather than simply handing it in and having it corrected and handed back: Reading portions aloud, adding voice to characters A short play with a partner A…
  • Making Money on Teachers Pay Teachers: What Do You Have to Sell Right Now?

    26 May 2015 | 5:00 pm
    This post is by my husband, Scott, who manages all of my online sales and marketing activities. When we get to the point of creating products, we want a lot to choose from. I’ll share “why” at the bottom, but first let’s review the major categories of items you can sell. There are almost endless sub-categories, but these will get you started. Lesson plans These fall into these categories: Individual lesson plans Unit lesson plans Year-long plans These tend to be the starting point for most teachers who start selling on Teachers Pay Teachers. Why? For the simple reason that most…
  • Step-by-Step through a Successful Parent-Student Behavior Meeting

    12 May 2015 | 4:37 am
    There are few situations that are more stressful than leading a behavior meeting where parents are involved. I remember my first one! I had butterflies all day long and could only imagine the absolute worst outcome of having to sit down face-to-face with a parent who I imagined would be challenging my every word. Since then, I have sat through many behavior meetings with parents and it seen the good, the bad and the ugly in every form imaginable. I’ve also learned how teachers can make these meetings an effective process for continuing to move forward with behavior challenges in their…
  • The “Success Mindset” for Making Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

    28 Apr 2015 | 7:00 am
    This post is by my husband, Scott, who manages all of my online sales and marketing activities. When teachers make the transition from “classroom” to “online entrepreneur” there are some attitudes to consider that will optimize success. Here is my list of things to be aware of as you start down your own road to success on TpT. The over-arching theme: This is a business. And like any business, whether you’re opening a store down on Main Street or you’re starting an online business, there are just certain things that come with building one. Aside from the expected time…
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    Magical Methods

  • Great Offer from Magical Methods

    Magical Methods: World Leader in Vedic Mathematics
    30 Jun 2015 | 12:16 am
  • Get 50% off on Learn to Teach Vedic Maths DVD Course

    Magical Methods: World Leader in Vedic Mathematics
    9 Jun 2015 | 10:17 pm
    Get 50% off on Learn to Teach Vedic Maths DVD Course. Limited no. of DVDs on offerUse the link below to avail the offer.
  • Free Download: How to start Your Training Business?

    Magical Methods: World Leader in Vedic Mathematics
    19 May 2015 | 7:32 am
    Free Download-- How to Start Your Training Business?E-book written by Mr. Pradeep Kumar (Alumnus IIM Bangalore), Visit the link below.
  • Free Download: How to Prepare for QA & DI of CAT?

    Magical Methods: World Leader in Vedic Mathematics
    14 May 2015 | 9:03 pm
    Free Download-- How to Prepare for QA & DI of CAT?E-book written by Mr. Pradeep Kumar (Alumnus IIM bangalore), Visit the link below.
  • Share & Earn

    Magical Methods: World Leader in Vedic Mathematics
    13 May 2015 | 10:46 pm
    Share & EarnBecome an affiliate of our product and earn commission from each sale that comes through you. No Investment Required.Time to time we put some products for sales by affiliates. Affiliate sales and comissions are handled by our payment processor Instamojo. Your comission would be transferred to your Bank Account directly. At this moment we have put in our Toddlers Training Kit for sales by affiliates. Become an affiliate of this product and earn commission from each sale that comes through you.For details visit Share & Earn:
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    eLearning Infographics

  • Skills, Challenges, and Trends in Instructional Design Infographic

    Smaragda Papadopoulou
    1 Jul 2015 | 7:46 am
    Skills, Challenges, and Trends in Instructional Design Infographic To keep up with the changes in the workplace and in order for learning professionals to be competitive in the evolving global workforce, instructional design (ID) must progress as current conditions evolve, challenges become more complicated, and new trends emerge. Have ID skills changed? What other competencies are needed to be successful in the profession? The Association for Talent Development has partnered with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training and commissioned Rothwell & Associates…
  • Gamification in eLearning Infographic

    30 Jun 2015 | 7:46 am
    Gamification in eLearning Infographic Incorporating game elements into your learning program is a great way to empower learners to act freely, show competency, and work together. There are many benefits of using gamification within your eLearning courses. The Gamification in eLearning Infographic presents information on new gamification trends, benefits of gamification in eLearning and how to motivate your learners. New Gamification Trends 80% of learners say that their productivity would increase if their university/organization was more game-like. Gartner predicts 70% of global 2000…
  • What College Students Drink While Studying Infographic

    28 Jun 2015 | 7:43 am
    What College Students Drink While Studying Infographic The What College Students Drink While Studying Infographic shows what college student prefer to drink when they are preparing for finals. In particular, in a study by of over 2000 college students, water was selected as the drink of choice by 26.0% of all students studying for finals, followed by coffee at 24.3% and pop/soda at 11.6%. At the other end of the spectrum, milk came in dead last for both genders at 1.5% for each.There were some significant differences between females and males responding to the survey. Water…
  • Teaching Students To Analyze Complex Texts Infographic

    Smaragda Papadopoulou
    27 Jun 2015 | 7:45 am
    Teaching Students To Analyze Complex Texts Infographic The Common Core State Standards have put close reading in the spotlight as never before. While middle and high school teachers want and need students to connect with, analyze, and learn from both literary and informational texts, many are unsure how to foster the skills students must have in order to develop deep and nuanced understanding of complicated content. The Teaching Students To Analyze Complex Texts Infographic presents a few questions middle and high school students should ask themselves during the close reading process. A Close…
  • The Rise of Learning Resource Centres Infographic

    26 Jun 2015 | 7:53 am
    The Rise of Learning Resource Centres Infographic In recent years the digital revolution has changed the way students learn. The The Rise of Learning Resource Centres Infographic highlights how learning resource centres are replacing traditional school libraries, and why LRCs are important to students’ development. A learning resource centre is a type of library found in schools, colleges and universities. It is a melting pot of both traditional and modern ways or accessing information and key to students learning. These centres contain traditional educational resources such as books,…
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    Talk in French

  • 10 Tips on How to Pack for your Vacation in France

    30 Jun 2015 | 8:42 am
      So, you’re finally taking that much-awaited trip to France. Gearing up for the City of Love and the City of Lights, huh? C’est merveilleux! Better get started on your research then. Whether you’re going on a romantic trip or with the family and kids; planning to see the surreal sights i... The post 10 Tips on How to Pack for your Vacation in France appeared first on Talk in French.
  • 10 Must-try French Wines for less than 10 Euros

    18 Jun 2015 | 1:40 am
    « La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin » (Life is too short to drink bad wine) Ahh, wine… That marvellously magical liquid that we French absolutely love. Wine has been given many names: poetry in a bottle, the Nectar of the Gods, and so forth. Galileo called it sunlight held together by... The post 10 Must-try French Wines for less than 10 Euros appeared first on Talk in French.
  • 44 useful French words to express doing chores

    6 Jun 2015 | 2:31 am
    Aargh, doing the chores, a tedious activity in general though I do enjoy doing the dishes, it lets my mind wander freely. Surprisingly, this is one of the most requested topics by French Learners, though it’s not something I particularly love to talk about with my friends! However, we still need to ... The post 44 useful French words to express doing chores appeared first on Talk in French.
  • Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2015: Vote for Talk in French Now!

    2 Jun 2015 | 7:53 am
    Hey there! Bonjour! Every year, and host a contest for the top language blogs in language learning. And guess what? Talk in French is once again nominated under the category “Language Learning Blogs”. Last year I landed at the #6 spot (thank you once again to those who voted –... The post Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2015: Vote for Talk in French Now! appeared first on Talk in French.
  • 111 essential French Phrases for the classroom

    26 May 2015 | 4:27 am
    I know that many of you here at Talk in French teach the language for a living. I recently received an email from a future French teacher asking me if I can share some classroom-related vocabulary. At Talk in French, we always like to lend a helping hand, so here it is, I am sharing 111 essential Ph... The post 111 essential French Phrases for the classroom appeared first on Talk in French.
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  • Innovation in San Diego Creates Investment Opportunities

    29 Jun 2015 | 4:09 pm
    2014 has come and gonebut the benefits of a growth year are likely to carry on for some time in San Diego. According to Connect, a non-profit group that supports innovation, they counted 446 technology and life science start-ups in 2014 up from 426 companies in 2013 (1). Of these firmsBio-tech got 62% of the $805 million investment capital dollars while software and medical devices got a third and fourth place in total investment influx.What does this say about San Diego? It says that San Diego has a budding bio-tech and software industry that should be supported by city policies, higher…
  • The Benefits of Mobile Online Military Training

    26 Jun 2015 | 7:11 pm
    Our military can be called to any place on the earth within a few minutes notice. They leave behind their lives to trek across the globe to protect American interests. With online military training service members can continue to advance their military careers from anyplace and at any time to ensure they continue to be the most advanced armed force in the world.According to a 2011 pamphlet issued by Department of the Army,”The U.S. Army’s competitive advantage directly relates to its capacity to learn faster and adapt more quickly than its adversaries. In the highly competitive global…
  • Understanding Differences as a Sign of Intelligent and Scientific Thinking

    25 Jun 2015 | 10:57 am
    The ability to understand differences between similar objects has always been a sign of intelligence. Science itself is basedon the idea of investigating the differences and similaritiesof objects to create a full picture of a phenomenon. When donewell, we cancreate hypotheses, models and theoriesthat help to explain and predict our environment. Our adaptation and full development as a person is based on recognizing and appreciatingdifferences.Simplicity and definiteness make for greatfollowers but hardly constitutes leadership. Intelligent people look deeperat issues to see if they can…
  • What Your Car Says About You?

    24 Jun 2015 | 11:38 am
    Cars have personalities in the same way we have personalities. Cars are designed to appeal to particular demographics and seek to emulate the characters of their target market in their design. This is one reason your personal image becomes associated with the type of car you drive and the items you buy. To the outside world, your car becomes an extension of yourself.There is brand personality and consumer personality. Brand personalities are those values a brand image symbolizes. Brand personalities revolve around personas of excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence and sophistication.
  • How to Bounce Your Business Off the Bottom

    23 Jun 2015 | 11:52 am
    Businesses can decline over the years until they no longer have enough working capital to maintain their current course of action. Without drastic changethe business will either be sold or liquidated in bankruptcy court. Change requires a new way of thinking about things, taking risks and making better strategic choices that lead to higher outcomes.Organizations operate on processes & procedures. The culture of an organization will determine its overall communication and work patterns. When processes & procedures and culture are aligned to market needs it becomes more likely that the…
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    Help Teaching Blog » How To

  • 3 Tools to Help Kids Learn Over the Summer

    19 Jun 2015 | 5:41 am
    Kids don’t have to be in a classroom to learn. When they’re out of school for the summer, they are still plenty of opportunities for them to gain new knowledge. You can help them learn by introducing them to three simple tools designed to get them interested in learning, even if they don’t realize that’s what they’re doing. 1. Ask Questions Sometime during the toddler years, kids go through a why phase. They use that question to help them figure out the world and everything in it. Unfortunately, many kids quickly grow out of the why stage. To help kids learn over the summer,…
  • 3 Steps to Cultivating an Effective EdTech Culture in the Classroom

    12 Jun 2015 | 4:39 am
    Technology isn’t automatically valuable for teachers. Tech tools, ranging from student community platforms to online reading logs, become integral to classroom instruction when you create a culture around effective and educational use of technology with your students. This requires you and your students to consistently evaluate and adapt while being purposeful with the tools you choose and the lessons you pair them with. Here are three different ways to ensure that you’re cultivating an effective EdTech culture in your classroom—one that promotes both education and fun learning…
  • 10 Activities to Celebrate World Oceans Day

    5 Jun 2015 | 10:57 am
    World Oceans Day is June 8th and there is still time to celebrate! No need to jury rig a lesson plan, rather put on a blue shirt and forge ahead with these ten fun ways to celebrate World Oceans Day with your class or family. 1. Skipper your crew to a World Oceans Day event in your area. From art contests to film festivals to hands-on exhibits, there are ocean activities taking place around the world. 2. Navigate your way to the World Oceans Day website and check out their last minute celebration ideas. Take the Better Bag Challenge with your students or family! 3. Google is charting new…
  • 100 Summer Activities for Kids

    29 May 2015 | 12:00 pm
    School is out. The weather is nice. And your kids are… bored out of their minds. While blog posts about letting kids experiencing boredom this summer have gone viral, we know that sometimes they need a little help figuring out what to do. From activities designed to help kids learn and give back to their communities to those focused on making kids a little money and helping them have fun, we’ve gathered the ultimate list of over 100 summer activities for kids. Most of these activities can be done at home, so you don’t have to spend the summer running your kids from place to place.
  • The Importance of Teaching Personal Finance

    William Campione
    22 May 2015 | 6:33 am
    Most students are required to take a course in economics at the secondary level, but not all courses teach the basics of personal finance. With credit card use and student loan debt at an all time high, it’s important that students are aware of how to manage their money. Budgeting Help teens create their own budget and hold them accountable for the purchases they make. Being able to budget is an essential skill. Whether you are managing time, responsibilities, or money, exceeding your available resources will lead to difficulties rather quickly. Help Teaching’s Budgeting Activity leads…
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    Student Caring - Helping Parents, Professors and Their College Students Achieve Success.

  • Why You Should Consider a Career as a Medical Assistant (de Roulet, Pecoraro)
    29 Jun 2015 | 7:33 pm
    There are a lot of jobs out there. If you’re just looki […] The post Why You Should Consider a Career as a Medical Assistant appeared first on Student Caring - Helping Parents, Professors and Their College Students Achieve Success..
  • What You Need To Know About a Career in a Car Leasing Company (de Roulet, Pecoraro)
    29 Jun 2015 | 6:48 pm
    Car leasing is the financing of a car usually over a specific of period and has become a major form of business in the recent times. When you step into a car lease career, you need to have firsthand information in order to give essential information to potential and the present clients of the leasing company you will be working with. The post What You Need To Know About a Career in a Car Leasing Company appeared first on Student Caring - Helping Parents, Professors and Their College Students Achieve Success..
  • 5 Tips for Managing Your Student Budget in Liverpool (de Roulet, Pecoraro)
    27 Jun 2015 | 4:53 pm
    Creating a budget is the most important thing to do when you decide to study in Liverpool. You should choose a college or university in the city after having an estimate of the money that you can afford. You should take into consideration the tuition fees, school supplies, costs of student accommodation Liverpool and the other expenses that are expected during the course period. You can make use of finance management applications and online tools to make the job easier. The post 5 Tips for Managing Your Student Budget in Liverpool appeared first on Student Caring - Helping Parents, Professors…
  • Dangers of MONSTER drinks (de Roulet, Pecoraro)
    27 Jun 2015 | 4:08 pm
    Sports drinks have been available on the market for years and it is commonly believed that if a little is good, then more is better. Teenagers have adopted the same approach to their consumption of energy drinks, such as Monster. These drinks are good for bursts of energy but have been linked with a higher risk of strokes, seizures and even sudden death. They should be taken with caution. The post Dangers of MONSTER drinks appeared first on Student Caring - Helping Parents, Professors and Their College Students Achieve Success..
  • This Noble Profession / Learning About Who You will be Teaching (de Roulet, Pecoraro)
    25 Jun 2015 | 9:08 am
    In this podcast series we offer advice for our future colleagues who are about to begin their teaching careers in Higher Ed. This Noble Profession / Learning About Who You will be Teaching The post This Noble Profession / Learning About Who You will be Teaching appeared first on Student Caring - Helping Parents, Professors and Their College Students Achieve Success..
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    Common Sense School Leadership

  • A “Teachers’ Principal”

    25 Jun 2015 | 11:02 am
    I had the fortune of hearing Todd Whitaker speak this week.  Two years ago I attended his keynote at NAESP in Baltimore.  His message never gets old.  Having him at our district’s leadership conference this week was a great way to bring closure to the school year and provided motivation in planning for next year. After listening to his words of wisdom, I am even more committed to being a “teachers’ principal.”  What is a teachers’ principal and why does it matter?  The term “players’ coach” gets used often in sports.  The term generally refers to a coach who has a good…
  • Summer Brings the Chance to Re-gain Your Balance

    4 Jun 2015 | 8:24 am
    How will you spend your summer? Summer offers us the chance to “sharpen the saw.”  Stephen Covey encouraged us to seek balance in our physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual lives.  When all four dimensions are in balance, the result is personal and professional synergy.  The sum of synergistic living is always greater than its parts.  When all four dimensions are balanced, everything falls into place. The modern educator can easily be overwhelmed by the challenges of teaching and leading.  If we don’t take the time to renew ourselves on a personal and professional level,…
  • Standing at the Back of the Elephant

    6 May 2015 | 9:43 am
    The headline of Lyndsey Layton’s Washington Post article yesterday reads, “Most states lack expertise to improve worst schools.”  Layton notes in her article that the government’s 3 billion dollar investment hasn’t led to improved performance in our most challenged schools.  Apparently, the states “did not have the staff, technology and expertise to pull those schools out of the bottom rankings.” The schools that were targeted for improvement had to choose one of four school reform strategies:  replace the principal and at least 50 percent of the staff; close the school and…
  • Social Media In Schools: Why bother?

    10 Apr 2015 | 9:10 am
    I am excited to present at the Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals conference later this month.  The focus of my session is on how social media can be used to enhance adult and student learning.  If you’re a social media regular, this is a message that you are more than likely familiar with.  However, we still have a large number of educators and leaders who are hesitant to capitalize on social media for the benefit of their schools. I think this hesitancy comes from a lack of confidence with technology and worries about the potential negatives of social media.  If we…
  • Are you a resilient educator?

    27 Mar 2015 | 10:50 am
    Are you a resilient educator?  How do you respond when things don’t go your way?  This week was challenging for me.  I’ll spare the specifics, but I’m finishing the day wondering where things went wrong this week.  The most alarming part of having a bad day or week is the feeling of losing control.  How can you get that control back?  Here are a few suggestions that might help.  I’m going to try and take my own advice. Put Your Day or Week in Context Everyone has their moments.  Was this day or week an anomaly?  Unless you’ve started a new pattern of behavior, next week…
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    Voyageur Outward Bound School

  • Service with a Smile

    Calvin Croll
    26 Jun 2015 | 8:55 am
    Diego’s shirt was filthy, caked with dirt and sweat, but all I could focus on was the smile on his face. He kept looking at me the entire time as he stood up to his full height, lifted his knee, and then hurled the ball towards me. Then it seemed like time slowed down. It... The post Service with a Smile appeared first on Voyageur Outward Bound School.
  • All Youth Are at Risk; Outdoor Programs Can Help

    Mary Milodragovich
    19 Jun 2015 | 11:15 am
    Sometimes we work with teens. Sometimes we work with at-risk teens. But I repeat myself. When we talk of “at-risk” youth we often think of the outside factors that teens are “at-risk” for: friends, drugs, failing school, etc. But I think we should be more concerned about the internal factors that influence these decisions. Self-confidence... The post All Youth Are at Risk; Outdoor Programs Can Help appeared first on Voyageur Outward Bound School.
  • Theory of Change Part 3: The Impact

    Poppy Potter
    16 Jun 2015 | 10:42 am
    The impact of an Outward Bound course is both different for everyone, yet the same. Chia Vang, a 2013 graduate of Voyageur Outward Bound School (VOBS) and a partner school, the River’s Edge Academy shared, “these programs taught me about moving past obstacles and what it means to be a leader.” She goes on to... The post Theory of Change Part 3: The Impact appeared first on Voyageur Outward Bound School.
  • Theory of Change Part 2: The Design

    Poppy Potter
    29 May 2015 | 10:19 am
    “She is significantly more confident and better able to hear what others are saying and correctly interpret those words into something meaningful.” “He sees himself as a leader and looks for opportunities to lead….I think he thinks for himself more.” These parent comments are no accident. Our aim is to develop and build upon the... The post Theory of Change Part 2: The Design appeared first on Voyageur Outward Bound School.
  • Theory of Change Part 1: The Foundation

    Poppy Potter
    6 May 2015 | 3:15 pm
    This is a common reflection we hear at the Voyageur Outward Bound School. The alumnus goes on to explain a moment that had great impact and stuck with them 5, 10, or even more than 40 years later. Honestly though, they know the change didn’t happen in a moment. They know it happened in a... The post Theory of Change Part 1: The Foundation appeared first on Voyageur Outward Bound School.
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    ProofreadMyEssay's academic blog

  • 6 Quick Proofreading Tips

    29 Jun 2015 | 1:18 pm
    Ever wondered how proofreaders spot so many mistakes that have passed you by? Here are the top six ways you can become your own proofreader! Print off your work It sounds too simple to be true, but it’s so much easier to spot mistakes on a hard copy than it is on a computer (especially if you have written the document yourself). Seeing your work on paper gives you the ‘fresh eyes’ of a proofreader, and will help you to spot all those little mistakes and inconsistencies that can make your work look unprofessional. Read your work backwards! Start at the last line and proof your work a…
  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Proofread Your Work

    8 Jun 2015 | 8:13 am
    It might seem like a waste of time, but proofreading your work can often be as important as writing the content itself! Here are 7 reasons why: 1. Easy Marks Simple spelling and grammar mistakes in your essay could lose you up to as much as 10% of your overall grade! This could make the difference between getting a First or a 2:1! Writing concisely and checking your work are easy ways to achieve the marks you are striving for! 2. A Professional Edge Your work will stand out as being exemplary and professional, if you proofread it properly before you submit it. A professional piece of writing…
  • 10 Tips on How to Format Your Work

    28 May 2015 | 6:55 am
      Let’s be honest, formatting your work can be a pain in the a-hole, so we’ve compiled some great tips to make it super simple! 1. Get Over Your Fear of Styles Not as scary as it sounds- this is just a quick way of formatting headings and captions. Here’s how to modify each Style so that your headings look perfect and create a swish table of contents with one click. 2. Give Yourself Some Space Have you been typing carriage returns between your paragraphs? You don’t need to! Click on ‘Format – Paragraph’, choose the spacing (usually 6pt after), and you’re away! 3.
  • Tips on Avoiding Plagiarism

    25 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    We often get questions from students who are worried about committing accidental plagiarism. It’s really easy to do this by forgetting to add citations when you paraphrase or directly quote other people. However, it’s really important to make sure you do this! Failing to cite everything properly can get you into a lot of trouble. Follow the steps below to make sure you are not plagiarising by mistake! Always Credit Citations Have you added a citation every time you have mentioned someone else’s idea or work? Go through and check! Use Your Referencing Guidelines Do your…
  • Citing a Book in MLA Style

    20 Mar 2015 | 4:00 am
    When you are citing secondary resources in your work you need to make sure that you reference them properly. If you don’t know which referencing style you are using, go and check! If you are using MLA referencing style to cite a book, this is how you will need to do it: In-Text (Author page number) For example: Some critics argue that here, Shakespeare is making a point about gender (Smith 72). Note that for MLA style you don’t need to use a comma between the author and page number. Reference List Smith, J. What Shakespeare Meant to Say, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012.
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    The Edvocate

  • Is the Department of Education using unlawful debt collectors?

    The Edvocate
    2 Jul 2015 | 4:39 am
    After news surfaced that the United States Department of Education would forgive the student loan debt of some associated with the Corinthian 100, more students and borrower advocates are questioning the collection practices of the department. According to the Huffington Post, the department isn’t sure if the debt collectors used to gather funds from former students are doing so within the confines of the law. “In March, Education Undersecretary Ted Mitchell told borrower advocates that he wasn’t confident the department’s debt collectors were in compliance with federal debt…
  • Dillard University nominated for Best Fine Arts Program, 5 other HBCU awards

    The Edvocate
    2 Jul 2015 | 3:26 am
    Dillard University in Louisiana has always been known as one of the nation’s best HBCUs, and recent news that the institution for higher education has been nominated for a number of awards at the HBCU National Media Summit should come as no surprise. The university’s president, Walter Kimbrough, is up for Male President of the Year, and the school is also nominated for Best Choir and Best Fine Arts Program. According to The Times-Picayune and, of the HBCUs in Louisiana nominated for awards, Dillard received the most. In addition to President Kimbrough, choir, and fine…
  • Three great college-helmed diversity programs

    The Edvocate
    1 Jul 2015 | 10:51 am
    By Matthew Lynch College and university campuses are places for progress. The nation’s youngest minds and most educated adults work together to not only better their individual lives, but to improve society. This comes in the form of medical breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, advancement of the arts and more. College and university settings are the birthplace of much of the nation’s innovation. Academics are not the only area that benefit from the collaborative and ambitious natures of higher education populations, though. Advancements in social thought also take place on these…
  • Ask An Expert: Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools

    Matthew Lynch
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:33 am
    Question: I recently moved from New Jersey to a small town in Louisiana. To my amazement and horror, my children’s elementary school still uses corporal punishment. Fortunately, it is an opt in system, but if parents do not consent to its use, their children are automatically suspended, whether it is in school or at home. What does research say about the effects of corporal punishment? What can we do to end this deplorable practice? Marcia E. Answer: First of all, thank you for your question. It’s difficult to believe in this day and age that we still have some schools around the…
  • Should we abolish educator tenure?

    The Edvocate
    1 Jul 2015 | 3:50 am
    **The Edvocate is pleased to publish guest posts as way to fuel important conversations surrounding P-20 education in America. The opinions contained within guest posts are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of The Edvocate or Dr. Matthew Lynch.** A guest post by Julian Vasquez Heilig Is tenure still an important tradition in the 21st century? This is a debate that comes up often in my discussions with policymakers and others. It’s also an issue that is currently flaring up in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin (See What’s Gone Wrong in Wisconsin?) There…
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    CTET Preparation

  • Educational Implications of Growth and Development

    NIIT Litmus
    30 Jun 2015 | 3:13 am
    1.           Education is not only a process and a product of growing, it means growing. It aims at the fullest possible realization of all the potentialities of children. This implies that teachers and parents must know what children are capable of and what potentialities they possess. Equipped with this knowledge they should provide suitable opportunities and favorable environmental facilities which are conducive to the maximum growth of children. Apart from these opportunities, it is necessary that their attitudes are helpful,…
  • Preparing for CTET September 2015 ?

    NIIT Litmus
    29 Jun 2015 | 4:58 am
    What is CTET.         The Government of India as part of the Right to Education (RTE) act has tasked the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) to lay down the minimum qualifications for a person to be eligible for appointment as a teacher for classes I to VIII in all government funded schools. The CBSE conducts the examination and the rationale for including the TET as a minimum qualification for a person to be eligible for appointment as a teacher is as follows:-a) It would bring national standards and benchmark of teacher quality in…
  • CBSE CTET 2015 results expected on or before 01 April 2015

    NIIT Litmus
    24 Mar 2015 | 11:21 pm
    CBSE has released the answer keys for CTET Feb 2015 :How to check the answer keysLog on to the official website of CTET at on the tab ‘Answer Keys CTET FEB 2015′.Answer keys for Paper I and Paper II would flash on screen.Candidates may download and save the same.  The final results will be declared on or before 01 April 2015 on the official website. CTET Feb 2015 was conducted at 988 centers in 100 cities where 7.4 lakh candidates were registered. 
  • CTET Exam Schedule

    NIIT Litmus
    19 Feb 2015 | 10:20 pm
      Paper II Paper I DATE OF EXAMINATION 22.02.2015 22.02.2015 a) Entry in the Examination Hall 8:45 13:15 b) Checking of Admit Cards 09:00 to 09:15 13:30 to 13:45 c) Distribution of Test Booklet 9:15 13:45 d) Seal of the Test Booklet to be broken/opened to take out the Answer Sheet 9:25 13:55 e) Last Entry in the Examination Hall 9:30 14:00 f) Test Commences 9:30 14:00 g) Test Concludes 12:00 16:30
  • Do Well in your Exam

    NIIT Litmus
    19 Feb 2015 | 10:08 pm
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    Early Childhood Development BlogFeed

  • How to Get Your Child to Organize Their Bedrooms

    Lynda Way
    22 Jun 2015 | 8:00 am
    Getting children to clean up their bedrooms can be a huge challenge. There is no doubt that a messy bedroom is an eye sore, but most of the times, children will not clean up their rooms no matter how hard … Read More The post How to Get Your Child to Organize Their Bedrooms appeared first on .
  • Father’s Day: What Preschoolers Can Do to Surprise Their Dads

    Lynda Way
    10 Jun 2015 | 7:00 am
    Little boys aspire to be “him” and little girls think he’s “King of the World.” A dad is the first important male figure in a child’s life. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for little ones to show that special … Read More The post Father’s Day: What Preschoolers Can Do to Surprise Their Dads appeared first on .
  • 6 Backyard Games for Children to Enjoy Summer Parties

    Lynda Way
    20 May 2015 | 9:00 pm
    Summer parties can be tiring for young children who don’t want to spend hours sitting around the grill with lemonade in hand. The next time you host or attend a summer gathering, think about organizing one or more of the … Read More The post 6 Backyard Games for Children to Enjoy Summer Parties appeared first on .
  • 5 Ideas to Strengthen the Bond Between Children and Grandparents

    Lynda Way
    12 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    There is nothing quite as special as the relationship between a child and a grandparent. Instead of sitting around the house watching TV or playing a video game with your grandchild, take one or more of the following ideas to … Read More The post 5 Ideas to Strengthen the Bond Between Children and Grandparents appeared first on .
  • Happy Mother’s Day: 5 Activities to Spend Quality Time

    Lynda Way
    29 Apr 2015 | 7:30 am
    Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all of the moms in your life including aunts, grandmothers, and friends. No gift is as precious as spending quality time with dear mom this Mother’s Day. Rejoice her presence in your … Read More The post Happy Mother’s Day: 5 Activities to Spend Quality Time appeared first on .
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    Brilliant or Insane

  • The Problem with Professional Development Planning and How Design Thinking Solves It

    Angela Stockman
    1 Jul 2015 | 2:38 am
    Brilliant or InsaneHere’s the problem with professional development planning: it fails, and when it does, we’re often unpleasantly surprised. When professional development planning fails, everyone looks for someone to blame. As if the plan was supposed to work out perfectly. As if designers were supposed to predict the turn of the tide. As if we or anyone could ensure the […]The post The Problem with Professional Development Planning and How Design Thinking Solves It appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.
  • Realize Your Professional Vision with Reflective Journaling

    Angela Stockman
    30 Jun 2015 | 2:00 am
    Brilliant or InsaneDo you remember why you became a teacher? What vision guided your dreams back then, and when was the last time you stopped teaching long enough to look back on the road you’ve traveled? Are you on the right path? Have you lost your way? Summer is the perfect time to begin realizing your professional vision, […]The post Realize Your Professional Vision with Reflective Journaling appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.
  • A Teaching Miracle in English 12

    Mark Barnes
    29 Jun 2015 | 2:00 am
    Brilliant or InsaneA Teaching Miracle in English 12 By Matt Biers-Ariel I teach high school English. On the last day of the semester, a student asked about his grade. For someone doing well, I love to be the bearer of good news. But there was nothing happy to report to this young man. Though I knew his […]The post A Teaching Miracle in English 12 appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.
  • 4C the Success of Your Next Professional Learning Initiative

    Angela Stockman
    28 Jun 2015 | 2:00 am
    Brilliant or InsaneI began meeting with strategic planning groups last week, in anticipation of the summer and the year ahead. I’m excited to be working with a handful of schools I’ve never had experience with before, as these first conversations are always filled with possibility. There’s always a bit of a honeymoon period before the real work […]The post 4C the Success of Your Next Professional Learning Initiative appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.
  • 5 Ways to Become an Education Game Changer

    Mark Barnes
    26 Jun 2015 | 11:00 pm
    Brilliant or InsaneWe posted this last year, and it received plenty of shares on social media. A few educators pushed back, suggesting that some of these strategies are not realistic. Education still needs a lot of work, and many teachers are stepping up. So, we’re rehashing our tips for becoming an eduction game changer. Let us know what you […]The post 5 Ways to Become an Education Game Changer appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.
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    The Montessori Group

  • Nutrition & Health News for Families

    Montessori Group
    12 Jun 2015 | 10:34 am
    Water Safety Take Steps to Stay Safe Around Water Follow these safety tips from the Red Cross whenever you are in, on or around water. Make Water Safety Your Priority Swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards. Always swim with a buddy; do not allow anyone to swim alone. Even at a public pool or […]
  • Nutrition & Health News for Families

    Montessori Group
    14 May 2015 | 12:50 pm
    Children are more prone to dehydration than adults In a study, kids who were given just 1 cup of water before visual and memory tests, scored better and had longer attention spans than kids who didn’t drink water. Children dehydrate much faster than adults. Always keep water, Gatorade or other fluids on hand while outdoors […]
  • Ways to Aid Self-Discipline

    Montessori Group
    5 May 2015 | 7:26 am
    Change Parenting Attitude Parents first, child second – “Nurture Oneself” Children are more likely to respect the parent, when the parent respects themselves. Tired and stressed parents have difficulty setting boundaries. When your “cup is empty” you have nothing left to give. The Media does not have to dictate how you parent. Do not let […]
  • Nutrition & Health News for Families

    Montessori Group
    16 Apr 2015 | 6:03 am
    Stress-Free Dinners Getting dinner on the table every night is stressful for families. Between the school schedule, nightly homework, sports and everyday life, it is tempting to grab dinner from a fast food drive through. But with a little planning, you can make easy, healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy. Here are a […]
  • Eight Essential Ingredients For A Child’s Mental Health

    Cindy Thomas
    13 Mar 2015 | 9:13 am
    Love Every child needs to feel loved and wanted, that he matters very much to someone, and that there are people near him who care what happens to him. Security Every child needs to know that his home is a good, safe place he can feel secure about, that his parents or other protective adults […]
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    MMO With Shahnawaz

  • Private Internet Access Review And Rating

    Shahnawaz Sadique
    2 Jul 2015 | 2:34 am
    Private Internet Access Review Private internet access is a online peace service (VPN).It is better known for its commitment to the users for their privacy. Private Internet Access values the privacy of their customers and lets them browse peacefully. It is a service which has been brought in by London Trust Media Inc. The best thing about Private Internet Access is that it offers a low cost budget to the users. It is said to be the most respected names in VPN industry. It has performed well in each and every test of its journey. Private Internet access is one The post Private Internet Access…
  • RANKwyz Review – Best PBN Manager,Analytics And Many More

    Shahnawaz Sadique
    28 Jun 2015 | 5:01 am
    RANKwyz Review RANKwyz is an corresponding new programmed blogging software which has the ability to manage unlimited amount of social accounts and blogs. With the help of RANKwyz you will be able to post to a whole network similarly like how the files are put on a folder. Each and every blog and social accounts are arranged in a network. You will be getting services according to the plan you choose which will include backlink services, pinging, captcha sloving, indexing and much more.It was known as Articlewyz in the past. The service of RANKwyz allows us to post more the The post RANKwyz…
  • Raven Tools Review-Best SEO Reporting & Link Building Tools

    Shahnawaz Sadique
    27 Jun 2015 | 4:22 am
    Raven Tools Review Raven tools is a online SEO kit which offers you the ways to research, track and optimize your SEO campaign. This merge is entirely online, so that you can easily login to your account from anywhere and record campaign and metrics. It is very easy to use the dashboard is very clean. Every section which you use gives a long description of tools which are available. It is a really helpful tool for beginner and the ones who have their carrier as blogging. Raven tools can trace up to twenty projects at a single time and keep The post Raven Tools Review-Best SEO Reporting &…
  • SEMRUSH Review:Find High CPC Keywords Of Competitors

    Shahnawaz Sadique
    25 Jun 2015 | 12:36 am
    SEMRush Review Today I will be telling you about the SEMRush and giving a SEMRush review. Before getting to know what is the use of SEMRsuh lets  first get to know what is actually SEMRush .SEMRush is a Top rated seo tool which is widely used and available through the mass. This tool allows you to run your campaign from anywhere and login too. This tool provides you with the best keyword suggestion and also keyword ranking. SEMrush allows you to track five hundred keyword over five different campaigns. It can easily analyze the quality of the backlinks which you The post SEMRUSH Review:Find…
  • Optinmonster Review: Best WP Plugin for Lead Generation

    Shahnawaz Sadique
    22 Jun 2015 | 2:54 am
    OptinMonster Review OptinMonster Is a tool which is used to boost up your blog and business I will tell you how it may sound like funny but yes Optinmonster is a tool which help you to grow your business. Optinmonster is a tool which lets you build your email list but if you all want to easy the process of your building email list you will need a tool which will be helping you to make the process easy. In this post I will give a brief Optinmonster review that will help you to grow your business very fast. So The post Optinmonster Review: Best WP Plugin for Lead Generation appeared first on…
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    I Love Learning

  • 5 Places To Learn How To Code For Free Online

    30 Jun 2015 | 2:20 pm
    Coding is a useful skill that many people can pick up easily and freely through online courses. You don’t need to be a mathematical genius, or even have done any kind of coding before. Code is often very logical, and relies on words, problem solving and organisation as much as it does numbers and equations. Once you learn the basic rules, you can start building surprisingly complex applications, websites and more. Code comes in a number of different languages depending on what you want to build. Whether you want to add a skill to your resume or tinker around with apps or games, learning…
  • Online Academic Writing Learning Resources

    30 May 2015 | 6:37 am
    For those who haven’t been in the academic loop for a while – or for those who have just graduated high school and are finding the transition into tertiary study to be challenging – learning how to write in an academic context is an extremely important and useful skill. Being able to articulate your thoughts clearly and in an accepted format is essential for not just learning but for passing your classes with grades that reflect the effort you’ve put in. Academic writing is more of a habit than anything, and once you get started you’ll find it comes more and more…
  • Online Finance Learning Resources

    30 Apr 2015 | 10:02 am
    Finance is a topic that isn’t necessarily taught in schools, yet is invaluable in running and managing our everyday lives. Many people reach adulthood without fully understanding concepts such as taxes, savings, investment and credit cards. Once you get into financial struggle, it can be extremely difficult to get out unless you learn to take control of your finances. Many times, people have the resources to ensure all their basic needs are met, but don’t know how to allocate them correctly and always feel short on cash. Other times people won’t have prepared for the future…
  • Tips For Returning To Study

    30 Mar 2015 | 8:22 am
    There are numerous reasons why you may be forced to cease studying, and then want to pick it up at a later date. Life gets busy, work opportunities come up, or health emergencies can make it difficult to continue. There’s no reason why you can’t return to study once the situation has changed however, though some people are intimidated by the prospect. Post-high school study is often seen as a thing to do while young, and there can be some stigmas around being an older student. But coming to study at an older age gives you a determination and appreciation for learning, that younger…
  • Online Cooking Learning Resources

    15 Feb 2015 | 2:07 pm
    Cooking is an essential skill that not everyone will grow up learning. Being able to cook even simple foods allows you to save money and have greater control over your diet and what nutrients you take in. You can share cooking as a flat or family to cut down on cost, as well as to share the work throughout the week. Cooking for yourself means you can choose organic ingredients and adjust recipes so that they contain more of the foods you like and less of the ones you don’t. There are a number of online resources for learning to cook, which make it easy to replicate the techniques in…
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    Free PowerPoint Presentations

  • Free July 4th Backgrounds(Backdrops)

    FPPTP Admin
    1 Jul 2015 | 2:13 pm
    A Very Happy Independence to All.. On this Independence day we wanted to convey our greetings with these free downloadable backgrounds that you can use in any July 4th greeting oriented PowerPoint Presentation. The designs are tri or multi colored as we used the flag color combination as the main source of the design. All together you get 5 backgrounds that are 1280px wide and 768px in height. So hurry! Download and celebrate this July 4th Independence Day more visually and more digitally. How to Use Picture as Background in PowerPoint? Follow the below steo to use these pictures as…
  • Free Abstract PowerPoint Templates

    FPPTP Admin
    17 Jun 2015 | 11:42 am
    Make colorful presentations with our amazing abstract designs for PowerPoint. These ten new colorful templates can co-ordinate with your concepts and present your audience a colorful visual experience. The download you download contains 10 PowerPoint Templates and 10 images that were used as the backgrounds. The templates are compatible with PowerPoint 2007 and higher versions. Download now and explore these amazing colorful designs with your concepts. And as always, these templates are absolutely free and has no restrictions applied but still these templates do comes with some do and…
  • Create Creative Content Slide Using Shape & Picture

    Rajashekhar Intha
    28 May 2015 | 3:12 pm
    The way you present the content on slides matters, the more pleasing the design is — the more attention it gets. And making this process more simpler we are going to explore various ways of arranging or creating creative content on daily basis(everyday) starting from today. In today’s post we are going to be explore unique method of creating creative content slide such as the one below. The above picture that you see is a slide we created in PowerPoint. This is not a template neither its  a picture placeholder or anything. Its just a blank layout with a picture and a shape. Read on,…
  • What’s New in PowerPoint 2016?

    Rajashekhar Intha
    5 May 2015 | 11:58 am
    PowerPoint 2013 was a ginormous hit for Microsoft, it had bunch of new features that included new transitions, animations, presenter view & more. The new built in features of PowerPoint 2013 helped the presenter to search content and embed it right within the program without having leave the program to sneak around the internet for a perfect content. And its almost 3 years passed and its time for the new version of PowerPoint to arrive at the market. Microsoft has publicly announced the new version of Office and its called Office 2016 which is about to release this year, but in mean time…
  • 10 Tips to Make Slides Communicate Your Idea

    FPPTP Admin
    5 May 2015 | 8:52 am
    What is a presentation that doesn’t present the central idea, topic or the theme? Presentations are powerful communication tools to present the ideas. And there is one place where ideas are presented in a perfect perspective, this is place where ideas are worth spreading and its none other than TED. TED brings out the best ideas across the earth that are life changing, inspiring, highly motivating and more… And this below part of text is from TED’s blog published on July 2014. We believe this will help our visitors & presentation makers make their presentations more professional.
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    Speed Reading Lounge

  • eyeQ Advantage Review 2015

    1 Jul 2015 | 1:29 am
    Can eyeQ Speed Reading improve your skills? A Review. eyeQ Advantage by Infinite Mind is one of the most thorough speed reading and memory improvement courses available. No matter your current speed of reading or rate of comprehension, eyeQ will build a course around you to ensure you get immediate results. It will teach you numerous warm ups, exercises and memory retention techniques that you can utilize whenever you choose, to the best of your abilities. This is an online course ideal for students and adults alike. Keep reading our eyeQ review to see if it will suit your needs. eyeQ…
  • ReadMe! App Review

    Mark Ways
    20 Jun 2015 | 4:49 am
    ReadMe! is an eBook reader app for iOS and Android Speed readers have tremendously increased the reading capabilities of anyone who loves to read books. Normally an individual can read from 200-400 words per minute, but this amazing app can help you to hit round about 1000-1700 words per minute. One excellent app for Speed Reading is ReadMe!, which is a popular e-book reader with Spritz technology integrated. The app is available for iPhone, iPad as well as Android devices. ReadMe! App Review: Features and Highlights Spritz Technology ReadMe! comes with built-in Spritz technology, a streaming…
  • Overcoming Bad Reading Habits

    Mark Ways
    16 Jun 2015 | 11:40 am
    Eliminate bad reading habits to improve speed & comprehension Bad reading habits are never a good thing when you are trying to sit down and absorb information of any kind. They will end up costing you valuable time and they will also ensure that you will not truly comprehend what you are trying to read, leading to miscommunication and misinformation. Listed below are a variety of bad reading habits and solutions to these problems that you should consider if you are aiming to improve your reading performance and accuracy. 5 Bad reading habits and how to fix them 1. Reading one word at a…
  • Outread App Review

    Mark Ways
    9 Jun 2015 | 3:02 am
    Outread Speed Reading Trainer for iOS, iPhone, iPad Outread, one of the latest entries onto the market of speed reading app trainers, lets you quickly go through your reading lists by utilizing numerous tried and trusted speed reading techniques. It basically works by guiding your eyes using a highlighting marker. This can be pretty effective in order to process any accumulated reading material but also to improve general speed. Available through the iTunes store for a number of Apple devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, all you need to run Outread is iOS 7.1 or later and a…
  • Spelling Rules – How to Spell Correctly

    Mark Ways
    31 May 2015 | 11:58 pm
    A Guide to Common Spelling Rules – 18 Effective Tips and Concepts Correct spelling is important in the modern world. Not only does it allow you to convey your ideas in an effective manner, it also makes it appear like you take great pride in your work and that you ensure it is both accurate and engaging. Knowing how to spell words correctly also helps with reading and writing as it avoids misunderstanding in regards to similarly spelled words. Listed below are some of the most common spelling rules of the English language, along with exceptions to the rule followed by general spelling…
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    CITE » Blog

  • A pivotal moment for a school and the program designed to improve it

    John Russo
    22 Jun 2015 | 10:44 am
    Repost: This is the first story in a three-part series about Brooklyn Generation School and New York City’s new school-turnaround program. Click here to read the series and meet the […] The post A pivotal moment for a school and the program designed to improve it appeared first on CITE.
  • Job Openings – Brooklyn Teachers

    John Russo
    22 Jun 2015 | 10:27 am
    School Name: Automotive High School District: 14 School Site: 50 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Send Cover Letter, Resume and Portfolio to: Mary Kenny at Subject to budget availability […] The post Job Openings – Brooklyn Teachers appeared first on CITE.
  • EAS Test Prep

    John Russo
    22 Jun 2015 | 7:52 am
    If you’re seeking any teaching certification, including SBL and SDL, you need to take the EAS Test. You can register for test prep with us. Please call us at 516-221-2936 Recent […] The post EAS Test Prep appeared first on CITE.
  • The NY Post Blames Teachers

    John Russo
    22 Jun 2015 | 6:44 am
    We need evaluation systems in education.  Not every teacher is great, just as not every CEO is great, not every plumber is great, not every computer programmer or game designer […] The post The NY Post Blames Teachers appeared first on CITE.
  • Playing Gotcha with Teacher Evaluations

    John Russo
    20 Jun 2015 | 9:45 am
    Too much of the new emphasis on teacher evaluation is designed as a “gotcha” game to provide evidence to fire teachers.  But too much of old teacher evaluation was merely […] The post Playing Gotcha with Teacher Evaluations appeared first on CITE.
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    DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar

  • Pocket Khaki

    DU Khabar
    1 Jul 2015 | 3:37 am
    Having moved to Bangalore recently Mariam Javed usually took an auto to office for the initial one month or so. Being new Pocket Khaki is a post from: DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar | Delhi, NCR's Leading Youth Media House The post Pocket Khaki appeared first on DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar.
  • Delhi University is raising its bar to the Impossible.

    DU Khabar
    29 Jun 2015 | 7:32 pm
    Delhi University is one of the best universities in India for interdisciplinary courses and aspirants come from all over the country to Delhi University is raising its bar to the Impossible. is a post from: DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar | Delhi, NCR's Leading Youth Media House The post Delhi University is raising its bar to the Impossible. appeared first on DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar.
  • University of Delhi Recruitment 2015: JDMC is hiring

    DU Khabar
    29 Jun 2015 | 7:03 pm
    Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi has invited applications from eligible candidates for filling up the post of Assistant Professor. The University of Delhi Recruitment 2015: JDMC is hiring is a post from: DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar | Delhi, NCR's Leading Youth Media House The post University of Delhi Recruitment 2015: JDMC is hiring appeared first on DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar.
  • DU Cut Offs 2015 | Second Cut off list 2015

    DU Khabar
    29 Jun 2015 | 7:12 am
    DU Cut Offs 2015 | Second Cut off list 2015 (We will update the links asap when the cut offs come. The DU Cut Offs 2015 | Second Cut off list 2015 is a post from: DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar | Delhi, NCR's Leading Youth Media House The post DU Cut Offs 2015 | Second Cut off list 2015 appeared first on DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar.

    DU Khabar
    29 Jun 2015 | 4:24 am
    Most people have not heard of this college. Let alone count it in the same ranks as DTU, NIT and IIITs. Yet, NSIT – DECRYPTING IT ALL is a post from: DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar | Delhi, NCR's Leading Youth Media House The post NSIT – DECRYPTING IT ALL appeared first on DU Khabar - Delhi University Khabar.
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    The Australian Society for Evidence Based Teaching

  • 8 Strategies Robert Marzano & John Hattie Agree On

    Shaun Killian
    16 Jun 2015 | 6:42 pm
    Robert Marzano and John Hattie have both reviewed research into what teaching strategies make the biggest difference to students’ results. While they used different methods and terminology, they agreed on these 8 powerful strategies.   Strategy 1: A Clear Focus for the Lesson John Hattie highlights how important it is for you (and your students) to be clear about what you want them to learn in each lesson. According to Hattie, teacher clarity is one of the most potent influences on student achievement. Robert Marzano agrees, including lesson goals in his top 5 list of factors that…
  • Lessons from Finland

    Shaun Killian
    14 Jun 2015 | 3:32 am
    In recent years, Finland’s students have been at the top or near the top on a range of international indicators. Furthermore, Finland’s commitment to social equity has led to low levels of variance in student results from school to school. However, this has not always been the case. In the early 1990s, Finnish students achieved mediocre results on international tests such as PISA and TIMMS. Yet, they turned this around. Notably, they didn’t do this through introducing high-stakes testing, introducing charter schools, or enforcing superficial compliance with central mandates. Rather,…
  • Visible Learning Into Action

    Shaun Killian
    1 Jun 2015 | 11:58 pm
    Visible Learning Into Action: written by John Hattie, Debra Masters, Kate Birch; published by Routledge; with a release date of 25 October 2015. John Hattie’s soon to be released book, Visible Learning Into Action, gives you a collection of living, breathing examples of how schools across Australia, USA, Hong Kong, UK, Sweden, New Zealand and Norway are using Hattie’s research findings to dramatically improve their students’ results. His first book, Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Related to School Achievement: Was the culmination of over 15 years of…
  • The 10 Best Evidence Based Study Tips

    Shaun Killian
    13 May 2015 | 7:25 pm
    There is no doubt that studying helps students to excel at school. John Hattie found that teaching students how to study (d=0.59) had: More than double the impact on students’ results than homework Nearly triple the impact of strategies such as teaching test-taking, and initiatives such as charter schools Put another way, encouraging your students to study while providing your students with study tips can help improve their marks from a: D to a C C to a B B to an A Sadly, many students don’t study and others are not shown how to study effectively. Not only should you teach your…
  • The Value of Feedback Infographic

    Shaun Killian
    10 May 2015 | 5:41 pm
    Discover why every teacher should be giving feedback in our easy-to-read feedback infographic. Our feedback infographic summarises our eGuidebook How To Give Feedback To Students: The Advanced Guide.  For further information on feedback check out How To Give Feedback To Students: The Advanced Guide Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: the Australian Society for Evidence Based TeachingThe post The Value of Feedback Infographic appeared first on The Australian Society for Evidence Based Teaching.
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    Nigeria Education, post Ume Update And Latest Education News in Nigeria

  • How To Subscribe To BlackBerry Internet Service From Glo, Airtel, MTN, And Etisalat Nigeria.

    1 Jul 2015 | 7:39 am
    How To Subscribe To BlackBerry Internet Service From Glo, Airtel, MTN, And Etisalat Nigeria.   It is very common that each time that we want to switch or change our subscription plan from one network to another, we do experience some difficulties. I have had that encounter and that is why i have decided to share with us these tips that have helped me in overcoming these difficulties. Another important issue to be noted is that, many subscribers do not know the exact network that are available to the particular area they are so they are just stucked in one particular network knowing fully…
  • How I Escaped Abduction On Inauguration Day – BUKOLA SARAKI

    27 Jun 2015 | 10:58 pm
    Just as he has emerged the winner of the senate presidency, he has come out to tell the world how he has escaped being abducted on the very day he was elected at the senate meeting. According to him, he was alerted plot to abduct him on the 9th of June being the inauguration upon his arrival. Instead contrary to the abductors plan, he arrived the senate parliament as at 6am instead of the 10am. Then he went straight to the car park and later on would trek at the quarter to the chamber as at 10am. He will disclosing this to the newsmen, dismissed the allegation that there was pact agreed…

    27 Jun 2015 | 2:50 pm
    HOW TO DOWNLOAD UC BROWSER FOR BLACKBERRY. Download UC Browser For Blackberry- It is on record that blackberry users who uses the blackberry mobile are using the blackberry device without UC Browser. This blackberry device has a web browser. But some of them are slow while using itn to browse. This is because  the UC browser wasn’t placed well in the browser. Most times people do not use the UC browser to download either Music, Videos, or other applications because of the slow nature of the network. With all these issues, i have decided to introduce to you guys a good browser which…
  • First Bank Executive Service Recruitment –

    26 Jun 2015 | 10:24 pm
    Firstbank Nigeria Recruitment: For many who have been waiting patiently for the recruitment exercise for Firstbank Nigeria Pl c, should hurry up and apply for the Firstbank Nigeria recruitment.  As it is now, applications will be required from those who have successfully met the criteria. It should be paramount to use this medium to  let the prospective applicants to to no that Firstbank Nigeria Pl c is Nigeria’s most successful banks of all time and one of the best in African. She boast of over 650 branches across the federation. JOB TITTLE: Service Executive  Job Ref: 1500000X…
  • NDLEA Destroys Millions Hectares Of Cannabis Farms, Arrest Over 200.

    26 Jun 2015 | 9:51 pm
    NDLEA Destroys Millions Hectares Of Cannabis Farms, Arrest Over 200.   The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has allegedly told the Nation that not less than 20 people have been convicted for their involvement in deals in fake and prohibited drugs in the last one year. According to the law enforcement, these arrested people are amongst the 246 people arrested from Edo State in the last year. According to their report, over 116 million hectares of land used for the planting of cannabis sativa also known as India hemp was destroyed while 29.516kg of different types of hard drugs were also…
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    InfoTech Site

  • How to Manage Drives Using Drive Tools

    Shuseel Baral
    1 Jul 2015 | 11:55 pm
    In the previous post I have posted possible problems and their solutions while operating computer and its windows operating system. In this post I am going to write some ideas or tips to manage drives using drive tool in windows. Drive tools manages drives which helps to run them smoothly. You can optimize the drive to defrag them, run clean up to remove unnecessary files and format to remove
  • Top 10 Questions that Computer Beginner may Asked

    Shuseel Baral
    28 Jun 2015 | 10:49 pm
    If you are beginner, even very small problems may disturb your learning process, so very miner things may help you a lot. Here I am going to write a post having 10 questions with possible problems and their solutions to answer the questions that computer beginner may asked. If you are just starting computing or you are not fully familiar with computer and its windows operating system, this
  • How to Know Your Computer Configuration Easily

    Shuseel Baral
    24 Jun 2015 | 11:34 pm
    If you don't know your computers configurations like how much RAM is used, which operating system was installed, what's the name of computer, you can find them easily from DirectX Diagnostic Tool. By using this tool you can find not only these things but also know about the configuration of display adapter, sound and input devices. Here is a sort and very easier method to find out those
  • Top 5 Free Methods to Make Your Computer Faster

    Shuseel Baral
    24 Jun 2015 | 1:50 am
    If your computer runs slowly during start-up or while running application programs or browsing websites, it is possible to make it run faster even using very simple methods. You can make your computer faster by applying very simple techniques or methods. Here I am going to describe those methods along with their steps to perform it.   Follow these methods and feel your computer is running
  • How to Keep Computer from Sleeping

    Shuseel Baral
    21 Jun 2015 | 10:23 pm
    When the computer is not being used for some duration of time i.e. 5, 10 or 15 min, the screen will automatically turned off to save the power used by the computer. It's happened due to what settings are saved on power option on control panel. From this option, you can choose power and display settings that you want on your computer. In this post I am describing "how to keep computer from
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    CourseHorse Blog

  • Inside the Sticky-Sweet World of Greenpoint’s Pie Corps

    Shoko Wanger
    23 Jun 2015 | 1:28 pm
    Take a stroll down Driggs Avenue — past McGuiness Boulevard and the entrance of McGolrick Park — and you’ll find an unassuming storefront under a chocolate brown awning. Its name, Pie Corps, is emblazoned in white; its windows provide a glimpse into a sweet and savory world beloved by neighborhood foodies since its debut in […]
  • 5 Brooklyn Art Galleries to Visit this Summer

    Shoko Wanger
    23 Jun 2015 | 1:18 pm
    Brooklyn art seekers, rejoice. There’s an abundance of extraordinary art to see in New York this summer, and it’s not limited to the galleries in Chelsea. For those looking to expand their artistic horizons past Manhattan and into the outer boroughs, we’ve asked Savona Bailey-McClain, director of the West Harlem Art Fund, to suggest five […]
  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid at the Grill

    Shoko Wanger
    15 Jun 2015 | 2:31 pm
    Summer is a season for the outdoors, and for many who have been looking forward to al fresco dining since the start of spring, this means one thing: barbecue. New to the grill? No problem. The Chopping Block’s Sara Salzinski is here to help, demystifying the art of outdoor cooking by explaining five common mistakes […]
  • An Expert Shares: What Not to Miss at Eataly Chicago

    Shoko Wanger
    15 Jun 2015 | 2:05 pm
    At 63,000 square feet, it’s safe to say that Eataly Chicago contains worlds within its walls. Open since 2013, it’s home to a market, a cooking school, an expertly-stocked wine shop, and no less than 23 dining options (including a much-buzzed-about Nutella bar). To say that visitors are spoiled for choice is an understatement — […]
  • Dance like a Bollywood star at Ajna Dance

    Evan Fain
    5 May 2015 | 11:54 am
    One of the perks of working at CourseHorse is taking a bunch of classes. When I first started working here I thought I would exclusively attend art classes, being an art student my whole life. Maybe I’d throw in some wine and cheese tastings. Luckily that has not been the case, I’ve gotten to explore […]
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    Republic 3.0

  • The long term care time bomb

    Anne Kim
    30 Jun 2015 | 4:00 am
    Financing long term care for America's rapidly growing cohort of aging Americans is an urgent unsolved challenge. The post The long term care time bomb appeared first on Republic 3.0.
  • Who will win the 21st century “brains race”?

    Rep. Derek Kilmer
    25 Jun 2015 | 6:07 am
    Congress must invest in basic research for America to stay ahead. The post Who will win the 21st century “brains race”? appeared first on Republic 3.0.
  • Why Minnesota will crown Hillary Clinton in 2016

    Stefan Hankin
    24 Jun 2015 | 8:52 am
    The outcome of the 2016 election may already be a foregone conclusion. The post Why Minnesota will crown Hillary Clinton in 2016 appeared first on Republic 3.0.
  • “Known Knowns” on TAA and the trade debate

    Edward Gerwin, Jr.
    20 Jun 2015 | 10:59 am
    If Democrats gamble with Trade Adjustment Assistance, American workers could be the losers. The post “Known Knowns” on TAA and the trade debate appeared first on Republic 3.0.
  • FAA reauthorization poses opportunities for U.S. aviation leadership and growth

    Rep. Rick Larsen
    19 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    The U.S. must keep up with the latest technological advances around the world, from unmanned aircraft to next-generation airspace management. The post FAA reauthorization poses opportunities for U.S. aviation leadership and growth appeared first on Republic 3.0.
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    BroadMind Blog

  • BroadMind Proved its Skill Management Once Again

    1 Jul 2015 | 4:03 am
    We, BroadMind Consultant proud to share few reviews of our students who got placed in well reputed Foreign Universities tell about our services and how we approached them.Reviews:#1Candidate Name: Jeya SuganyaPlacement: Coventry University, UKReview: For me, the experience with BroadMind was like being with a family. I was never treated as an applicant. They always made me feel as part of them. Anyone who wishes to fulfill their dream should come to BroadMind. Because their valid guidance and friendly atmosphere is the one that cannot be replaced by any other. The valued counseling and the…
  • Hot News Today: Great UCLan Scholarships 2015-2016 for Indian Students

    30 Jun 2015 | 3:45 am
    The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is delighted to offer 8 scholarships to students in India commencing a postgraduate programmes in September 2015. The scholarships are in the form of a reduction in the tuition fee, to the value of £3,750 per student.This is a great opportunity for the abroad study aspirants. Kindly share this news to your worthable friends or encourage all the eligible students to apply for the Great UCLan Scholarship 2015 worth £6,250.Eligibility Criteria:Applicants must,Hold a conditional offer to study at UCLanBe resident of IndiaMeet the following academic…
  • Today's Hot Topic: JCU New Campus Opening Ceremony Live Event by Tomorrow

    27 Jun 2015 | 3:56 am
    We, BroadMind Consultant glad to share a good news as the Honourable Tony Abbott MP Prime Minister of Australia will be opening the New Campus of James Cook University, Singapore at 149, Sims Drive, Singapore on 28th June 2015 at 10:00 hrs Singapore Time (IST 07:30 hrs).You could watch the live streaming of official opening of the JCU's Sims Drive Campus at, you can start your career at the new and fresh JCU's Sims Drive Campus as the next intake would be happened soon. Meanwhile, you can prepare well to get admission at this wonderful University.For admission…
  • TOEFL Scholarship for Indian Students

    24 Jun 2015 | 4:21 am
    The TOEFL Scholarship Program in India is open to any student residing in India who starts an undergraduate or graduate degree program between June 2015 and May 2016 at a College or University abroad.TOEFL Scholarship for Indian StudentsEligibility:The basic criteria for the initial level would be,Should reside in IndiaStart an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree program between June 2015 and May 2016 at a College or University listed in the TOEFL Destination SearchHave a grade point average of 80 or higher on a 100-point scale, or a 3.0 grade point average or higher on a 4-point…
  • Get Dual Degree in One Year with upto 25% Scholarship

    24 Jun 2015 | 3:58 am
    Coventry University and Kadir Has University are serious about Global Education. International Officer of Coventry visited BroadMind Office at Chennai today to speak about the recent launch of this Dual Award Program (DAP). She told that, In the Heart of Istanbul, together they are offering one year Dual Award MBA and MA programs with the opportunity to spend the final semester in the UK at one of the Coventry University Campus in Coventry or London. Upon successful completion, student would receive one degree from Coventry University and one from Kadir Has University.Coventry University and…
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    Rack up Skills

  • Turn Employee Customer Service Best Practice into Standard Practice

    Shep Hyken
    29 Jun 2015 | 1:50 pm
    Rack up Skills I am no stranger to travel … airports, hotels and the like are all in a day’s work. On a recent occasion, I was flying into Las Vegas to present a customer service speech. The client had arranged ground transportation, so I expected to find a driver holding a sign with my name on it at the baggage claim area. […] The post Turn Employee Customer Service Best Practice into Standard Practice appeared first on Rack up Skills.
  • The Purpose is Profit

    Ed McLaughlin
    27 Jun 2015 | 6:07 pm
    Rack up Skills AUTHORS Ed McLaughlin — Entrepreneur, Executive, Author. Founder of four B2B businesses. Ed bootstrapped USI Companies and grew it into an Inc. 500 company, was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young, and in 2005 sold USI to Johnson Controls, a Fortune 100 Company. Ed then became CEO of JCI’s Global Workplace Business for the Americas. Ed […] The post The Purpose is Profit appeared first on Rack up Skills.
  • Greatest Cities for Tech Startups

    Ariel Bellamy
    25 Jun 2015 | 2:54 am
    Rack up Skills Sick and tired of being bossed around? No wonder. Almost everyone in the world dreams of being their own boss and enjoying the arbitrary work hours, controlling one’s own deadlines and planning their own business strategies. More and more people, all over the world, are abandoning their corporate jobs with nine-to-five working hours and a boss to stand in a […] The post Greatest Cities for Tech Startups appeared first on Rack up Skills.
  • be Different or be Dead

    Roy Osing
    24 Jun 2015 | 8:08 pm
    Rack up Skills A leading executive in Canadian business and a recognized blogger,speaker, seminar leader, business consultant, educator andpersonal coach, Roy Osing’s career spans over three decades of singular achievement. Osing knows what it takes for businesses to survive in today’s chaotic times and achieve extraordinary levels of performance. As the former Chief Marketing Officer of TELUS and current president and CEO of […] The post be Different or be Dead appeared first on Rack up Skills.
  • How Do Your Sleeping Habits Affect Your Pain Part 2

    Sandra Urquhart
    24 Jun 2015 | 3:03 pm
    Rack up Skills In discovering the hidden sources of pain, our body position and posture must be examined. Most medical of holistic professionals will check out your posture while you are awake and standing; most likely against some measuring line or stick on a wall. However, if you really want to understand the muscles, all of our posture must be examined, not just […] The post How Do Your Sleeping Habits Affect Your Pain Part 2 appeared first on Rack up Skills.
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    Top Hat Blog

  • Humor in the Classroom: EdTech & Embracing The Chaos

    Jeremy Haynes
    30 Jun 2015 | 8:00 pm
    Is there room for humor in the classroom? The modern classroom can be a battlefield and Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest it’s cunning adversaries. You might not always see them. Mostly you hear them. The quiet and faster-than-usual clickity-clack that accompanies a student’s response to an online chat. The occasional “moo!” of a Farmville cow. Serious business. Whatever your classroom experience with these ‘tools’, you have a great understanding of the power of technology to distract in the classroom. BUT what if these weapons of mass-distraction were turned into tools of…
  • Educational Apps: 4 Pillars for Evaluating Classroom Technology

    Laura McClelland
    29 Jun 2015 | 3:00 am
    With educational apps, learning can happen anywhere, anytime. Any passionate professor wants learning to go beyond the lecture hall. One of the ways a tech-savvy professor can ensure that students are still thinking and growing is through incorporating classroom technology. As Ellen Wartella points out in Educational Apps: What We Do and Do Not Know, determining what apps to use or recommend can be tricky. We are in the “first wave” of the digital revolution, meaning that most educational apps are worksheets, games, or puzzles produced in e-format that do not fully utilize the potential…
  • Retaining Information: 4 Ways Apps Help Your Students

    Delan Hamasoor
    24 Jun 2015 | 7:16 am
    Retaining information is a necessary skill for all university and college students to develop. One of the perennial challenges of teaching students is encouraging them to do the grunt-work. Many subjects have their own specialized language and key terms that require memorization, and memorization often seems possible only with a lot of staring at books, drilling, and repetition. Moreover, some students do put in the hours, and they still struggle! My own struggle with this experience comes with learning Latin. Immersion tends to be the most common way of learning a language. If you want to…
  • 4 Literacy Strategies College Instructors Can Actually Use

    Ann Gagné
    22 Jun 2015 | 3:00 am
    The baby boomers–and even today’s generation to some extent–have been shaped by instructional strategies focused on the 3Rs in school: reading , ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic. Not only did this saying exhaust me growing up because it was premised on two words being spelt with apostrophes (aka wrong), but even as a high school student I knew there had to be more to education than this. We hear a lot about the 4C’s in education today –creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. However, at the heart of these C’s are different types of literacy that are…
  • Why Students Cheat and How to Prevent Cheating in College

    Matthew Baggetta
    19 Jun 2015 | 3:02 am
    “When students cheat on exams it’s because the school system values grades more than students value learning.” -Neil DeGrasse Tyson Googling ‘how to cheat on a test’ returns 45 million hits in a quarter-second. A chronic symptom of grade-dependant education systems (which is most of them) is cheating. Harvard students do it, high-schoolers do it. Since grades are entrenched in higher education–for now–dealing with the occasional cheater is inevitable. So why do students cheat and how do you prevent it? To Cheat or not to Cheat? An education system that fails to…
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    Alltop RSS

  • Why leap seconds are bad for computers [video]

    30 Jun 2015 | 9:00 pm
    In case you missed it, tonight you're going to be blessed with an additional second. It's called a leap second, and it happens when the earth's rotation is just wonky enough to screw up our time keeping. But it's just one second, it's no big deal––right? Wrong. Here's why. The post Why leap seconds are bad for computers [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • Game facts that will blow your mind [video]

    30 Jun 2015 | 8:00 pm
    You may not be a gamer, but even so these facts are going to blow your mind. The sheer number of people on the planet who play games, for example, is staggering. The post Game facts that will blow your mind [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • 10 difficult skills it pays to master

    30 Jun 2015 | 7:33 pm
    It's tough for many of us to see the worth in the years we spent learning foreign languages in high school that, to this day, we can still only swear in, yet there are other difficult lessons that do pay off no matter where you go or what you do. The post 10 difficult skills it pays to master appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • Solo a cappella cover of Eric Clapton’s “Change the Word” [video]

    30 Jun 2015 | 7:00 pm
    This guy is an absolute beast. Only a master could perform all parts to an Eric Clapton song, let alone the masterpiece "Change the World." The post Solo a cappella cover of Eric Clapton’s “Change the Word” [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
  • 100 years of beauty goes to Russia [video]

    30 Jun 2015 | 6:40 pm
    Ready for another strut down the runway of fashion history? The post 100 years of beauty goes to Russia [video] appeared first on Holy Kaw!.
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    TeacherPH | RSS Feed

  • When the LET March 2015 results were out

    Jhonnder Genobesa
    26 Jun 2015 | 1:01 am
    I thought the results will be out on May 15th, Friday, because it was the target date of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as indicated in the Schedule of Examinations 2015 but there were no results still. I joined a Facebook group to check for updates but just like them, they were looking for the same thing too. I liked ... Read More The post When the LET March 2015 results were out appeared first on TeacherPH.
  • LET March 2015 Journey

    Jhonnder Genobesa
    26 Jun 2015 | 12:53 am
    Last March 29, 2015, I was one of the examinees who took up the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). It was on a Sunday, a Palm Sunday to be specific. Before the big day, I can’t sleep comfortably because I felt nervous which is normal and I can’t help but think of the questions in General Education and Professional Education ... Read More The post LET March 2015 Journey appeared first on TeacherPH.
  • DAGLI Blg. 1: Pahiram ako ng Lapis

    Jhucel Atienza del Rosario
    11 Jun 2015 | 4:29 am
    Ikalawang araw ni Junjun sa Grade I, wala pa siyang kaibigan kundi ang katabi nyang si Dingdong. Nagbigay si Teacher ng gawain na punuin ang kanilang papel, harap at likod ng kanilang buong pangalan. Dapat walang space ang susunod sa ilalim, dapat maayos ang pagsulat. Nakalimutan pala ni Junjun ang kanyang pencil case na back to back with automatic magnet ... Read More The post DAGLI Blg. 1: Pahiram ako ng Lapis appeared first on TeacherPH.
  • The Joy & Bliss of Being an Non-formal Education (NFE) Servant

    Marlyn Ramos
    3 Jun 2015 | 5:15 pm
    Being an Non-formal Education (NFE) worker, what ever level of service it may be, can cause quite varied arguments on its pros and cons. The issue remains to be viewed by every Non-formal Education (NFE) personnel or implementor. At this point in time, it seems fitting and proper to weigh which side can be convincing – should an NFE servant ... Read More The post The Joy & Bliss of Being an Non-formal Education (NFE) Servant appeared first on TeacherPH.
  • Ang Bag

    Jhucel Atienza del Rosario
    3 Jun 2015 | 6:11 am
    May ilang nagbibitbit ng amoy pabrikang bag May ilang bagong laba, may ilan paring mantsa ng Bolpen Ng Nagdaang pasukan, May Dihila, may tulak-tulak, may di-sakbit, may sobrang Bigat Sa dami ng laman, At syempre may magaan dahil sa Walang mailagay… May Matibay na kahit Hilahin tutumba ang may Sakbit, may mahuna din Dahil manipis na sinulid na lang ang ... Read More The post Ang Bag appeared first on TeacherPH.
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  • When #HipHopEd meets Augmented Reality with Brainspace Magazine

    Mr. Zoras
    17 Jun 2015 | 6:04 pm
    A few months ago we hosted the Hip Hop STEMposium with some amazing workshops, keynotes, a film screening, a debate and a community town hall. I met Nicky from Brainspace Magazine over the March Break as part of the ROM’s and MaRS Futurology program.  Her magazine concept is amazing! To combine traditional print magazine with augmented reality using the Blippar app on a smartphone or tablet.  I got to see ducks swim, dinosaurs come to life and professors explain math concepts right on the magazine pages through the app. When I let her know about the Hip Hop STEMposium she thought it…
  • EdTech Review:’s Planboard

    Mr. Zoras
    10 Jun 2015 | 4:42 pm
    For all my lesson planning I use’s Planboard! It’s a great way to stay organized and share your plans. Sign up below:
  • EdTech Review: Get Kahoot!

    Mr. Zoras
    10 Jun 2015 | 3:47 pm
    Check out this video for a review and tutorial on how to use Kahoot! Set up: I use a macbook at the front connected to a projector so students can all see the questions. Students use their phones, ipods, tablets, and laptops to connect over wifi/data to the game. To set up an account go to: Have students go to
  • Collaborative Learning & Formative Assessment through Mirroring with AirServer & Notability

    Mr. Zoras
    15 Apr 2015 | 6:24 pm
    Today we had an amazing session at the DLL Marketplace.  Check out all the amazing sessions here:  For Google Doc Version of my Doc Click Here: Collaborative Learning & Formative Assessment Summary Using the AirPlay feature on the iPad/iPod/iPhone you are able to display the screen of the device onto a computer (mirroring).  If it’s a class set or one single device, you can make lessons more interactive by displaying students work on the projector, pass around the device and have the lesson more interactive. In my class we use a…
  • Health Disparities Conference Summary: Columbia University

    Mr. Zoras
    13 Mar 2015 | 4:39 pm
    What an amazing weekend at Columbia University. You can read all the news articles and academic journals but until you take a walk through Harlem, meet with great minds and have rich discussion, you don’t really see the issues at hand. Dr. Wallace opened up the conference with expressing a need for a population that is multiculturally sensitive and one that does not perpetuate racial/gender/ethnic/socioeconomic disparities in health. She asked us who we ARE, ARE being Acceptance, Respect and Empathy. We want to move from just respecting someone to accepting. She said we want to embrace…
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    Jonathan Wylie: Instructional Technology Consultant

  • Cameo by Vimeo: A Free Video Editor for iOS

    25 Jun 2015 | 2:56 pm
    When using an iPad, there are not many free video editors that are robust enough, or have enough features, to warrant you spending a lot of time and effort on. Recently, I write about the Clips Video Editor. It is a great free option for schools or anyone else who is looking for a quick […]
  • Getting Started with Office Sway & Office Mix

    14 Jun 2015 | 7:27 pm
    This week I am happy to be attending the Technology Integration Conference that Keystone AEA has organized for educators in and around Iowa. I am looking forward to learning from a host of great speakers, but I will also be giving a couple of presentations of my own on two of Microsoft’s newest tools for […]
  • YouTube in the Classroom: Practice What You Teach

    19 May 2015 | 9:07 pm
    If there’s one question I get asked a lot from educators, it’s how to download YouTube videos. There are lots of reasons why you might want to do this, but truthfully, there aren’t any good reasons why you should. I realize that this may not be a very popular post with some people, but I […]
  • Use IFTTT to Post from Instagram to Twitter!

    10 May 2015 | 6:12 pm
    Do you post your Instagram photos to Twitter? If you do, you have probably noticed that the image does not show up. You only get the caption and a link to view the original image on Instagram. Your followers have to tap (or click) the link in order to see what you just posted. However, it doesn’t have to […]
  • Clips: A Free Video Editor for iPads & iPhones

    25 Apr 2015 | 6:44 pm
    iMovie is a great video editor for the iPad. Wait, let me restate that. iMovie is a fantastic video editor for the iPad. However, for many people it just seems a little intimidating. I can absolutely see that. It does so much, and you can be extremely creative with it, but if you don’t have […]
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    The Great Education Struggle

  • 062: Is Islam Peaceful Religion or, A Religion Not Practiced by the Majority of Muslims?

    23 Jun 2015 | 4:05 pm
    With the implementation of Common Core, Islamic proxy front groups have infiltrated the American school system, including Christian and homeschool curriculums. This is especially can be seen in the CCSS aligned Advanced Placement History Standards and textbooks. Join Dr. Bruce Forrest and we examine What every American needs to know, but won't learn in school as well as attempt to answer the question, "Is Islam a religion of peace or is Islam a religion that is not practiced by the majority of Muslims? Dr. Bruce Forrest has been a student of Islam since the 1960’s and for the last five…
  • 061 Social Media, Internet, Technology, Kids, & the Homeschool

    7 Jun 2015 | 1:43 pm
    With 93% of teens ages 12‐17 go online, 95% of teens have at least 1 social media account with 86% of those having a Facebook account, and 85% of  10-12-year-olds have a Facebook account, and even higher for those older, social media, parents rightfully are concerned. We live in the 21st century and regardless, whether we like it or not, a new world of technology is here and there is no escaping it. So what can a parent do to embrace the 21st technology and yet teach their children how to keep their family safe inline? Join John Wilkerson from The Wired Homeschool Podcast and blog as…
  • Episode 60: Conversation with James Nance

    19 May 2015 | 6:29 am
    One of the major educational buzz words, today is "critical thinking." The proponents of the Common Core State Standards tought one of the major benefits of CCSS, is that it teaches critical thinking. By like I wrote in"Critical Thinking and Education Reform Called Common Core," critical thinking skills” is a term used in a number of different disciplines, but no one has a clue as to what it means. But it sounds good, which is why education reformers use it. While it sounds good and who would not want to get behind such an idea, the problem is that it is meaningless. The next time you…
  • 059: Should Christians Study the Western Canon? |Daniel Foucachon

    3 May 2015 | 3:14 pm
    Daniel Foucachon, from episode 30 and president of Roman Roads Media, joins me at the Spokane Christian Homeschool Conference to discuss the importance of studying the works of the Western canon, and in particular Christians  Join us as we address head-on, should Christians study the pagan writings? You may also want to read a recent blog post Daniel and I collaborated on called,  "Should Christians Study “The Great Books?”   Daniel grew up in Lyon, France where his family were church-planting with Missions to the World. He was homeschooled for most of his education, attending a…
  • 058: Conversation with Dr. Peg Luksik|Common Core and State Sovereignty

    19 Apr 2015 | 11:00 am
    Join Dr. Peg Luksik, Founder and Chairman of Founded on Truth, as we discuss the truth behind your state giving up its sovereignty and your freedom by implementing Common Core. Dr. Peg Luksik, Founder and Chairman of Founded on Truth, and is a Pennsylvania teacher with over 35 years of experience in both special education and elementary education. Dr. Luksik  has taught at every level from pre-school to college in regular classrooms, resource centers, self-contained special education classes, and in alternative educational settings.Dr. Luksik has trained teachers in curriculum and classroom…
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    bodyLITERATE Research Initiative

  • Research notes: epistemology learning questions

    Kai Kleinbard
    30 Jun 2015 | 11:52 am
    Research notes: epistemology learning questions How do you identify student beliefs about learning?  These beliefs can okay a critical role in how they approach learning. Many of the teachers I work with apply a brief survey at the beginning of their courses in order to suss out their students’ beliefs about learning. Here is a sample of the types of questions an educator might ask: Does learning happen quickly or over time? What is your preferred speed of learning? What’s important in learning: small details or the big picture? Would you describe knowledge as stable and…
  • Summer reading for young 3-5th graders

    Kai Kleinbard
    30 Jun 2015 | 8:09 am
    Summer reading for young 3-5th graders A tactic for getting children hooked into reading, is to use popular youth reading series.  These series’ hook young readers into a long chain of books, keeping them busy in reading mode for extended periods of time.  If the books are too challenging, consider reading them aloud to your children. Popular series’ can be used to generate interest in reading for young learners The Trumpet of the Swan: Sisters Grim…
  • RESEARCH NOTES: books that help with writing essays

    Kai Kleinbard
    28 Jun 2015 | 7:34 am
    RESEARCH NOTES: books that help with writing essays Recently, a student asked me about resources to develop better writing craft.  In my experience, my writing grows from reading inspiring authors, discussing these works of literature, and writing/reading poetry.  I sent her the list below… Here are some ideas: read to write better. Here are some additional books on writing “The Elements of Style.”  This is a classic on writing–it’s concise and shows you through examples what effective writing looks…
  • RESEARCH NOTES: different types of behavior change, BJ Fogg model

    Kai Kleinbard
    23 Jun 2015 | 5:09 am
    RESEARCH NOTES: different types of behavior change, BJ Fogg model A series of pictures that explores the 15 different types of behavior change according to Bj Fogg, part of the Persuasion Technologies Lab of Stanford University. Above: a visual of the different types of behaviors. Above: A vector graph describing the different types of behaviors. Above: more details on how these behaviors can be changed.   For more information on executive functions coaching visit: The post RESEARCH NOTES: different types of behavior change, BJ Fogg model appeared first on…
  • RESEARCH: Changing habits using the BJ Fogg model for children, adolescents

    Kai Kleinbard
    22 Jun 2015 | 7:54 am
    RESEARCH: Changing habits using the BJ Fogg model for children, adolescents How do we get children, students, adolescents to change their work habits? Changing habits is a multi-level habit.  Rather than trying to “break” “bad” habits–think of habits as complex tangles.  Change parts of the habit to  change the entire habit.  For example if it’s “I snack too much” take an element of snacking–such as grabbing candy at work (and change that particular element of the habit). It will be easier to train yourself into a new behavior by making tiny changes.  For example, if…
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    Z Prep! » Blog

  • Is Your Child Ready for the SSAT?

    Z Prep!
    29 Jun 2015 | 9:56 am
    If you’re thinking about private school for your child, you probably have questions about the secondary school admission test (SSAT). Many independent, private and boarding schools use this exam as part of their admissions process to gauge students’ mastery of grade-level skills and to compare them to other students their age. To help your child do their best on the exam, here are a few facts and tips on the SSAT. What is the SSAT? The SSAT test is available for students in grades 3 through 12. While the Elementary Level SSAT is just under two hours long, the Middle Level and…
  • Tips for Preparing for the GRE

    Z Prep!
    15 Jun 2015 | 12:07 pm
    Do you have to take the GRE? Here are some things you should know about this grad school entrance exam. What is the GRE? Like the SAT for undergraduate applicants, the GRE, a standardized test required for admission to many graduate schools, measures a student’s potential for achievement in advanced studies. Different programs and schools weigh a student’s GRE results differently, and some even weigh certain sections of the exam more heavily than others. For example, a school considering an applicant for a literature program would likely focus more closely on the Verbal section than the…
  • GMAT Review Tips by GMAT Section

    Z Prep!
    1 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    GMAT Prep and Review by Test Section As the gateway exam to business school, GMAT tests your analytical, decision making and reasoning skills, that is skills that will be useful in leadership positions and that will help you succeed in an MBA program. The test is structured to present you with arguments and situational problems, and of course data analysis, for decision making. Although many of these skills will be ones you already have, the task now is to put them to work on an exam with a particular structure, that is long and that has to be completed within strict time limits, and that…
  • Does Studying Music Help SAT Scores?

    Z Prep!
    17 May 2015 | 9:00 pm
    High school students are well aware that they will need sharp reading, writing and math skills to do well on the SAT. The SAT directly tests reading comprehension, grammar, editing skills, mathematics reasoning and computation. There’s also an optional writing test. It would seem logical, then, that students should spend their high school years on extra English and math courses rather than electives in the arts, which are not tested. Not so fast! A growing body of research indicates that students who study music score significantly better on a variety of assessments, including the SAT.
  • Tips on taking the ISEE or SSAT for Private School Admissions

    Z Prep!
    4 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    Choosing and applying to private schools can be a complicated process for parents and students. Private schools select their students based on a range of criteria, including grades and academic achievement, test scores, family association with the school, personal interviews with the prospective student, and matching of talents and interests with the school’s strengths and priorities. Test  scores on one of the two standardized exams, ISEE and SSAT, are one of the most important factors that private schools consider to make admissions decisions. Unlike more subjective classroom grades,…
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    Free Technology for Teachers

  • New Things Coming Soon from eduClipper

    1 Jul 2015 | 5:47 pm
    This week at the ISTE conference I recorded a few video segments with app developers. The first of those segments features Adam Bellow, the developer of eduClipper. eduClipper is coming out with some new features later this month. Adam talks about those features in the video embedded below. If you can't or didn't watch the video, here's what you need to know. 1. eduClipper will soon have a new start-up tutorial for users. I saw the wireframes for those tutorials and can tell you it will be easier than ever to save and share content on eduClipper. 2. eduClipper is going to start featuring the…
  • The Month in Review - The Most Popular Posts

    30 Jun 2015 | 8:10 pm
    Good evening from Philadelphia where I have been attending the ISTE conference for the last few days. I've met some great people and had a good time learning about new apps and new ideas here. Many of those things will appear in blog posts over the next few days. In the meantime it is time to take a look back at the most popular posts of the last month. Here are the most popular posts in June 2015: 1. 10 Important Google Search Strategies for Students - A PDF Handout 2. 11 Helpful Hints for Combining Google Drive With Symbaloo 3. Three Helpful Gmail Settings for Students and Teachers 4. Using…
  • Google Classroom Gets a Share Button and More New Features

    30 Jun 2015 | 7:15 pm
    This week Google Classroom received updates that teachers and administrators should note. A new "share to Google Classroom" button is starting to appear on popular sites and services including Quizlet, Discovery Education, PBS, and Duolingo. The share button will enable teachers to quickly send resources from sites displaying the Classroom share button to their Google Classroom streams where they can be used as announcements or assignments. Administrators and teachers will benefit from a new Google Classroom API that will allow developers to publish apps that can integrate with Google…
  • 81Dash Offers a Revamped Tool for Backchannels and More

    30 Jun 2015 | 11:49 am
    Last summer at ISTE 2014 I learned about 81Dash. One year later 81Dash is still going strong and has launched a revamped user interface. All of the same great features of 81Dash are still there, they're just a bit easier to find and use than before. At its most basic level 81Dash provides teachers with a place to host a chat or backchannel conversation that is moderated. Teachers can create and manage multiple chatrooms within their 81Dash accounts. In addition to chat teachers can post notes and task lists that are separate from the chat. Students can see those notes and task lists by…
  • 5 Takeaways from Redefining Professional Development

    30 Jun 2015 | 8:54 am
    On Monday afternoon at the ISTE conference I was one of four people on a panel discussion titled Redefining Professional Development for the Curriculum of the Future. Unfortunately, I didn't get as much time to speak as I had hoped for. Throughout the discussion I was taking notes on what the other panelists were saying. These are my big takeaways from those panelists along with two points that I tried to make. 1. Nobody wants more for kids than parents. - Rob Burggraaf was talking about organizing parent night to show parents the benefits of their children using technology. 2. Saying no to…
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  • Common Teen Girl Issues (Hairy Legs, Big Boobs, Confidence)

    2 Jul 2015 | 3:59 am
    This article will be covering some of the most common teen girl issues including airy legs, big boobs and confidence. All the girls at school have been teasing me for having hairy legs. I know that women usually shave their legs but I have no idea where to begin. Do I need shaving foam? What kind of razor do I use? What direction do I shave – up or down? I know I should ask my mum but it’s too embarrassing! If you could tell me the basics it would really help. Keri, 14 Answer: Don’t feel pressured into shaving your legs just because others have made you feel humiliated about…
  • Five Teen Girls Problems And How To Solve Them

    1 Jul 2015 | 8:11 am
    Girls have many problems. Being a girl myself, i can understand it. Let’s address five common teen girls problems and how to solve them. Why don’t my parents understand me? This is who I am! I turned 14 last month and my best friend suggested giving me a makeover. So we arranged a sleepover during which she dyed my hair with a reddish tint and lent me some of her clothes and make up to finish off the look. Her mum is really supportive of her and will buy her any clothes she wants. She even buys her make up and hair dye. I thought my parents would be excited by my makeover…
  • Kezia Noble And Other Experts On Controlling Emotional States

    The Writer
    1 Jul 2015 | 6:13 am
    In this post you will b hearing from Kezia Noble and other gurus. They will be teaching you how to take control of your mental and emotional states and live a fun and happy life. Kezia Noble On How To Change Your Emotional State DVDs and music really, really help much better than alcohol. For instance, when I go out or go to a very important meeting or have to be very sociable, I have a box set of DVDs that I watch religiously. And I watch about three episodes and I feel so empowered and so great. Some guys say that they get that from watching Entourage. Some guys say that they that from…
  • How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle Full Of Girls

    The Writer
    30 Jun 2015 | 12:15 am
    In this article some of the best pickup and relationship experts will be sharing their advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle that is also full of girls. Christian Hudson On How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle So much of it is the environment in your life and the people around you. If you have people who make you happy and you go to places where you enjoy doing stuff with these people then you will have fun. What I’ve realized is there are a lot of places that I simply do not like to go. I have been out to nightclubs in Manhattan countless times and what I realized is I don’t…
  • How To Overcome Stage Fright

    The Writer
    29 Jun 2015 | 12:14 am
    Joan was a campaign manager for a local congressman. As part of her work she often had to make public presentations to groups of various sizes. Even though she was able to do this, she always suffered considerable discomfort As soon as she stood up to speak, she got tense, her throat constricted, and her voice became higher and more shrill. She said she felt “disconnected” from the people she was speaking to. However, she enjoyed talking with small groups after the presentation: “Then I feel connected to them as individuals, and it’s easy to respond to them; I…
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  • Greek financial crisis

    30 Jun 2015 | 10:18 pm
    First, Greece cooked its books and lied about its financial situation when it joined the Euro. Once in the Eurozone, it quickly became apparent that the Greek economy would have some difficulty dealing with the same financial levers that were being used in, for example, Germany. But for the time being at least, things were manageable.Then came the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. There's a saying in the investment world that "it's only when the tide goes out that you see who's swimming naked." And so it was with Greece. An already heavily indebted Greece couldn't afford to refinance its banks…
  • Life at an IIM : Prof. Siddhartha K. Rastogi

    25 Jun 2015 | 7:07 am
    Uniformly, classes take place between 0845 to 1300 (3 classes of 75 minutes each + a break of 15 minutes; IIMA has 20 minutes breaks). People get up at 8, rush to grab a bite if possible, mostly reach class by 08:44:59. Most professors do not allow a late entry (including me). Class, break, class, break, class - happens almost robotically. People fight hard in class for the CP (class participation) marks. They have read the chapter, they have solved the case, and they are wide awake and attentive in the classroom.
  • Tips to survive IIM A PGP-1

    10 Jun 2015 | 4:39 am
    If you are anti-social, or sometimes even asocial, surviving PGP1 is going to be even more arduous. I cannot recount the number of occasions when my friends, dorm-mates, and my study group had had my back. I would have missed a lot more classes (and suffered the wrath of the professors) if not for my dorm. I remember multiple times when I was either sick, or completely exhausted, when my study group members stepped in to help me out, even though we were in the same boat and they had their hands full too. In a place where you are competing with 400+ people, it is good to have a dozen or so…
  • CAT preparation tips by Ayush Agrawal, IIM L

    4 Jun 2015 | 6:21 am
    The idea is not just to finish each book, and solve each question. You should be able to understand how you solved each question, whether your method was the most efficient solution. The most important thing is that you should see improvement in yourself week on week.
  • Let me not die while I am still alive - Sheryl Sandberg

    3 Jun 2015 | 10:15 pm
    I have learned how ephemeral everything can feel—and maybe everything is. That whatever rug you are standing on can be pulled right out from under you with absolutely no warning. In the last thirty days, I have heard from too many women who lost a spouse and then had multiple rugs pulled out from under them. Some lack support networks and struggle alone as they face emotional distress and financial insecurity. It seems so wrong to me that we abandon these women and their families when they are in greatest need.
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  • Simplifying Algebraic Fractions (Video)

    2 Jul 2015 | 3:17 am
    If you are preparing for tests such as the GMAT or the GRE you may need to refresh some basic maths skills such as simplifying algebraic fractions. How about this one: This video lesson provides plenty of examples. It is well paced, so that you can follow the instruction easily and have the time to practice on your own. The post Simplifying Algebraic Fractions (Video) appeared first on
  • Logical and Critical Thinking (MOOC Review)

    1 Jul 2015 | 12:37 am
    Logical and critical thinking are essential skills for successful MBA and Master’s degree studies. These skills are also tested on the GMAT – one of the most popular tests for admission to graduate business schools. In this free online course you can improve your skills and learn how to identify common obstacles to effective thinking. This course is open to anyone with an interest in improving their logical and critical thinking skills. No previous knowledge or experience is required. About the course Even though we’re called upon to use our critical and logical thinking skills all the…
  • How the Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Change You (Video)

    30 Jun 2015 | 1:14 am
    An entrepreneurial mindset is what many prospective MBA and Master’s students aim to acquire during their studies in a graduate business school. In this TED video Henrik Scheel will take you on a transformational journey where you can learn how to adopt the entrepreneurial mindset and practise the skills to solve great challenges. Henrik began his career in Denmark where he founded two companies during his engineering studies. Later he became increasingly passionate about solving social problems through entrepreneurship. Learn more about entrepreneurship in the PrepAdviser selection of blog…
  • How to Prepare for EMBA Admission

    25 Jun 2015 | 11:55 pm
    Here are some tips on what to focus on in order to ensure an EMBA admission. If you are a manager looking to reach the final frontier in career progression, an EMBA education could be the answer to your ambitions. But first, you must get in. Research the course Knowing what an EMBA course entails will shine through in any application. For this reason, it is important to sit down and look at the course particulars before you proceed. Like with any course, there will be a different emphasis depending on the university. Think about what you are looking for in the course and try to understand…
  • The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs (Video)

    24 Jun 2015 | 10:30 pm
    A Master’s programme in business or management and certainly an MBA can help you grow as an effective entrepreneur. Many professionals applying for admission to post-graduate business programmes aim to acquire a better understanding of how to start or grow their own business. Watch this video to find out what makes an entrepreneur effective and why being passionate, dedicated and optimistic go well together with being insecure and a trouble-maker. Check out more articles on how business schools can help you become an entrepreneur. The post The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs…
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    Lazy Kids

  • Watch Live Apple WWDC and keynote stream 2015

    vishal jadav
    8 Jun 2015 | 3:21 am
    When is WWDC 2015 and what time is the keynote?First, let's get the basics established. WWDC 2015 is set to take place at the Moscone Centre in San Fancisco, California on 8 - 12 June. For most people, it's the keynote that's the important bit, as that's where Apple will show off what it's been working on behind the scenes. The keynote will take place on 8 June at 10 am Pacific time, which is 6pm here in the UK. You'll be able to watch it online, and we'll be providing a live blog with all of the first reactions and comments about the announcements. Read on to find out more.Apple's annual…
  • How to Add Contacts to Google Maps

    vishal jadav
    8 Jun 2015 | 3:04 am
    Any addresses you save for friends and family in Google Contacts will display in Google Maps when you type in the names of your contacts. To add Contacts to Google Maps, you must input the names and addresses of your friends into your Contacts list.1-Sign in to your Gmail account at on “Gmail” at the top left corner of your session and select “Contacts.Click on “New Contact.3-Type the name and address of the contact you want added to Google Maps.Click on “Add.4-Navigate to Google Maps on your mobile device, or go to Google Maps…
  • Watch Apple's WWDC 2015 keynote live on any device including Windows, Linux and Android

    vishal jadav
    8 Jun 2015 | 2:58 am
    Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off today, Monday 8 June, in San Francisco, with the big keynote speech scheduled for 10am PST/6pm BST.As WWDC is for software developers, Apple doesn’t usually reveal major new hardware -- typically it’s just updated versions of existing products. You can certainly expect news on iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, as well as Apple Watch.You can also expecting Apple to launch a music streaming service, and to announce Apple Pay in the UK, and possibly other countries. The new Apple TV was expected to make an appearance (after all its shape is visible…
  • Bazel: A new build tool from Google

    vishal jadav
    7 Jun 2015 | 7:07 am
    Google uses a tool called Bazel to build most of it’s software. And it has been partially open sourced. If you did not know what Bazel is, according to their website, Bazel is a build tool that builds code quickly and reliably. It is used to build the majority of Google’s software, and thus it has been designed to handle build problems present in Google’s development environment, including a massive, shared code repository, in which all software is built from source, an emphasis on automated testing and releases and language and platform diversity. According to Google, Bazel is…
  • Take control of your Apple Watch notifications

    vishal jadav
    5 Jun 2015 | 11:49 pm
    If you’ve got a brand new Apple Watch, you probably want to use it to let you know when things happen. Phone calls, emails, text messages, and app notifications can turn your new wrist computer into a control panel for what needs your attention. When you check notifications on your iPhone, you may get drawn into checking email, Twitter, or Facebook, or even playing just one more level of Two Dots. But with Apple Watch, you can see these notifications, and decide whether you need to act on them. For Apple Watch to be useful, it has to give you enough notifications without becoming a…
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  • Online Tools That Make Your Studying Easier

    Probytes Pune
    2 Jul 2015 | 2:13 am
      Whenever you start learning and whatever course you choose, you obviously think of the how-to-make-my-studying-easier issue. The way you organize your workflow matters as it directly influences your productivity and progress. You can actually go one of two ways: Use classical at-hand tools or take advantage of some trendy digital ones. Saying “classical,” someThe post Online Tools That Make Your Studying Easier appeared first on Edsys.
  • Michelle Obama Stresses on Need to Support Girls’ Education Abroad

    Probytes Pune
    1 Jul 2015 | 5:44 am
      The First Lady of United States, Michelle Obama said on Monday that American women must take all necessary steps to help girls in Africa and The Middle East to attain the education. She was talking at a lunch sponsored by MORE magazine. "We would never accept a life of dependence and abuse for ourThe post Michelle Obama Stresses on Need to Support Girls’ Education Abroad appeared first on Edsys.
  • Yuvraj Singh’s YouWeCan Invests in EduKart

    Probytes Pune
    30 Jun 2015 | 11:20 pm
      Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s initiative to fight cancer, named “YouWeCan” has been recently investing in various ventures. They had invested an undisclosed amount in a logistic tech startup named Moovo. The fund has also partnered with 500 startups and Holostik Group’s United Finsec to invest Rs.6.4 crore in EduKart, the education marketplace. Ishan Gupta, CEO ofThe post Yuvraj Singh’s YouWeCan Invests in EduKart appeared first on Edsys.
  • Can Mobile Phone Contribute In Education?

    Probytes Pune
    30 Jun 2015 | 2:36 am
      You need quality in anything you invest. Whether it’s the school for your child or the carpet for your house, quality speaks. Since KHDA has taken the responsibility of assuring the quality of private institutions and EYFS made it mandatory to encourage activities among children, tension of parents has reduced considerably. Education is noThe post Can Mobile Phone Contribute In Education? appeared first on Edsys.
  • Colleges and Universities in India Look Forward To Set Up Their Own Schools

    Probytes Pune
    29 Jun 2015 | 10:17 pm
      Educational Institutions in India seem to realize the need to mentor students, right from their young years. As a result many engineering colleges and deemed universities have been setting up their own schools to take a step forward in education. Hindustan Group of Institutions (HGI) is one of those education providers who have realizedThe post Colleges and Universities in India Look Forward To Set Up Their Own Schools appeared first on Edsys.
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    Home Literacy Blueprint

  • Alphabet Summer!

    Erin Wing
    19 Jun 2015 | 11:18 pm
    This is the last week of school for my three boys and we’re all gearing up for some summertime goodness! What do we do to keep brains sharp while we enjoy the very lazy days of summer? Alphabet Summer! Yes, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve heard me talk about Alphabet Summer once or twice, or possibly a million times. (This will be our eighth year of it!) This post from my old blog explains how we got started, way back when. Since most of our Alphabet Summer info is buried on that old blog, here’s one big overview of all the versions we’ve tried,…
  • Make a List

    Erin Wing
    2 Apr 2015 | 1:21 pm
    I found an old picture of a wish list, written by my middle son a while back. It’s written from bottom to top, in order of importance. (He was still figuring out that top-to-bottom idea.) He was going through a time when he wished for a lot of things, so I suggested that he make a wish list. I always do that when my kids ask for stuff. When they say something like, “Mommy, can I get a set of vampire teeth?” I can say, “Great idea! Let’s add that to your list.” They may or may not actually ever get the vampire teeth, but writing it down feels like a…
  • 10 Family Literacy Talks for March

    Erin Wing
    16 Mar 2015 | 1:18 pm
    Here are a few green ideas to chat about with your kids this month. Use these family literacy talk topics during dinner, on the walk home from school, or anytime! Brainstorm books that would be great to read in March. After you read them, talk about why they’re excellent March selections. Do you think the authors meant for these books to be read at this time of the year? Would they work for other times as well? What kind of a March book would you like to write? Pretend to be the author of a book set in Ireland. How would you introduce the setting? What descriptive words and phrases…
  • Critical TV Time

    Erin Wing
    9 Mar 2015 | 3:09 pm
    Thinking and talking about the media with kids is something we as parents and teachers need to do early and often. Understanding the way advertisers cleverly craft messages to get us to buy their products not only helps us make informed choices and keeps us from running out to buy every next big thing, but it also helps kids understand the art of persuasive writing and speaking. Next time you watch TV as a family, incorporate some critical thinking! Next time you watch TV together, try this… Ask your kids if they know about the main types of propaganda. Challenge them to watch TV with a…
  • 10 Literacy Talks for February

    Erin Wing
    9 Feb 2015 | 2:42 pm
      What’s an easy way to share your love of literacy with the whole family this month? Family literacy talks! Use these literacy talking topics during dinner, on the walk home from school, or whenever you have few minutes to chat. Brainstorm books that would be great to read in February. Discuss why they are best for this month. Think Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, Presidents Day, American Heart Month, winter, Groundhog Day, or friendship. One of my favorite friendship stories is pictured above. It’s Amos and Boris, by William Steig. (Affiliate link.) Describe…
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    Jobs Results

  • RRB Stenographer/ Translator Result 2015

    19 Jun 2015 | 4:19 am
    RRB Stenographer/ Translator Result 2015 The Railway Recruitment Board has just declared Stenographer/ Translator Result 2015. The RRB Stenographer/ Translator Result 2015 have issued through the RRB official site. All the candidates can now check their results through their Large numbers of candidates have appeared for their prior written exam and practical test… Read More »The post RRB Stenographer/ Translator Result 2015 appeared first on Jobs Results.
  • Download HPU Admit Card 2015

    19 Jun 2015 | 3:53 am
    Download HPU Admit Card 2015 The Himachal Pradesh University i.e. HPU has just declared HPU Admit Cards 2015. The HPU Admit Card 2015 has been declared through their official site All the candidates can now download HPU Admit Card 2015 from there. Large numbers of candidates are going to appear for their BAMS… Read More »The post Download HPU Admit Card 2015 appeared first on Jobs Results.
  • UP Seva Mandal Admit Card 2015

    19 Jun 2015 | 12:44 am
    UP Seva Mandal Admit Card 2015 The Uttar Pradesh Seva Mandal has just issued UP Seva Mandal Admit Card 2015. The UP Seva Mandal Admit Card 2015 has been issued through their official site The UP Seva Mandal Admit Card 2015 includes admit cards for written exam of Manager, Officer and Assistant posts.… Read More »The post UP Seva Mandal Admit Card 2015 appeared first on Jobs Results.
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth University CET Result 2015

    18 Jun 2015 | 2:01 am
    Bharati Vidyapeeth University CET Result 2015 The Bharati Vidyapeeth University has just issued their Bharati Vidyapeeth University CET Result 2015. The Bharati Vidyapeeth University CET Result 2015 has been issued through their official site. All the candidates can now check their CET Result 2015 from there. Large numbers of candidates have appeared for the… Read More »The post Bharati Vidyapeeth University CET Result 2015 appeared first on Jobs Results.
  • NABARD Results 2015

    18 Jun 2015 | 12:36 am
    NABARD Results 2015 The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development i.e. NABARD is all set to release various NABARD Results 2015. The NABARD Results 2015 will declare soon through their official site NABARD Results 2015 include Assistant Manager (RDBS), Rajbhasha, Legal and Manager (RDBS) Results 2015. After the declaration, all the related… Read More »The post NABARD Results 2015 appeared first on Jobs Results.
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    PEN Magazine

  • Our Clients

    Laiq Qureshi
    16 Jun 2015 | 2:45 am
  • PEN is Edutainment

    Laiq Qureshi
    16 Jun 2015 | 2:40 am
    An Advertisement based Coffee Table Magazine The post PEN is Edutainment appeared first on PEN Magazine.
  • Reach Students Anywhere @ AnyTime

    Laiq Qureshi
    16 Jun 2015 | 2:04 am
    More Admissions –  More Students – More Reach The post Reach Students Anywhere @ AnyTime appeared first on PEN Magazine.
  • The problems of conventional method of teaching English as foreign language

    Laiq Qureshi
    30 Mar 2015 | 4:03 am
    English has become universal language of knowledge, learning, working, business, research, and communication. The primary reason of worldwide spread of English has been the expansion of British Empire which at its peak covered almost quarter of the world, thus becoming second language for all the territories coming under its dominion. The second reason is the unprecedented rapid technological advancement and research work– in almost every field- in USA during twentieth century.   The primary reason for learning English as 2nd language is to understand the message content and/or…
  • What can an advertisement based coffee table magazine be?

    Laiq Qureshi
    26 Mar 2015 | 1:45 am
    It can be PEN, the pioneering advertisement coffee table magazine that just came out with its first issue this March 2015. As described, PEN is actually edutainment, the team behind it managed to conceptualize the magazine and made the ad placements so visually appealing. The design, colors, style and placement manner of the ads are so entertaining and literally a feast to the eyes! The logo PEN is in black and ‘E’ is red, highlighting its place in the middle, standing for Education. Which, the magazine is all about. And the word PEN, with the symbol embedded in,actually says it all. As…
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    Ideas for Educators - Idea Blog

  • Lesson Planning

    15 Jun 2015 | 7:03 am
    My lesson planning form is in a constant state of change. I am always refining it as I learn more and more about effective instruction. I am also finding a need to change it as my memory wanes! If I don't have a prompt on the page in front of me, I am likely to forget to consider a key element in lesson design. This year I have added "authenticity" as a prompt. I know the importance of this for all learners, but I don't weave it into my lessons as often as I should. Now that I have it listed on my "elements to consider," I hope to provide more authentic opportunities for student learning.
  • Are Your Students Escape Artists?

    20 May 2015 | 4:00 am
    Always on the search for new ways to motivate students to read carefully and closely, I decided to craft a lesson about being an escape artist. Two recent experiences inspired this lesson - a trip to the awesome Denver Escape Room and a visit to a Houdini museum exhibit in Appleton, WI. Students were "locked" into Room 1, our first Google doc. In order to escape, they had to read this document and answer the questions (questions represented the lowest two levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.) If they answered correctly, they were given a code by the teacher (a tiny url) that would get them into…
  • Creating Questions

    12 May 2015 | 1:29 pm
    We want students to be able to answer high level questions, but we also want them to create these types of questions. If your students need a little help doing this, try using a Create A Question bag.I developed question stems from  the top three levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. These are generic enough that they can be used with almost any content. Then I cut them up and placed some into each of several bags. Each team was given a bag and every student was to reach in and select a question. They had a few minutes to generate a question based on our lesson, write it down on a…
  • Memory Journey

    5 May 2015 | 2:53 pm
    I recently finished reading Moonwalking with Einstein, by Joshua Foer. This book recounts the author’s year long quest to improve his memory by participating in the USA Memory Championship. The journey is fascinating and includes disclosure of the strategies that champions use to remember huge amounts of information. The most common is often referred to as the Memory Palace technique. In this technique, a person uses a familiar room or rooms in a building and journeys through the space, linking key facts to locations in the room. We decided to teach students how to use this technique to…
  • Boost Test Scores without Cheating!

    20 Apr 2015 | 6:00 am
    Thanks to Eric Jensen, I learned an easy, research-based strategy for boosting test scores without cheating! Researchers (Ramirez, G. and Block, S. 2011) wanted to examine the effect of stress on test-taking. They directed students to write down their feelings and thoughts immediately before taking a test. Results showed that the simple act of writing down your worries can boost your test score an average of 10%. Teachers I have spoken with about this research recognize that it makes sense. By releasing some of the tension or stress, you are making it easier for your brain to access…
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    Military Spouse Program

  • You have PCS orders… Now what?

    26 Jun 2015 | 11:29 am
    Just when it starts to feel like home it’s time to move again. Being a military family means you move around a lot. Moving does not have to cause hair pulling anxiety and nail biting stress! Here are just a few tips to help you and your family have a smoother PCS move. Do your research. Moving to a new city can be very overwhelming. Talk to friends and family, find the people who have lived or visited your new city. Chances are someone in your military family has been stationed or at the very least been to training at your new duty station. Check your new post’s website, as well…
  • 5 Tips for Military Spouse Moms Returning to the Virtual Classroom

    22 Jun 2015 | 11:29 am
    The sacrifices you make for your country and family are undeniable, and you’ve decided that it’s time to do something for you. Congratulations on taking a huge step toward achieving you dream career. Despite the difficulties the military lifestyle presents, Military Spouses from coast to coast are defining their idea of success every single day. Now… it’s your turn. Becoming a dedicated and focused virtual college student is not always an easy transition, especially when children (and summer vacation) are involved. These 7 tips will assist you in setting yourself up for success, as a…
  • Diploma Program Benefits

    19 May 2015 | 7:50 am
    Are you a Military Spouse seeking out a high-demand career path? Maybe you are just getting started, or maybe you’re ready for a career change. Well, if you’re considering returning to the classroom (even a virtual one), you should consider enrolling in an accredited Diploma program. These programs offer concentrated classes and practical skills, preparing you for a successful, portable career as a member of a top trending industry. Diplomas, or professional certifications, are a wonderful alternative to a traditional degree program. Click here for a list of diploma programs…
  • Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center- 29 Palms

    5 May 2015 | 1:26 pm
    Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center History/Operations Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), also known as 29 Palms, is a United States Marine Corps base established in 1949. The mission includes live-fire arms training to support military forces and serves military and tenant units on the base. The base comprises one of the largest military training areas in the United States. The Mojave Viper program has become the model for advanced training prior to deployment. MCAGCC hosts a combat town constructed to simulate a Middle Eastern village with native role players and other…
  • 5 Things You May Not Know About Your Education Benefits

    19 Mar 2015 | 11:08 am
    Education benefits for military spouses – they’re confusing, subject to change, and constant fodder for the rumor mill. This state of affairs makes it important to spell out exactly what’s going on with education benefits for military spouses these days. Here are five things you might not realize about what’s up under the My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) program. Military spouses: There is money set aside for your schooling. Many military spouses have heard of MyCAA, but don’t know much about it and fail to learn more. The unfortunate result is that they…
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  • Canada Day

    1 Jul 2015 | 1:40 pm
  • Martin Van Buren

    2 Apr 2015 | 8:32 am
    Part of the P.O.T.U.S Series Who: Martin Van Buren What: 8th President of the United States, Vice President and Secretary of State, Governor of New York Where: Born and died in Kinderhook, New York Why: Served as Andrew Jackson’s Secretary of State and Vice President, but largely underperformed in his one term as President When: Born December 5, 1782; died…
  • Andrew Jackson

    30 Mar 2015 | 8:56 am
    Part of the P.O.T.U.S Series Who: Andrew Jackson What: 7th President of the United States, General in the War of 1812 Where: Born somewhere between the Carolinas; died Nashville, Tennessee Why: First Democrat, first (and only) President to have killed in a duel, first President to be an assassination target. When: Born March 15, 1767; died June 8, 1845 (aged…
  • John Quincy Adams

    20 Mar 2015 | 9:52 am
    Part of the P.O.T.U.S Series Who: John Quincy Adams What: 6th President of the United States, diplomat, Senator, member of the House of Representatives Where: Born Braintree, Massachusetts (now Quincy); died Washington D.C. Why: First President to have been son of another President, first President elected despite losing the popular vote, first to serve in Congress after serving in…
  • James Monroe

    18 Mar 2015 | 4:08 am
    Part of the P.O.T.U.S Series Who: James Monroe What: 5th President of the United States, last president to have been a Founding Father Where: Born Monroe Hall, Virginia; died New York City, New York Why: Presided over the First Seminole War, the Missouri Compromise and the Monroe Doctrine and America’s first economic depression When: Born April 28, 1758; died July…
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    All BD Results

  • NBR Assistant Revenue Officer Exam Seat Plan Download

    Md. Anwar Sadat
    15 Jun 2015 | 11:51 pm
    NBR Assistant Revenue Officer Exam Seat Plan Download. National Bureau of Revenue of Bangladesh has published their seat plan for the exam named Assistant Revenue Officer in This is a non-cadre job exam. But it is always tough to get a good job like this. This is a govt. job. So the competition will […] The post NBR Assistant Revenue Officer Exam Seat Plan Download appeared first on All BD Results.
  • Download Common Grammar Mistakes in English by Fitikides

    Md. Anwar Sadat
    18 May 2015 | 11:23 pm
    Download Common Grammar Mistakes in English by Fitikides. Common Mistakes in English by T.J Fitikides is one of the most favorite books from all over the world. There are hardly some students who don’t know about this book. It’s really bad luck for them. I have also go through this book and learned a lot. […] The post Download Common Grammar Mistakes in English by Fitikides appeared first on All BD Results.
  • Trust Bank Job Circular 2015 for The Freshers

    Md. Anwar Sadat
    18 May 2015 | 6:51 am
    Trust Bank Job Circular 2015 for The Freshers. Trust Bank Limited is one of the most famous Private banks of Bangladesh. Recently this Bank has published a job Circular for two vacant posts. These are Junior Officer and Trainee Assistant Officer /Trainee Assistant Cash Officer. The last date of application for these posts is June 02, […] The post Trust Bank Job Circular 2015 for The Freshers appeared first on All BD Results.
  • Some Most Important Definitions of Land Law of Bangladesh

    Md. Anwar Sadat
    17 May 2015 | 8:21 am
    Some Most Important Definitions of Land Law of Bangladesh. Every year a lot of people sell their lands to others. In the same way a lot of people buy lands from these lands sellers. But most of them don’t know the proper way of selling and buying land laws of Bangladesh. As a result murder, […] The post Some Most Important Definitions of Land Law of Bangladesh appeared first on All BD Results.
  • Super Star Group F.O and T.S.M Job Circular

    Md. Anwar Sadat
    6 May 2015 | 5:52 am
    Super Star Group F.O and T.S.M Job Circular. Super Star Group of Bangladesh is a renowned Group of companies in the private sectors of Bangladesh. This group is very much famous only for their different types of bulbs or lights. Recently this group has published a job notice on the Daily Prothom Alo on May 06, […] The post Super Star Group F.O and T.S.M Job Circular appeared first on All BD Results.
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  • 7 terrific resources for 45 45 90 triangle

    25 Jun 2015 | 5:33 pm
    If you are taking a Geometry class, studying for the ACT, or SAT you will encounter the 45-45-90 right triangle. Here are 7 terrific resources to help.45 45 90 Video  Special rules 45 45 90 This videos covers the rules of 45 45 90 triangles, and works several example problems of finding side length.45-45-90 Triangle Calculator    After looking at most of the 45 45 90 calculators I think this one is the easiest to use. It comes in really handy to check your work.SAT Prep 45-45-90  This video is really helpful if you are preparing for the SAT and you trying to learn more…
  • 7 resources for 30-60-90 Triangles

    22 Jun 2015 | 4:54 pm
    30-60-90 Triangles are one type of special triangles. They are important for many students because the SAT and Act ask several questions involving this special right triangle. Here are 7 helpful resources you can use to master the 30-60-90 triangle.Free Math Help This page has several examples that demonstrate the relationship between the side lengths, and the angle measure of 30-60-90 triangles.Tweet ThisGrade A Math This page does a great job of explaining how to find the missing sides of a 30 60 90 along with several example problems.30-60-90 Right Triangle by radical prep. This video has…
  • How to be Kind to Unkind Students

    19 Apr 2015 | 6:34 pm
      Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most. – Ashleigh BrilliantHello I’m Mr. B, and I’m a middle school science teacher. For years I struggled with rude and unkind students. I would begin my lesson and soon be interrupted by a rude student. I would calmly ask the student to stop interrupting the lesson, and then go back to teaching. The rude student would soon interrupt the lesson again. I would ask them to stop, and they would continue to ignore me. I would begin to feel my blood pressure rise, and anger would begin to creep into my thoughts. I would become…
  • Can using a Fitbit activity tracker improve your classroom teaching?

    26 Mar 2015 | 1:19 pm
    How can I exercise, reflect on my teaching, and reduce stress with my busy teaching schedule? The answer just may be found in the hottest fitness craze called the Fitbit Activity Tracker.It seems everywhere I go these days I see someone wearing a Fitbit activity tracker,and talking about how they enjoy using it to reach their fitness goals. Fitbit is a very cool activity tracker that records all kinds of data ranging from heart rate,  number of steps, distance, calories burned and other data points . Another really fun feature is that the data can be shared online with other people. You…
  • In-box Zero Case Study: How I got my teacher email to zero in 4 easy steps

    24 Mar 2015 | 7:40 pm
    In-box Zero Case Study: How I got my teacher email to zero in 4 easy stepsToday I'm going to show you how I lowered my teaching stress by clearing out my Inbox, and then maintaining my email Inbox at zero each day. Teaching can be a very rewarding profession, and a very stressful profession. One challenge teachers have to deal with is keeping up with email. As teachers, once our students arrive at school we have a limited amount of time to check our email, because we have children, and young adults that need our attention. In addition, our Inbox is full of  important information from…
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  • Face-to-Face vs. Online Tutoring

    Daniel Ruscigno
    12 Jun 2015 | 10:30 am
    Tutors have been helping students succeed academically for as long as we can remember; however, it is only recently that these educators have turned to online to make a difference in students’ education. On the surface, it is obvious how these two tutoring methods differ; however, there are also significant differences that may not be so easy to see.  So, just how do they differ? As a parent, you may be wondering: Is one better than the other, and how do you go about making the right choice for your child? As a tutor, you may be wondering if it’s time to step into the online tutoring…
  • 3 Differences Between Offline And Online Tutoring

    Daniel Ruscigno
    29 May 2015 | 7:47 am
    Last week, we discussed online and face-to-face (offline) tutoring.  These two types of tutoring are the same in many ways; however, they do have distinct differences as well.  This week, we’ll discuss their differences. Practicality Face-to-Face: This type of tutoring is practical for subjects that require the hands-on approach such as music, art and science.  Online tutoring may work just as well, but might require some creativity and finesse. Online: Online tutoring wins in the practicality category by offering flexibility.  For instance, learners that prefer studying late in the…
  • 5 Things Every Online Tutor Needs to Know

    Daniel Ruscigno
    22 May 2015 | 2:45 pm
    Excellent online tutoring sessions rarely “just happen.” As with any other field, the online tutor needs a well-defined strategy to succeed. Speaking from experience, here are five key lessons that we’ve learned along the way that we believe will make your early foray into the realm of online one-on-one teaching satisfying and smooth. 1) Determine whether or not you’re an expert in the subject at hand. If it turns out that the specific subject the student is studying lies outside your experience and training, don’t be afraid to say so. You’ll be saving both yourself and the client…
  • Learning Styles and Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

    Daniel Ruscigno
    15 May 2015 | 7:56 am
    Children, especially those with learning disabilities learn best when the correct teaching methods are used. Students with learning disabilities do not process information in the same way as others.   Auditory (Verbal, Linguistic) An auditory learner is one who gets the most out of a lecture or verbal class instruction. They interpret what they hear much easier than information they see or read in a book. Auditory learners rely on words to understand concepts and lessons. Speech and the written word are used in much the same way a visual learner uses pictures and images. This could be an…
  • How To Determine Your Students’ Learning Styles

    Daniel Ruscigno
    8 May 2015 | 8:24 am
    In last week’s post, we discussed 9 learning styles.  Today, we want to tell you how you can go about identifying a student’s or a child’s learning style and modifying your teaching strategy to work with their learning style.  There are a few simple methods to accomplish this. Observation can tell you a lot about how a particular child likes to learn.  By observing how students choose to interact with and process new concepts, a teacher, tutor, or parent can determine learning preferences for that student.  For example, after reading a book or short story with a group of…
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    FSc I.C.S F.A Java C++ Notes

  • FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 3 Enzymes Definitions

    Asad Hussain
    26 Jun 2015 | 8:18 am
    FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 3 Enzymes DefinitionsActivation energy:The minimum amount of energy required to start a reaction is called activation energy. Activators:The detachable co-factors are called activators. Active site of enzyme:The site where substrate attaches is called active site of enzyme. Apoenzyme:An enzyme, with co-enzyme or prosthetic group removed is called apoenzyme, it is inactive form.Co-enzyme:The loosely attached non-protein part with an enzyme is called co-enzyme. Co-factors:Some enzyme contain a non-protein part called co-factor.Enzyme:The biological active…
  • FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 2 Biological Molecules Definitions

    Asad Hussain
    25 Jun 2015 | 1:34 am
    FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 2 Biological Molecules DefinitionsAcylglycerols:The esters of fatty acids and alcohols are called acylglycerols.Amino acids:The compounds with an amino group (NH2) and a carboxyl group (COOH) attached to the same carbon atom, known as alpha carbon are  called amino acids. These are basic units of protein.Alpha-helix structure:In secondary structure of protein the folding back of the polypeptides is called Alpha helix structure.Biochemistry:The study of chemical compounds and the chemical processes in the living organisms is called…
  • FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 1 Introduction to Biology Definitions

    Asad Hussain
    25 Jun 2015 | 12:39 am
    FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 1 Introduction to Biology DefinitionsAge distribution:Different age structures in a population.Anatomy:The study of the internal organs of an organism is called anatomy. It is also called internal morphology.Antibiotics:The chemical substances which kill germs in the body are called antibiotics. Which are extracted from microorganisms.Atom:The smallest particle of an element that retains the properties of the element. e.g., H atom, carbon atom.Biodiversity:Biodiversity means varieties of species living on earth.Bio-elements: The elements found in the living…
  • FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 7 The Kingdom Protista or Protoctista Definitions

    Asad Hussain
    16 Jun 2015 | 1:57 am
    FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 7 The Kingdom Protista or Protoctista DefinitionsApicomlexans:Apicomlexans are a large group of parasitic protozoa some of them cause serious diseases in man like malaria.Chitin:Chitin is aminopolysaccharide. In this case, amide group combine with polysaccharides. It is present in cell wall of fungi and exoskeleton of arthropods. It is resistant to decay.Coenocytes:The multinucleated hyphae that lacks cross walls are called coenocytes.Cutin:Cutin is a wax. It forms waxy layer on leaves and reduce the loss of water by evaporation.Diatoms:The algae in which…
  • FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 13 Gaseous Exchange Definitions

    Asad Hussain
    16 Jun 2015 | 1:38 am
    FSc Notes Biology Part 1 Chapter 13 Gaseous Exchange DefinitionsGills:Gills are special structures of aquatic respiration. The gills are composed of filaments called gill lamella.Inspiration:The moving of the fresh air in the lungs is called inspiration.Lenticels:The cork tissues have special pores called lenticels. These help in transpiration.Lung capacity:The total inside capacity of lungs is called lungs capacity. Lung capacities of human lung is about 5 liters when it is fully inflated.Malignant tumor:In this case, the cells of the tumors do not stay at their original site. They are…
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    Bartending School

  • Catered Events vs. Bars

    1 Jul 2015 | 1:46 pm
    What's better? You probably have a regular gig with a local dive (small neighborhood bar) that pays the rent.  It’s nice to have a home port that you can rely on. As an adjunct to that, there are other opportunities that don’t involve regularly working for a paycheck from someone else.  You could provide an outdoor bar at a wedding, staff the bar near the dance floor at the same affair, or some other event, such as product demonstrations for a commercial producer.  It might be irregular or it could grow to become your main source of income if you’re a hit with your customers. If you…
  • What is IPA?

    26 Jun 2015 | 9:47 pm
    India Pale Ale Good question!  What does India have to do with beer?  Wasn’t beer invented in Europe? Well, yes and no.  Beer has been manufactured for very long time by every culture in the world.  In India’s case it was made from rice or was made from millet.  It’s been known by a number of names such as Sura, Medaka, Prasana or Handia. Biologist J. B. S. Haldane deduced that consumption of locally brewed beers was helping to keep diseases like Beriberi in check.  Beriberi is actually a deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1) which happens when you de-husk the grains of brown…
  • Shaken or Stirred

    19 Jun 2015 | 9:11 pm
    The Entertainer The Department of Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario in Canada conducted a study in 2010 to determine if the preparation of a martini had an influence on its antioxidant properties; the study found that the shaken gin martinis were able to break down hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and leave only 0.072% of the peroxide behind, versus the stirred gin martini, which left behind 0.157% of the peroxide.  Thus a shaken martini has more antioxidants than a stirred one.  The study was done at the time because moderate consumption of alcohol appears to reduce the risk of…
  • Ale vs. Lager

    24 Apr 2015 | 1:52 pm
    Good for what Ales you... Kölsch? Pilsner? Wheat? Stout? Porters? California Common? Are they different from Ales and Lagers? What you have to “beer” in mind here is that beer falls into just two fundamental categories. There are variations within the categories, but despite all claims to the contrary beers are either ale or lager. “Don’t be ridiculous! Something-or-other that I like is a completely separate classification. I choose to drink Something-or-other because it’s unusual and makes me feel better than you!” Well, you can feel any way you like. But when it comes right…
  • The History of Beer

    12 Apr 2015 | 12:05 pm
    Beer: The Pursuit of Hop-i-ness After the Late Glacial Maxima, around 10,500 B.C.E., descendants of early bow and arrow users, also known to use grinding-rocks for grains that they had gathered, settled in the Southern Levant region (the Southern Palestine area). Wild grains were plentiful there, so the development of agriculture seemed unnecessary. It was delayed another 2,500 years until 8000 B.C.E.… Some beer devotees like to speculate about a forgotten container with barley in it, left outside subject to the vagaries of weather. It became rain-soaked, meeting up with some omnipresent…
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    Hope Speak

  • Basic tips for improving you writing skill

    Hope Speak
    30 Jun 2015 | 8:20 am
    Writing is not an easy process. There are several things that you need to learn to get better. In this article, we will provide 5 basic tips for writers that could definitely help you... The post Basic tips for improving you writing skill appeared first on Hope Speak.
  • Rules for writing numbers

    Hope Speak
    28 Jun 2015 | 7:52 pm
    One of the most confusing issues in writing is how to represent a number properly. Understanding the problem, we will provide you with some basic rules for writing numbers. You can either put it... The post Rules for writing numbers appeared first on Hope Speak.
  • 10 common color-relating idioms

    Hope Speak
    28 Jun 2015 | 3:19 am
    It is time to add some “colors” to your English learning process. Check out the color-relating idioms below and make your learning time more vibrant than ever. To blackmail someone (verb) To pressure someone... The post 10 common color-relating idioms appeared first on Hope Speak.
  • Touching videos for Father’s Day

    Hope Speak
    19 Jun 2015 | 11:44 pm
    Father’s Day is coming. Today article will be a special one about father’s love. Check out two tear-jerking videos below about the stories of single Dads. My Dad is a Liar – MetLife A... The post Touching videos for Father’s Day appeared first on Hope Speak.
  • The pros of using social networks in language learning

    Hope Speak
    15 Jun 2015 | 8:40 am
    Many people claim that social networks are just a waste of time. However, social networks can bring many benefits if we use them for appropriate purposes, for example, learning a new language. Communicate with... The post The pros of using social networks in language learning appeared first on Hope Speak.
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    SAT and ACT Prep From A Harvard Educated Tutor

  • How To Improve Your Timing On The SAT and ACT

    Robert Kohen
    1 Jul 2015 | 5:44 am
    In order to do well on the SAT and ACT, you’ll need to manage the clock. Doing so, however, is often less daunting than it seems. If you’re having trouble with timing on any test section, the first step is to figure out how much time you should be spending on any given question. Divide the total amount of time you have for that section by the total number of questions—this gives you the average amount of time you should spend on any given question. On sections where questions are arranged in order of increasing difficulty (SAT Math and Writing, ACT Math), plan on spending a little less…
  • Should You Send Those Four Free ACT Score Reports?

    Robert Kohen
    29 Jun 2015 | 12:24 pm
    Anytime you register for the ACT you automatically receive four free score reports. This means that the ACT will send your scores to any four universities you choose, free of charge. All you have to do is request the reports anytime up to noon central time the Thursday after your test date. That sounds like an enticing offer, especially since regular score reports cost $12 each, with rush orders running up to $16.50. There are two major catches, however. First, you’ll have to send your scores before you know what they are. The ACT doesn’t release your results until at least two weeks…
  • ACT Trigonometry: Law of Sines and Law of Cosines

    Robert Kohen
    26 Jun 2015 | 12:18 pm
    Here’s how to use the law of sines and the law of cosines on the ACT. For more ACT trigonometry, check out common identities and definitions. Sign up for my popular newsletter for more free SAT/ACT and admissions tips.
  • Should I Take The New (“Redesigned”) SAT?

    Robert Kohen
    24 Jun 2015 | 8:23 am
    Only ten years after the SAT underwent a major overhaul, the test is once again in the process of being remade. Starting next spring, you’ll no longer have the option of taking the current SAT. Instead, you’ll face an SAT that looks much more like the ACT, the rival college entrance exam that has been taking market share away from the SAT in recent years. If you’re in the class of 2017 you will have three testing options: take the current SAT while it’s still being offered, take the new SAT beginning in the spring of 2016, or skip the SAT entirely and take the ACT instead. My advice…
  • What To Do The Morning Of The SAT or ACT

    Robert Kohen
    22 Jun 2015 | 12:15 pm
    Preparing for test day is an important part of getting ready for the SAT or ACT. Follow these steps to ensure that you’re performing at your mental peak the morning of the exam. First, make sure you get enough sleep (think 8-9 hours) the night before the test and during the week leading up to the test. If you fall behind on sleep the week of the exam, getting one full night’s sleep might not be enough. Plan ahead to ensure you’ll get the sleep you need. Have a major paper due exam week? See if you can submit it the week before. Let your teachers know about your upcoming test and ask…
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  • 15 Benefits of Performing Preschool Science Experiments

    Vicki Palmer
    17 Jun 2015 | 12:59 pm
    Science experiments are an incredibly effective means of getting preschool children interacting with the world around them, both inside and outside the classroom. There is no limit to what you can do with science and the children absolutely love it. Science is all around us – our bodies, in nature, through cooking and gardening to name just a few. In my 35 years as an early childhood educator, as you can imagine, I’ve carried out a lot of preschool science experiments! It’s one of my favorite learning experiences to explore with the children, due to the inevitable delight that they…
  • Preschool Supplies: Getting your classroom – and your students – ready for the start of the year

    Vicki Palmer
    28 Apr 2015 | 4:53 pm
    Getting ready for the new preschool year, or need to equip your classroom with furniture and resources for the first time? Here is my guide to getting ready without pulling all your hair out! I’ve prepared my classroom at the start of every year for the last three decades – a lot has changed since I started, but benefit from my experience and ensure you have all the preschool supplies to feel prepared for the coming year. The main areas to think about when getting together preschool supplies are: Classroom furniture, including beds and related materials, and play equipment Consumables…
  • The Importance of Early Childhood Education: A Teacher’s Perspective

    Vicki Palmer
    28 Apr 2015 | 5:03 am
    When children are young, they are learning sponges. You can never have a greater impression on a person than when they are in their early childhood years. As teachers, we have always inherently understood this. The importance of early childhood education has finally moved to the forefront of the domestic agenda. Indeed, the President identified this in his 2013 State of the Union address, stating in part: “In states that make it a priority to educate our youngest children…studies show students grow up more likely to read and do math at grade level, graduate high school, hold a job, form…
  • Preschool Checklist: What do children need for starting preschool?

    Vicki Palmer
    17 Apr 2015 | 3:02 am
    As Early Childhood Educators, part of our role is preparing children, and parents, for commencing preschool. This can be quite daunting for both parties as often it is the first time the child has spent extended periods of time in someone else’s care. A key part of the orientation pack that I provide to parents includes a ‘Preschool Checklist’. This list typically serves to reassure parents that their children are prepared for preschool. It will need to be adapted to the specific requirements of your preschool but will generally cover the types of things that I have…
  • What are the best preschool toys?

    Vicki Palmer
    6 Apr 2015 | 11:01 pm
    The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing toys for preschool children is that expensive toys do not necessarily mean educational toys. In my opinion, the most important considerations are: Quality Purpose Ongoing value The best approach is to invest in toys that are appropriate and adaptable for different stages of development. Independent Play We want to provide children with toys that can be used  independently.  For example, stacking rings: these rings are designed to be stacked in order of size but can be stacked in any order. One child may be arranging them by size while another…
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    Minreeva Learning - Blog

  • Is the Raspberry Pi the Future of Edtech in the Philippines?

    30 Jun 2015 | 4:55 am
    Arguably, the most important consideration when employing educational technology approaches is cost. Sad as it may seem, but at the end of the day, terms like 'return of investment,' overhead cost, 'project cost,' 'budget,' etc. always prevail. This single factor might be the primary reason why some school districts still have apprehensions deploying tech. But, one thing that I'm sure of is that cost is the number one reason why schools in the Philippines have deferred on edtech.What if I told you there is a cost-effective way? In comes the Raspberry Pi, just right on cue! The…
  • What is a Personal Learning Network?

    30 Jun 2015 | 1:12 am
    Another week, another edtech term. And for this week's edtech jargon, let's look at something really close to home - your Personal Learning Network or PLN. A PLN is what it is - your personal learning network; the network of people you learn from. But, let's look at what makes your PLN different from the university and classroom learning. And I would have to say the most important word in the sequence is PERSONAL.  The word 'PERSONAL' in the set entails that YOU have a lot to do with your personal learning network. Unlike classes in the university or seminars/workshops, you might…
  • The 5 Golden Rules for E-learning Authoring Tools

    24 Jun 2015 | 1:16 am
    A reliable elearning authoring tool is one of the must-haves in the edutech industry. Elearning authoring tools allow us to create interactive modules. Not only that, these tools also allow us to tell our story and reach a wider audience.  So, if you're looking for your first e-learning authoring tool or if you're shopping around for a new one, then I'd like to share these 5 golden rules with you. I hope this can be of much help in selecting your first (or next) authoring tool.    The 5 Golden Rules for Elearning Authoring Tools1. Usability Ease of use ranks first on our…
  • What is Differentiated Learning?

    23 Jun 2015 | 1:11 am
    Let's learn another edtech industry (or education) buzzword that's been around for quite some time. If we've discussed Personal Learning last week (If you haven't read the post yet, you can read it here), this week's special is Differentiated Learning. Differentiated learning (or instruction) usually gets confused with personalized learning in a way that both of them cater to the different levels of student skill/knowledge and readiness level and adjust approaches based on those. The similarities, however, stop there. Personalized learning pushes for the learner's own determination of…
  • Edtech in the Philippines: "Are we getting rid of our teachers?"

    18 Jun 2015 | 2:14 pm
    Just a few weeks ago, I was talking educational technology with someone who's been in the academe for quite some time. And one of the topics we've discussed was how edtech will be able to change the way teachers work; especially with e-learning and learning apps available to everyone.  What was so interesting about our conversation was there seemed to be a lot of skepticism on how technology can impact the classroom. I guess it might be a natural reaction when there is a perception that technology can replace a workforce that is integral to nation and future-building.  I think I've…
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    The Best Schools

  • Best Majors for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse — Infographic

    Rich Tatum
    1 Jul 2015 | 7:11 pm
    Tweet this!Survive the #zombie apocalypse with the right college degree… You’ve got your postapocalyptic bug-out bag ready and stocked with all the essentials to survive the encroaching zombies. You’ve got your spare emergency kits cached in unreachable locations even the most agile walker would miss. You’ve read every zombie survival guide to ever grace a […] The post Best Majors for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse — Infographic appeared first on The Best Schools.
  • Sheldrake-Shermer, God and Science, Opening Statements

    James Barham
    1 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
    God and Science Through the months of May, June, and July of 2015, is hosting an intensive Dialogue on the Nature of Science between Rupert Sheldrake and Michael Shermer. During the third month, July, the focus will be on God and science. Dr. Sheldrake will defend the position that there is no conflict between […] The post Sheldrake-Shermer, God and Science, Opening Statements appeared first on The Best Schools.
  • Sport Management Master Degrees

    Wayne Downs
    30 Jun 2015 | 6:37 am
    An online master’s in Sport Management? Who knew?! To the family and friends who have told you over the years that “You can’t play games forever,” here is a degree that proves them wrong. An online Master in Sport Management degree gets those who genuinely love sports, but aren’t part of the 0.005% of the […] The post Sport Management Master Degrees appeared first on The Best Schools.
  • Sheldrake-Shermer, Mental Action at a Distance, Replies

    James Barham
    20 Jun 2015 | 12:00 am
    Mental Action at a Distance This May thru July 2015, is hosting an intensive dialogue on the nature of science between Michael Shermer and Rupert Sheldrake. For details about this dialogue, along with a complete guide to other portions of it, click here. To give our readers context for this dialogue, Drs. Sheldrake and […] The post Sheldrake-Shermer, Mental Action at a Distance, Replies appeared first on The Best Schools.
  • Nursing Administration Master Degrees

    Wayne Downs
    15 Jun 2015 | 7:16 am
    Online Master in Nursing Administration degrees appeal to individuals who want to make a tangible difference in patient care. Nurses are the backbone of any medical facility, especially in regards to creating an efficient, inviting, and nurturing atmosphere for patients. Without a strong nursing staff, a medical practice crumbles. As many nurses can attest, the […] The post Nursing Administration Master Degrees appeared first on The Best Schools.
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    Online Hazwoper Training Refresher | Teksafety

  • Definition of Hazardous Waste

    18 Jun 2015 | 9:24 pm
    Image Source:"According to EPA: Hazardous waste is waste that is potentially harmful or dangerous to our health or the environment. Hazardous wastes can be liquids, solids, gases, or sludges. They can be the thrown away commercial products, like cleaning fluids or pesticides, or the by-products of manufacturing processes." From comprehensive definition of hazardous waste:It is a solid, liquid or solid substance identified in 40 CFR 261 that is a "Characteristic…
  • The BoatUS Foundation offers Free Online Fuel Spill Training

    16 Jun 2015 | 11:15 pm
    Video Source via, Md. – As the summer boating season is in progress, harbors, boat yards and clubs are now on operation. These seasonal employees, sometimes high school, college students or part-timers are in charge for refueling hundreds of boats – but the question is? Do they have the training to avoid a fuel spill? With a grant from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the BoatUS Foundation now provide these seasonal employees a serious learning tool, “Spill Prevention and Response for Marina Staff,” at…
  • The Oil Spill in Refugio, a Crime Scene?

    2 Jun 2015 | 5:27 pm
    Image Source: Crew Organizes to Excavate Pipeline as Investigation ContinuesAs a crew prepared to excavate the pipe that had spilled hundreds of containers of oil into the Pacific, Santa Barbara’s District Attorney Joyce Dudley was on the spot Monday, of a mind to deliberate it a “potential crime scene.” Her office has act against multiple environment-related cases in the past, she said, and could probably take on the Refugio spill, though she could not comment on the facts. She’ll be meeting with federal prosecutors…
  • Expert's Response on Refugio Oil Spill Event

    25 May 2015 | 5:22 pm
    Image Source:  Igor Mezic was at a conference in Snowbird, Utah, when he got information that a ripped oil pipeline had sent tens of thousands of gallons of crude pouring into the ocean just north of Refugio State Beach.But distance did not discourage the UC Santa Barbara professor of mechanical engineering who with previous project scientist Sophie Loire, undergraduate Patrick Clary and several of his students was attending the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics’ Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems. They…
  • HAZWOPER Training Career Advantage

    20 May 2015 | 3:48 pm
     Image Source: Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training is way for industrial workers to protect a steady and high-paying profession as a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) removal specialists. The natural results of manufacturing and industrial energy making conventionally produce HAZMAT. Removal specialists are employed all over the private, commercial and governmental job markets to help in the safe monitoring, packaging and disposal of HAZMAT.
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    360 Authoring Program-Blog

  • Power Up Pictures with PowerPoint

    Shazia Wajid
    22 Jun 2015 | 4:20 pm
    A picture is worth a thousand words. What pictures are you using in your course? Relevant, attractive, and appropriately stylized images can serve as powerful visual stimulation in online training. If you have software tools that let you edit your photos and carefully plan your diagrams, fantastic! If not, do you have PowerPoint on your machine? Not only is PowerPoint a powerful way to put together a presentation, it can also be a quick and simple way to export formatted, perfectly-sized images. Here are some quick tips to get you started. Set up PowerPoint to your target dimensions. To use…
  • Bridge the eLearning Gap with Effective Feedback

    Shazia Wajid
    4 Jun 2015 | 5:56 am
    Before we begin, let’s imagine a situation. Envision yourself taking highly effective professional development training which contributes profoundly to your career. The training is useful, interesting, and highly interactive. All is going well, when suddenly you get confused about a certain point. You reach out and ask the instructor your question, and guess what he has to say? “That’s not right! Try again.” How would you feel in such a situation? While envisioning this situation is frustrating, imagine the confusion, a student in an elearning course would face if all they received…
  • Top 5 Tips for Mouth-watering eLearning

    Shazia Wajid
    20 May 2015 | 4:36 pm
    Authors! Have you cooked up a delectable feast of content for your elearning course? After completing your first draft, it’s time to take a taste and analyze it. How is the pace of your course? Is it “well-spiced” with things that engage and delight—but not overloaded with elements fighting for attention? Does it leave your learners feeling satisfied after they consume it? While there are many ways to improve elearning content, the following are a few easy tips to fine-tune it before serving it up to learners. Take these into consideration, and you’ll soon be on your…
  • Thermometers, Assessments, and the Need to Know

    360 Authoring Team
    19 May 2015 | 3:51 pm
    In a recent interview, Lori Myers talked about the importance of assessment items (questions) being “reliable and valid,” so as to end up with a “reliable and valid” certification or exam—something employers and regulators value highly. What does that mean—”reliable and valid”? Well, it’s a way of looking at data, whether you’re doing a scientific experiment or confirming that the results of a test actually measure what you intended them to measure. “Reliable” means that the results are precise—for a given situation, you get the same (or very nearly the…
  • 10 Tips for Successful Webinars

    360 Authoring Team
    13 May 2015 | 5:23 pm
    Instructors, lecturers, and subject matter experts: Get your next webinar off to a great start by following these quick rules—and by using 360training’s free webinar tools! 1. Do a system check prior to the event. Make sure your computer, webinar software, and network connections are up-to-date and working well together. Do your initial test run about a week in advance. Check again just prior to your meeting. 2. Check audio quality. Good quality audio is critical. If your audience cannot hear you clearly, or if the audio has a lot of distortion or interference, participants may…
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    Core Education, LLC

  • N.Y. ‘Open’ Education Effort Draws Users Nationwide

    2 Jul 2015 | 5:00 am
    As more and more states have adopted Common Core in recent years, teachers have needed aligned materials and curriculum. Many schools and districts have evaluated traditional privately-created curriculum which claim to align with Common Core and have not liked what they found. As a result, some schools and districts are turning to options such as EngageNY, an open source option created by four different vendors for the state of New York. Open source, an increasingly popular option in the world of education, allows anyone around the world to have free access to the materials. The four vendors…
  • Summer Reading: The Top 50 Best Books for Educators

    1 Jul 2015 | 5:00 am
    Surely everyone’s list of the top 50 books for educators would be different, but Nick Grantham of Fractus Learning has come up with some pretty good suggestions. Summer reading season is here, and this list has some that you have probably already read, some that you have been meaning to read, and some you have never heard of before. The list is not in order by rank and is broken into the five categories of Inspiration, Leadership, Educational Psychology, Learning Culture, and Practice. Notable exceptions include Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion, Amanda Ripley’s The Smartest Kids in…
  • MOOCS To Stop Summer Slide

    30 Jun 2015 | 5:00 am
    Massive open online course provider edX is teaming with the National Summer Learning Association to provide more than 60 free courses aimed at combatting the “summer slide.” The courses cover computer science, programming, psychology, Advanced Placement prep and more. “The summer slide is a very real challenge faced by many American students, and it can be detrimental to their overall educational development,” edX CEO Anant Agarwal said. “Online learning, because it offers free and openly available tools and resources, enables motivated students to combat this…
  • Helping Principals Beat the Clock

    29 Jun 2015 | 5:00 am
    Evaluation systems require principals to spend increasing amounts of time observing each individual teacher. Yet other requirements of the job put demands on principals’ time that can cut into instructional supervision. In Helping Principals Beat the Clock, CTAC Senior Associate Joan McRobbie considers how to help support instructional leadership by principals. This issue is addressed in her article in AASA’s School Administrator. Following is an excerpt from that article: Let’s talk about time. Under new state and federal policies, most high-need schools we work with at the…
  • States Set Varying Passing Bars on New Teaching Exam

    26 Jun 2015 | 5:00 am
    This blog has written previously about the much-touted edTPA teacher licensing exam, which promises to serve as a “bar exam” for teachers. The goal of this performance assessment is to set the bar higher for teacher certification and to be able to provide accountability across state lines and among teacher certification programs and schools. However, as a recent blog post from Education Week points, out, the accountability component looks to be undermined by the fact that the states using the test so far have set different standards for passing the test. Education Week reports: Below are…
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    Driving Tests Resources

  • Vehicle registration and licensing

    Darren Cottingham
    28 Jun 2015 | 11:00 am
    The difference between registration and licensing While licensing is often called ‘rego’, there is a difference: Registration is when a car is first added to the Motor Vehicle Register in New Zealand and gets its registration plates. Licensing is the…Read more ›
  • Police motorbikes and how to ride them: becoming a motorbike officer

    Darren Cottingham
    21 Jun 2015 | 11:00 am
    How do you get to ride a police motorbike for a living, and what are the specs of the bikes? We spoke to Sergeant Matt Ford, Supervising Instructor, based at the Sulphur Beach Road station at the bottom of the…Read more ›
  • How to calculate fuel economy and usage

    Darren Cottingham
    14 Jun 2015 | 11:00 am
    Manufacturers give a fuel economy figure for new cars in litres per 100km for urban, extra urban (i.e. higher speeds) and combined (a mixture of the two). This number is determined via a standardised test which, unfortunately, bears very little…Read more ›
  • How are official fuel economy figures calculated?

    Darren Cottingham
    7 Jun 2015 | 11:00 am
    Almost all car manufacturers compete for kudos and business by publishing their fuel economy figures and hoping that they are better than their competitors. Only supercar companies, where fuel economy doesn’t matter much to the owners (think Ferrari and Lamborghini),…Read more ›
  • Winter car safety checks

    Darren Cottingham
    31 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    If you break down in winter it can be an unpleasant, and potentially deadly, wait, depending on the weather conditions. There’s a risk of hypothermia if you are caught without enough clothing, and if you are parked on the side…Read more ›
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    jeffrey m hartman

  • Forbidding Failure in Special Education

    1 Jul 2015 | 8:44 am
    Failure is a sensitive subject in special education. Teachers and administrators often get flustered and begin to stammer at the prospect of a student with an IEP failing a course. Layers of complexity cloud traditional paradigms of passing and failing for students with IEPs. These complexities confuse even seasoned veterans. Inconsistent and questionable practices develop in response to uncertainty and even fear. A set of difficult questions stands before teachers and administrators when considering failure in special education. If a student has a disability that interferes with access to…
  • Defining School Failure

    29 Jun 2015 | 9:20 am
    What makes a failing school a failing school? I’m not asking why the school fails, but rather what does failing mean? Certainly, I’m not the first or last person to ask this. People seem to disagree about what failing means in this context, which is why I’m raising the question. When I talk with people about why schools fail, they often struggle to define what school failure actually is. This prompts me to wonder how anyone can know if a school is indeed failing. Defining school failure should be simple. If the goals of a school are clearly defined and the school cannot achieve these…
  • Being A Teacher Without Children

    24 Jun 2015 | 9:57 am
    I’ve worked with only a few teachers who didn’t have kids. Most of the ones who didn’t have any were just young and waiting for the right time. Eventually, they’d get around to child rearing. The tendency of coworkers to be parents wasn’t some special phenomenon among educators. Most people want kids. Considering this, I’ve always been on the outside for not wanting any. Some people around me found my lack of interest in parenting to be suspicious for someone in the education business. A more particular situation influenced my branch of the field. I noticed this wasn’t as…
  • Failing Students

    22 Jun 2015 | 12:01 pm
    The title of this post can be read several ways. One could read it as an adjective and a noun, as in students who are failing. One could read it as a verb and a noun, as in the act of assigning low grades to struggling students. Still another way would be to read it as what happens when one fails to help students achieve. How one reads it could indicate personal insights regarding education and the relationships between students and teachers. Failure has many interpretations in education. This leads to stakeholders standing poised to assign blame. Questions emerge when students fail. Did they…
  • Special Education Doesn’t Create Disabilities

    17 Jun 2015 | 8:23 am
    A misconception related to the notion of special education being able to fix disabilities is the idea that it might somehow cause them. Parents sometimes blame schools for gaps between expected and actual performance. Ineffective programming might be to blame for some aspects of a performance lag. This is more likely to blame for a lack of progress beyond a given level than for the level itself. An inadequate special education program might be one of a set of factors contributing to below average performance. It isn’t likely to be the sole culprit. It certainly doesn’t cause…